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Don't Stop On My Account


"Look at her tits, they are sooo big!"

"I told you, what did I tell you." Josh took a breath.

"Are you sure they can't see us, they have to be able to see us."

"No way, there is no way they can see us."

"We made noise, I know we made noise."

"No, we didn't make any noise. Besides, from what I can tell you're having a great time."

"Well, well, look what we have here."

Caught, snagged, busted. Call it what you will. We never saw her leave, we never heard her until the door opened. Talk about being caught with your pants down.

"Don't stop on the account of me."

There she was, standing in front of us, a towel wrapped around her. We didn't have that luxury, no towel, no clothes. Two guys, completely nude, jerking off. How long had she been there, my heart was pounding, but my hard dick was in Josh's hand. His dick was in my hand. Laura bent down and grabbed our clothes which were lying in a heap on the floor. We had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. Turn on still, we both kept a grip on each other. Hard as a rock, I didn't want to stop. The two other girls were still in the yard, lying in the sun no more then 50 feet from us. There glistening bodies lying side by side. They teased and played together, you could hear the giggling and you could see it all laid out right in front of us. So how did Laura leave without us noticing. Go figure.

"Boys, follow me." She looked serious. "Now!"

"No way, you can't be serious." Josh was breathing heavy but for a different reason. His grip and my grip had loosened up, but both our dicks were hard, real hard.

"Oh, I'm real serious, move it."

Like two dogs, we moved past her. All I wanted to do was run and hide so I could finish jerking off. Josh was in the same predicament. Laura smacked me on the ass as I went by. She hooted at both of us. "Wait till the girls see what I found.

The house was in the middle of the woods. Situated on 10 acres, there were no neighbors to worry about. An in ground pool, hot tub, and a beautiful deck filled the back yard. It was the middle of July, hot and humid. When you think about it, how did we sneak back into the house without being seen? Through the woods, we pretended to be ninja's. The girls had been partying, a little beer and a lot of pot. I guess that was the reason they never saw us. "Ladies, look what I found spying on us." Jackie and Beth giggled when they saw us.

"Looks like they were getting there little dicks all excited watching us." Beth sat up, her perfect tits were three feet in front of us. She liked what she saw, two hard dicks in front of her.

"So Laura, looks like they need to finish what they started." Beth leaned over and stroked Josh's dick. He let out a moan, precum forming at the head.

"Yeah Laura, let's make them jerk off for us." Jackie laid back on her lounge chair. Her hand rubbed her clit, her clean shaven pussy wet. She ran her finger into her pussy and licked her two fingers. She was tan, blond and perfect. Three dildos, a double dong, three vibrators, anal beads and three strap ons, let's not forget about the various lotions, oils and creams.

Laura sat down, her towel hiked up showing us her nicely shaven pussy. She reached for a bottle of lotion, her towel opened slowly; well it felt like it was in slow motion watching that towel open up. Josh was standing in front of Beth and slowly began jerking off. Beth egged him on, "That's it, stroke it for me baby."

Laura let the other two girls have their fun. She rubbed herself down with oil, watching us jerk off for her two friends.

"Now boys, before you go any further, I want you to do it the way you were doing it when I caught you, understood." She took a huge chug of her beer, letting out a loud, belch. "Now do it for the girls."

We had done this before, Josh and I. Whenever we got together, we always ended up jerking off. Then, we started jerking each other off. That was the best. There was something about making each other cum. So why did we suddenly have stage fright.

Beth sat up and smacked my ass. We were both standing right next to each other. The girls were lounging in chairs directly in front of us.

"Your going to do as I tell you, or you will never get laid again by those little girls you call your girlfriends. They were younger then us, they would not be cool with this. No way, they can't tell.

"Besides, I have your clothes and the doors are locked. You do as you are told or you stay out here naked." Now jerk each other off."

Beth and Jackie both oohed and aahed as we began to jerk each other off while standing over both those naked girls. We had gone too far to turn back, there was no stopping and within minutes both Josh and I were ready to explode. We put on a show, rubbing the head of our dicks together. We both egged the girls on to kiss and rub each other. They did that and more. Beth began working a dildo into Jackie's pussy. . "You love it don't you, you want me to fuck her. Would you like that, would you like to watch me fuck her?"

"Yes, fuck her. Please fuck her."

Laura watched intently, and then she sat up and yelled for us to stop.

"Stop, you better not cum." She almost missed the point of no return. But somehow, we both managed not to cum. The girls kept right on playing. Jackie's moans grew, her breathing quickened. They were not stopping.

Laura stood up and grabbed both of our dicks. She rubbed the heads together, she massaged my balls. I reached over to play with her tits. She smacked me across the face. I was hard and turned on more then ever.

"You haven't earned that right to play with my tits, understood." I let out an inaudible sound Laura took for a yes.

"Good, now I want you to suck his dick." My eyes met Laura's, she was serious.

"For real, you want me to suck his dick."

"What word didn't you understand? I'm in charge, you are not. Now suck his dick."

I guess my hesitation was too much for her. She pulled my hair back and kneed me down to the ground. There before me was Josh's dick. It was hard, it was pulsating. Laura reached over and guided the head into my mouth. I took it in and began to suck the head. I tasted his precum and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then I just got into the moment and began to suck his dick into my mouth. Josh let out a moan when I reached the base of his penis. I took his balls into my hand; I stroked his dick with my other hand. The girls were now all intently watching me and egging me on. They started giving me hints and suggestions.

"Use your tongue, nibble on the head."

"You're a natural, look at you go."

They were right. After five minutes I felt like a pro. Josh was ready, he let me know.

"I'm going to cum." I pulled my mouth off his dick.

Beth grabbed my hair and told me to let him cum in my open mouth. They made me open my mouth and stick out my tongue. Then Josh began to jerk off into my mouth and it took him no time to begin shooting his hot cum into my mouth. The first few shots went right down my throat. I never missed a beat. Jackie was fingering herself, Beth had the dildo working her wet pussy. Josh jerked off till the last drop. I licked the head of his dick, my mouth still holding his cum. Beth leaned in and kissed me. I frenched her back and shared the cum with her. She then leaned over and kissed both Jackie and Laura. They too shared the cum with each other.

"Very good, you were so good at that." I stood up, my dick as hard as a rock. Josh knew exactly what to do and dropped to his knees. Seven strokes later and some hard sucking, I filled his mouth with no warning. It was twice as much as he had shot into my mouth and he began to gag on it. Laura screamed at him.

"Don't even think about it." Josh did fine, he had a big mouthful to share. But this time Laura had something different in mind.

"Kiss him, share his cum with him." After sucking each other off, we both felt very awkward kissing each other. But we did as we were told.

"No, kiss each other with your tongue. Let him share some of that sperm in your mouth."

We kissed again and this time our tongues were entangled. I tasted sperm, my sperm and licked it off his lips when we let go of each other. How different this had been. Beth was the first to notice we were both getting hard once again. Instinctively, we both began slowly jerking each other off. The girls were wanting more and they wanted it now.

"Mike, you fuck Jackie and Josh, you fuck Beth." She didn't have to say anything twice.

Our lives changed on that day. Getting caught by a 29 year old woman was just the beginning. 18 years old, I jerked off everyday, sometimes three or four times a day. And I found out I wanted to be dominated by a strong woman. Laura is still a huge part of my sex life. We play all the time, I have jerked off for her hundreds of times. We have experimented together over the years. I'll share them all with you. This was the first and the turning point...

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