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As a self employed businessman I have the luxury of sleeping in from time to time and making my own schedule. I like to hang out in the morning and watch the news, surf the net, etc. Of course most mornings turn in to a quick porn site for some pictures and stories. The day in question is one of those days with a twist.

I am a happily married single man with a gorgeous wife (5'3" 125 Blonde and very sexy!) that tolerates my sex drive and desire for extra curricular activities. While she has played in threesome & foursomes before and enjoyed each it each time, she isn't in to it as much as I am. The only rule I share with my wife is that neither of us will ever pursue a relationship of any kind (other that friends) but we are free to act on any spontaneous situation that may occur. It is my belief that life is short and marriage is a way to share a life together and be icing on the cake. Marriage should not restrict your sexuality but enhance it. I can honestly say that while I enjoyed a lot of good sex before marriage, I have enjoyed even better sex afterwards. Both with my wife and with the occasional extras we me have.

This particular story is about one of those unforeseen unplanned things that doesn't even sound believable, but it is. Here is what happened.:

I was sleeping in late after my wife left for work and had just woke with a raging hard on that needed relief. I pulled out a good magazine read a little story, saw a few hot pictures, and otherwise had a good fantasy. I then got up jumped in the shower and got ready for a normal day at my home office.

I was just getting out of the shower when my three dogs started going crazy at the front door. I hurried up and threw on a towel and ran to the front door. I looked threw the peephole and expected to see the occasional door to door sales person. What I saw was a gorgeous little lady with short cut offs and a tight fitting tanktop. We have a no soliciting sign on our door so I asked what she wanted and she said was selling magazine subscriptions. This is where I made my error in judgment that would cost me later.

Being a good looking young lady and me being fresh from the shower and a morning orgasm, I told her to wait a second while I threw something on. I quickly returned to the front door with only my boxers and a smile. I put the dogs out back and invited her in. If I thought she looked hot through the peephole, I was blown away as she walked in and made her self at home. This was a take charge kind of person if ever I saw one. She rushed in to our foyer which is where my office is located and quickly grabbed a seat and told me she was hear to make me an offer I couldn't refuse. She sat in my chair crossed her legs and told me that she sold 50% discounts to all major magazines. I told her that I was a publisher of a magazine myself and I already subscribed to everything under the sun pertaining to my line of work. But since she was making this interesting and telling me certain publications were actually 66% off, I asked if she had any diving magazines. She quickly pulled out her list and showed me what she had. I saw one I didn't have and told her I would take a one year subscription. I started writing the check and she started the flirting.

Are you sure you only want one? Can't I interest you in anything else? Surely there is something I have that would interest you? She was now doing the hair flips, head tilts, and otherwise flirting gimmicks. And yes, they were working. There I sat in my boxers still having slightly wet hair from the shower starting to get a hardon realizing the situation I was in. This cute little young thing was coming on to me. I asked her what else she thought I might like and she told me, well I don't know, anything at all! Then she said that she really didn't want to be selling magazines, she was only doing it for extra money during the summer before college started. She said she was drifting with a traveling group and would love to settle down to office work if I had anything for her. She said all she wanted was a bedroom and spending money and she would do anything I wanted.

After hearing this and having a fully erect cock jetting out in front of me, I told her to follow me to our spare bedroom. I showed her the room and told her I couldn't guarantee anything but if my wife agreed, this is where she would stay. She said it would be perfect and jumped on the bed and quickly stretched out saying she wanted a nap now to test it out. I told her she was more than welcomed to take a nap because I had some work to do. She said she wanted to help me if she could because she wanted to show me how good she was so I would want her to stay. So she suggested that she show me her computer skills and then she would take a nap.

She quickly showed me her proficiency in all the basic applications and explained how charming she could be for sales or conventions. She was right, here I was considering her for something I would have never done if she wasn't so cute and personable. At 18 years old (I was 25 at the time), 5'7', 130 Lbs., with straight brown hair, and a tanned hard body, this woman was a head turner. Personable and flirtatious to boot.

She quickly turned around from the computer and faced my crotch to tell me that she thought she would like working for me. She said she would do anything to get the job, anything at all. She then turned back around and started typing a letter. She was typing questions very quickly saying see how well I type?

This is what she was typing:

Dear Mr. X, do you find me attractive and do you think I could help your business grow?

Do you like my shorts how they hug my butt?

Would you rub my shoulders while I type so I can continue?

That feels good. Doesn't my body feel good to you? I work out a lot and like to run every day. You should feel my legs.

I was getting extremely hard knowing were this was going. She then spun back around and pushed me back slightly and held up her legs and told me to feel her legs. She wanted me to feel how muscular they were and how smooth since she shaved this morning. I couldn't resist and started to feel her legs as she held them together and then slowly let me separate them to reveal her tight little crotch, barely concealed by her short cut offs. Then I saw a flash of pink and stared right in to her crotch. She looked down and blushed saying that these shorts had a rip but most people didn't notice because of where the rip was located.

While looking down at her crotch she said she liked wearing these shorts because they rubbed her in a very comfortable way. Then she reached down and touched herself through her panties and pressed her fingers against her pussy. She looked up at me and asked if she could go take that nap now because she was starting to feel very horny.

I led her down the hall and told her to make herself at home. Following her down the hall with a raging hardon was embarrassing because I was starting to leak precum and it was showing. When she sat on the bed and faced me she noticed my wet spot and asked if I was OK. She said it looked like I needed some help and asked if she could see what was the matter.

I walked over to her and stood before her. She grabbed my waistband and said that she would take a quick look and see if everything was OK. She gently grabbed my raging hardon and stroked it gently feeling its length and bending closely she put her mouth on my boxers and blew her hot breath on my cock. Then she looked up and said "I think I know what is wrong with this, can I take a closer look?" I told her to fix it because it was starting to hurt.

She eased my boxers down and let my cock slap her in the face as she pulled them down. Wow, this does look like it needs immediate attention she said. She quickly took all 7 inches in her moth and started moaning like a bitch in heat. This girl knew what she wanted and she was going to get it if she had to suck it out of me.

She lifted her head and asked if she was doing a good job. I told her it was outstanding. She said she told me she was good and that she was just getting started. From there she went back to sucking and stroking my cock. I was in heaven running my fingers through her hair and moaning that she did seem pretty good at what she did.

She said that she hadn't had any cock since last night and that it was only a pity fuck for one of the guys she was traveling with and that she needed some real meat now. She said her sex buddy from the night before had a 5 inch cock that she couldn't even hardly feel. I am 7 inches and thick so I was looking forward to stretching this young thing as much as possible.

She pushed herself back on the bed lifter legs straight up and told me to pull her shorts off. Once I got them down her legs she was left in her tanktop and neon pink g-string. She quickly pulled off her top revealing a perfect little pair of titties. I like firm tits and this little lady was just more than a mouth full. I jumped on top of her and immediately went to town on her nipples. Sucking and biting, switching back and forth from left to right. She was starting to moan loudly and asking me to taste her cunt. She said she had been dripping since she got to my house and needed some relief. I immediately worked my way down her very tight abs down to her neatly trimmed bush. She had a perfect little landing strip and I quickly dove in to her little honey pot after pulling her panties to one side. I must admit I haven't had a pussy like that in a long time. Sweat and tight like nothing you ever seen. I must have ate her for 15 minutes straight before she was demanding to be fucked. She was so wet I was sliding my tongue all over the place.

I sat up removed her panties and told her we would see if she could handle the load. She said she would try her best and grabbed for my cock trying to pull it in side her. I jabbed her with one long stroke and hit bottom. She screamed so loud I thought I had hurt her but she insisted it was all pleasure. I sat there for a moment and just felt her pussy clamp on my cock. Her pussy was actually having spasms trying to accept my size. I was loving this.

She smiled at me and said that she hoped my wife would like her because she wanted this job. She said she would eat my wife's pussy right now if she were here. My wife loves a god pussy eater and would probably like this one if I could break it to her in the right way.

I started a good slow rhythm and she started moaning with her eyes closed just feeling the pleasure. She started talking to me to get me going faster, saying that she wanted to eat my wife now while I fuck her. She wanted to please her so she could secure this job. She wanted to be a slave to my cock and her pussy. She was whimpering "please take me, take me!"

I quickly rolled her over and buried her head in a pillow as I started plowing in to her from behind. As soon as my first smack hit her ass and she cried out in pleasure, the door was flung open. There stood my beautiful naked wife.

"So this is what you do all day while I am at work."

"If you want to keep you house and kids I suggest you pull that cock out of her and let me have her for a while." She said

My wife is not the jealous type but this was an interesting game she was starting. She wasn't jealous so much as she was excited. She came home for some afternoon delight and saw me already having mine and she wanted hers. She got down on the bed and told the little slut to eat her pussy. She said "I heard you in here begging for my pussy so you could please me, now show me what you've got or I'll have my husband fuck your tight little ass"

My wife was on fire with something and she was ready for a good time. As our new little employee went to work on my wife, I plopped my cock in my wife's face and told her to taste our little slut. My wife quickly grabbed my meat and said she was starving for some cock. She said if this girl wants a job she's hired as long as she can keep her little pussy so sweat. They were both going crazy tasting each other. I was loving this and apparently so were they.

My wife told me she wouldn't last much longer and that she wanted to watch me fuck our little friend while she ate her. I quickly got behind her and started pounding her while she continued to eat my wife. I heard my wife say she was coming and she let out a scream that the neighbors must have heard. My wife quickly told our little slave to come up here and kiss her. As they embarrassed in a passionate kiss I leaned back and saw their beautiful pussies rubbing together. I went down and licked them both a few times before getting up and slamming my cock in to my wife's hot little box. Now I was alternating between hot pussies every minute or so and I was loving it. My wife told me to come in her so our little slave could clean her up. I quickly obeyed as this was way to exciting for me.

I blew my first load of the afternoon and collapsed next to the two entangled ladies. Watching them go at it like teenagers. I knew we had our first employee.

More stories to follow.

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