tagGroup SexDon't Wake Her

Don't Wake Her


Madison's sucking his cock. Between his legs her head bobs up and down. She sucks and licks along the hard shaft of his manhood. She pulls back, gasping for breath and rubs it in her hand. She's amazed her friend's penis is so large. She never would of guessed. She sinks her mouth on it again and he lets out a groan.

Looking behind him at his bed, laying deep asleep is their other classmate and friend, Carly, having fallen asleep after their night of drinking. They had been in a session of heavy petting when she came in and asked to sleep it off. If they make any noise they could be caught. He tries to suppress his groans and gasps as his other classmate sucks his cock. He had never expected her, of all people, to want to do such a thing let alone anything like this at all.

Madison's touching herself now, lowering her hand down and massaging her loins through the fabric of her panties. Drinking normally turns her own. Giving head turns her on more. Mixing them like a cocktail made her horny as hell and she was ready for his cock to pierce her. She lifts her head and pulls away, removing her skirt and tights and panties. She then presents her pink pussy to him, dripping with juices and swollen with need.

"Just be quiet, Eddie." She whispers, pressing her finger to her lips. She then kisses him, taking his tongue and sucking on it. She then nips his bottom lip and then lays herself half on the bed and lifts her ass to him, opening her slit for him to enter. "Now fuck me hard. I want you to tear me up."

Eddie clamps his hands on either side of her ass. "You say be quiet and then you ask for that?"

She smiles coyly, lowering her face into the comforters by their friend. "I know how to be quiet. I used to get banged in my room while my sister slept in the bed next to mine. Now fuck me as hard as you can."

He slips right into her. Madison's pussy is tight and squeezes down on him. He begins to move slowly, testing how much movement transfers from them to the bed. After a few slow pumps he picks up speed. She makes an irritated grunt and thrust her hips at him. She begins rotating them in the air, like a pencil being sharpened. He lets out a gasp and quickly catches himself. Luckily, their friend remains asleep.

She lifts herself up on her palms and looks over the other asleep in bed. "I can't believe she isn't waking up!" She looks over her shoulder at him. "C'mon now. You can fuck me as hard as you want and then fuck me harder than that. Carly isn't going to wake up."

"You sure?" He's picking up speed, his hand going around her waist and stroking her firm, little clit.

"Ah! Yeah. Just like that. Mmm, your cock feels so good!" Madison's huge tits are swinging in their friends face. "I wish I had known you were this hung earlier. I would of made you my fuck buddy sooner."

"Stop saying things like-" He's thrusting so hard into her, feeling the little wall in the depths of her. She's letting out moans and cries, her pussy tightening on him. "You're so tight!"

"Mm, yeah." Madison then opens her eyes and looks along the blankets. "What's this?" She swipes at him and then pulls back the blankets on their friend. Beneath the covers Carly is masturbating, and hard. Her fingers working inside her pussy and clit. She's dripping wet and staining his sheets.

"Hey!" She shouts, sitting up like a bolt.

Madison smiles. "I knew it!"

Carly frowns. "You whore!" She stands up off the bed, stripping off her remaining clothes. "You always leave me out even when you promised."

"Promised?" Eddie asked, surprised at seeing Carly, her small, soft breasts and completely shaved pussy.

Carly takes his cock in her hand and begins stroking it. "She and I had a deal." She then laid him back on the bed. "I would fuck you and then she would."

Madison moves herself next to Carly and removed her blouse and starts massaging the other's small breasts. "Turns out we were both interested."

"I get to finish first, got it?" Carly snaps as she crawls atop him. She opens up her hairless pussy for him. "Can I put it in?" She asks.

Eddie nods, almost terrified about what has transpired. But his cock has gotten redder, fatter, the slit of his cock almost winking and releasing more precum.

Carly lowers herself down, moaning as she does. She strokes her clit as she moves up and down. Her pussy is tight and hot. She looks down at Eddie and smiles. "Your cock feels so good. It's so big, it's digging all the way inside me."

Madison sits behind her, pinching and pressing the Carly's breasts. "It's good, right? So huge and firm. Stirring you up so much inside and making your pussy juices flow freely." Madison then moves up to him and lowers her pussy to his face. "Eat me?" She asks. He cups her firm ass in his hands and begins licking her cunt. Sucking her clit and thrusting his tongue inside her.

"Hey!" Carly snaps.

"You'll finish soon. I had already started and I'm so horny." She gasps. She leans towards Carly and kisses her. She thrusts her tongue in her mouth and they begin making out. Carly gropes Madison's full breasts, pinching her nipples and twisting them hard. The girl moaned loudly and grinded harder against Eddie's face.

Madison then suddenly stands. "Have him fuck you from behind now." She says.

Carly nods, standing and then laying on the bed with her ass hanging off. Eddie stands behind her, thrusting back into her. Madison then sits before Carly, presenting her sopping pussy to her.

"You eat pussy better." Madison sighs.

Carly then kisses Madison's thigh and then inserts her fingers into her. Eddie stares in aw as his two friends fuck each other. He begins slamming harder into Carly, causing Carly to whimper and cry out as he tongue penetrates Madison's vagina.

"She likes it really hard. Unh." Madison giggles. "She likes it when you leave bruises inside her. Mmm ah." She moans with pleasure. "You should see her when she masturbates. She uses her dildo like a jackhammer."

Eddie tried to picture Carly using a dildo on herself. Her pussy splayed open as she pumped into herself like a piston, Madison watching and fingering herself while she does.

"Cumming!" Carly cried. "Ah! Ah! Fuck! Cumming!" Eddie looked down, watching as his cock pumped fast inside her, her juices suddenly flowed out like a waterfall, splashing all over the floor. He pulled out, her pussy swollen and red, dripping her cum.

"Oh fuck! That was good." Carly panted as she crawled onto the bed, letting Madison take the reigns again.

Madison smiled, showing her pussy off again. "Carly got me so wet. You better finish me off." Eddie swallowed. "I'm about to cum though. I don't think I can hold much longer."

Madison smirked. "I can't take much either. So fuck me hard until you're all wrung out."

Carly sat up, watching as Eddie slid deep inside Madison again. Her channel hotter and wetter than before. He pumped in and out easily, gliding. Her pussy squeezed down on him, sucking him back in. "It feels so fucking good!" Madison moaned, leaning her head back onto the bed.

"Look at his cock," Carly whispered. "It's so fat and hard."

Madison shuddered.

Carly then smirked. "I'll make sure she comes before you do so you can have some fun." Carly sticks a finger inside herself, wetting her fingers with her abundant juices. She then goes to Madison's ass, sticking her finger inside Madison's tightest hole.

"Oh fuck!" Madison whines as Carly's finger thrusts inside her. "Not fair! Not fair! Oh shit! Holy fucking-" Madison then arches her back, moaning loud and bucking hard.

Eddie pumps harder, his orgasm coming soon. He can feel Madison's pussy rippling all around him. She lays exhausted on the bed beside Carly as Eddie finishes himself off.

"I'm gonna cum!" Eddie seethes. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" He looks at Carly, her eyes watching his cock hungrily. He grabs her, pulling her closer and then shoves his cock in her mouth, releasing his hot load down her throat. Carly moans loudly, sucking on him, finishing him off.

He pulls out once he's spent, watching as Carly swallows his whole load. "How did you know?" She says, licking her lips.

Madison sits up. "Hey, I wanted his cum!"

"Maybe later." Carly says with an evil glint in her eye.

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