tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDoogie Howser M.D. Ch. 1

Doogie Howser M.D. Ch. 1

byJack N Jill©

Part I: Doogie's Education

Doogie frowned as he slid into the passenger seat of his mother's white Lexus sedan. "What a bummer," he grumbled. "I'm allowed to prescribe drugs, perform surgery, and make life and death decisions but my mother has to drive me to work."

"I know dear," Katherine O'Brien Howser said to her son. "But now that you're eighteen your father will let you get your license. That is if you can pass the test," she laughed.

"Very funny," he said as she started the car and backed out of the driveway.

Doogie and his father David Howser both were highly respected physicians at City Hospital but almost never worked the same shift so for nearly a year Katherine provided Doogie with daily taxi service to and from the hospital. Everyday was pretty much the same. She would fix his breakfast at 6:30, drop him off at the hospital at 8:00, pick him up at 6:00 and feed him dinner at 7:00. David on the other hand worked an almost opposite schedule. His shift ran from 6:00 pm until 3:00 am and as chief of staff he was required to spend considerable time consulting with other physicians, administrators, and attorneys. As a result the Howser family rarely got to spend any quality time together and almost never shared a meal. Katherine was troubled and concerned. She felt it was important for a family to at least eat together and attend church together. They had been a very close family and she hated to see them separated because of Doogie's career.

Being the mother of an 18 year old genius was not all that easy. Doogie was a brilliant physician but he also had the emotions and desires of any other red-blooded 18 year old. Sometimes Katherine wondered if it was really fair for someone so smart to be allowed to advance at such a rapid pace. It seemed as though Doogie had missed out on most of his childhood and had been treated as an adult for most of his life.

"Oh well," she thought, "This is what he always wanted and he seemed to handle things very well so make the most of it."

Katherine smiled to herself as she looked at her son in his starched white oxford shirt; blue jeans; and white sneakers. Although his dress was a little eccentric for a doctor, the hospital staff accepted his youthful ways and respected him for his knowledge and professionalism. Several of the female staff members were particularly fond of him and made every effort to tease him to the point of embarrassment but when Dr. Doogie Howser practiced medicine he was very focused and oblivious to female advances and open flirtation.

"What sounds good for dinner tonight Doogie," asked Katherine as they approached the hospital's physician parking lot where she would drop Doogie off .

"Oh, I don't really care mom, anything is fine with me. Everything you make is great," he replied. Katherine beamed knowing that her cooking pleased him so much, but she was also aware that an 18 year old boy would eat a rotting elephant after a long day of work. Just the same it pleased her to know that she was appreciated and loved. "Well, here we are," she said as she pulled the luxury sedan to the front of the physician's entrance and stopped. "Have a great day sweetie," Katherine leaned toward him to give him her typical kiss on the cheek and send him off, but just as her lips approached his cheek a loud noise from the parking lot startled him and his head turned quickly, causing his lips to meet his mother's head on. Both of them were so surprised and startled that instead of stopping, their lips remained locked for a short period of time.

"Oh, oh ," Katherine was the first to speak, "I wonder what all the racket is?" Doogie seemed in shock. The only person he had ever kissed on the lips was his girl friend, Wanda and that was very rare. Now he had just kissed his mother and although it was an accident, he had enjoyed the feel of it and that really confused him.

"Jeez, I don't know but it sure was loud." His face reddened and he reached for the door handle and quickly exited.

"See you tonight sweetie," Katherine said as he closed the door behind him.

Katherine smiled as she watched Doogie walk up the steps and enter through the double glass doors. He had really been embarrassed by the accidental kiss and she probably should also have been, but she felt something else. Something like a combination of excitement and guilt. She knew that both of them could have stopped the kiss sooner and she assumed that Doogie enjoyed it at least as much as she did or he would have exhibited disgust or anger.

Katherine wondered about Doogie's sexuality. She was pretty sure that, in spite of all his education and medical training, he was very naive about girls and sex. His girlfriend, Wanda was a beautiful young girl but seemed very conservative and besides they had very little time together. Doogie had been in college while she was still in junior high and now he was a practicing physician while she was in her third year of high school. "No," Katherine thought, "He hasn't experienced it yet, but then he was only a boy."

David, on the other hand was a grown man and a very attentive lover. They had tried nearly every sexual activity known to man and experienced a very fulfilling sex life. Their friends and neighbors would never dream that the typical, all American couple had such an imaginative private life.

Katherine wasn't the typical doctor's wife. She didn't spend her time working for charities or hanging around the country club drinking gin and gossiping with the other members. She spent her time taking care of her family and their home. She took good care of herself, dressed nice, and enjoyed a very fulfilling life.

"What a rotten day," Doogie thought. He couldn't get his mind off of what happened that morning. He knew his mother must think he was a monster or at least a dirty little boy. Why had he kept kissing her? He could have stopped. But then again she could have stopped also. "How will I ever face her tonight," he thought? "Will she even come to pick me up? Will she call Dad and tell him? Damn it, Damn it, Damn it. I'm a dead man. Wait, maybe she didn't notice. I bet she didn't think anything about it."

Katherine had a similar day. "Why did I continue the kiss," she thought?, Doogie probably wonders what kind of mother I am." But then again, he could have stopped it. It's not like I forced him. Oh well, he probably didn't think anything about it. I shouldn't worry. It's not like it will ever happen again. After all it was an accident."

Shopping was always a good method of helping her forget her problems so instead of wallowing in pity she set off for the city's largest mall and returned home with a stack of boxes from various high end stores.

Katherine slipped into the hot bubble bath and let her mind go blank as her body began to relax and soak up the warmth. The day's shopping had done wonders for her outlook and she no longer was concerned about the morning's incident. All that mattered now was to get ready to pick Doogie up from the hospital, fix their dinner, and enjoy the evening.

She got out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her, and one around her wet hair and went to her spacious bedroom to try on the day's purchases. She opened the three boxes from Victoria's Secret and lay the contents on the king size bed. David loved her in nice lingerie and sexy underwear and she loved wearing it for him. Even after 20 years of marriage, she could still excite him like no one else and reduce him to putty in her hands.

She removed the towels and inspected herself in the full length mirror. Medium length, blonde hair framed a pretty face with sparkling blue eyes and cute smile. Her hands cupped the under sides of her full, bare breasts and presented them to the mirror.

"Not bad," she thought, "Not big but nicely shaped and still firm." Her breasts were smooth, perfectly shaped twins with smallish, cone-shaped dusky pink nipples. "Boy are they ever sensitive," she thought as they started to grow against her teasing fingers. Her hands slid down her sides, and along her hips as she turned her backside toward the mirror to check her rear end.

"Again, not bad," she thought. Her full buttocks were still firm and high, thanks to many hours of aerobics, swimming and other daily torture. She squeezed both cheeks with her hands and was pleased with the nice firm feel. She faced the mirror and admired her shapely legs, slightly round tummy, and the fine, light blonde, pubic hair at the juncture of her supple thighs. She took time every night in her bath to neatly trim and shave her pubic region leaving a narrow strip of soft, downy hair on top and smooth shaven below. She had started this practice many years ago for David and it became a habit she continued.

Katherine first slipped into a waist length, plum colored, teddy with matching boxer type panties. "Very nice," she thought, " David will like this." She then picked up her favorite purchase of the day and studied it to figure out how to put it on. "Ahh yes," she said out loud as she admired herself in the white lace, full body stocking that snapped up the front from the crotch to the turtleneck top. It had long sleeves and fit like a second skin and revealed all the right places. Her stiff nipples were covered by a couple of lace patterns but the bumps were clearly defined. Another lace pattern covered the crotch area but the tight material clearly outlined every detail of her prominent pubic mound and pussy.

The tip of her tongue licked her lips as her hands cupped her breasts and her fingers teased at the turgid nipples. "Wow," she thought, "This is really hot. I wish David was here. He'll love this." She thought about how he would suck her nipples through the material and unsnap it, one snap at a time. He would cup her lace covered crotch in his hand and tease the tiny love button he was so adept at finding. She turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder at her lace encased rear. "Oh yes, she said, "He'll definitely like this." Her full, shapely buttocks were perfectly displayed inside the tight lace material. "I can't wait to model this for him. He'll be so excited."

She removed the body stocking and slipped into a fine-weave, thin, beige bra and matching bikini panties. She turned back toward the mirror and happened to glance at the bedside clock. "Oh no," she said, "I'm late. I've got to pick Doogie up." She hurriedly pulled a short, white, denim skirt and a snug fitting, sleeveless, yellow, cotton top from one of the boxes and quickly put them on. The skirt fit tightly around her full hips and enhanced her firm, dimpled butt. Her shapely legs were completely revealed from just above her knees to her ankles. The yellow top molded against her upper body, showing every detail of her firm breasts within the thin bra. The bumps of her perky little nipples were clearly visible through the knit top. She didn't have time for panty hose or stockings and slipped her small feet into a pair of simple white sandals.

The Lexus pulled into a vacant spot of the physician's parking lot. Katherine turned the stereo up a bit, lay her head back against the head rest and patiently waited for Doogie. She wondered how he would react to how she was dressed. "Will he be offended, or shocked, or totally grossed out? What was I thinking? What in the world made me think it was appropriate to do this? I've never dressed like this for anyone except David and then only when we went where I wouldn't be recognized. I shouldn't have been in such a hurry. Doogie isn't even here yet. Katherine jumped, shocked out of her day dream by a knock on the passenger side window. "Unlock the door mom," she heard her son shout.

"Uh, oh, okay, okay," she responded. "Sorry about that. I guess I was somewhere in space." Doogie opened the door and slid inside. He immediately noticed something different. He had never seen his mother like this before. She was dressed like a college or even high school girl.

"Golly you look really nice," he said as his eyes took in her entire body but particularly her legs which were revealed from mid thigh down. Her breasts were very distinctly displayed beneath the tight top and rose and fell with every breath. He had never realized before just what a lovely woman she was but then again he had never really seen her quite like this.

Doogie leaned across the seat to receive the customary peck on the cheek from her that she always insisted on when dropping off or picking up. But something happened. The memory of the morning kiss returned to his brain and instead of presenting his cheek to her, his lips once again met hers. Katherine held the kiss for a short period and let her soft lips relax and open slightly against his. Doogie was in shock once again, not knowing exactly what to do, he did nothing. He enjoyed the feel of her warm, moist, lips on his own and the faint smell of her perfume. Then suddenly it ended.

"So, how was your day," she asked?

"Oh, just fine, nothing really earth shattering," he said,. "A couple of routine appendectomies, some clogged arteries, and varicose veins." I am really beat though. A nice hot shower and bed sounds really good." "No problem," Katherine said, as she began to drive away from the hospital. "You can take a shower while I put dinner on the table then you can relax and go to bed. Your father is at a conference in Seattle for the rest of the week so it's just you and me for dinner.

Doogie couldn't help glancing sideways at his mother as she negotiated the heavy traffic on their way home. Her short skirt was pulled well above her knees revealing her firm, tan legs. Every time she moved her right foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal the skirt rose another inch or so. Doogie wondered how high it would go if she had a stick shift and had to use a clutch to shift gears. Katherine felt his eyes studying her. She knew that he was looking at her breasts which were so perfectly displayed beneath the snug yellow top. She felt her nipples tighten and she knew that they were visible through the fabric. Doogie gasped silently as he noticed the tiny nubs grow right before his eyes.

"Oh, oh," Doogie thought to himself, "I'm getting an erection. This is not right. Oh God don't let her see. She'll think I'm crazy. Go down. Go down. Please go down." But it was not to be. He kept looking at the beautiful woman next to him, seeing her as never before and his erection grew stronger and stronger. Katherine had a pretty good idea what was taking place from the way Doogie was acting. She smiled at him as if nothing was wrong and continued driving.

"Well, here we are," Katherine said, as she pulled into the driveway of the huge estate home, and pressed the garage door opener.

She pulled into the garage and opened her door to step out when Doogie said, "You go ahead mother, I just want to sit here for a minute and unwind."

"Okay sweetie," she said, "but hurry along. I have dinner almost ready. You just have time for a quick shower before we eat." As soon as Katherine entered the house Doogie gave a sigh of relief and slipped his hand down the front of his pants to rearrange his swollen member before entering the house.

As Doogie started up the stairs to his room he noticed that the formal dining room table was set with the best china and linen and a large bottle of wine. "Hey mom," he shouted, "What's the deal with the fancy table? Are we having company or something?"

"No dear," she replied. "I just wanted something special tonight. I hope you'll like it."

"Oh, okay," he said and raced up the steps.

Katherine scurried around the kitchen and dining room taking care of all the final preparations for dinner. She had prepared all of Doogie's favorites; game hens, green beans, stuffed potatoes, and warm French bread. The house smelled sumptuous as Doogie came down the steps.

"Man, am I hungry. It smells great."

"Almost ready," said Katherine. "Why don't you open the wine and pour us a glass while I finish."

"Okay, sure," replied Doogie. He rarely had been allowed to drink. This really was a special occasion. He poured the wine and watched his mother move around the kitchen and dining room. "Wow," he thought, "She really does look nice in that outfit". He watched her firm, round hips move within the tight confines of the skirt as she walked back and forth. "Nice body," he said, under his breath as she walked away from him. He felt guilty for what he had said, even though she couldn't have heard him.

Doogie had put on his favorite lounging clothes following his shower: faded green surgical scrub shirt and pants and a pair of old slippers.

"He looks so cute," she thought. "I bet those nurses go crazy when they see him dressed like this."

"That's it Doog, lets eat." .

"I'm ready." He sat down at the opposite end of the table.

"First a toast," said Katherine as she hoisted her glass to him. "To us."

"To us." Doogie took a sip of the wine while Katherine tipped her glass up and drained it almost instantly. "Gosh, " said Doogie, "You must really be thirsty."

"Don't you know Doogie, that the first glass is to be drunk very quickly to enhance your appetite," she said.

"Oh, that's right. I remember now." He raised his glass and quickly downed it. Katherine poured both of them another glass which they also quickly emptied. The wine bottle sat empty on the table and they hadn't yet begun to eat.

"I'll get another bottle to have with our food," said Katherine as she got up and headed for the kitchen. "Nice body," Doogie said and thanks to the wine he unknowingly said it loud enough for her to hear.

"Why thank you," she thought to herself and smiled. She returned with the new bottle of wine, and poured them each a glass.

Doogie and Katherine both were famished by now and ate without saying much to each other. However Katherine noticed that Doogie's eyes were fixed on her breasts the entire time he was eating. The combination of all the wine and his attention caused her to feel extremely warm and sexy. She new that her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin bra and knit top. Doogie continued to eat and keep his eyes fixed on his mother's lovely breasts until both were finished and another bottle of wine was emptied.

Katherine got up from the table and began to clear the dishes. Doogie helped carry plates and silverware to the kitchen. "I'll be happy to do the dishes tonight Mom, since you did all the cooking."

"Oh no, I'll take care of them later or even tomorrow. No need to bother tonight. Why don't you go into the living room and start a fire while I finish picking up." Doogie didn't respond. He just stood there in a kind of alcohol stupor and stumbled to the living room He turned on the gas fireplace and sat on the black, leather couch in front of it. In a few minutes Katherine joined him and brought a third bottle of wine and their glasses. She poured them each another glass and said, "Now, this one is for just slowly sipping. It helps settle your stomach after a large meal."

"Yea, right," Doogie thought, " It helps get you stinking drunk." He giggled and accepted the glass.

Katherine was feeling the full effect of the wine as she sat down on the couch next to her inebriated son and, along with him, stared at the fire in the fireplace. She took a sip of wine and said, "Doog, you know when I kissed, uh I mean when you kissed uh oh, I mean when we accidentally kissed this morning and when I picked you up this evening. Did it offend you?"

"Errr uh no I don't think so. How about you?"

"I know this probably sounds awful, but I really thought it was nice. In fact I wouldn't mind trying it again. But only if it's okay with you. Is it?

"Oh sure," he stammered, " I guess it would be okay."

Katherine scooted next to Doogie and teased his hair with her fingers. She took his face between her hands and slowly pressed her soft moist lips against his. Neither of them moved. Both afraid of what they were feeling. "That wasn't bad was it," Katherine breathed as she removed her lips from his?"

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