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Don't Talk to Strangers


He had made reservations at the nicest hotel in town. He thought ahead and arranged for his clothes and personal belongings to be delivered to the room and set out before his arrival. He knew he was going to be exhausted and ready to clean himself up from the trek.

His pack was big and extensive and had everything he had needed for his Pacific Crest Trail Experience. He had an amazing time hiking, camping and struggling by himself for five days. It was just what he had needed after his break up with Hannah. A day alone for every year they had dated.

He could not wait to take the pack off, have a long hot shower, a nightcap and some much needed deep sleep.

Coming down out of the woods into the small town of Ashland was a new experience for him. He looked around for the tallest building. There it was, on the right, up the main street. As he walked up the street he noticed the cute quaint town and its small plaza, bustling with locals and tourists of all ages.

The down town was two blocks wide and six blocks long. The one-way street he walked up was lined with small shops filled with chocolates and books and clothing and flowers and gourmet food.

He was enjoying this hidden treasure of a place as he approached the double glass doors of the Ashland Springs Inn. He saw a woman through the glass, a beautiful woman.

He opened the door for her and smiled wide, looking directly into her eyes. She caught his stare and smiled back.

For one second he had forgotten the rough condition he was in. He followed her with his eyes as she walked up to the corner to cross the street. He was still staring holding the door open when she looked back and caught his lingering gaze. He came back to his senses, smiled at her again and entered the lobby of the hotel.

He walked up to the front desk and said, "I have a reservation, for Clayton Crawford."

"Yes sir, one moment sir, yes, your room is ready for you. Your luggage has been delivered and your things have been set out, as you have requested. Here are your room keys sir. Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Crawford?" The hotel manager happened to be behind the counter and was relieved to check in this particular customer. He knew this man was important and he wanted to make sure his stay here was perfect.

"No thank you, just direct me to my room."

"It is all the way to the top of the hotel, at the end of the hallway sir, please ring the front desk if you need anything at all Mr. Crawford we hope you enjoy your stay."

He thanked the manager and picked up the keys to his room. He smiled and walked straight over to the elevator and rode it to the top. He went into the room at the end of the hallway and dropped his pack near the closet and undressed. He turned on the water for the shower to warm it up. He had made it.

It had been a long five days and a long year preparing for the five days. He took a few deep breaths and looked over items that were hanging in the closet. He saw a small black bag that was on the bathroom counter. He unzipped the bag and took out a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a razor. All of the items were going with him to the shower.

He stepped into the steamy space and stood for a few minutes letting the water wash off the first few layers of dust. He washed his hair until the water ran clean. He scrubbed and lathered his body three or four times from head to toe.

He felt new and clean. He dried off with a soft white towel and took a look at his reflection in the mirror. He was fit and the five nights in the woods had done him good.

He changed into an expensive pair of pants and a pair of slightly worn Italian leather shoes ... his shirt was crisp, ironed and white covering a white t-shirt 'Time to go get a night cap before bed' he thought to himself.

He made sure he had both keys and left his room with a skip in his step. He felt accomplished. He felt good. He rode the elevator down and went through the lobby to the bar and ordered his signature drink. It was time to celebrate. This was the only part he had not thought through. He would be celebrating the end of his hike on the Pacific Crest Trail that he had been planning for a year, with the bartender?

The bar was pretty empty; he scanned for forms of life and came upon a familiar face. It was the woman from the lobby that he had held the door open for. She was staring intently at him trying to place him.

He could tell she thought he looked familiar but was having a hard time. Who could blame her with the transformation he had just gone through in his hotel room? He kept his eyes on her as he approached her side of the bar.

He set one of his room keys down by her almost empty glass of gin and tonic with a lime.

"I held the door open for you earlier? I think you are beautiful. You know what I want from you, and I normally get what I want. But, tonight I'm more interested in what you might want me. I'm heading up to my room. Would you allow me the pleasure of your company?"

She smiled and took a sip of her drink.

You don't have to answer just yet; I'll let you think about it."

Leaving the key right where he had set it down, he walked away back through the lobby to the elevator.

He put in his floor to the elevator and rode up. He got out and paused. He turned around and went back in. The elevator was being returned to the ground floor. He was hoping she would be there waiting for him.

He stood in the middle of the two doors as they slid open. He smiled. She was standing there with his key in her hand. He reached out to her hand and took it in his pulling her into the elevator and pressing his floor.

The doors closed and they were suddenly alone face to face. He pulled her closer and kissed her gently on her neck. She smiled and closed her eyes relaxing into the attention of this handsome stranger.

She pressed herself into him and let him feel her body through her clothes. He took her hand and put it on his cock that was bulging thru his pants and said, "Can I pleasure you with my cock until you beg me to stop?"

She looked him in the eye and kissed him passionately.

"I'm going to take that kiss as a yes."

The elevator stopped and they stood close, breathing in each others air.

The doors opened for them, he took her hand in his and she willingly followed him to his hotel room door. He took the key from her and unlocked the door with it and handed it back.

He sat her down on the closest chair and took off her shoes and slowly rolled down her thigh highs one at a time. He pulled up her skirt to her hips exposing her silky panties. He spread her legs open and pulled the material to the side exposing her smooth shaved area. He leaned down between her legs to discover her wetness for himself.

He breathed her in and used his tongue to pet her clit, up and down bringing her to a nice easy climax under his mouth. He could really taste and smell her juices now.

He took his tongue down further to explore deep into her depths, to lick up her juices that were flowing with her orgasm. Her hips tensed up so he was supporting each butt cheek with the palms of his hand bringing her pussy to his mouth like the sweet treat it was. He lowered her body to the chair while she recovered.

She was breathing rather heavy from her clitoral orgasm. They were her favorite and he could tell. He reached over and pulled out a cold bottle of spring water from the fridge. He opened it and handed it to her. She gladly accepted it to replenish the liquid she just lost.

"I like the way you taste. I can give you more of those, all night long, and into the morning."

He pulled her up and walked her over to the bed. He gently cupped her chin with his fingers and brought her mouth up to meet his. She looked as though she had a question and he put his finger to her mouth. "Shhhh, we will save the talking for later."

She kissed him like she had known his mouth her whole existence. He was enjoying her kisses and her passion. He stepped back to take a good long scan of this wondrous beauty he had somehow seduced with manners, a smile and three sentences.

He took his time taking off her clothes until she was standing there with just a matching bra and panties barely covering her otherwise naked body. She felt safe and he felt familiar to her.

He laid her down on the bed and gently caressed her neck and stomach and thighs taking his sweet time awakening her senses. Teasingly making his way to her hips, so he could peel her panties down off her legs and feet.

He had earned full access to in-between her legs with his hand and into her insides with his two fingers. He wanted to take her to peaks she had never been before. He began gently rubbing up on her g-spot back and forth steady and with increasing speed until she climaxed and her juices flowed all over his fingers. She came good and strong under his guidance.

He pulled out his hard cock and spread her legs to take him. He rubbed the head of his swollen member on her slit to get it nice and wet for entering inside her engorged pussy.

She held her breathe as he spread her open with his fingers and slid his cock slowly inside her until his body was up against her body. He started thrusting deep inside her, small fast hard thrusts hitting her cervix and making her moan continuously until the moans turned into fast paced breathing. Then his thrusts got slower and longer.

She had never felt a cock like this before. Or maybe it was the man behind the cock taking his time with her, is what she had been missing.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her entire being felt tingly and light all over. She felt an erupting release and let out a primal moan of pure ecstasy. Her body rocked under his while he took his time to climb to the top of his peak.

He felt it come on strong and pulled out his cock and stroked it until he spewed his seed all over her stomach and breasts. It was warm and covering her bare skin almost sliding onto the sheets if she moved at all. She started to giggle. "Hold still," he said.

He went to the bathroom and warmed up the water. He brought her back a nicely warmed and wrung out wash cloth that he used to clean up his mess and wipe her down and then invited her into the shower for another steamy session.

She was exhausted from all the orgasms but was eager for more from this handsome stranger. He fucked her that night better then she had ever been fucked before.

She had not said a word the entire time. He had not asked her name and she had not asked him anything. After his fourth orgasm and her twenty-fourth he fell asleep.

She carefully got up from the bed and then quietly gathered her things. She left silently with only a minor click of the door shutting on her exit. That click made him open his eyes to an empty bed.

After all that effort, he didn't even get to wake up and share the sunrise with her or more importantly learn her name. He thought he had more time for those kinds of details.

How would he ever find her again? He didn't know who she was but he knew every inch of her beautiful body? Would he be able to describe her to the front desk or the bartender? Was she available for him to worship again in this quaint little town? Was she single? Suddenly he wanted a reason to extend his trip and miss his flight.

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But Who's Counting

His fourth and her twenty-fourth orgasm? After five days of walking a wilderness trail? Superman and multiogasmic Venus - So what's the encore?
Enjoyed the adventure.
Intrigued and teasted.

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