Dorm Room Redux



Inspired by "Dorm Room" by Tess_Stevens.

Basically it's my take on the same story, only with less incest, more foreplay, and BtVS characters instead. Speaking of which:

Willow, Tara, Percy, and Sunnydale U are all copyrighted characters and locations belonging to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I use them here for no monetary gain, with no claim of copyright and under fair use.


Part 1


Willow surveyed the room. It was the first time she'd been in the room since she and Tara had arrived at Sunnydale U and found out to their mutual disgust that they'd been assigned different dorm rooms. Back in high school they'd had to sneak around and make love to one another in secret, secluded places, like the janitor's closet, the locker room, beneath the football bleachers... they'd even managed to borrow Xander's room on a couple of occasions, but only after they'd both bribed him with blowjobs and the privilege of letting him watch the two girls fuck each others' brains out. (Though could either really be called a bribe if both of them had turned on Willow like nobody's business?)

Really, they were courtesy blowjobs more than anything else. After Willow had given her virginity to Xander back in her junior year there was almost nothing that Xander wouldn't do for her. The fact that he'd gotten her pregnant that first time might also have had something to do with it. It was a shame that she'd miscarried before she even began to show, but before she'd had another chance to rectify that cosmic mistake, she'd met Tara and was suddenly plunged into the world of Sapphic ecstasy with little appetite for anything other than the blonde's succulent tits and eternally dripping honey pot. For nearly the past year and a half, the only cock that Willow had allowed to plow her pussy was a plastic one that she and Tara had purchased at a novelty store. Yes, she'd had access to Xander, but she just wasn't that interested in him like that anymore, and besides, his new girlfriend Anya was a tad bit territorial.

But the blowjob sessions *had* been educational for Tara... and now that Tara had been saddled with a male roommate, Willow couldn't help but smile at herself as she envisioned being able to make love to Tara, to see her lover lose her male-virginity, and to have her own cunt plowed with a real and potent cock, all with unfettered access and uninterrupted privacy. It wasn't as ideal as having their own private dorm, but still, things were looking good!

Willow turned to Tara and her new roommate, Percy. "So, how are things going between you two?"

Tara sighed. "I told him about our plan, and he's happy to help but there's a... snag."

Willow arched her brow and turned to the tall, lean, blue-eyed brunette in a dark t-shirt and jeans sitting on the narrow bed on his side of the room. (She made a mental note to herself to have the twin beds either pushed together or replaced entirely with a single queen size.) "A snag?"

Percy rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment before reluctantly admitting "Well... it's just... I'm kind of..."

Willow blanched in horror. "Gay?" This could ruin everything. A gay guy wouldn't react at all to her feminine charms--never mind be willing to plow her--and she might actually have to pay him off just to get some modicum of privacy with-

"No, no! Not gay! Just... a virgin."

Willow breathed a sigh of relief, and very deliberately ignored the smugly bemused look that she could see on Tara's face. "Oh, well that's no problem at all really. We can actually take care of that very easily!"

Percy shifted his weight nervously on the bed. "Well yeah, but... I mean, I don't wanna just blow my load or something. For crying out loud, I've never even felt up a girl! I'm afraid I might... y'know, go off early."

Willow quickly eyed Tara's chest, noting with delight that the well-endowed girl also wasn't wearing a bra beneath the floral blouse, before slowly sauntering over to Percy with an exaggerated sway in her hips. "You just let us worry about that. And besides, even if you do go off early, Tara and I know lots of ways to keep each other entertained until you're ready again." She sat down beside him and threw an arm around his shoulders. "Why don't we start with some kissing?"

Percy audibly gulped and nodded. "Kissing... sounds good."

Before he could start to lean in though, Willow intercepted his lips with her finger and gave him a no-nonsense look. "Start off with just your lips. Don't thrust your tongue in there right off the bat like you're looking for a gold vein in my tonsils. Just nibble a little bit for a while before teasing me with it. After that, follow my lead."

Percy, eyes wide, let the information soak for a moment before nodding his head again sharply. Willow grinned. He *was* pretty cute for a guy, and his earnestness was rather endearing, and not a little similar to Tara's when she'd first met her. Willow let her face drift up to Percy's and let her eyes flutter closed. Following her instructions carefully, Percy leaned in and only pressed his lips to her at the start, before slowly opening and closing them against her own. Willow was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly he got into the rhythm, and before too long she was happily dueling his tongue with her own.

After a short time, she broke the kiss and leaned back, enjoying the tingling sensations in her lips, nipples, and her groin. Even her toes were feeling a little tingly. She noted that Tara had seated herself on Percy's other side and that she was constantly whetting her lips with her tongue in a Pavlovian response to the show. Willow looked up at Percy and instructed him, "Good, now try the same thing with Tara."

Percy turned to the blonde sitting beside him, and the two smiled at each other before leaning in and engaging in their own lip-lock. Willow stood up to get a better view and watched with glee as Percy and Tara started to run their hands up and down each other's sides as they started to share their tongues with each other. When she noticed Percy's hands drifting dangerously close to the sides of Tara's breasts, she authoritatively barked, "Stop!" Percy quickly pulled away from the embrace, but Tara kept her face upturned, not wanting to break the contact. Willow gave a low chuckle before gently turning the blonde's chin towards her and quickly capturing Tara's swollen lips with her own. Soon both women were well into the kiss and were starting to breath more heavily into each other's mouths. Willow reluctantly broke the kiss and turned back to Percy. "Kissing can be lots of fun just by itself, but right now Tara and I are both eager for something more. You say you've never felt up a girl before?"

Percy shook his head. "Not once."

Willow grinned and pulled Tara up to her feet. "Well you're in luck, because today you'll get to feel up the girl with the best tits in all of Sunnydale!" She gave Tara's left nipple a quick, playful pinch through the thin material before sitting herself down again next to Percy. "Go on Tara, show him your moves."

Tara for her part grinned at her redheaded lover. "You just want to get me naked, don't you?"

"Darn tootin'! I've got the most beautiful girlfriend on this side of the planet! Why would you think I wouldn't want to see her naked?"

Tara happily felt a blush creeping up her neck--as it always did when Willow lavished such praise on her--and started to sway back and forth on her feet. "Flatterer" she playfully accused.

"Yup!" Willow gleefully admitted. "Now, quit stallin' and show us your boobs!"

Tara quirked her brow with a smirk, but said nothing, instead beginning to sway even more to a drum beat that only she could hear. Willow glanced to her side and noted with satisfaction that Percy's eyes were glued to the curvaceous figure of her girlfriend before turning back to Tara.

The blonde lifted her hands above her head and began undulating her body back and forth in a dance that the redhead knew all too well. Willow was certain that she had a song in her head that she was dancing to now, though the blonde had yet to ever admit what that song might be. Tara began twirling around, letting her knee-length skirt fly up and giving both of her audience members tantalizing glimpses of her milky thighs. She then began playing with the hem of her blouse, teasing it up and down over her stomach, letting her belly button playfully wink for her. She let the blouse go and instead ran her hands up her sides, then back down again, then up over the fronts of her breasts before grinning wickedly and cupping the hefty orbs through her blouse. Willow watched with glee as Tara turned around and, while keeping her back to them, pulled her blouse up off of her torso and over her head, with only the sides of her breasts in view. Tara tossed the garment off to the side and then cupped her full tits with her hands before twirling back around. Willow heard Percy emit an audible gasp as Tara displayed her generous tracts of land to him, but kept her most intimate parts covered. Tara stalked slowly over to the bed, arching one foot in front of the other, groping herself with her hands and letting her breasts separate and then mash together, always making sure to keep her sensitive nubs concealed.

Tara was well within arm's reach of both Willow and Percy when she finally stopped advancing. She leaned far over, letting her bosom hang pendulously in front of both her admirers, still keeping herself covered with her hands. She turned a little to let Percy get a good view of her cavernous cleavage, who in turn let out another gasp, and then turned to Willow. Willow leered at her girlfriend's assets for a moment before looking up at the blonde's flushed face and blowing her a kiss. Tara winked at her and then leaned back, playing with herself some more. Once again the blonde turned around with her back to her audience and let go of her boobs, the sides of the heavenly flesh bouncing into view. Tara held her hands over her head and undulated from side to side for a moment, her efforts swaying her breasts visibly even from the back, though never letting her nipples come into view. Then she slid her hands down her sides and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her skirt, leaned forward and drug the material over her plump ass--revealing a purple thong--and down her legs, letting the material pool at her feet. She up righted herself and once again cupped her breasts as she stepped out of the skirt, kicking it to the side as well, and twirled around facing them, her most intimate portions of her body now only covered by a thin triangle of purple gauze, two bits of string and her own hands.

Tara stepped closer now, her knees scant inches away from those of Willow and Percy, and slowly raised her breasts up higher and higher, her grip becoming more and more tenuous, until finally gravity told everyone that it was the boss in town and yanked Tara's assets back down from her up stretched hands. Her boobs bounced back down upon her chest, now uncovered and freely displaying her swollen, nickel-sized and dark rose-colored nipples perched upon large, lighter-colored areolae. Percy let out a third gasp at this new sight, and Willow couldn't stop her own sharp intake of breath. No matter how many times she played with them, Willow could never get enough of seeing her girlfriend's magnificent orbs.

Her treasure fully revealed, Tara once again began to sway from side to side, twisting her torso so that her breasts' movements would be exaggerated. Willow and Percy stared into the hypnotic sight, both of their breaths quickening. The redhead managed to drag her eyes away from the spectacle and glanced up at Tara's face, noting the grin the blonde had. Willow smirked as she realized that Tara was enjoying the torpor that the mere sight of her body could induce, and she really couldn't blame her. If she had a body as sexy as Tara's, she'd be flaunting that thing like nobody's business! But as things were, she was more than happy to enjoy being mesmerized by it instead.

"Why don't you give him a taste?" Willow asked with a playful note in her voice. Percy blinked owlishly and quickly turned to Willow, and then Tara, making sure that he'd heard correctly.

Tara grinned. "A taste... sounds good." She murmured with a husky voice as she looked into his eyes, blue peering into blue. Then she moved even closer to Percy, her knee sliding between his, and leaned forward. Percy looked down and couldn't help but open his mouth as her left nipple drifted inexorably towards his mouth. For a short eternity, mouth and nipple hung separated by mere millimeters, until finally Percy let out an incoherent peep and leaned forward, capturing the swollen nub between his ravenous lips.

Willow turned to him and instructed him with a deadly serious tone, "No teeth! She's very sensitive. Just suckle on her with your lips. If you bite her, we'll both smack you for it."

Percy let out an affirmative moan before closing his eyes and happily sampling the heavenly flesh, turning the nub inside his mouth this way and that with his tongue. Tara smiled as she looked down at him, then turned to Willow, cupping her other breast from below and lifting it up to the redhead in a clear offer. Willow grinned and happily accepted, leaning in and capturing the unattended nipple with her own lips. She heard the blonde's breathing hitch as both peaks were thoroughly worked over. Devilishly, Willow disobeyed her own directive to Percy and lightly grazed the dark nub in her mouth with her teeth, causing the blonde to squirm beneath them. Willow let a chuckle rumble through her throat and into Tara's breast before relenting and removing her teeth, instead teasing it with her tongue like she knew the blonde preferred. Willow didn't think that Percy would know exactly what the blonde liked, but she was fairly certain that Tara was more than excited having both of her breasts suckled at the same time by two different people. Yes, Tara could suck on one of her own nipples (Yet another reason why Willow happily stood by her claim about Tara's breasts being the best in the land!) while Willow sucked on the other, and they'd brought the blonde many an orgasm that way. But Willow knew that there was always a big difference between playing with yourself and having somebody else play with you, and that right now the blonde was feeling that difference... acutely.

Willow grinned to herself as she recognized the signs of Tara's mounting pleasure: The high-pitched little whines, the subtle undulating of her wide hips, the way she was thrusting her chest out. But she also noted Percy's increased breathing and his own hip thrusts, and realized that things were starting to get out of control. Reluctantly, she released the tasty turgid tip from her lips and then pushed the blonde backwards gently. Tara whimpered in loss, but complied with the non-verbal instruction and stepped back, her left nipple detaching from Percy's lips with an audible pop. Percy blinked owlishly and looked up at Tara, then to Willow. The redhead grinned and asked "Enjoying yourself?"

Percy nodded so hard that she thought his head might come off. Giggling at his enthusiasm, Willow continued "I thought as much. But we don't want you enjoying yourself *too* much, or else you might have a little accident." Percy had the decency to blush and look down, but he did shift a little to bring comfort to his pants which were doubtlessly a few sizes too tight at the moment. "Why don't we make you a little more comfortable? Tara, help me with his pants." The blonde quickly knelt between his legs and worked at the strained zipper while Willow leaned over and worked at the button. The two women quickly had his jeans unfastened and Tara quickly peeled them and his boxers off, revealing a pleasantly large erection throbbing above his thighs. Tara herself blinked owlishly at the appendage in front of her while Willow peeled off his shirt. She tossed that to the side and then glanced at his toned stomach and throbbing equipment, letting out a coo and murmuring "Very nice."

Leaning back against the head of the bed to strip off her top and shuck off her own pants, Willow offered, "Since this is your first time, why don't you go ahead and have sex with me first to take the edge off? I'm guessing that if you stick that thing inside Tara first with her breasts bouncing around like they do, you'll go off in no time." Percy looked back up at Willow and could only blink at this new information. Before he knew it, he was looking at the second live naked female body in his entire life, his eyes taking in Willow's eraser-sized pink nipples perched upon modest, perky breasts, her creamy, freckled skin, and--as she peeled off her polka dot panties--her trimmed, auburn-haired bush that covered a pair of swollen cunt lips that were already glistening with moisture.

Willow spread her legs and quickly set about playing with herself, rapidly frigging her clit with her left hand while she roughly pulled and twisted a nipple with her right. Percy started to move up the bed, but hesitated. "What about a condom?" He asked with concern despite his gaze being glued to the natural redhead's crotch.

Pinching her left nipple for good measure, Willow continued pulling at her right nipple as she absently answered, "I'm Jewish, we don't believe in them." It wasn't a lie, strictly speaking; there *were* certain sects of orthodox Judaism that shunned any kind of contraception. More to the point though, her mother wanted grandchildren NOW and wasn't too particular about how Willow gave them to her. In the corner of her eye, Willow noticed Tara--now sitting on the opposite bed--covering her mouth as her chest shook alluringly with suppressed giggles. The redhead spared the blonde an evil-eye glare before turning back to Percy. "Don't worry, I'll show you what you need to do."

Percy hesitated a moment longer before obviously succumbing to the demands of his lower half and crawling up the bed to cover Willow's body with his own. Willow ceased the ministrations to her body and instead grabbed Percy down for a scorching kiss, quickly thrusting her tongue into his mouth and letting out happy squeals as he ground his hips against hers, the base of his cock rubbing against her thigh. After a few pleasant moments, she broke the kiss and looked down as she gently grasped his throbbing member. "Wait until I get it seated, then push in--gently!" She instructed. Percy could only nod. Willow teased the head up and down the length of her slit, coating the swollen purple head in her sticky secretions. Then she guided the head to where she knew the opening to her core lay in waiting, and murmured softly "Now."

He pushed, almost too gently at first, but soon Willow felt herself stretching, yielding, and finally constricting around his length as it slowly bore into her. She let out a low, keening moan as she felt herself stuffed with real, blood-heated cock for the first time in nearly a year and a half. She loved Tara unendingly, but by the gods she'd missed this. Soon enough, Percy's groin was nestled against Willow's, their pubic hairs meshing, black and red curls intertwined around a near-seamless joining of flesh. Willow rippled her kegal muscles around his dick for good measure, getting herself re-acquainted with this form of sex. "Okay, now I want you to pull yourself out until only the head is still in, and then push back in."

Percy nodded, and then he complied as he looked down to where they were joined, uncertainly withdrawing himself while Willow continued to purposefully ripple her inner muscles around him as he retreated. Just before Willow could feel his engorged tip start to emerge from her nether lips, he stopped and thrust back in, this time with more urgency and less hesitancy. He shuddered above her, and muttered, "Wow... that's awesome!"

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