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Door to Door


The sun was starting to drop as the two young black men wandered down your street. They had been going through the neighborhood all day selling their wares without much luck. Yours was the last house on the block and they really hoped to make a sale here so the day wouldn't be a complete bust. The taller one knocked lightly on the door while his partner studied the house. They had seen your wife out in the yard earlier as they worked the other side of the street. They had commented to one another how hot she looked in the short-shorts and tank top she was wearing to work in the yard. The shorts, causing them look even longer, accentuated her long legs. She bent over to pull weeds giving them an excellent view of her tight ass.

The door burst open bringing them out of their thoughts. "Yes," your wife said to the 2 men staring at her.

"Uh, uh, uh we were just; uh in the neighborhood, um, uh selling and we want to uh, offer you..." The shorter one trailed off. He couldn't keep his concentration at all. Your wife had answered the door in her short robe as she had just gotten out of the shower and wasn't expecting company.

The taller one stepped up. "Ma'am, my name is Tom and this is my partner George," he said in a southern drawl. Tina couldn't help but notice how his eyes roamed over her as he spoke. Felling a bit mischievous she invited them in.

Once inside George lost his nervousness. "Ma'am we would like to demonstrate for you our latest product. It is unlike anything you have ever had before."

"Really? I am VERY interested," Tina purred as she sat down on the couch. Looking up at Tom she thought she noticed a bulge in his slacks as she crossed her legs. The robe being shorter than it should have been rode up on her thigh exposing a generous amount of leg. She didn't bother to pull it down.

As George was getting ready to go through his usual presentation Tom stopped him saying, "George, this lady isn't interested in what you have in that bag there, are you ma'am?" Looking directly into Tina's eyes, Tom stepped closer to the edge of the couch where she was seated.

"Whatever do you mean?" Tina feigned confusion. "I thought you wanted to show me your latest products."

"Oh we do but I have something here that I think you'll enjoy better than what George is referring to," Tom said as he reached for his belt.

"TOM!! What are you doing?" George shouted.

"Relax George. This little white bitch only invited us in here for one thing. And I for one don't want to disappoint her." With that Tom reached in and pulled out an enormous black cock.

George set down his display materials and sat in the chair. He wanted to see where this was going before he got too involved.

Tina started to get off the couch saying, "Just WHAT do you think...??"

Before she could finish Tom took his hard cock in his hand and grabbed the back of her head in the other. "You and I both know what you want bitch so come here and get it." Tom forced his growing cock towards your wife's pretty mouth.

Tina's first thought was to resist. You should be home soon and how would it look for you to walk in and find her with a huge black cock in her mouth. But then the other side of her wanted to feel it. Watch the contrast as this black cock slid into her milky white face. She didn't really have any choice in the matter, as Tom was much bigger than her and if he wanted her to suck his cock it was going to happen regardless of Tina's preference.

"Come on be a good little bitch and open up," Tom was saying almost sweetly. Over in the chair George had started rubbing his cock through his slacks. He could not believe his partner was about to shove his cock down this white woman's throat. It should be a good show.

Tina opened her mouth slightly letting her tongue sneak out. She still wasn't sure about this and was trying to think of a way out. Her tongue slid across the head of the enormous black cock in front of her. Her nostrils filled with the musky order from the man's balls. She could feel his hand on the back of her head. She was intoxicated. She decided she would let them have WHATEVER they wanted. Her tongue took on a mind of its own as she let her imagination loose. She licked up and down the length while her fingers reached out to cup his balls.

"OH YEAH!! That's a good bitch. Suck my cock. Damn George but she's doing a good job over here." Tom looked over to see George had taken his cock out and was stroking it up and down, slowly but forcefully. Tina was too absorbed in the blowjob to give George much thought.

Tom reached down with his free hand and opened the robe Tina was wearing. Her full tits fell out into plain view. He scooped one up and began to tweak the nipple. Tina moaned around her mouthful of cock. At seeing this George couldn't resist any longer. He came over and sat next to Tina on the couch. While still stroking with one hand the other took a tit to his mouth. He sucked the nipple between his lips causing Tina to squirm in her seat.

"Damn Tom!! You were right the bitch IS hot for it," he squealed. George let go of his throbbing cock and slid his hand between Tina's thighs. They opened on instinct allowing his big black hands to slide between her creamy thighs. He didn't stop until he hand his finger buried to the hilt in her sopping wet pussy. "She is ALL wet down here bud. We need to take care of THIS lady."

Tina moaned letting her legs flop wide open for George's probing fingers. She took the cock in her mouth deeper and deeper. Her hips started to buck against George's talented fingers. She could feel the pleasure boiling in her loins. She couldn't believe she was going to cream all over for these big black bucks.

George pulled his fingers from the dripping cunt and brought them to his lips. "MMMM!! This bitch is SAAWEET!!" George announced. "I got to get more of this juice." Before Tina could even begin to comprehend what he meant, George was on his knees between her thighs licking her sweet center.

Tina pulled her head from the cock she was engulfing to scream, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Oh God yes! Eat my pussy!! Make me cum!!" George couldn't believe his ears. The bitch was begging him for it. In the mean time Tom stepped back and removed his pants. He watched George munching her muff while he stroked his hard shaft. He couldn't wait to sink it in that nice white pussy.

Everyone in the living room was so engrossed in their erotic abandon they didn't hear the door. When you came in you heard strange noises coming from the living room. Rather than announce yourself you crept in to see what was going on. You couldn't believe your eyes when you saw your wife on the couch surrounded by 2 half naked, well hung, black men. You were about to put a stop too it when she threw back her head and begged them to make her cum. Your cock sprang to full length. You thought you needed to rescue her but she was having the time of her life. You decided to step back and see where it would go from here.

When George finally came up for air, Tina fell back on the couch exhausted. "Don't give up so soon, bitch," Tom said as he stepped forward. He dropped to his knees in front of your wife's gaping cunt and slammed his cock in hard and fast without warning. Tina sat up bolt right from the surprise of it. There was more surprise to come because as Tom was sliding in, George was getting his cock ready. When Tina came forward he took advantage and shoved his cock in her face. She had no choice but to take it and perform once again.

"OH baby. She does give good head. Damn!! Suck it bitch." From your vantage point you could see the black cock penetrating your wife's expanding pussy lips and the other one sliding down her throat. Much more of this and you would cream your jeans right there. About this time you moaned out loud.

"What the fu..??" Tom turned to look in your direction. He wasn't sure what to say until he saw how hard your cock was. "Man, you need some relief. Come over and help us fuck this horny little slut of yours."

You couldn't believe he had actually given you permission to fuck your own wife. It didn't really matter anyway. You just needed to get your cock wet and she was in no position to say a word.

George stepped back as you approached, stepping out of your jeans as you did. It was only a matter of seconds before you replaced his hard cock with yours. Tom slamming in and out of Tina's pussy set an incredible rhythm for your cock sliding in and out of her mouth. George was standing, dick in hand, watching the action from the sidelines. A thought popped into your head but Tom was the one who voiced it. "This bitch has 3 holes and there are 3 of us. Let's fill her up boys." Having said that Tom slid unceremoniously out of the dripping cunt and fell down onto the couch beside Tina. He pulled her off your dick and brought her over to sit on his lap facing him. His cock found its way deep into her pussy once again without any help.

The position they were in had Tina's ass winking at you. It had been ages since she left you fuck her tight back door and toady seemed like the perfect opportunity. Stepping in behind her you covered your cock in saliva and put it at the entrance to her ass. Before she could protest George shoved his cock deep in her throat. You took advantage of her silence by sliding forward. Much to your surprise, your cock slid easily into her open ass.

The three of you soon set up a rhythm that had Tina rocking every which way. Tom's monster cock was pumping in and out of her aching cunt while you drove into her ass on his out stroke. George was in a world all of his own as he fucked your pretty wife's face.

The moans echoed off the walls as you and these two strange black men hammered away at your wife. Tom was spouting of all sorts of obscenities, calling your wife a bitch and a nasty slut. Just as he was screaming about how tight her nice white cunt was you exploded deep in her ass. This set off a chain reaction with George filling her throat with his cum as Tom shot off in her convulsing cunt.

Everyone settled back on the couch to catch their breath. Before anyone else could say a word you spoke up with, "So you boys in town for long?" The tension was eased as everyone laughed out loud. It could be an interesting summer...

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