Doris' Itch Ch. 03


Toby wrapped me in his arms and declared "I love you so much Mrs B, you know that don't you?

The puppy love frightened me, but at the same time made me feel very special.

On the Friday night we went out for a pizza and stopped in the park to eat it. But after two slices we were devouring each other with tongues and wandering hands. Toby soon had my tits out, and the next minute I was bent over his lap giving him a blowjob in a public place as he hands mauled my nipples and tits roughly as I sucked him dry. Well I thought I had sucked him dry but he soon bounced back as he thrust me to kneel on the back seat facing out the rear window as he hitched up my dress, and pulled down my panties to expose my ass to the glow of the nearby street lights. Toby quickly positioned himself between the two front seats as he slipped his cock effortlessly into my pussy. The risk of being caught stimulated us to new heights as we rutted and fucked in the rocking car to the most unbelievable orgasm. Fortunately the car contained our screams & grunts of passion as we fucked each others brains out. We finally drove home with Toby's fingers buried deep in my pussy and with his thumb rubbing my clit as my juices soaked into the driver's seat of our family car. I was so sore but so sensitive when we pulled up at my home. As we walked into the hall I could see he was hard again after frigging my clit & pussy for the last five miles on the way home from the park.

As soon as the door was shut I dropped to my knees and pulled down his zipper. Toby ran his fingers through my hair as I gently eased his hardness out of his boxers and into my mouth. Toby rested his weight against the wall and eased his feet apart so I could position myself more comfortably between his thighs.

I eased his foreskin back with my lips to reveal a smooth coating of our expended juices still on his cock as I slowly cleaned his swollen head with my tongue. Toby's knees sagged in ecstasy as my tongue licked along the sensitive underside of his throbbing cock and he swelled even thicker and harder in my mouth. Sealing my lips on his length I sucked in my cheeks to rub against his head as I pulled my lips backwards along his meat so my tongue could slowly lick the sensitive tip of his cock. Toby groaned and tightened his fingers on the back of my head as I focused on bringing him to a climax to finish off our evening. I reached round his thighs to grab his tight buns through his jeans so I could him firmly into my mouth at all times.

After teasing the tip of his cock for a couple of minutes, I started to boob my lips up and down the full length of his meaty cock to sample every millimetre of his fine weapon. As my lips hit the root of his cock and his tip sank down my relaxed throat; I quickly licked the soft underside of his balls. I had no problem getting his cock in & out of my mouth as I leveraged myself through my grip on his wonderful, tight sexy buns in my hands. Toby matched this control by keeping a firm grip on my head & hair as he slowly started to rod in & out of my mouth and I could feel his passion & lust reach its maximum level.

Taking one hand off his cute ass I reached under to cup his balls and gently squeeze them. This was just too much for Toby.

"Suck me Mrs B, I want to cum into your beautiful mouth," he groaned.

I withdrew so my lips sealed around the head and my tongue lashed across the sensitive tip of his cock. To tip him over the edge I started to squeeze & massage his balls to dislodge his last remaining store of cum.

"Yes Mrs B ......... Yes Mrs B", Toby sighed as his cock swelled larger in my mouth, his hips rocked forward; and Toby exploded into my mouth.

I drank his cum down my throat as he pumped his meat in and out of my mouth as he tried to rod the cum down my throat.

"Oh fuck...... Yes ..... Yes ..... Yes," he groaned as he pulled my head down the length of hot cock, "I love you Mrs B; you are so wonderful to me."

His cum was so hot & tasty and I had become addicted to it during the week. How was I going to go back to a once a month shag with Tim from next week? Toby was giving me 6 months of my usual sex supply every two or three days and I was overdosing on it, like any other junkie on their substance abuse of choice!!!!!!

It was only eight o'clock and we had fucked each other senseless.

I slowly licked Toby's entire length clean and enjoyed millimetre and minute of my time with him filling my mouth.

All good things have to come to an end and Toby carefully put himself away as I slowly rose to my feet to look into his sex glazed eyes. We hugged and kissed long & hard, not wanting to let each other go; but I couldn't allow Toby to stay overnight. It was odd, I could let him fuck me in my marital bed, but I couldn't let him sleep with me. As I write this, it seems a retention of old fashioned, prudish values and a contradiction in terms that I could fuck a boy less than half my age and be unfaithful to my husband & family; but I couldn't bring myself to sleep with him ...... odd values.

Saturday was spent in reality as I thoroughly cleaned the house and car to remove all traces of my illicit week of extra marital sex, with the aroma of air freshener everywhere and all the windows open to get rid of the stale aroma of our juices.

Toby came around in the evening and I had to turn him away at the door. He looked gutted and could not understand that our week together had come to an end. I needed to get my head around what had happened, but more importantly I needed to get my head around how I would react to life again with my once a month husband who I suspected was getting his oats away from home during the week.

The ride out to the airport on Sunday evening seemed long and I was in a state of confusion. I had missed my boys, but I wasn't sure about my future with Ian; and with Toby for that matter.

As mostly guys will read this I won't go into great detail of what happened on Sunday as you are really only interested in the sex and not our home life. The short version is:- Ian, Andy & Mike had a great time together; they "bonded"; they loved the camp experience; Mike is going to join a gun club to shoot some more; Ian wasn't interested in me when we were at home together, he made no time for me and we didn't have our once month bit of sex; I went to bed upset & alone; Ian flew out Monday morning as usual.

Monday was a miserable day as I realised my life was back to the same routine of Ian being away during the week; me looking after the kids; all day Sunday at church; and sex once a month if I was lucky. Was this as good as it was going to get? This was so different to the week I had just enjoyed.

Tuesday was a little better as I found Toby had come ready for dinner with Mike. Toby looked disheartened, as he too realised that reality had set in.

Wednesday night I arrived home to find Toby on the doorstep with a message from Mike to say he was going to be out this evening as he was going to join the local gun club. I couldn't not invite Toby to stay for dinner, so I invited him in; and instead of heading upstairs to change I headed into the kitchen and started cooking dinner. I could feel Toby staring at my back as I cooked, I couldn't start to imagine what was going through his mind as he looked at my back, ass & legs. My own thoughts were in turmoil as I cooked, I seemed to be in loveless marriage and here I had a young virile lover sharing my kitchen, desperate to have sex with me again. Gently I started to weep as I realised how messed up my life had got over the last two weeks. As I stirred the pot on the stove I became so miserable at how the future was shaping up, and my weeping turned to gentle sobs which Toby heard.

"What's up Mrs B? Are you Okay?" he asked his voice full of concern.

"No, I'm not," I sobbed out loud.

Suddenly he was there behind me wrapping his arms around my waist, "What is wrong Mrs B.?" he asked, probably already knowing the answer.

"Toby, my life is so screwed up now," I sobbed, "My husband is away & doesn't seem to love me anymore."

"But I am here Mrs B., and I love you," he pledged as he pulled me back against his body to reassure me.

I could feel his young cock hardening between the cheeks of my ass and the warmth in his arms wrapped around me.

"But Toby, I am married. What we did last week was very nice, but I am married and it was wrong. You are very sweet, but you are half my age and my son's best friend. We can't carry on like last week, it is wrong and someone would notice if we did."

"Mrs B, I can make you happy. I might not be your husband, but I proved last week that I can make you happy."

Before I could argue with his logic, he turned me around in his arms and gently kissed me. His warm tender lips were irresistible and any resistance I might have had evaporated. Before I knew it I was returning his kisses as our tongues meshed together in my mouth.

I broke our kiss, "Toby this is wrong."

"Maybe, but you need loving, and I can give you what you are missing," he answered simply before he started kissing me and ceased any further reply.

His tongue seemed to reach down all the way to my pussy as I could feel myself getting wet & flustered in his strong arms.

Toby lifted his hand and ran it over my left tit through my uniform; and I dissolved in his arms as my nipple jumped to attention, sending electric pangs of desire arcing through my body.

"Oh Toby," I groaned in need & pleasure, giving him permission to proceed further.

He undid the front of my uniform and undid the front clasp of my bra, letting my massive tits surge out of captivity into his warm strong hands.

"Toby, I need you, I need you to make me feel wanted," I pleaded.

Toby cupped my tits and played with the weight in his hands as he thumbed my nipples to an unbelievable state of hardness.

My back was becoming hot & damp, but not in reaction to Toby's fondling; but the pan of vegetables was boiling. I almost laughed as I reached behind me to turn off the stove as Toby lowered his lips to one of my erect nipples; that increased my temperature as I rested against the stove.

My hands ran through his soft hair as I pulled him hard into my breast like a suckling babe, groaning, "Yes Toby, enjoy your favourites."

Toby responded by licking and chewing both nipples as he played with both breasts until my hips shook against the stove as a small orgasm rippled through my overheating pussy, making my panty gusset steam cook my hot sticky mound. Toby seemed so in tune with my body and my needs that he released one hands from my throbbing tits and wandered down over my stomach heading for the hem of my white nurses uniform.

He reached all the way to my left nylon covered knee, which he gently massaged for a minute, teasing me until I started to grind my hips forward & back on the front of the stove in desperate need of a more fore filling orgasm. I eased my feet apart to encourage my young lover to explore the warm smoothness of my nylon covered thighs. Toby's need was becoming as great as mine as I felt his hand slowly slid up my thigh in one smooth non-stop journey of discovery; finding my hot saturated, sticky mound as his destination.

"Aaarrggghhh Toby," I groaned in absolute appreciation as the pressure of his palm cupped my needy mound, "Please bring me off with your fingers, I need to cum."

Toby needed no second invitation; I don't think he needed any invitation as he had come to know my body, desires and need so well over the last 10 days; as he increased the pressure on my wet gusset and pushed the material between my willing pussy lips with his finger as I swooned in lust & desire.

My hips were heaving against the stove as I tried to make his fingers spear my pussy through the material. But Toby was more practical & cool headed than I as his hand left my mound heading up to my waist band and in against my hot skin. No sooner had he got his hand inside my panties, then he was making a bee line for my aching pussy. I felt his finger tip glide through my bush covered mound until his middle finger parted the lips of my needy pussy and I groaned out loud in appreciation and anticipation.

Toby transferred his mouth and hand to my other breast as he simultaneously slid his long finger full depth into my nectar filled pussy. Oh fuck, he felt so good buried deep inside me as he sucked hard on my now sensitive nipple. How did I manage four days without my talented young lover I asked myself. Well enough of thinking, time to focus solely on pleasure as Toby devoted himself to my needy body and soul.

Taking his other hand off my breast Toby reached down to my waistband and I eased my ass off the stove to allow him to ease my panties down below my mound. Once they were pulled down I eased my thighs further apart to give easier access for Toby to satisfy me. He needed no guidance on that account as eased his thumb onto the hood of my clit to tease my bud to hardness underneath. My whole body was pulsating as he kept licking & chewing my tits and thoroughly explored the depths of my pussy with his strong middle finger.

"Ohhh, yes Toby," I groaned in sheer delight as his thumb peeled back my hood to make contact with my love button.

Ohh Toby ..... my love ....bring me off ..... please," I begged as if my life depended on it; my happiness certainly seemed to!

Suddenly Toby dropped to his knees in front of me and attached his mouth to my clit, drawing in his breath to form a vacuum seal on it. This lack of pressure drew blood to my sensitive tip and had me soaring with such wonderful feelings of bliss and joy.

As he fingers continued to pump in & out of my love tunnel; Toby started to press the tip of his tongue on to the tip of my clit and then started to rub hard across its nerve endings, sending jolts of pleasure racing through my body. With one hand I pushed his hand tight against me so his lips couldn't break their seal around my clit; and my other hand came up to torture my rock hard aching nipples that were now devoid of Toby's lips.

"Ohh God Toby, this is sssoooo beautiful," I crooned at the skill my lover had developed over the past week as he took me surging towards a most powerful and desperately needed orgasm.

His fingers stretched the inside of my pussy and his knuckles rubbed the tender lips each time they thrust deep inside me. My juices were pouring out over his fingers & soaking into the already sodden panty gusset underneath, filling the kitchen with the musky aroma of my pussy juices. I raked my long nails over my tits, making me wince in a mixture of pleasure & pain whenever they scored across my hardened nipples and excited me even more in conjunction with Toby's attention to my pussy & clit.

My hips were riding his fingers and tongue as I surged ever closer to sensual overload. As my nails hit my nipple again, Toby scored his teeth across my clit and I just tripped out into total orgasmic overload that cross wired all of my senses as I clung to the stove to stay upright.

"YES TOBY, ........ YES, ....... Fuck me with your fingers and bite my clit," I screamed at the head buried between my thighs as my juices broke the dam and surged over his fingers and my well practiced pussy muscles tried to break the penetrating fingers that were now corkscrewing inside my hot flooded pussy.

My arms tried to support my weight as I sagged on the front of the stove panting, "Fuck me Toby, fuck me however you want, but just fuck me here and now my lover."

Toby's face pulled back from my mound and our lust filled eyes met as he continued to corkscrew his fingers deep inside me, and I just couldn't stop abusing my red nail welted tits.

Quickly getting to his feet, Toby grabbed my hand and hauled me out of the kitchen, and into the lounge. He pushed me straight towards the sofa at speed making my shins hit the front of the sofa as I flew forward. Suddenly I was kneeling on the sofa cushions with my head, arms & tits draped over the back of the sofa. Behind me I could hear Toby desperately trying to unfasten his pants and release his cock.

Suddenly Toby hitched up my uniform skirt on to my hips before pulling my panties & pantyhose down a little further to gain clear access to my dripping pussy. I was so turned on and ready to be fucked by my young lover. I felt Toby's hands grip the underside of my ass cheeks with his thumbs close to my hot sticky pussy lips as he eased forwards towards me. Slowly he eased his thumbs apart opening my pussy lips wide and making me shiver in anticipation of him fucking me from behind doggie style. Doggie style is so basic and so animalistic like its name that I enjoy it so much; especially when I am only used to the straight up and down of the missionary position, so beloved by my husband Ian.

" OH GOD, TOBY," I screamed as he just thrust himself like an arrow straight into the bulls eye of my pussy.

"Oh you are so hard and so thick tonight," I swooned in absolute pleasure as his cock stretched me wide and he slammed into me up to the hilt and his hot cum filled balls slapped hard against me. I squeezed my muscles down hard on his meat, trying to tenderise it, and then marinade it with my juices inside my hot oven of a pussy.

Toby sank his fingers into my hips to get a firm grip as he picked up the pace and started to fuck me hard and fast. He both knew we wouldn't last long; the desperation for sex and the exciting foreplay was just too much for both of us.

"That's it lover, fuck me hard and deep," I teased and encouraged him," I love feeling your balls slap against my pussy."

I had begun to love talking dirty, it seemed such a sin to my Christian soul, but so good to my sex crazed mind and demanding body.

Suddenly Toby stepped up on to the front edge of the sofa, crouching so he could keep plunging deep inside of me as we fucked each others brains out. He reached forward trying to reach my tits, so I eased myself up off the back of the sofa allowing his hands to slip underneath me and grip my erect tender nipples between his fingers. He used his grip on my massive, free swinging 42DD beauties as leverage to bang his prick deep inside me with every thrust.

My orgasm was rushing at us like an express train as I screamed at Toby "Cum inside me, fill me with your hot spunk........... Spray your seed in my pussy........ Slam your cum filled balls against my pussy until you explode your spunk into my hot tube."

God I loved talking like a slut, I hoped it turned Toby on as much as it did me. At the same time my mind registered the sound of the front door closing.

"Mrs B you make me so hot for you ........ I can't last much longer.. [pant] ...... [pant]...... I'm going to cum," he grunted out load between huge grasps of breath to fill his overworked lungs.

"Fill me Toby..... Cum inside me now..... I'm coming, aaarrgh, I coming right now lover......Cum with me," I cried, hearing movement at my side.

"MRS B," Toby screamed in pleasure and a hint of panic as his cock swelled even more, the head of his cock twitching furiously inside me as the first ribbon of hot spunk exploded deep inside me. Toby's balls slapped against me another dozen times as he seemed to endlessly fill my pussy with his hot young seed.

I gripped his hands in mine, hard against my tits as my own orgasm consumed my own body like the fires of Hades. The rough treatment of my tits heightened my senses as the orgasm erupted from the pit of my stomach and spread in a circle consuming my sensitive clit and washing through my well fucked pussy with a wave of juices that coated his cock and mixed a cocktail of our shared juices inside the shaker that was my throbbing pussy.

Toby was fucked as his head slumped against my uniformed back; his hard, but spent cock still buried up to the hilt inside me; and his hands clinging to my tits like his life depended on it.

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