tagErotic CouplingsDon't Swallow During Allergy Season

Don't Swallow During Allergy Season


I would like to make this sexy and hot for all of you but alas I can not. This is a cautionary tell for those women (and some men) that suffer from allergies, suck cock, and at least on occasion swallow.

My tale of woe starts with a nap....

It ended pleasantly enough. A warm tongue working its way into the crack of my ass, gently waking me as his strong hands spread my legs. His wet tongue started to trace my vaginal lips and the cool air of the areas he had abandon left me quivering a bit. He wasn't long down there when he sat up to roll me over. He briefly sucked on and licked my clit getting me wet as he pushed two of his fingers inside of me, more to probe if I was ready for his entry. He did curl his fingers, find my g-spot, then stroke it until I quivered breathlessly.

When he got me there he suddenly got to his feet, grabbed my ankles pulling me to the edge of the bed, lifting me some so I rested on my shoulder blades, and managed to slide his hard shaft into me in one fluid movement. I squealed in response to his rough treatment in a involuntary way. I wrapped my feet and ankles behind his head trying to savor his pulsing cock in me, but he soon broke that hold I had so he could fuck me faster.... and rougher. I tried to protest the quickie nature of what he was doing but instead I moaned and screamed, "Oh fuck" over, and over, and over. I am usually in favor of the gentle, comfortable, languishing screw to the fast fuck. But I enjoy sex in general and variety IS the spice of life.

I was quick to orgasm. Maybe because I noticed he had opened all the curtains and a window, or maybe because of the intensity of the experience. It gets hard to tell if it is an adrenaline orgasm or if the sex is just that good. Not that it matters. I was breathlessly repeating "Ok, ok, ok ,ok" as he drove his still hard cock as far as it would go in me and my orgasm subsided.

"I have been dreaming of seeing your cock sucker lips, on my dick all day," he informed me as his pulled out of me making feel somehow incomplete and empty. "I would love to see you on your knees baby."

I like to think that I am tough, and in a way I think I am. But I'm also a woman. I like pleasing the men in my life. So instead of begging off by saying something like, 'Honey, my sinuses are all messed up, my allergies are going nuts, and I'm not really up for blowing you tonight.' What I did is still weak kneed I slide off the bed and knelt before him, his hard cock glistening with my juices under the moonlight that shone through the open window. As I like to say when I'm not being difficult, I can be a good girl. I proceeded to make it the best looking blow job that I could. Briefly sliding his cock in and out of my mouth tasting the sex we had moments before. I made a show of sliding it in and out of my cleavage, making him weak in the knees. I knew at this point it wouldn't take long. My tongue snaked out and around the spongy head, a feeling like none other and then swallowed him mostly and bobbed a little and as I suspected he was ready to cum.

I did say that I could be a good girl right? I did what good girls do. I swallowed. I closed my lips tightly around the head, let my mouth fill with his semen. Just before I swallowed the first mouth full I let a little spill from the corner of my mouth.... just the way he likes. I took all the little spurts of cum and swallowed them all.

After he was done he sat heavily on the bed and I got up and collected my goodnight kiss. With tongue of course. I'm a good girl only to good boys that kiss afterwards. I looked at the clock and thought 'wow he really did work late tonight,' went and cleaned myself up, brushed my teeth and went to bed with the expectation of sleeping through the night.

I tossed and turned like allergy sinus pressure will make you do and moved to get gravity to help them drain. I woke early and saw my husband, handsome in his suit, finishing getting ready for work at the usual ungodly hour. We exchanged 'morning' greetings and he asked if I was sick. I told him it was just sinuses and he was like, "Oh honey! You should have told me! I'm so sorry..." and I smiled and held up a hand to stop him for apologizing for sex and a blow job, and told him I was alright.

Then I went back to bed and woke at a more reasonable time.

Head pounding a bit and sinuses not cooperating at all. I was nauseous from the headache and the feeling of being full of.... let us say there are far worse bodily fluids to have in your stomach than cum. I took some pills and drank some water and tried to get the kids getting ready for school. Then I started coughing. Head to the bathroom. Nausea drops me to one knee before the toilet. The water and the mix of pills and drainage is first to come back. More drainage on the next heave, and more still mixed with cum follows that, and then some more.

For anyone that has had this happen with just drainage it is not tasty or fun. Cum no matter how it taste when you first get it.... it is nasty nasty nasty coming back later.

And that is how I started this morning....

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