tagErotic HorrorDon't Say No

Don't Say No


Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.

In a corner of a warehouse, I huddle in the dust, scared. My heart pounds against my breastbone. Boom, boom, boom. The adrenaline doesn't even course through my body anymore. All I feel is fatigue and pain. I don't even know where I am.

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.

I shiver in the cold and whimper in fear as I hear his footsteps coming closer and closer. Why me? Why am I here? These are the questions that I keep repeating over and over in my mind. What did

I ever do to deserve this? The first few days I was here, I tried. I swear, I tried to figure out why he picked me and where I was but I still don't know.

Any minute now, he will come through the door. He's coming for me.

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.

My heart races with the thought of what's about to happen. I don't know how, but I know he won't let me live after this visit. As morbid as it seems, that's actually a comfort to me. I know that I won't have to live with this anymore.

I tried to stand, but I am too weak to move much. My arms are covered in burns and sores that reopen as I fell back against the wall. My hair is dirty and matted and my body is covered in blood. My first night here he took my clothes away. All the dried blood covering my body is my own. I am covered in cuts and scratches that have accumulated from the whole time I've been here.

Three days. That's how long he's kept me locked up here. I miss my family; my momma and dad. I know you guys are looking for me. One day, you will find me. You have to!

Oh God, he's at the door. If you ever read this Momma, I love you! I love you too Daddy! He's unlocking the door! I'm so scared. Please God, give me the strength to face him one last time.

My heart is filling with dread. I have to go now, but I will see you in Heaven one day. I love everyone so much. Good-bye.


3 Days Ago

There she was. Across the room. She was dancing with her friends. How could she dance with her friends only hours after turning him down?

Blood rushed to his head and his vision went red as he remembered the scene from earlier.

"Hey Julie," he smiled at her as he entered the elevator behind her.

"Oh, hi Mike," she murmured, looking down at the floor.

Mike grinned real big. She must really like him if she couldn't even look at him out of


"So how are you doing? How's things going for you?" He questioned her, wanting to know as much as possible about her. She was so beautiful, and he loved her. Her shiny black hair was cut into a cute pixie cut and her grey eyes were like storm clouds in June. Her body was petite and Mike couldn't help but imagine himself pounding relentlessly into her tiny body as she cried out for release.

"Fine," came her short answer, jerking him out of his reverie.

Why was she being so short? Mike's grin got even wider as he realized just how embarrassed she must really be.

"That's good," he looked over at her to see that she was still looking down at her feet. "So I was thinking..." he started, but paused when he saw her ever so slightly inch away from him toward the wall.

"Oh ho ho," he chuckled, stepping over to where she was. She pressed herself up against the wall further, looking frightened. "You like it against the wall? Well okay. I was hoping to ask you out first, but if you want to get freaky in an elevator, that's fine with me." His smile big, he pressed his body up against hers.

"What are you doing?!" She shrieked.

Mike reached over and hit the stop elevator button.

Her fear escalated as he grinned lecherously at him. She put her hands against his chest and attempted to push him away from her body.

"If you wanted my shirt off darling, all you had to do was ask," he said.

Grabbing her wrists, he spread her arms out above her head, pressing his chest against her. The feel of her breasts against his body felt amazing.

"Please," she begged. She just wanted him to stop.

He took her beggin a different way however.

"Okay, okay baby. If you can't wait even for a minute." Leaning down, ignoring her movements to get away, he pressed his mouth against hers. The more she struggled against his body, the more aroused he became.

He nipped at his lower lip and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth as she gasped in pain. Mike pulled back away from her. His eyes were half closed. Julie took this opportunity to jerk herself out of his grip.

She stumbled to the other side of the elevator, chest heaving. "Leave me the fuck alone you pervert."

"What are you talking about sweetheart? How can I leave you alone when you so clearly want me. I can tell by the way you pressed yourself against me." He thought he had her. She could play all innocent if she wanted but it wouldn't do her any good.

She had her back to the elevator control panel and hit the start elevator button before speaking. "I don't want you, you sick fuck. You're nasty and I didn't want that. You tried to rape me and you better just be glad that I'm not going to press charges."

As the elevator doors dinged open, she walked out the doors, never once looking back at him.

After that incident, he followed her home. He remembered the feel of her body against his and was determined to get that feeling again. No matter what it took.

"You're mine bitch," he mumbled in the shadows.

He sat and watched her for another few minutes.

She was wearing a short black dress and she looked more gorgeous than ever. Her body was moving sensually while dancing with her friends.

"I'm going to get you," he said to no one in particular before standing and heading across the room.


Julie wanted to put the whole incident with Mike in the elevator out of her head. She had always found the man creepy but she never thought that he would do something like that. She decided to go out with her friends and have a little fun.

What she didn't expect was that halfway through her night, Mike would show up. She was already good and drunk, trying to let go of the horrifying events that had happened and to see him, well, it just made the night worse.

She made her friends promise to stay with her for the rest of the night but it seems that they had forgotten their promises. She was standing alone in a corner hoping to avoid his eye. She had no such luck however.

"Hey baby," he sneered, sidling up to her. "Funny seeing you here."

"Leave me alone Mike," she said avoiding his eye.

She tried to brush by him but stumbled in her drunken state. He caught her around the waist and pulled her soft body against his. He was already aroused and her breasts pressed against his chest caused him to harden even more.

She gasped as she felt him stiffen against her stomach.

"Let me go!" She said in a whisper, jerking against his grip.

"I don't think so."

Julie felt a sharp pain in her side and looked down and saw the needle sticking out of her side. Since they were in a corner, she didn't even have any hope that anybody had seen what had happened.

"Oh you poor baby," he crooned, carefully leading her towards the exit. "I guess I have to take you home."

Julie saw her friends looking for across the room right before her world went black.


Julie awoke slowly, her body feeling sore and tense as she tried to move. She sat up and looked around at her surroundings. She saw what looked like boxes, wooden crates. Looking down, she noticed that she was on a metal table. Beside her, weapons were laid out in perfect little rows. Knives, scalpels, even a branding iron.

Whimpering, Julie slid down the table to the floor. Her feet were bare and the floor was cold and dirty. From the shadows, she heard a cold, chilling voice that she would never forget as long as she lived. Which actually may not be that long, she thought.

"Glad to see you're awake." Mike emerged from the darkness to smile widely at her.

"Mike? What happened? Why am I here?" She shot the questions at him quickly. Faster than she could catch, he walked forward and slapped her across the face. Her flesh stung as if burned and tears welled up in her eyes. She cried out in pain, causing him to deliver a blow to the other side of her face. She collapsed to the floor, crying.

"I didn't give you permission to talk whore." His face was hard and cold. His usually kind blue eyes were like granite.

Julie looked up at him from her position on the floor. She glared at him with fear and hatred in her eyes. Dirt and debris on the floor were digging into her soft skin so she attempted to stand. Mike, however, placed his foot on her back, pressing her harshly down to the floor.

Pieces of glass and rock scratched her smooth skin, causing blood to well up from the injuries.

She fought to keep from crying out again, not wanting to experience anymore pain. Her heart was pounding but she thought, foolishly, that if she did what he wanted then he would let her go.

Removing his foot, he ordered her to stand. She fought to push herself up from the ground, her bones and body sore from the drugs and the floor.

Finally, she managed to stand up in front of him, protectively crossing her arms across her stomach. Her makeup was smeared down her face and her hair was tangled and dirty from the ground.

Mike however, still looked at her with arousal evident in his expression. All he saw was her body. He felt betrayed that she would not want him. She was a tease. A fucking whore and she deserved to pay for what she had done.

Smiling maliciously he ordered her to take her clothes off. She opened her mouth to protest when he grabbed her roughly by the back of her head, pulling her face close to his.

"Do it now or you will see exactly what happens when you piss me off. Now!" He ordered when she faltered slightly.

Humiliated, Julie reached behind her and unzipped her dress. The now dirty and torn material slipped to the ground to pool at her feet. She was left standing in a black silk bra and a black silk thong. She placed her arms across her breasts, tears making tracks through the dirt on her face. Her lips were trembling along with her body. The warehouse was cold and she shivered violently.

"Don't worry baby, I can keep you warm tonight." He bent down and picked up her dress, throwing it over his shoulder. "Your bra and panties next," he demanded.

Her eyes went wide with fear and she sobbed a little harder as she reached behind her to undo her bra. Her breasts sprang free and wee devoured by his gaze. As she bent down to pull her panties down her legs her breasts swung forward. When she had handed over her undergarments he made her stand straight, her arms down at her sides with her legs spread apart. Her head was bowed in defeat as he took in the sight she made.

Her breasts were big, standing tall on her chest, no sign of age causing gravity to pull them lower. Her stomach was flat and her waist small. Following the path down to the juncture of her thighs, he saw that she was smooth and hairless.

"Ah, you groomed yourself just for me. I knew you wanted me. You're worse than a bitch in heat aren't you?" He asked, groaning as his dick hardened painfully in his pants.

"You've been here, knocked out for about two days now. The drugs were stout."

Her shock at how long she had been here was apparent. She wondered if anybody realized something was wrong, or if they all believed that she had simply shacked up with some guy.

"Get on the table!" He demanded of her.

She hurried to listen to him, hoping to avoid punishment. When she was spread out on the table, he tied her wrists and ankles down to the four corners. She struggled briefly before a sharp slap to the inside of her thigh made her stop. Her heart was beating so hard she thought he could hear it. She could barely breathe around her sobs at this point.

Walking up to her head, he began to look at the weapons laid out on display. Holding up a lethal looking scalpel, he made sure she saw what he held before lowering the weapon to the top of her stomach, just above her navel.

Her breath hitched in her chest as she saw and felt the cold steel touch her stomach. Her muscles clenched, and she started sobbing harder as she realized what he was going to do. Her fear descended like a vice to surround her heart and body.

Pushing slightly, he ran the scalpel from the top of her navel, around her belly button, down to the top of her pubic mound. Her screams rang out in the silent room as he watched the blood blossom up from the shallow cut. He made sure that he cut shallow so that she wouldn't bleed out before he wanted her to. She continued to scream as he once more placed the scalpel to her skin.

This time, he ran it from the top of one breast, down and across to the other. She began thrashing around on the table in an attempt to free herself. He enjoyed the sounds of her screaming, his dick was pulsing in his pants and he felt the throbs of arousal run through his body, causing his stomach to tighten.

Next, he picked up a curved knife. Serrated, it was more for cooking, but it would serve his purpose here. While she continued to scream, he stuck the tip of the knife over and over into her forearms, watching the blood flow from the multiple stab wounds he had made. Her scream was not ending; instead it seemed as if she would never stop screaming. Her cries of pain were music to his ears.

Putting the knife down, Mike grabbed a box of cigarettes from the little table. Lighting one up, he looked down at Julie. Her screams had subsided to sobs and whimpers of pain. Her body was covered in blood and dirt. Her eyes were squeezed shut as he looked at her filthy, naked body. He felt that he was close to the edge and wanted to cause a little more damage before letting her rest for the night.

Pulling the cigarette out of his mouth, he placed the lit end next to her right cheek. Feeling the heat, she opened her eyes wide. Suddenly, he jabbed the lit end against her cheek, holding it there as she screamed aloud once again. He began to stick the end of his cigarette to various parts of her body, burning holes up and down her arms as well as on the insides of her thighs.

As he pressed the cigarette one last time against the outside of one of her pussy lips, his dick shuddered in his pants as his orgasm overtook him. He gripped the insides of her thighs tightly, leaving black and blue handprints as he felt himself shudder with his release.

Done with her for now, he untied her and left the room.


Awakening the same way as last time, Julie now remembered where she was. Her body was on fire. She rolled to the side and landed with a painful crash on the dirty floor. She screamed in pain as her body felt like it had been doused in gas and thrown in a fire.

Slowly, she came back to her senses and began to crawl to one corner of the warehouse. Maybe if she could hide herself, he would leave her alone. After her painful crawl, she was exhausted and collapsed in a corner. One of the crates to her left was open and inside she spied children's journals prepared for shipment to the store. She reached inside the crate and began to write.


Present time

When Mike walked back into the room, he immediately spotted Julie huddled in the far corner. Marching over to her, he picked her up by her hair, ignoring her cries, and dragged her back to the table. He dropped her in a heap at his feet as he pulled his shirt and pants off.

Looking at her body, he could see the wounds he had inflicted yesterday. They looked to be infected and the sight of her suffering caused him to stiffen almost immediately.

"You ready for this bitch? You're about to get the best fucking of your whore life," he snarled at her. He reached down and picked her up.

Julie kept her eyes closed, she knew what was coming. She was about to die and she was resigned to her fate.

Mike sat her on the table and spread her legs wide. He entered her in one swift thrust. He had brought lube with him so he slid in without any effort. As silent tears streaked down her face, he pounded in and out of her mercilessly.

In his right hand he held a knife. As he thrust into her, he started slashing with the knife at any part of her body he could get to. She didn't have any fight left in her, but she screamed out as each blow landed on her body and face.

Mike moaned out loud as each spurt of her blood landed on his naked body. The warmth of it pushed him to the edge. Looking at her face, all he saw was the deep furrows where his knife had cut through her silky skin. She deserved this, the tease. Taking the knife, he stabbed the tops of her thighs repeatedly as he was pushed over the edge into oblivion. As he shot rope after rope of his seed into her bruised, bloody, and battered body, her screams quieted as the life slipped out of her body.

Finished, Mike pulled out of her and looked down. Her lifeless eyes stared up at him, her mouth wide in one final scream. Yes, she deserved everything he had given her. Calmly, Mike picked up his clothes and got redressed. Turning, he walked out of the abandoned warehouse that had not even been entered in years. Not since his father had died.

"It's going to be put to good use now," he said, smiling as he left the grisly, erotic sight behind him to go search for a new play thing.

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