tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDoogie Howser M.D. Ch. 2

Doogie Howser M.D. Ch. 2

byJack N Jill©

Part II: Graduate School

The following couple of weeks were very stressful for both Doogie and Katherine. They tried their best to put that one wicked night out of their mind and return to a normal relationship. They made a concerted effort to avoid being alone together, so it helped when David had returned home earlier than planned and his schedule at the hospital allowed Doogie to commute with him most of the time.

"Well Doogie," said David, as they approached the hospital parking lot in his new red Porche, "I suppose you'll be taking Wanda to the Auxiliary Ball Friday night."

"Naaaa, I don't think so. I think Vinny and I are going to take in the ball game. The Bulls are in town and we won't have that many chances to see Jordan play. Besides that I'm not crazy about spending the evening in a Tux dancing to 40's music."

"That's too bad, I know your mother was looking forwards to all of us spending the evening together. Oh well, I'll explain it to her. Actually, I wouldn't mind watching Jordan play either but I've already committed."

The Auxiliary Ball was Katherine's favorite event of the year. It was a very formal affair held to raise money for a worthy cause. This year it was for construction of the new pediatric wing. Nearly all the doctors, nurses, and administrative staff that were not on duty that night would attend with their spouses or guests.

The cab picked Doogie up at the physician's entrance. Since his parents were preparing for the big gala and he worked late he decided to take a cab rather than inconvenience them. The cabbie made small talk with him, asking why he had been at the hospital then not believing him when he said he was a doctor.

Doogie paid the fare and reminded the cabbie to be sure to get an annual physical examination. The cabbie laughed and drove off, still not believing him.

"Hi Doog," David greeted him as he entered the house, "How was it today?"

"Good Dad, how about yours? You look great in the tux. Glad it's you and not me though."

They exchanged medical philosophies for a short time then David shouted up the stairs, "Let's go Katherine. It's time. The limo will be here in five minutes."

"I'm coming, just a minute."

David whistled his approval when she appeared at the top of the long staircase.

Doogie's heart jumped and pounded wildly. His mouth instantly went dry. He swallowed hard and his knees felt weak.

"So, what do you think," Katherine asked? She was dressed in a white, full length, designer gown with a low cut top held by thin spaghetti straps. A thigh high slit extended up the right side. She turned to model the back of the dress and Doogie nearly passed out. It was cut very low, exposing nearly her entire back all the way down to just above her shapely hips. Doogie wondered what kind of bra she could wear with no strap visible in the back. A large diamond pendant rested at the top of her exposed cleavage.

Katherine slowly made her way down the stairs as David and Doogie both stared. Every step she took exposed more long, shapely leg along the slit in the dress. She wore sheer, beige pantyhose and white satin heels.

As she approached her two admirers, one open and one secret, she felt their eyes move up and down her body.

"Beautiful, Katherine, you look absolutely stunning."

Doogie had a difficult time speaking, "You look really nice Mom." His eyes rested on the tops of her breasts, exposed above the top of the form fitting bodice which molded to her youthful figure.

Katherine felt beautiful. She had prepared for this event for two weeks and was looking forward to a romantic evening. David had been home from his conference for three weeks but had been so distracted and busy that he hadn't had time to spend with her. Now the evening was theirs and nothing could deter their plans.

"The limo is here," David said, "let's go."

Doogie watched them as they walked arm in arm toward the door. Katherine's hips and buttocks rolled and swayed beneath the form fitting dress as she walked. "Nice ass," he thought, as he fought the urge to reach out and cup the firm cheeks in his hands.

"Geez," thought Doogie, "I'm really not in the mood to spend the evening with Vinny," and he picked up the phone to call his friend. Vinny was disappointed but understood and said maybe he would take Janine instead.

Doogie took a shower, put on his scrubs, and sat down in front of the TV with a pizza. and Coke. "Not bad," he thought. "I wonder what Mom and Dad are having for dinner?"

David and Katherine were dining on rack of lamb with mint jelly and all the trimmings and a lot of fine wine. The ballroom was beautiful, with giant chandeliers and expensive decorations. They were surrounded by friends and colleagues, all of whom took special notice of Katherine's beauty.

Following the sumptuous meal, the orchestra began to play 40's dance music. "Doogie was right," David told Katherine, "He said it would be 40's music."

Katherine laughed and said, "Come on David let's dance."

He took her in his arms and they moved together to the sounds of Glenn Miller. They danced beautifully and looked only at each other. His right hand held her body close to his and his left hand held her hand. Her legs brushed against his and his hand moved sensuously against her bare back. Her eyes closed as they moved effortlessly to the music. He felt her firm breasts against his chest as his hand moved lower down her back. Wanting to fill his hands with the familiar globes of her tight buttocks, he refrained, knowing his prudish co-workers may not appreciate his boldness.

Katherine looked up at David's eyes and said, "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" She laughed huskily as his growing member pressed against the mound of her tummy. She inconspicuously rubbed side to side against it. "You know David, I really want you."

"Really, how much?" He teased.

"More than you can ever know." Her face turned up to his and she stood on tip toes to touch his lips with hers. The tip of her tongue brushed against his lips but as he tried to hold her mouth to his she pulled away. "Ah, ah, now, you must be patient. We have all night."

"I can't wait much longer. I want you now!"

"Oh, and what do you want me for right now?'

"I want to make love to you."

"David, we can't make love on the dance floor in front of all these people. What would they think?"

"They would think I had the sexiest wife here and wish they were me."

The music stopped and as they walked back to their table his hand lightly stroked her backside.

They enjoyed another glass of champagne and were about to enjoy another dance when someone tapped David's shoulder. "Phone call for you Dr. Howser. You can take it in the lobby."

David returned in a few minutes and said, "You won't believe this darling but I have an emergency at the hospital and have to get there immediately. It's the liver transplant patient. I'm very sorry but I have to go. They called the house and Doogie told them how to get a hold of me. I called Doogie and told him to get a cab and come pick you up."

"Oh no David, it isn't fair. This is the only night of the year I ask you totally for myself. Can't someone else cover it?"

"I'm really sorry sweetheart, but I have to go. I'll see you later. Probably much later. It will probably be morning or even tomorrow afternoon. Goodnight darling." He kissed her and left hurriedly.

Doogie felt awful. He knew that his mother looked forward to this affair all year and would be heartbroken. He decided that the best thing he could do for her was to find a Tux and be her escort for the remainder of the party.

Several phone calls later he had located a tux and made arrangements to have it delivered immediately. Within half an hour he was completely dressed and in a cab on his way to the hotel. He spotted his mother sitting alone at her table across the room and snuck up next to her.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Doogie! Wow, you look fabulous, but you didn't have to do this. I really could just have come home."

"No way Mom. You've been looking forward to this all year. The least I can so is try to fill in.

"Thanks sweetie, you're so thoughtful. Sit down and have a glass of champagne. You are 21 aren't you?" she laughed.

"Why thanks ma'am, don't mind if I do." He poured both of them a full glass and toasted her. "To the most beautiful woman in the room. No, in the world."

Katherine shivered. "Oh Doggie thanks for everything. How can I ever repay you?"

"Well, you know, I have been thinking of graduate school."

Katherine's nipples became erect at the thought of graduate school. She took a long drink of champagne and said, "Let's dance Doggie." She took his hand and pulled him to a quiet, darkened corner of the large dance floor. Doggie's right arm circled her waist and his left took her hand. He had learned to dance very young and felt comfortable amongst his older peers.

"Ohhh," he said as his hand touched her bare back and flinched.

"It's okay Doggie. I won't melt or break."

His hand returned and pressed against the middle of her bare back. He pulled her closer to him but not close enough to cause undue attention. They moved effortlessly to the slow, romantic music. His hand moved softly against her sensitive back. Her high heels made them nearly the same height and when her eyes looked into his, his were looking down at the exposed tops of her breasts.

"What are you looking at?" she asked.

"Uh, oh, I'm sorry. I was just a little distracted. May I ask you something personal Mom?"

"Sure, honey, anything." She was almost afraid of his question. Was he having regrets or feeling guilty?

"What kind of bra can you wear under that and not have any straps show?"

Katherine was relieved and amused at his curiosity. "None," she replied.

"Oh, okay, I just wondered." Doggie's young cock began to grow at the thought of those beautiful, bare breasts beneath her gown.

"Now can I ask you something personal," she asked?


"Have you thought about me during the last three weeks?

"Yes, I guess so, a little."


For a brief moment Katherine forgot about the people around them and pressed her body against his. She pressed her firm breasts against his chest and quickly moved her hips forwards and rubbed her pubic mound against his stiff, young cock.

Doogie's right hand started to move down her smooth back but reality set in and he stopped. "God , how he wanted to slide his hand down inside her dress and feel the beautiful, firm buttocks."

As the music ended, Doogie held her back firmly and bent her back in a deep dip. His leg slipped between hers and rubbed against her moistening pussy.

"Get the limo Doogie. It's time to go home."

Doogie went to the lobby, found the driver and asked him to bring the car to the front door.

Katherine said good bye to several of her friends, picked up her purse and met Doogie in the lobby. She put her arm through his and said, "Take me home darling."

Doogie's heart raced. He helped her through the revolving door, opened the limo door for her and helped her slip inside as he watched her thigh, exposed nearly to her hip from the slit in her dress. He climbed in behind her and took the seat facing her.

The limo was stocked with a bottle of champagne and glasses. "Open the bottle Doogie," Katherine said, "And pour us a glass.

Doogie complied and this time Katherine proposed a toast. Raising her glass, she said. "To graduate school."

"Yes, yes," Doogie said, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste."

They laughed together, emptied their glasses and Doogie poured them another.

Katherine pushed the switch on the armrest, raising the tinted glass screen between the driver and them. She crossed her legs, causing the slit in her dress to part and ride up her thigh. "Do you really like my dress Doogie?"

"I love it. You really look great in it." His eyes moved up and down her body, stopping on her breasts.

"Come over here and sit by me," she said.

Doogie sat beside her and she laid her head on his shoulder and placed her hand on top of his thigh. "Do you want to kiss me Doogie?"

"Yes," he barely uttered, "Very much." He turned his face to hers and their lips touched ever so lightly. His hand moved up and down along the inside of her bare arm. Her tongue teased his lips then slid inside his mouth to find his tongue.

He kissed her back deeply and she moaned against his mouth.

They felt the limo come to a stop. "We're home Mom," he said disappointedly, afraid that the evening may be over. The driver opened their door and looked briefly at Katherine's shapely leg . Doogie got out and helped his mother out. He thanked the driver and followed Katherine to the front door. Her hips and buttocks moving sexily beneath the tight white gown. "Great ass," he thought.

Katherine held the door open for Doogie and closed it behind him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Their tongues searched each other's mouth as their bodies pressed tightly together. Doogie's hand moved down her bare back and over the firm mound of her buttocks and pulled her tightly against him. She felt his hard cock against her tummy.

"Come on Doogie," she said. "Let's go upstairs." She led him by the hand up the long flight of stairs. They came to the landing half way up where the stairs turned and she stopped and kissed him again. She slumped down and sat on the step just above the landing, pulling him with her. They sat side by side on the steps, mouths locked, arms around each other.

Her finger unbuttoned his jacket and helped him slip it off. She removed his bow tie and the top three studs from his stiffly starched white shirt. Her hand slipped inside and her fingers teased his tiny stiff nipples as her tongue shot deep inside his mouth. They lay back on the steps, facing each other, mouths still locked. She removed the rest of his shirt studs and cummerbund and pulled the shirt tail out of his trousers. He slipped out of the shirt and lay back on the steps.

"Oh Mom," he moaned, when he felt her lips surround his erect nipple and her tongue flick at it. She sucked first one then the other then returned to his lips.

"Come on darling," she said. She pulled him up and led him the rest of the way up stairs. When they arrived at the door to her bedroom Doogie hesitated. "It's okay honey, come on in. Class is in session."

She turned her back to him and pressed her hips against him grinding her firm buttocks against his throbbing cock. His arms wrapped around her and she took his hands in hers and placed them on the underside of each breast. He cradled them in his hands and felt the stiff nubs of her nipples through the gown.

"Kiss my neck sweetie," she moaned softly. I love that."

His lips traveled down her neck and her hands slid the shoulder straps of her gown down over her arms. She helped him grip the top of her bodice and together they pulled it down.

Doogie looked down and gasped at the beautiful, firm, breasts with their bright pink, cone shaped, nipples. His hands cupped them and his finger gently squeezed the turgid tips.

"Take my dress off Doogie."

He pulled and tugged until the snug fitting gown lay in a puddle at her feet, leaving her clad only in sheer, beige pantyhose and bikini panties.

She stepped out of the gown and with her own hands began to peel the pantyhose down off her long legs. She stood up wearing only a lustful look and a pair of white, silk, panties with lace highlights.

She turned to face him. "Now it's your turn." She unbutton his pants and helped him step out of them and slipped off his black socks. "Very chic," she said as she admired his paisley, silk boxers with the big bulge in the front.

She guided him to the bed and said, "Lay down honey, it's time for school."

Doogie lay back on the luxurious satin bed spread and placed his hands behind his head. Katherine sat next to him, breathing deeply.

"Now, don't move," she ordered, "Until I tell you." Her mouth covered his in a deep, wet kiss and her fingers danced over his nipples. She teased, tweaked, and pinched them. Her mouth slid down his chin, along his neck and encircled a stiff nipple. She sucked at it hungrily then moved to the other one.

Doogie didn't move. His hands still locked behind his head. Katherine straddled his waist and bent forward placing her beautiful, conical breasts in his face. "Kiss them Doogie. I want to feel your tongue on my nipples. Now suck them. Oh yesss, a little harder. That's right, suck my nipples honey, deeper, deeper." Doogie took the engorged nipples as deeply inside his mouth as he could. His hips rose up from the bed, trying to press his stiff cock against her hips but she stayed just out of his reach.

Katherine crawled off his body and knelt beside him, her fingers on the waist band of his boxers. "What's in here," she asked? She slowly pulled them down his hips, over his legs and off. "Ohhh my God, Doogie it's beautiful." Her right hand reached for him and wrapped around the throbbing shaft of his huge cock. The giant head extended up past his navel. A tiny patch of light brown pubic hair lay at the base of the thick member.

Katherine bent forward and placed the tip of her tongue against the base of the long, thick, shaft. She slowly traced her wet tongue up the length of it stopping just short of the sensitive head then back down to the base. She teased his tight balls then licked her way back up the shaft. She wrapped her hand around it and pointed the long, thick cock into the air and stroked it slowly up and down, reveling in the feel of the throbbing shaft in her small hand. A large drop of clear, slick, lubricant formed on the huge head. She bent forwards and placed the tip of her tongue against it. Her mouth opened wide and the pink head slipped inside.

"Ohhhhh Mom, That feels soooo goood." His hips rose up as she took more of his aching cock inside her hungry mouth. She sucked gently on the warm, hardness as her hand slowly pumped up and down the long shaft. She loved the feel of the smooth, throbbing cock inside her mouth and within her hand. She took a little more inside her mouth and kept stroking. His hips rocked up and down and she knew he was close to coming. She stopped.

"Noooo, Mom, don't stop. I've never felt anything like that."

"Just relax a little darling. I'm not done with you."

As soon as his near orgasm subsided, Katherine again took his hard cock in her hands and fed as much as she could inside her hot mouth. She felt the giant head against the back of her throat and wished dearly she could relax her throat muscles and take the entire cock inside her mouth. Instead she had to be content with half of it in her mouth and the other half wrapped in her hand. She stroked it faster now, again bringing him so close to orgasm. She felt him twitch in her mouth and hand and barely stopped in time.

"Noooooo," he cried."

"Don't worry darling. I'll take care of it in due time." She kissed him on the mouth and lay down next to him. "Take my panties off honey." She guided his hands to her waist and raised her flaring hips to allow him to pull them down her legs and off revealing the narrow strip of downy, blonde hair on top of her sharp mound.

She pulled him to her and kissed him then guided his mouth down her neck to her breasts. He sucked her turgid nipples until they ached. She guided him lower until she felt his tongue slip inside her navel and his hands move down her shapely legs. She slowly parted her thighs and he knelt between them. The petals of her swollen, pink pussy lay before him. He lowered his head and kissed her inner thighs working his way upward as her hands entwined in his hair to guide him.

Katherine had never felt so wet and ready. Her pussy was swollen and ached with desire. She wanted him so badly. She desperately needed something inside her seething cunt. She hesitated then opened her legs wider and moaned, "Kiss me there darling. I want to feel your tongue on me."

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