tagInterracial LoveDoreen is Pregnant

Doreen is Pregnant


I absolutely can't believe where I am today. My name is Robert. My wife is Doreen. We have been married ten years and still counting. That is in spite of a sad chapter in my life and having to come to grips with our situation. When Doreen and I got married, I thought myself the luckiest man in the world. She is charming, funny, beautiful and sexy. Doreen stands five feet four inches tall. She weighed 120 when we got married. I am five feet ten and weigh 190. I graduated from college a year after we got married. I managed to graduate on time. With student loans and part time work, I had made my way to the end. I got a job with a small engineering firm after having done my internship with them. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The small firm had plenty of room for advancement.

One of the senior members of the firm, Cal, was about two years away from retiring and took me on as a project to fill his shoes. Usually newly graduated engineers do not advance that rapidly, but I will admit I made good grades in school for a reason. I had impressed him with my work ethic and hunger when I interned. Cal was a natural teacher and after three years of tutoring and continuing education, I had my Professional Engineer Certificate. After this, I transitioned Cal's accounts and added many new accounts myself. I began making a good salary after my fifth year. Bonuses followed and a junior partnership came in my seventh year.

The only thing that suffered was our sex life. Doreen was a very conservative wife. She worked part time when we were in college and then afterward. She had excellent interior design skills and managed to work with a small company that was able to provide her part time work with flexible hours. At home, she took care of all the shopping and oversaw all household repairs. We moved into a slightly more upscale neighborhood in my fifth year with my firm. Luckily, our home was a stretch financially when we bought, but after my pay increases and bonuses, the mortgage was no problem. Doreen enjoyed her job and free time, so life was good. We had not started a family because of my work schedule.

Our love life was okay, but not great. Doreen, though conservative outwardly, is a very passionate woman. In hind sight this is probably why we ended up in the position that we did. Usually she was the one to initiate sex. I would be tired and she would often meet me at the door wearing sexy lingerie, or high heels, or transparent nightgowns, or garter belts and stockings, or any and all of the above. She loves high heels, very high heels, but she did not wear this type of clothing or heels when out in public. She would dance for me, or do a slow striptease. Doreen has the body to carry off any type of dress she wants. She has very soft round D cup breasts and a smaller than average waist. Her breasts are quite simply a wonder. As I said full and very round. Her nipples are large and her areolas are a dream. She has a large areola with just a hint of puffiness. When she chills or gets sexually aroused, her nipples harden and protrude like large pencil erasers. She has to be careful what type of bra she wears to work or social functions. Her ass is fantastic. It is as full as you would ever see without being out of proportion. In addition, her raven hair frames a beautiful face. I don't mind comparing her looks to some famous movie stars.

With her looks, personality, figure, and sexy attitude, I could not believe my luck. The only problem was that my workaholic lifestyle had a negative effect on my libido. Coupled with the fact that my cock is only four and a half inches long when erect, one could say that I was skating on thin ice from the start.

I tried to keep up, but I even began experiencing some erectile dysfunction. It manifest itself often when Doreen would meet me at the door with one of her theatrical sex shows. I guess after a time, I began experiencing anxiety about performing to her level of energy. Luckily she was into oral sex by now and when I failed to get an erection, she would try to suck my little cock to life. Sometimes it worked. Other times it didn't. She taught me how not only to suck her pussy, but how to hit the right spots. My technique improved over time and she was able to have an orgasm. I still don't know for sure if she masturbated when I was not home.

After moving into our larger home, we decided to hire a lawn care company. Doreen already had a maid service once a week. With her flair for interior decorating and some helpful suggestions from her work friends, our home was very nice inside. We were starting to look like an upper middle class type of household. She got the name of a lawn service from one of our neighbors. The lady said they did good work and were reasonable. Doreen looked at her yard and was pleased with the landscaping, so she called the number she was given.

Doreen was the only daughter of missionary parents. They were stationed in Alaska in a remote village where they ministered to the population both white and Eskimo. They had lost a son at childbirth making Doreen an only child. Neither of her parents had any siblings, so her extended family was pretty much non-existent.

Eventually Doreen and I talked about having a family. We agreed that she would get off the pill and let nature take its course. But nothing happened. Months went by. We thought that it might take some time for her system to expel all of the effects of birth control. More months went by. She went to her gynecologist. Everything seemed to be okay with her. After months of suggestions by her, I finally went to my urologist. He checked and tested. Eventually he asked for a sperm sample. I was to collect a sample and bring it in first thing that same morning. He offered some suggestions on how to collect it, and then told me to get my wife to use her imagination.

The morning I had to take my sample, Doreen took off work. She got up early and took a shower, rolled her raven hair, put on heavy makeup and donned a sexy peek a boo teddy. The red teddy had cut outs for her breasts and hit her just at the waist. The sheer panties were crotchless. She had shaved all of her pubic hair and her puffy vaginal lips were prominent and inviting. She had me all prepped and ready. She gave me a sexy blow job and encouraged me to suck her swollen nipples and touch her vagina. She was very wet, but we were not going to have sex. She continued touching me and I her. She sucked me and jacked me off until I was ready to cum. When I was ready, she took the moist towelette and cleaned the head of my little cock. She took off her lingerie and placed her pussy right on my mouth. While she jacked me off, I brought her to a shattering orgasm with my tongue. She was mostly concerned with catching all my cum, so her orgasm was more subdued than other times when she really let go.

Ten days went by and finally the doctor's office called to schedule my follow up appointment. I was apprehensive when the time for my visit came. The doctor informed me that I had an adequate semen volume, but my count and motility factor were very low. He put me on a thyroid medication to try to boost my numbers. We scheduled another follow up in three months.

Doreen was supportive about the test and assured me that whatever was to come, we would get through it together. I began taking the medication, but it made me nervous and jumpy. At first I had trouble concentrating. However this gradually subsided and I was able to function normally. Doreen tried to keep our sex life as positive as possible, but the anxiety became worse. It now became difficult for me to even get aroused enough to satisfy her orally. She began backing off and no longer met me wearing sexy lingerie. She usually had a great meal ready and we drank wine, ate and talked a lot. Sex became a sometime thing. She tried to promote intimacy and communication as a sex substitute. I really owe her for putting up with my insecurities and anxiety to get us through that rough time.

From my viewpoint, things didn't change very much over the next year. I had regular checkups, but my sperm count and motility only changed slightly. I talked to the doctor about the side effects. He was still convinced that the medication was doing at least some good and suggested that I continue taking it. The side effects were becoming more like the new normal, so I followed his advice.

Another six months passed and one day Doreen called me at work and asked me when I was coming home. This was unusual so I asked what was up. She asked again and I promised to be home by seven. She was going to prepare Beef Wellington, one of my favorite dishes.

I got home on time. She kissed me, but it seemed very formal. After we had some wine, we ate her delicious dinner. I helped her clear the dishes. I poured us some dessert wine and retired to our den. She seemed very preoccupied and nervous.

Finally, she spoke, "Robert, I need to tell you something."

"Sure, Doreen, what is it?"

"I am pregnant."

"Oh, really honey? How wonderful."

"Maybe not, Robert. You see, I have been unfaithful with you."


"I am so sorry. I don't know what happened. Well, I know what happened, but I can't believe that I did this to you."

I was numb. I wanted to scream and hit something. I did not know whether to cry or curse. I tried to get her to explain. She descended into a crying frenzy of apologies. She did not make excuses. There was no way I was going to get anything more out of her like this. I tried to get her to talk, but whatever she said was unintelligible anyway. She made her way to our guest bedroom and locked herself in for the night. I tried in vain to get her to open the door. I was more worried now about her than I was myself. I finally made my way to our bedroom and showered. I put on my pajamas and tried to sleep. I tossed and turned. If I did nod off, I woke up immediately. I was sick to my stomach and vomited several times.

When dawn came, I tried to get her to open the door. I could hear her in the room, but she would not open the door. I had to get to work because I had some quotes ready to go out that morning. I thought about calling in, but decided I would go and finish my work, then come home early. I went in to work and got the urgent items taken care of. Just before noon I told my secretary that I had a meeting with a customer that afternoon. I was unsure how I was going to get Doreen to talk, but I was going to try.

When I got home, her car was in the garage. That was a good sign or so I thought. I entered the house and began looking for her. I looked everywhere and only stopped when I found a sealed envelope on my desk addressed to me. I opened it.

Dear Robert,

I have gone to be with my parents. I don't know what the future holds for us. I am so sorry I have done this to us. You are the most loving and responsible man I have ever known. If I could go back and undo all the hurt I have caused, I would. I expect that you will divorce me. I am pregnant and there is virtually no chance that you are the father. I lost my way. I did not intentionally cheat on you, but I am guilty of adultery. You have loved me and cared for me. And for that I repaid your kindness like a common slut. That is what I feel like. You should divorce me. I will not ask for anything and certainly not for child support. I cannot abort a child. I have sinned enough without bringing eternal damnation on my soul.

I can't bear to confess the details of my treachery. I got caught up in something and before I had a chance to think clearly, I could not stop. It has been going on for almost six months. I tried to stop, but I kept going back. I have become one of the types of women I hate. Now I hate myself. I accept whatever you want to do about this. I would rather you not share details, but that is your right. I am not worthy of you.


All of this and now she was gone. There was still no explanation. She could have come up with any number of lies to placate me, but still she did not even try. Nor did she accuse me of neglecting her. I knew I was at least guilty of that. I felt so hurt. So inadequate. My wife had fucked another man. Or was it MEN? I would never have suspected her of adultery if she had not gotten pregnant. I wondered why she did not lie and tell me the child was mine. This made no sense. However, I then realized that one of the things I loved about Doreen was that she was honest to a fault. If a friend asked her opinion of something, Doreen gave it to them without any filter. I had tried to convince her that sometimes a white lie is better than stark honesty. Her philosophy was, "If you don't want my opinion, don't ask for it."

Reality sat in rather quickly. I knew it would do no good to try to reach her right then. She was not even to Alaska yet. I felt awkward about calling her parents. I did not know them all that well because of their missionary work. We only saw them once a year if that. I never understood that calling. I respected the heck out of them because not everyone would choose to eschew money and security to serve on the mission field.

I did wonder, though, what she would tell them. I had no idea. I could not imagine that she would confess her sins to her parents. Going immediately to them made no sense otherwise, however. Surely she would not risk being alienated because of her adultery. I decided to play straight with friends and neighbors. I would just say that Doreen was visiting her parents. I could not imagine starting divorce proceedings without an explanation. At least not right then. I decided to keep working and playing it off as just a visit. I knew this would be a short window, but at least it would give me a chance to think.

Over the next few weeks, I experienced the complete spectrum of emotions when I tried to sleep. Sadness. Anger. Fear. Anxiety. I had no idea how I could ever explain it to my family. My father had died when I was twenty. Heart attack. My mother had moved away and remarried. I heard from her seldom and I had grown tired of making all the contacts. She had told me that the child should call the mother. She was comfortable living across the country with her new extended family. I really did not like her new husband anyway so this worked out best for everyone. Needless to say, I did not bother to inform my mother that Doreen had left. Anyway, I did not know for sure that she had left. Most of her clothes and personal items were still in the house. I did not know if she might slip back into town and clean out the house. It would be out of character for her, but adultery was, I thought, out of character for her.

I wondered if she was waiting for me to call her. I felt that her unwillingness to confront the facts together along with her leaving so quickly made it her move. I did not think that she would do anything rash. She had thought about it enough to let me know that abortion was not a solution for her. So, I waited and worked and tossed in our bed.

After almost four weeks, Doreen called me on my cell phone. She asked if I had started divorce proceedings yet. I told her that I had not and furthermore, I would not until we had talked about this. She seemed resigned to the fact that our marriage was over. I asked her why she felt this way.

"What do you think we should do, Robert? I just come back, have a baby and everything will be peachy?"

"No, but how do you know that the baby is not mine?"

"Because I kept a chart of when we made love and you hadn't touched me for six weeks before I missed my period. Remember you were out of town working for three weeks and so preoccupied for the next three weeks that even when I dressed sexy, you barely noticed."

"So, now, it's my fault that you cheated?"

"No, God, no. It is not a fault of yours. It is my fault, Robert. I am the guilty one. I will always be guilty. I hate what I have done. But, there is no way out. You could maybe forgive me for adultery, but never for having a bastard child."

"Doreen, you must come back and face the issue. Distance is not the answer. If the only way out is divorce, then we at least need to talk about it."

"Let me think about it. I will call you in a few days and tell you my plans."

At least we had a tentative plan. I was hoping she would come home so we could discuss this in person. I had no choice but to wait. I could not stop thinking about her cheating. Then my imagination began running away from me. I starting thinking about her having sex with someone else. I wondered who it was and what he looked like. I wondered if she met him or them somewhere else or if she fucked them in our bed. I thought about what it might be like. Did he seduce her? Or did she put on sexy lingerie and seduce him like she does me? I thought about her perfect body, the swell of her hip as it tapered away from her small waist. The perfect rise of her breasts topped by the most gorgeous nipples and areola. Oh, how I longed for her sexy seduction. Oh, how I longed for her nubile warm body. How I missed the smooth insertion of my cock into her wet warm pussy.

Then I realized that I had a mounting erection. My little cock was finally hard again. I missed making love with Doreen. I missed her eroticism. I pulled my pants down and was ready to relieve myself.

"Ding dong." What the heck.

I pulled my pants back up and headed for the front door. One good thing about having a small cock was it is easier to hide. I let my dress shirt drape over my pants easily hiding my erection. By the time I got to the front door, it was gone anyway. I opened the door to find Raymond, our lawn care guy.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Adams."

"Hi, Raymond. What can I do for you?"

"Ah, well, Mr. Adams, I have been unable to catch Mrs. Adams at home lately and, uh she usually pays me for the lawn each week. I kept thinking I would catch her at home, but apparently we have been missing each other."

"Really," I replied. "Don't we send you a check or a credit card for payment?"

"No, sir, I collect in cash only."

"I bet that is inconvenient for some people."

"Well, yes sir, I am sure it is for some people. However I have a rather large company and from my experience if I bill people, it takes a lot of time and supplies. Some of my foremen collect payment, but most of them do not. Also, billing people didn't work for me because I spent more time trying to collect anyway. I hate to say it but some people just don't pay on time. By the time they get behind, I am already stuck with quite some expense. If they don't pay at all, I don't waste time trying to hunt them down. So if some customers just won't pay in cash, I figure that they might end up skipping out anyway."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense, Raymond. How much do I owe you?"

"Well, Mr. Adams, it is up to $275.00 so far."

"Wow, I don't carry that much cash on me."

"That's okay, Mr. Adams. If you have some, I can come back and try to catch Mrs. Adams for the rest."

"Actually, Raymond, she is out of town."

"Oh, really? She must have been gone awhile then. Is everything okay?"

"Yes," I lied, "She is visiting her parents."

"Oh, I see."

I found my wallet and just as I thought I was short. I gave him $175.00 that I had on me and told him I would leave the rest under a flower pot on the back patio. He agreed and bid me good evening.

I worked such long hours that I barely remember seeing Raymond. Doreen used to talk about him frequently, relating how he helped her with seasonal planting, pruning and the like. He didn't just provide lawn maintenance; he had a full landscape service. I wondered how he could collect all his money in cash and whether he reported it all.

I happened to remember Doreen telling me a while back that he started his company after his uncle had passed his customers to him. He had worked for his uncle when he was young and improved on the business. He learned about landscaping from mowing lawns and eventually began to get smaller jobs for landscaping himself. When the uncle retired, Raymond took over the sales and planning. He paid his uncle for the equipment. Slowly at first, then as he grew the business, he paid him in full and even added new equipment.

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