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He ran his fingers down the side of my night-dress until they tipped over the hem onto my thighs. I could feel his cock pressing against my back, trapped behind the fabric of his jeans, for now.

I told him straight. ‘No way you’ll make me move.’

‘Really?’ He said as his callused finger tips scratched the night-dress back up over my thighs. I was spread-eagled, hands against the doorframe for support and there was nothing I could do to stop him. There was nothing I could do if he wanted to brush me aside and get into the bedroom either. Nothing that was except encourage his hardon that was rubbing so enthusiastically against me. Allowing Dave to fuck me out here in the hall in such an undignified way, compared to him finding out what was in the bedroom, was definitely the lesser of two evils.

Dave has a mind that never overcomplicates things, one of the reasons I love him (not just for his money as I’ve heard people snide). But that does mean that he tends to take things at face value. The red bills, for example, that I’d stupidly laid out on the bed. If he saw those threats of court action he’d be awake all night waiting for thugs to be hammering on the door for payment. And the fact that I’d neglected to tell him about them, he’d take as betrayal. That was the worse sin of all to Dave. He’d never trust me with our money again.

Dave began to massage my buttocks, and when I still didn’t move, he muttered something to himself and knelt down. Next thing, his breath swept across my pussy.

‘Please don’t.’ I muttered as half-heartedly as I could.

‘Just stop me whenever you want baby.’ His tongue brushed my clit, sending shivers of anticipation between my legs. I couldn’t help it, despite my degrading position, that one delicate touch made me push my pussy back towards him, wanting more than just a tickle, but he drew back , knowing full well what he was doing to me. I pushed back further and again he drew away, keeping up the light brushes, with his tongue just millimetres from my clit. Bracing myself against the doorframe I gave one big push back towards his face, pushing until he could retreat no further, by which time I was almost horizontal. Exactly where he wanted me. I pushed my pussy hard into his face. ‘If you’re going to lick me, lick me. Don’t fuck about.’

To my relief, his tongue slid into me, parting my labia and sliding along my clit. He began to work his magic. Usually a couple of licks and Dave’s looking for his reward, but this time he stuck at it, curving his tongue around the sensitive anatomy of my pussy, then sliding it up to delve around my arsehole. No one had ever done anything like that to me before, not even Dave. He rolled his tongue into a point and pressed it past my sphincter, making me jump. ‘Dave, what the hell do you think you’re doing?’

He pulled out. ‘Darling, with you balanced against that door like that, I’m doing whatever the hell I please. What do you think?’ I groaned as he pushed back into me again. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. God, I was almost glad that he’d come back and surprised me. His slick tongue slipping around my sphincter was making my pussy drip, more it was making the nerves in my clit tremble with the promise of an orgasm.

Dave was supposed to have been on his way to London, giving me a chance to sort my mess of red bills out without him finding out. Any normal man with a normal job would give me the courtesy of staying out of the house for a predictable eight hour day. But not, Dave, his wheelings and dealings with his numerous dodgy mates, took him in and out of the house at all hours and with very little notice. The money he earned barely made up for the inconvenience.

Their van had broken down, giving him and his mates a couple of hours to kill. Of course by the time I heard his tree-trunk legs pounding up the stairs, I had all the bloody bills out on the bed, pen and paper ready to write out a plan of action. Luckily I’d made it to the bedroom door and closed it before he reached the landing. He’d realised something was up and tried to get in and of course his thick-set body should have had no problem in lifting me aside to do that.

Luckily for me I hadn’t given him "the goods" for a while. All I had to do was turn and make sure that each time he tried to push past me he got my ass pressing into his crotch. His attempts to get by quickly became, how shall I say, distracted.

Had I realised then that he’d want to take advantage of the situation, I would have tried something else.

He pulled his tongue out of my arse, making me cry out in protest, but he stood, unzipped his fly and slid his dream of a cock across my pussy lips. I realised that I wanted him to fuck me more than I had ever wanted him to before. Dave has the best cock of any man I’ve known, not that I’ve known many you understand. It’s round on the top, rather than flat, so that it catches your clit and drags it in and up against the top of your vagina with each thrust.

He kept sliding his cock over my pussy, then he slid it up over my arse and down again. It was only when he slid it up and stopped dead over my arsehole that I realised what he was planning to do.

‘Dave you bastard, not there.’

‘Then just stand up baby.’ I didn’t need to see his face to know that he was smiling. ‘Or we can go and have a little nice time in the bedroom, if you’d prefer.’

"Nice time" that was the reason he’d come home in the first place.

Ignoring the vibes shimmering through the skin around my sphincter as he rubbed his cock against it, I tried to wriggle out of the way. But his big hands tightened their control of my buttocks and there was no escape.

‘So,’ he said. ‘Still don’t want me to get past you?’

No one had ever taken my arse. Dave had gone on about it often enough, but his cock was so thick I’d never wanted to even try. I cursed those bloody letters on the bed that were holding me in this position. ‘What about if I blow you?’ He was always a sucker for that.

He laughed. ‘Sure baby. Just turn around and get onto your knees.’

I didn’t move. He had me and he knew it. My arms were beginning to ache and my left leg shook from supporting my body in such an awkward position. How could I have been suckered so easily into bending over like this and by Dave of all people.

I swallowed hard as he began to push. It was very different from when I’d first felt a cock push against my pussy lips. The boy who had taken that virginity at least had had the decency to wait until we were both ready. Of course he’d been disappointed when he found out that I’d broken my hymen myself the week before, especially as he’d gone to all the effort of booking a fancy hotel room, champagne, rose petals on the bed. But only a man would really expect a woman to trust such a painful experience entirely to a hormone soaked hard-on?

As the pressure built, I clenched my sphincter as hard as I could and for a moment I thought I might be able to keep him out. But those forearms weren’t going to give up, they kept pulling until his cock burst past my tensed sphincter, driving my fingernails into the soft wood of the door frame, one of them breaking back to the quick.

‘Jesus. No Dave, stop. Please.’ The muscles along my spine spasmed and I tried to pull away, but Dave’s fingers dug deep into my flesh to prevent me escaping.

He halted as my sphincter closed in around the head of his cock and I prayed he was going to stop there. I usually had access to something delicate of his anatomy to remind him who was boss, but balanced like this there was no way I could ply my fingers from the doorframe. I was helpless before him and would be for as long as those pieces of paper lay on the bed. Jesus, this was just the head.

‘When’re you back to work?’ I gasped.

‘Don’t worry baby. Plenty of time yet. You don’t want me to rush this do you?’

His fingers tightened around my hips again.

‘Wait a minute. For God’s sake Dave. You’re too big.’ It felt like a concrete bollard was stretching my sphincter, reinforcing the reason why I’d said no to this so many times.

‘Sorry babe, no time for dallying.’ He pulled me towards his hips, the veins in his cock rippling past my sphincter and with every corded ridge, his cock thickened. The only thing stopping my leg muscles from cramping was sheer dread at how badly I’d tear falling off his cock awkwardly

He hit something inside me that stopped his cock dead in its path. Was that it? Thank Christ. But Dave didn’t stop pushing, he kept on building the pressure, digging his fingers deep into my buttocks, until something in there twitched, then something shifted and it felt like the whole of my insides were being pushed aside to let this invader through.

‘Jesus. You’re too big for me. Stop.’

‘Love you to baby.’

His balls nestled against my clit and it felt like my insides had been pushed up into my throat. As we both stood there panting, a cold dribble of spit, or maybe sweat, wove its way across my empty pussy, making it shiver, but before that dribble even reached my knee, he drew his cock back out, dragging my innards with it. I gasped as he slammed it back in, grunting as he did. He fucked me hard, his balls slamming against my clit, the saliva drying rapidly.

‘Shit Dave, not so hard, slow down.’ He didn’t slow down, he slammed his cock into my arse, forcing me to up onto my toes to try and keep my balance. He was going to come in my tight virgin arse and nothing else registered in his brain. There was nothing I could do to stop him. I was his to fuck as he liked. Everytime he slammed into me, shockwaves shot through my body and down my arms, jogging my sweaty hands up and down the doorframe. With each jog they slid further down the door. I gripped the frame as hard as I could, but with my legs so close to cramping it was only a matter of moments before I fell. All the time, I watched his cock plunging into me from between the heaving of my chest. His hands pinching the flesh on my buttocks wide open. The saliva was all gone now and the friction burned like fire around my sphincter, reaching out to my clit and sending waves of pleasure racing back into my stomach towards an orgasm. It felt like a firebrand up there, searing the flesh, and it was going to make me cum, I could feel it.

Just as my orgasm began to spasm, he slammed his cock right into me, tearing my sphincter and shooting his spunk deep into my bowels.

But it wasn’t my ravaged arse I cared about right then. I was so near to cumming and he’d stopped. I couldn’t believe it. I cried out to him, but he just pressed harder into me, his cock twitching in time with my leg.

My orgasm faded back into the pit of my stomach and there was nothing I could do.

As he pulled out cramp hit my leg, bringing me crashing to the floor. I shot a look at Dave, then the bedroom door, as I tried to rub the pain from the muscle.

‘Don’t worry baby.’ He said. ‘I’m not going in the bedroom, your secret’s safe, whatever it is.’ He leant back against the stair rails, the wood creaking under his weight.’

‘You took advantage of me you bastard.’ I said, rubbing the locked muscles as hard as I could. Even through the pain of cramp, the heat from my arse scalded the nerves around my clit.

He smiled as he leapt down the stairs, two at a time. ‘You’ll forgive me by the time I get back.’

I stayed there until finally the cramp released its grip on me and I could pull myself to my feet. I limped to the bed I really needed to sort out those bills.

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