Door Prizes


Darla at first was aghast. She wants my dad to fuck her? Ewww . . . But on second thought she remembered all the times he had come in from his morning run, sweat-soaked and sinewy. Heat began to spread from the base of her torso. He was definitely all man, no boyishness whatever, and that made him completely different from her hook-ups from school. She licked her lips furtively just as a warm hand ran down her back and gently patted her backside. She gasped and blushed even more as she looked up at Frank Leupold. The brunette cocked her head sideways, batted her eyes and raised enquiring eyebrows.

Lisa's father wiggled his roguishly in return and the pat became a squeeze and then a fondle. He pulled her in close and ran his hand around her hip, up her round belly to her breast. He tickled her nipple making it stand up stiff. Darla shuddered.

"Oh, you like that. Well, sweetheart, it's as Mike said. I'll have to wait until the next party but then I'll give you all the attention you can stand."

The rest of the guests began to arrive, the men in tuxedos; the women in a wide variety of outrageously revealing cocktail dresses. They greeted each other with passionate embraces and the three 'door prizes' with lecherous smiles and impertinent hands. Lisa expected at any moment to have one of the gentlemen undo his trousers and demand fellatio since she was ideally positioned for it but none did. Instead they ran their hands all over her body, paying especial attention to her breasts and bottom but also cradling her face and kissing it nearly constantly.

Darla received much the same but about halfway through the opening hour Harry Felder lifted her onto his lap and began serious foreplay. After kisses and caresses had her panting and ready, he slipped his fingers between her thighs and into her sex. Stroking her G-spot with his forefinger and vibrating his thumb on her clit, he quickly had her whimpering and crying out, louder and louder until she threw her head back and yelled, "Oh gawd, oh gawd!"

As she came down, crooning, the rest of the room politely applauded. Returning to her place by the hearth, breathing deeply, Darla looked at her mother. The older woman was leaning back against a tall, Nordic demigod whose immense hands were under her skirts. She winked back at her daughter and then closed her eyes in anticipation as the big man slowly pulled the zipper on the back of the dress. She knew the chances of her making good on her earlier promise were vanishingly small and decreasing by the minute.

Monty had been running through several variations of the shy-smile--to-big-grin as the women rubbed themselves against his chest, back and shoulders patted and squeezed his buttocks and palmed his 'package'. The last appreciated the attention and was in a constant state of near readiness when the tallest woman in the group pulled a chair up next to the fireplace, sat down on it and pulled the youth onto her lap.

"Oh! H—hello, Ms. Mestersmed."

"Call me Elsa, darling," she murmured as she nibbled his ear and ran her nails lightly down his chest, "you don't have to be formal with someone you're going to fuck. Of course, it might not be tonight but sooner or later we will be in each other's arms and then I have some wonderful games we can play."

Monty swallowed deeply. King Dong! Oh shit, I'll bet that what she's talking about. What is this thing all the women seem to have about my butt? Couldn't we just fuck normally?

"Um—yes, m'am, I mean Elsa."

Elsa almost purred, "So, you act like you've heard about my favorite toy. Relax, Sweetie, I'll make sure you're up to it. None of my other lovers has ever refused to play with me a second time—or a third, for that matter." Her hand trailed down his slim belly and pushed his thighs apart. She bounced his balls gently in her palm. "Yes, I can see having hours of fun with you over the coming months. It won't be too long before you start coming over to my house after school to play—or should I say get played with." She grabbed him by the ears and pulled his face to hers. Reflexively, he opened his mouth and Elsa drove her tongue deep inside, penetrating him and putting him on the defensive. When she finally kept up for air her face was a mask of mischief. "You're going to be my toyboy for a while, Monty. Doesn't that sound like fun?"


The tall woman laughed. "Only for a little while, dear. You may be eighteen but you're still growing and when you reach your full height and weight we'll switch places. Then I'll be your plaything instead. But I do hope I draw you tonight so we can get started."

As the evening wore on, champagne flowed, the PL-6983 kept working, and the 'door prizes' were increasingly flushed and aroused. All the stroking and fondling overrode any reluctance and the deep parts of their brains took control. They kept looking at the two shrouded bowls that held the men's and women's names and squirming with desire. Wasn't it time to draw them out? Time to get their itches scratched?

At last Molly Leupold tapped the edge of her champagne flute, making it ring and getting the party's attention. "Lovers, now that everyone has gotten very well acquainted with our darlings' potential, it's time to put them to the test. Darla will entertain in the master bedroom, Lisa in her old room and Monty will be making the ladies happy in his and Lisa's new room, the one that used to be the guestroom. The rest of us will, as usual, disport ourselves wherever we choose. So if you will all get your clothing back in order? Very good. Darla, go stick your hand in the bronze bowl and pull out the lucky man's name. He will take you upstairs and use you most deliciously. When he's done you will have a few minutes to catch your breath before the next gentleman arrives to plunder you properly. If you still have any energy left after the first four, you may come downstairs and join the festivities though I rather think you will be more likely to fall deeply asleep. Do it now."

Trembling, Darla put her hand under the velvet cover and reached deeply into the bowl. It was full of ping-pong balls. She fumbled around for a few seconds and then, taking a deep breath, pulled one out. She looked at the name printed on the side. "Nils Mestersmed?"

Elsa stepped back from straightening her husband's tie with a smile. "Well, one of us is in luck tonight, dear. Work her over properly, now. We have reputations to uphold."

Two full meters of blond Viking beamed down in satisfaction at his new little prize. Darla was torn between a desire to run and a desire to lie down and spread her legs right there in front of everyone. The bulge in the tall man's trousers was very prominent. Hesitantly, she raised her arms for a kiss but instead he grasped her hips in his immense hands and with practiced ease tossed her up in the air and over his shoulder. Her cry of surprise was instantly followed by a squeal as he slapped her soundly on each buttock and rushed up the staircase.

Myra's smile was almost reptilian as she turned to her husband. "Well, I think we can discard any possibility of taking her home early."

Mike leered in return. "True, but there is now a possibility that Nils and Elsa may do so afterwards."

Myra's expression turned pensive. "Four men in a row and then the weekend at the Mestersmed's? It could spoil her for men her own age, you know."

"And that's supposed to be a bad thing?"

"No, I guess it isn't. If nothing else she can always try out for a position as mistress to some jaded millionaire."

Now Molly took the silver bowl and held it out. "Montgomery?" she raised her eyebrows questioningly. Monty took a deep breath, straightened his back and reached in. The ball read, "Tammy-Lynn Hunt?"

"My," a honeyed alto responded, "I'm just havin' all kinds of good luck today." The slim, coffee-skinned woman slipped her arm through Monty's. "Why don't you just show little ol' me this new bedroom you and Lisa moved into? I'm sure I'll find it properly equipped."

Monty stared down the woman's remarkable décolletage, swallowed nervously and led her to the stairs and up to his new bedroom.

Molly carried the bronze bowl over to where her tethered daughter was still kneeling. She looked down appraisingly and then reached into the bowl herself, rather than free Lisa. She pulled out the ball, held it up to the light and with a crooked smile announced, "Harry Felder."

The gentleman in question sported a shaved head and a generous walrus mustache. He helped Lisa to her feet and when Molly handed it to him, snapped a leash to her collar. "I know where your old bedroom is, Lisa, so why doesn't my new little pet just walk at heel up the stairs with me and we'll go there." He turned to her mother. "Since she has this new interest in bondage, can I presume the bed is properly equipped?"

"Oh, indeed!" Molly replied. "Cuffs, straps, some bolsters—and of course all the necessaries for the night are on her nightstand."

"Well," Harry turned back to Lisa, "that sounds quite exciting. Are you excited, dear?"

Lisa shivered. "Yes, and getting even more so. Let's go, Mr. Felder, I'm so hot and wet I can hardly stand it. Tie me down and fuck me senseless!"

The party chuckled appreciatively. At least one of their new members had the right attitude. The other two were still a little hesitant but that would change, they knew, long before the evening wore out. By morning the three would all be cheerful vessels for the desires of their elders. Better living through chemistry, indeed.

An hour and an half later Darla lay languidly on the bed. Nils had, as promised, rung her chimes 'til she jangled like an alarm clock. Sweeping into the master bedroom, he'd laid her out on the downturned sheets and then eyed her proprietarily as he undressed. Darla had watched the Chippendale men on the 'net and thought she understood male strippers but watching a dignified, mature man doff and hang his jacket, untie his bow tie and then slowly unfasten his cufflinks and shirt studs was far different and erotic in a completely new way.

When at last he lay next to her and took her in his arms he began with a kiss that curled her toes and almost sent her over the edge. The kiss had been long, probing, sucking and hotter than any she'd ever had. When he finally broke off, leaving her panting, he'd run his tongue around the shell of her ear, trailed it down her neck and across her collarbones. Bit by bit he'd worked his way down her body, kissing, nipping and licking in some surprising and surprisingly erotic places.

By the time he reached her smooth, swollen pussy Darla was almost shaking with need. She spread her thighs as wide as she could and curled her back, reaching for his mouth with her mons. Nils grinned. He put a giant hand under each of her buttocks and lifted her pussy to his lips. Sticking out his tongue he ran it achingly slowly up from the perineum to her clit and the waggled it back and forth. That did it! Darla's pent up arousal broke and she threw her head back and wailed in the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had. As she the spasms wracked her body, Nils took the swollen clitoris between his lips and sucked stretching Darla's climax out until she begged him to stop.

The big man sat back on his heels. "And now it's your turn, dear girl. Just how good is your head?"

Weak and trembling, Darla crawled up and took his semi-soft member into her mouth. She sucked hard and bobbed her head. As it firmed between her lips, she began flicking her own tongue across the frenulum under the glans of his cock. He moaned with appreciation. She paused to lick the palm of her right hand and then returned to her work, stroking his shaft in time with her head bobs. She felt his hands clutch her hair and pull her deeper onto him. He's gonna cum in my mouth. I never let any guy do that before but I can feel he won't let me go. Oh gawd, I hope it isn't as yucky as it looks.

But to her surprise, when he jerked under her nothing came out and he stayed just as hard as before. Lifting her head off his cock he pushed her back down on her back and then slid up between her thighs. She wrapped her legs around him just as he thrust his hard manhood into her welcoming channel. He looked over at the clock beside the bed. "Hmm, still a little time before the next man comes to cum. You are delicious, young lady. I expect to enjoy you often in the coming months and years. But now, you are mine." Speeding up, his pelvis slapping against her crotch, he drove into her faster and faster until with a groan he shot a load into her.

Rolling off, he kissed her tenderly and stood up. "Usually I don't ejaculate in the first lover of the evening but you are so very hard to resist. Now go clean up and straighten the bed. You have about five minutes until the next man comes to conquer."

The next man had, indeed. It wasn't until two days later that Darla remembered her mother's promise that she'd take the girl home if the first man wasn't the best she'd ever had. Darla had snickered at the memory. Nils was the best she'd ever had, and then Lionel Hunt had fucked her even limper and then told her to roll over.

"Now spread those pretty thighs wide, girl, and lift that gorgeous butt. Good!" He scooted up behind her and then ran his finger slowly from pussy to anus, coating her with her own juices. Around and around he pucker he massaged her, making the girl hum and whimper happily as he worked. He pushed first one and then two fingers inside her, spreading them apart and stretching her anal sphincters. She moaned louder.

"I'm glad you like that, Darla, because now I'm going to have you in a whole new way. Young lady, you are going to be sodomized." Lionel leaned forward and Darla felt the blunt end of his solid cock against her pucker. Her eyes widened as he pushed and spread her until suddenly he was in side. She squealed softly and thought about telling him to take it out. But it didn't feel that bad and soon the burning faded and Mr. Hunt started thrusting a little at a time until he was in to the hilt. Slowly at first and then faster he withdrew and pushed back in.

"It—it feels good, Mr. Hunt. Really—really full."

"Good. More experienced ladies will tell you that being shared by two men at once is even better. One cock in front and one behind makes you amazingly full."

He kept pounding and she kept moaning until they came together and the man kissed her on the cheek and left.

By the time the third and fourth men came to use her, Darla was barely coherent. The Slightest TouchTM had done its work well and the PL-6983 had turned the girl into a languid, placidly compliant vessel for the lusts of others. The last gentleman had lifted her gently off the bed and put her down in a different one to sleep the rest of the night through.

Lisa's experience had been even more intense. Harry had cuffed her elbows and strapped them tight forcing her chest out and her breasts up. He'd pinioned her wrists in front below the nippled globes and then laid her down on her back. Pulling another pair of cuffs from the nightstand along with a strap and a neck pad, he cuffed her ankles, put the strap and pad around her neck and pulled her legs up high against her chest.

"Shall I blindfold you, as well? I'm not going to gag you this time, Lisa, you may need to use a safe word. You know about them? 'Yellow' means you're uncomfortable with what's happening and 'red' means 'stop at once and let me free'? After you've become more used to being bound and ravished we'll add the gag but not tonight. The blindfold, though, I think will be good." And with that he'd covered her eyes with a thick, velvet band. She felt something cool splotch on the inside of her legs, next to the ankle and them something squish down onto the coolness followed by an electric tingle. Suddenly her pussy went from warm and ready to a fiery need

Helpless, constricted, blind and horny, Lisa lay in darkness waiting for something, anything to happen. She heard the susurration of fine worsted wool being removed and hung up. She heard the tap of shoes being taken off and put aside, neatly. When all was quiet again, the bed bounced under her as Harry climbed in with her and she felt the warmth of the insides of his thighs against the sides of her ass. Helpless, constricted, blind, horny and as open as any woman can be she felt the velvety head of his glans stroke her puffy, pink labia. The sensation was delicious, so delicious she moaned and shuddered.

"We're going to enjoy this immensely, Lisa. I'm going to introduce you to levels of orgasm you've never dreamed of. At the Solstice party I had your mother while I watched Monty fuck you screaming. It was wonderful. And I'm sure he enjoyed having her afterwards while you slept on the couch. Molly tells me you find anal sex weird and not terribly sexy. You just wait, girl. After I've sent you to the moon, I'm going to pull out, grease you up and assfuck you blue. And I'm going to do it until you cum around me. And you will. Just wait, darling, you will."

She had. Harry stroked her swollen labia with his cock, driving her mad and hardening himself. Finally he slowly ran it up her cleft and touched her clit. Her orgasm was volcanic. As she spasmed and wailed, he drove his manhood into her and let her pleasure him with her shaking and near epileptic convulsions. When the fit finally passed, he began to thrust sending her back into climax and holding her there longer than she would ever have thought possible.

Time lost all meaning. Eventually Lisa realized that Harry had withdrawn and that there was a warm, slipper blunt helmet pressing against her anus. Before she could push out as she'd been taught, he slipped inside so relaxed was she. Oh, it felt good. Much better than the first time Monty had buggered her, very good, indeed. So good, in fact, that she took up where she'd left off in the rolling orgasm and stayed there until he was finished.

Mr. Felder undid her bounds and took off the Slightest TouchTM and set it aside. He helped her up and into the bathroom where she cleaned up before coming back to bed. When her next man appeared she asked, "Are you going to tie me up, too?"

"No, Lisa," Tom Ferguson replied, "you're going to have enough muscles aches tomorrow as it is. Bondage is something that takes practice, just like other kinds of sex. No, I'll just make sweet love to you and so will Ian McDonald. He drew you after I did. Your last lover, though, I think you'll find surprising."

After three men and nearly an hour and a half of induced orgasms, Lisa was almost asleep when a figure appeared in the door. The redhead sat up in surprise. "Ms. Nguyen?"

"Hello, sweetie," the very petite woman smiled at Lisa. "Victor was supposed to be your last lover but I bargained with him a little. Gwen tells me you are starting to learn about girly sex so I thought I'd help with the lessons. Get up on all fours. That's a good little sub."

Lisa was a little confused but she complied and when Anna Nguyen pulled the pillow under the girl's head, she shrugged slightly and snuggled down onto it. "Now," the older woman began, "let's see just how relaxed you really are. I'll bet those wonderful men have you limp as a wet noodle."

Lisa watched in surprise as Ms. Nguyen snapped a blue nitrile surgical glove over her right hand and then squirted gel over her fingers. She ran the tips around Lisa's engorged labia for a minute or so and then gently pushed two fingers inside.

"Just as I thought. Very relaxed. Oh, this is going to be easy."

Three fingers followed the two, sliding in and out and spreading Lisa's opening wider. The hand withdrew and more lubricant spread around the fingers and up over the knuckles. Lisa's eyes popped open.

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