tagGroup SexDorie's Surprise

Dorie's Surprise


Dorie was a bit of a looker, and she knew it. She was always the ringleader, always in charge. Even in her marriage she ran things.

Her cuckold husband did nothing to stop her, not if he wanted sex with her, and he did.

Dorie knew he hated her smoking and she rarely did it, except when she wanted to prove to him who was the boss. So, it usually only happened when he was going down on her, always asking him if he minded, yet never waiting for an answer, instead blowing smoke rings down towards her head as he tried desperately to please her, to earn a thank you. It was rare that she told him that he satisfied her.

Dorie also like to party with her girlfriends and although she never told her husband she fucked other men, he knew. The signs were always there. She loved to fuck, as long as it was her terms.

Dorie also liked to make sure that the men let her lead, she loved to be in charge, and she loved the challenge of taking strong men and making them her puppets.

One day, Dorie was out with her girlfriends clubbing when she spotted this big strong black man dancing with a beautiful tall red headed woman. As usual, Dorie loved a challenge and although she had never been with a man of a different race before, she had certainly thought about it. She left the girls at the table with the pretence of having to go to the ladies room and she walked by the dancing couple. He was very well built, muscular, and the size of his hands was huge. Hell, his fingers were larger than most cocks she had sucked and fucked and she could only imagine what the real thing would look like. She had to have him.

On her way back, the man reached out and grabbed her, looking straight into her eyes and asked her if she appreciated what she had been staring at. Dorie pulled away and told him she had no idea what he was talking about. The man pulled her back and said, that she sure did, and that there was no sense playing games, and that yes, he was that good and that well equipped, and with a smirk, let her go.

Dorie was shaken up as she went back to the table and one of the girls asked her what was wrong. Dorie told her nothing, she would not lose face in front of these stupid women that followed her, her gang so to speak.

Dorie kept staring over at him and now both the man and the woman would look directly at her, almost daring her to come over. Dorie ordered a margarita, downing it quickly, then another. No fucking way anyone was going to intimidate her. Soon the drinks warmed her tummy and gave her the liquid courage she needed to let him know who was boss around here. Dorie stood up, and as she did the alcohol hit her a little harder. She almost fell over but with a cheeky smile, she sauntered towards her mystery man.

Once there Dorie stood with her hands on her hips, wanting to say something cute, something that would let everyone know she was in charge, but for once, nothing came out.

He pushed his red headed beauty away and, without a word, pulled Dorie into him. She dwarfed in comparison to him and he literally engulfed her being into his. He reached down and grabbed her small ass and pulled it in tight. She tried to resist, tried to push his hands away, but his arms held her too tight against her petite body. He was tall enough that she could feel his hardness against her tummy and what started off as a cock soon felt like a fucking log.

He leaned her back and stuck a long thick tongue into her mouth, exploring her, forcing its way around, not caring what she thought. Dorie tried to look around, to see what her friends were doing but she was trapped in the clutches of this man, this sexual being.

He forced her legs open with his, and slowly pulled her up one of them. She was half straddling, half riding it. She finally could look over and her posse was sitting there open mouthed, not moving, in a trance. It did not take long for Dories willpower to resist wane away.

The heat of his body as he orally fucked her mouth with his tongue was too much for her, and soon she was writhing against him. He slowly worked her over to his U shaped booth, where he pushed her back into it and with his red headed partner taking up the other side, she was now literally trapped in it, and not that she cared.

Both of these strangers got closer and closer to her. The large black man spoke first, telling her that his name was Patrick, and he introduced his companion as Erica.

Then he asked her for her name and she stammered Dorie nervously. Patrick took Dorie's hand and placed it on the bulge on his pants and proceeded to kiss her again. Dorie could only gasp as she felt it grow in her fingers. She pulled away and seriously asked if that was really him? He chuckled and said, honey that is only half of me so far, wait until it finishes growing. Dorie grew flushed at the thought.

Right about then, Erica pulled Dorie's head around and tried to kiss the blonde woman, to which she tried to pull away and said sorry, I am not into women. Before Dorie could turn back, Patrick grabbed her by the hair and leaned into her ear saying that was not nice, I think you better apologize and give my lady friend the kiss she wanted before you regret it.

Shaking, Dorie allowed the woman to kiss her, and much to her surprise, she actually responded to the difference, a softer gentler kiss.

Patrick pulled her away, and asked Dorie if her husband was expecting her home soon, and Dorie asked what made him think she was married? You are wearing a ring, and all your friends are too, so I am guessing it is hen's night out. Dorie nodded and explained that she went out and stayed out and her husband was just happy that she was still married to her. He laughed and said a cuckold I presume? Dorie replied, that he was definitely submissive when it came to controlling her, and she even went on to humiliate him by telling him about the oral sex and cigarette example, as if trying to prove her dominance. Patrick just listened intently, not showing any sign of emotion.

When she was finished talking, she noticed Patrick had undone his pants and with Erica pushing and Patrick pulling, Dorie's long blonde hair was soon hanging over his crotch. Dorie tried to lift back up, but to no avail. She slowly took her small hands and pulled his semi flaccid prick from his pants. His cock soft was bigger than any hard cock she had ever come across before. She lifted it upwards and as she did, her head was pushed downwards. Her tongue snaked out and licked the tip, tasting his pre-cum for the first time. Erica pulled back her hair so anyone that walked by, would be able to see her sucking this massive cock. Her lips slowly descended over his dark meat, stretching her cheeks.

Her friends watching finally got the courage to walk over, to which Patrick held her head in place and politely told them, that Dorie would be going home with him to night, but if they were all good girls, next time, they would also be allowed to play, but for now, they should party at a different location without her. When they started to protest, he lifted her head and started to get up with a look that meant business. Dorie quickly told them she would be alright and that they should just listen. Begrudgingly they went back to their table, gathered their belongings and with one final look back to see Dorie sucking his cock, they left. As Dorie continued to feast on the large purple headed monster, Erica leaned over behind her and ran her hands under her top, undoing her bra and allowing her smallish tits to be free. Somehow, Erica managed to get the bra completely off her and left it lying on the bench seat of the booth. Patrick's hand was now on Dories head guiding her up and down, slowly trying to make Dorie take even more of his meat into her small mouth.

The Red headed woman's hands now kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples, twisting them, making Dorie even wetter than before, sending her cunt gushing in her panties.

As Dorie moaned around his cock, Erica too one hand and reached under Dorie's skirt, and with a smirk, told Patrick the slut was dripping wet and ready for any game we have for her.

Patrick just leaned back pulling her lips off of his cock with a loud plop. Lick the sides he told her, use your slutty tongue. Dorie tried to tell him that she was no slut, no one ever talked to her like that, and Patrick slapped her hard across her cheek. You are a fucking white slut, get used to it, and if you sass me, there will be more of that. Dorie now scared, bowed her head and said yes. Patrick grabbed her hair and asked, yes what?

Yes sir, Dorie choked out her response.

Dorie tongues the sides of his cock, allowing her saliva to coat his ebony shaft, and when he had enough, he forced her to swallow the head once again. Erica was busy fingering her tight wet cunt, three fingers filling her up, slamming them in and out making all kinds of squishy sounds.

Without warning Patrick placed both hands on her head and he thrust upwards and began to shoot his milky cream into her mouth. When she tried to pull back, he pushed deeper, opening her throat up and sending his load cascading down in to her tummy.

Finally he pulled back and she began to breath, clearing the tears from her eyes, Erica turned her around and kissed her deeply, wanting some of her treasured load.

Patrick zipped up and told the women to get ready to leave, as they had a special party to attend. With that done, he stood up, threw $20 on the table and headed for the door, while the two women arm in arm walking behind him.

Soon they arrived at his place and he took them into his bedroom where his king sized bed awaited them.

He sat down in a chair and he said to the women to let the show begin. Erica went up behind Dorie and slowly lifted her top, allowing her small pert tits to come into view. Her pink nipples quickly hardened, and it was then she realized, they had left her bra in the booth. With a nasty evil smile, she allowed Erica to unclasp her skirt and let it fall. Next to drop were her panties, and soon she was completely nude.

Dorie was told to get down on all fours, and then Patrick stood up and removed his clothes and when his cock was completely bare, he began to stroke it and Dorie's eyes could only stare in amazement. Patrick told Dorie to crawl over to him, so she could get her treat.

Dorie crawled over and soon she was sucking that god damn wonderful cock again. Patrick grabbed the shaft and lifted it so that Dorie could lick his huge nuts, even open his legs so she could get in under them and lick them good. Soon he lifted his leg and Dorie knew that he expected her to tongue his ass, something she never had done before. She had only seen it in movies, but it was something she had wanted to explore and she did not hesitate to explore the nastiest of all sex acts that she ever considered doing.

Her tongue snaked up between his brown globes, darting al around his bud. He grabbed her hair and pushed her head deeper, and soon her tongue probed his tight duct.

Once he tired of that, he pushed his member back into her throat telling he to coat it good as that was the only lube she was geeing before he rammed her tight blonde cunt.

Dorie sucked, and licked making sure she had lots of spit on it, making sure that it was as lubed up as possible. Patrick pulled out and walked behind the smaller woman, and kneeling he placed his cock at the lips of her now wet pussy. Pushing her shoulders down he began to inch his way in. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh was the only sound she could make as he split her once tight cunt open. He had his large hands on her ass cheeks, opening them so he could watch his assault, penetrating her savagely.

Erica walked around front and Dorie could see that she had removed her top and her large pendulous breasts were on display. The nipples were a dark brown and the large nipples were begging for attention. Erica pinched her tits, her nipples and al Dorie could do was watch. Erica sat down in the chair, her skirt barely covering her pubic area. Patrick fucked walked her across the floor so that Dorie was between the other woman's legs. Patrick snidely asked her if she had ever eaten another woman and Dorie said no. He laughed and said surprise, and with that, Erica lifted her skirt, and Dories face dropped.

Before her was a cock, not a cunt. Erica was previously an Eric. A she male, a woman with tits, yet possessed a cock.

Erica's cock was average sized, about 5 ½ inches, and skinnier than she was used to. Patrick pushed her face forward and she knew what was expected of her. Dorie too the smaller cock into her mouth and she began to suck it in earnest. Patrick continued to fuck her tight hole and as she slowly adjusted to it, she even felt comfortable enough to finger her own clit. As Dorie sucked the cock before her she became aware and she looked up. Erica was using her routine; she had lit a cigarette and was blowing smoke rings down into her face. The fucking bitch, she thought to herself.

Soon, Patrick got bored and he pulled them apart. He climbed on the bed and told Dorie to squat over his cock and lowered herself down. Erica continued to remove the rest of her close and she climbed up behind Dorie, She grabbed a bottle of lube and she generously coated the little blonde's asshole. Dorie being a virgin back there was nervous, and Erica whispered she had done this lot of times and to relax, she would be gentle.

Dorie had Patrick fully buried in her twat and now just sat still as the red head slowly inserted her cock into the tight back door. She gently pushed, and sensing when Dorie would tighten up, would stop and allow her time to adjust. Erica cock crept in ever so slowly and soon Dorie was full, her cunt and ass completely full of cock. Erica pushed Dorie down forward. She then began rocking back and forth, setting the tempo and rhythm for the three of them. Dorie had never felt such sensations. She began grunting, moaning, wanting more. Erica's large breasts scrapped the blondes back as she fucked the ebony man below her.

It was not long before Dories first wave of orgasms hit her. Then a second, and a third, causing Erica to let go with a throaty moan and bury his/her seed deep into Dorie's tight ass. Erica rolled off, and Dorie concentrated on making sure that Patrick would fill her cunt with his hot thick cum.

Patrick did not disappoint. Soon he arched his back and lifted the little woman right off the bed, her legs straddling him as he plunged in and out of her cunt, letting loose with an animal like grunt.

Once things had subsided Patrick lifted her off of him and placed her in front of his still thick cock. Dories eagerly too it into her mouth, lapping up every remnant of his enjoyment in her. As she did, Erica licked Dorie's dripping cunt, making sure to not leave a trace of cum in there either.

All too soon it was over, but Patrick had another surprise for her. Dories husband Brad came out of the closet, he had watched the whole thing. Patrick told her, that her cuckold of a husband deserved to see how to fuck a real woman, and that from now on, he was in charge of them both. Brad just stood there smiling, knowing he would get to see this lot from now on.

Just as they were leaving Patrick also told Dorie, next week, her friends will be initiated in to his posse, as well, and it was up to her to make sure it happened.

Dorie just smiled and she and Brad left, her knowing it was Brads turn to clean her out when they got home.

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