tagGay MaleDorian Ch. 02

Dorian Ch. 02


This is my first time uploading a story in this format so hopefully it isn't screwed up. If it is, I apologize.


The next morning, Jackson woke to the warmth and familiarity of his own mattress. He sighed and leaned further into his pillow, pulling the blankets up around his bare shoulders.

"Jackson," Jane said quietly, touching his shoulder with her cool soft hand. "Are you awake?"

"Not for much longer," he said tiredly.

"You won't come down for breakfast?"

"No. I'll be down in a few more hours."

He rolled onto his back and gave her a small smile. She had the same dark hair and eyes as Dorian. He touched her shoulder and pulled her down into a small kiss. He never wanted to make her feel unloved. It wasn't her fault that she wasn't her brother. When he kissed her, she smiled before getting out of bed. Another husband would've watched while his young wife dressed. He didn't. He rolled back on his side and went to sleep.


"Wake up. You're being lazy."

This was how Jackson was woken the second time. He groaned and turned away as Dorian threw open the curtains on the window. The sunlight was far too bright, meaning he had slept into the afternoon. It wasn't uncommon for him to do so after traveling. Dorian knew this and took a malicious satisfaction in waking him.

"Go away," he said, pulling the blanket over his head.

Dorian laughed and Jackson felt the mattress shift as he sat on the edge. Then he felt the tug on the blankets and reluctantly let them come down. He squinted at the brightness of the room.

"You're evil," he pouted.

Dorian grinned and leaned forward to kiss him. Sliding his hand up Dorian's neck and threading into his soft dark hair was second nature by now. Once, he thought it strange to kiss him. Now, it was his favorite way to wake up, although the occurrence was far too rare.

"Make it up to me, Dor," he said against Dorian's lips.

"How would I do that?"

Jackson took Dorian's hand that was on his chest and moved it downward. "Do what I did for you last night."

Dorian jerked his hand away and stood. "No. You probably haven't even cleaned yourself after last night."

Jackson's eyes had adjusted now. He could see the irritation, bordering on anger, in Dorian's face. His dark brow was creased between his eyes and his lips turned down. He propped himself up on his elbows.

"I couldn't help myself," he said.

"It's disgusting."

"Don't be angry with me."

Dorian walked toward the door across the large room. His boots made a final thump on the hard wood. "Come down soon."

"Dor, I'm sorry. Come here."

The door closed and he was left alone. He sank back into the softness of his bed.


Jackson walked into the dining room for lunch. Dorian, Jane, and Emma were already seated and eating.

"I was wondering when you would wake," Jane said, giving him a sweet smile. "I thought it would be sooner since I sent Dorian earlier."

"You know what traveling does to me," he said, taking a seat on the far side from Dorian.

Dorian didn't look up. It wasn't something Jackson particularly liked about himself, but when Dorian was angry he thought him gorgeous. His features were stoic and chiseled, making him look like he could manage to have no emotions.

Unfortunately for Dorian, Jackson learned long ago that he was not a statue and experienced feelings just like any other person, as much as Dorian strove to keep this a secret. As if to prove his point, Dorian looked up slightly and caught his eyes and looked away again with his perfect mouth turning down further.

"Emma, have you gone to have your dress designed?" Jackson asked.

"No. Jane and I were going to go into town tomorrow. Would you like to come?"

"How long will you be gone?"

"Two days, possibly longer. Can you do without your wife for so long?" Emma asked with a small smile over the rim of her cup.

Jackson smiled at Jane, "It will be difficult, but I suppose I will manage."

"Dorian, would you like to come with us?" Jane asked her brother.

"No thank you. A few days in town and you could drop me at the asylum," Dorian said, picking through his lunch.

"When will you be leaving?" Jackson asked.

"Early tomorrow morning," Emma answered.

"I hope you two have fun."

"When we get home the wedding will only be a week away," Jane said. "Then my dear brother will no longer be the perpetual bachelor." She smiled across the table at Dorian who wouldn't look at her. Jackson could only see a small bit of Dorian's face, but it was enough to pull at his chest. "Are you excited, Brother?"

"Of course," Dorian said. He looked up enough to give Emma a close-mouthed smile that didn't reach his eyes before standing. "I'll be in the library if I'm needed. Otherwise, please leave me to my own devices." When he said the last part, he looked at Jackson with his eyes hard before leaving the room.

In times like this Jackson wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into. For most men one woman was enough, maybe a mistress on the side. Oh no, but he had to go large just as he did in most things. Instead of a mistress, he had to have a man on the side. Then again, Dorian wasn't on the side. He had been there before Jane. He was why Jackson had proposed to her. With Jackson being married to Jane it was acceptable for he and Dorian to spend months at a time in the same household. When Dorian married Emma it would be acceptable for them to spend all their time together as an extended family.

"I think he is nervous," Jane said, after Dorian was heard climbing the stairs. "It is adorable."

"Can you call him adorable?" Jackson asked.

"Don't be such a man, Jackson. Dorian is adorable isn't he, Emma?"

"Puppies are adorable, Jane. He is," she sighed and got a dreamy look on her young face. It made Jackson want to vomit. "He is handsome. If handsome is a strong enough word."

"Remember, Emma, I am your brother, I don't want to hear about how lovely you believe your fiancé is," Jackson said.

He hardly controlled the frown threatening to surface at her words. It was just as much at himself as at her. He was unhappy with himself for leading Emma to take Dorian's hand. At least he would provide for her and do it well. She would never be left wanting. He convinced himself that was enough.

After lunch, he managed to leave Dorian alone for a few hours before climbing the stairs to the second floor. Dorian's library was lined with shelves, all filled with heavy volumes. They weren't dusty, Dorian wouldn't allow such things. The Bay family had devoted generations to perfecting their collection and Dorian was far from letting the books be neglected. A large oak desk sat on one side and a sitting room was on the other side near the fire. A wall of windows over looked the vast grounds on which the Bay estate sat. Dorian sat in the chair closet to the windows with a book open in his hands.

"Dorian, can I speak to you?" he asked.

"If you must," Dorian said.

Jackson walked in and closed the door. He didn't sit in one of the open chairs, instead kneeling beside Dorian.

"You're beautiful when you're angry," he said.

Dorian's lips pressed in a tight line. The sunlight came through his gray eyes and casting them silver. "Do not think to flatter me into forgiving you."

"I wouldn't do you the disservice."

Dorian cut his eyes toward him. "You know how much I hate when you do that in the mornings after being with her."

"I'm sorry. I forget myself."

"It isn't something to be forgotten. It disgusts me."

"I know. I'm sorry," Jackson said.

He saw the hard set of Dorian's jaw and took the chance of kissing along his cheek and up to his ear. Dorian tried to turn away, but Jackson stopped his chin with his hand. It didn't take much, Dorian could be a monster in many things, but he was Jackson's putty. Instead of pulling away any further, he dropped his eyes while Jackson gently nipped the curves of his ear.

"I missed you so badly and I forgot to behave. I apologize. Please, don't be angry with me."

Dorian clenched his jaw again and Jackson brushed the knot of muscle. "You make it difficult," Dorian said irritably.

"Because I have no shame," he said with a slight laugh and continued to plant placating kisses over Dorian's cheek. "I just had to listen to my sister say you were beautiful and adorable. Take pity on me, Dorian."

"Why should I?"

"Because you know I won't leave until you've forgiven me."

"I don't have time for this."

Jackson grinned. "Don't be that way. You always have time to be adored."

Dorian sighed and turned to him, brushing their lips together. "Never again?"

"I will do my best."

"Only from you is that enough."

Then Dorian pressed his lips fully to Jackson's. It didn't take long before their breathing accelerated as they probed each other's mouths. Jackson was being absorbed into the kiss when he heard the doorknob begin to twist. He was seated in the chair across from Dorian with a book in his hands before the door came open. It was only a servant.

"Master Bay, Master Mialve, I apologize, I didn't know you were in here. I'll come back later to clean," the elderly woman said.

"Thank you, Mira," Dorian said without looking up.

"Master Mialve," Mira said, curtseying to him.

Jackson nodded to her before she pulled the door shut and left. When the door was closed he looked up from the book to Dorian.

"You shouldn't come to me tonight," Dorian said. "With Jane leaving in the morning you should stay with her."

Now it was Jackson's turn to clench his jaw. "No."

"My door will be locked this evening."

"No it won't be."

"Yes, Jackson," Dorian said, looking up from his book to hold his eyes. "Don't be foolish."

Jackson stood. "I thought you weren't angry with me any longer."

Dorian's hard grey eyes softened slightly. "I'm not, Love. It is appearances. We must abide by them. Why do you always fight me on this?"

"Because I want you."

Dorian smiled and held out his hand. Jackson took it without thought. With their breeding and wealth both of their hands were soft. Jackson savored the warm dryness of Dorian's palm.

"Why are you smiling, Dorian?"

"Because they will be gone for a week at the least."

Jackson smiled like Dorian's was infectious.


That night, Dorian lay in his bed. His eyes were shut and his breathing rough. Sweat clung to his skin despite the open door to his balcony. His back lifted from the bed while his shoulders dug into the mattress. The wet sound of his fist working his shaft was the only sound aside from his breathing.

Over this, he heard his door open. He hadn't locked it, he didn't have the will to do so. He heard Jackson's bare feet on the floor. He didn't open his eyes, instead continuing to stroke himself. Even with all the years between them, he felt his cheeks heating at Jackson seeing him. He was glad the room was dark, at least he would be saved from that embarrassment.

"You are adorable when you blush," Jackson whispered, lying on the bed beside him.

Dorian drew a deep steadying breath before slowing his hand, only moving enough to keep his dick hard. He turned his head and opened his eyes. Jackson was only wearing a loose pair of pants, leaving his chest bare to the cool air of the room. Small goose bumps stood out on his arms.

"You weren't suppose to come tonight," he said quietly.

"And you were supposed to lock your door," Jackson said. He leaned forward until his chest was touching Dorian's left arm and kissed him. It didn't take Dorian long to moan into his mouth. Jackson bit his lower lip then gently sucked away the pain. "Keep touching yourself," he said against his lips.

"I need more."

"You seemed to be doing fine when I came in."

"You threw off my thoughts."

Jackson laughed quietly. The sound clinched Dorian's chest. He always loved to hear it, but to hear it in his bed, so softly in the body warmed

air between them made it so much sweeter.

"Tell me what you were thinking of," Jackson said, his lips brushing Dorian's cheek.

The heat rushed fuller into Dorian's face. Sometimes he believed Jackson liked to annoy him. Other times he was certain of it.

"I'm not aroused enough to be baited into that," he said irritably.

It was a game to Jackson, getting him to the verge then making him speak about what aroused him most. After Dorian came he was always mortified at what he had told Jackson. By now, he thought Jackson would've learned that it wasn't worth the days after when he was sullen and withdrawn. Then again, Dorian had learned that apologizing was a game to Jackson as well. It was one he had failed to lose in their time together.

Before Jackson could say anything else to disintegrate his arousal anymore, he got onto his hands and knees. Jackson's lust must've gotten the better of him, because he didn't offer any resistance. Instead, he kneeled behind Dorian and started kissing down his back. He started at the beginning knot of Dorian's spine and worked his way down. Dorian felt the tip of his tongue. The wetness left by it was cooled by the air in the room making a shudder pass down his body.

When Jackson reached his ass he gave no hesitation in using his tongue. Dorian dropped his chest to the bed and moaned weakly. Jackson spread his flesh and flattened his tongue against the knot. Dorian squeezed his eyes shut and groaned through gritted teeth. His spit covered hand gripped the blanket close to his chest. Jackson's tongue continued to move, around, up, and finally in. Dorian choked up his breath into his pillow at the

sensation of the muscle loosening.

Jackson stopped sooner than he normally would have and dug in Dorian's bedside table. Dorian watched him take out the small, inoffensive glass bottle from the stand. Then Jackson resumed his position and Dorian felt the cool liquid hit his crease and shivered again. Jackson quickly pressed a finger inside to push in the lubricant. The pressure and sudden invasion made Dorian grunt.

"Relax," Jackson said.

Jackson's voice helped to remind him of how badly he had wanted this. The warm hand on his hip helped to remind him further. When he relaxed and the lubricant was distributed the discomfort passed entirely. His shoulders and back became loose as he relaxed heavily into the bed. Then Jackson withdrew his fingers and he caught his breath again when he felt blunt warmth again. There was little warning before Jackson was seated inside him.

With as badly as he wanted Jackson the burning was minimal, then disappeared as Jackson began to move. Jackson had one hand on his side and the other on his hip as he began his slow pace. Dorian started to moan. He propped up on his elbows with his forehead resting on his balled hands. He could hear Jackson's breathing mixed with his. When he rocked back against Jackson, they both moaned. Jackson dug his fingers into Dorian's side.

"Again, Dor," Jackson panted.

Dorian pushed back onto him again and took his own dick back into his hand to stroke in time with their increasing movements. It had been so long and he had already been so close before Jackson came to his room. It didn't take long before he was biting the side of his left hand to keep from waking anyone to such an unwelcome scene. His climax hit before Jackson's. He cupped his hand around the head of his length so he didn't stain the bedspread. It was entirely too awkward for his liking to see the looks the servants gave his occasional cum stained sheets.

When his bowels tightened around Jackson he whimpered weakly. Jackson's breathing accelerated. Dorian gritted his teeth as the aftershocks of his orgasm passed. After he climaxed it always became painful, but he hated to stop Jackson. Luckily, he rarely had to. Most times, Jackson feeling his orgasm triggered his own.

Jackson's breathing roughened then his body jerked, slamming his hips against Dorian's ass a few times before slowly slacking. He pulled out and sagged down onto the bed on his back. Dorian turned on his side and laid his head on Jackson's shoulder. Their bodies were still hot, the sweat cooling them slowly.

"Hand me the cloth," Dorian said, feeling his cum becoming stiff on his hand.

Jackson made some sleepy noise before slapping his hand along the bedside table, looking blindly for the cloth. When he found it he handed it to Dorian. Dorian took it and wiped the flaking liquid from his hand then wiped the crack of his ass. Finally, he cleaned Jackson's softening dick before tossing the cloth onto the floor.

"Did you lock the door?" Dorian asked on the edge of sleep.

"I believe so," Jackson said tiredly, not opening his eyes.

Dorian got out of bed and went to the door. He checked to make sure it was locked, it was. Then he went back to bed. Jackson had already moved beneath the blankets. Dorian laid underneath them with him. Jackson moved to hold him from behind in their normal position for sleep. Dorian sank into the arm beneath his neck and moved back into Jackson's solid warmth behind. Jackson's breathing evened in sleep quickly. Dorian was asleep within moments after.


When Dorian woke again, it was still dark and Jackson was kissing his forehead. When Jackson saw his eyes were open he smiled without showing his teeth.

Dorian reached up to touch his cheek. Jackson leaned into the affection. Sleep was still heavy on him and all he wanted was Jackson to be back with him beneath the blanket, sharing their warmth. His chest began to ache and he hated it.

"Sleep well, My Love," Jackson said.

"I love you."

Jackson kissed him. "I love you too. In only hours we'll have days together."

Dorian smiled. It helped to ease the weight on his chest. He tried not to think of why they would have so much time together. If he thought of that he wouldn't sleep any longer tonight. As it was, he was asleep before he heard Jackson leaving his bedroom.

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