Dormant Desires


As I drifted off to sleep, I recounted the events from the last several hours. I'd flown in to see Allegra earlier that day, desperately needing a vacation from work. She'd been gracious enough to let me stay with her while I unwound and relaxed a little. When the plane landed, I found myself at the baggage belt, watching it go 'round and 'round with no sign of my luggage. After asking around, I discovered that the bags were somewhere halfway across the country. Great. The airline DID promise to have them shipped to me as soon as possible, though I was told this could still take a few days. Fantastic.

Naturally, Allegra asked why I hadn't brought any luggage. I sighed and explained what had happened. "It's because of things like this that I need a break in the first place."

She laughed a little and told me not to worry about it. "We'll still have a good time, I promise. We'll figure something out until your bags show up."

The drive back to her place was short and I finally allowed myself to relax. The evening had progressed somewhat uneventfully, and at last it was time to get some sleep. "You better get some rest... I know you've had a long week. You could probably use a good night's sleep." She led me to the guest room and told me to make myself comfortable. I glanced around at the pink walls and bed set. There's a distinctly feminine feel to the room, but I decided to look past this. What difference does it make anyway?

"Allegra, thanks so much for letting me stay here. I'm really glad we were able to do this."

"Don't mention it, I'm glad too. It's nice to have the company. By the way, you can use the guest bath in the morning. There are some fresh towels in the linen closet, so help yourself."

We said our good nights and I closed the door. Within minutes, I'd sunk deeply into the pink sheets and was fast asleep. It ended up being some of the best sleep I'd enjoyed in a long time.

* * *

The next morning, I rolled over and out of bed, feeling really great about everything. Hell, I even forgot about the luggage. The sun was just starting to peek in through the windows; still early I guess. I found the linen closet Allegra had mentioned and opened it to find a collection of pink bath towels. I smiled... looks like someone has a thing for pink. Back in the guest room, I stripped down completely and left my clothes in a bundle near the foot of the bed. Wrapping myself in the towel, I headed to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. The water felt terrific, but it occurred to me that the shampoos and soaps weren't exactly... shall we say, gender neutral? "Oh well," I thought out loud. "It's no big deal." About ten minutes later, I stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed and smelling slightly fruity and sweet. It wasn't too bad, actually. It was around this time that I remembered my missing luggage. Shit, I'd have to wear the same clothes from yesterday. Not really ideal, but it couldn't be helped.

Wrapped up in the towel again, I headed back to the guest room, trying to keep quiet in case Allegra was still asleep. It didn't take me long to realize my clothes were not where I'd left them. I checked around a bit, under the bed, just to be sure... they were gone. Why does everyone keep stealing my clothes?

"Oh my, don't you smell nice... How'd you sleep?"

I turned around and blushed a little. Allegra stood in the doorway smiling at me. She looked really good, even at this early hour. "Oh hey, g'morning. I slept great but I think the airline struck again... you haven't seen my things, have you?"

Allegra laughed and nodded. "I threw your things in the wash for you. To be honest, that thing's a piece of crap and it might take a while. I'm pretty sure I have a few things that will fit you though. You don't mind that, do you?"

I paused. She was really trying hard to help me out here... I couldn't turn her down after all she'd done. "No, that would be fine. You don't have a pair of jeans or something..?"

She smiled. "I'll see what I can find..."

A few minutes later, Allegra came back with an armful of clothes. She set the stack down on the bed and started to leave, but turned back to me as she neared the door. "Be sure to put everything on... I don't want you going commando in my jeans."

I stared after her as she turned and left the room, wondering what she meant. I glanced down at what she brought and that's when I noticed them. Reaching down, I took the silky material in my hands: pale blue panties with delicate lace in a sort of ivory color along the waistband. It crossed my mind that she might be kidding around, but I decided to play along. "No big deal," I thought. "It's just underwear. It's not like anyone will know."

With that settled, I carefully slipped the panties up my legs and tucked everything in place, surprised at how comfortable I found them. Still, I felt quite vulnerable and quickly grabbed the jeans from the stack, tugging them up my legs. They were slimmer than what I was used to and they hugged my crotch tightly, but I appreciated covering up a bit. I figured you'd have to look pretty carefully to notice anyway.

There was also a thin white t-shirt that I pulled on (form-fitting and relatively tight, cut in a way that made it obvious it wasn't meant for men), as well as a fairly androgynous white hoodie... though the inside of the hood was bright pink and the letters "NYC" were printed across the front in the same color. The only thing left on the bed was a pair of socks: thin, argyle, feminine colors... it was obvious to ME that they were meant for women, but I convinced myself that they wouldn't cause any trouble.

When I was done, I had a quick look in the mirror to see how it all fit. Despite my reservations about the clothes, my body betrayed me and a trace of arousal spread through me as I considered what lay beneath the jeans. The more I thought about it, the more taboo it seemed, which only heightened my awareness and arousal... it was a vicious circle! I forced myself away from the mirror and drove the thoughts from my mind, finally coming back to reality. What had come over me in that brief moment?

I left the room and heard some commotion below me, so I headed downstairs to meet Allegra. She was sorting through a cupboard in the kitchen with her back to me. I forced a light cough and she turned towards me, smiling. "Oh good, it all seems to fit well enough. I hope you don't mind the unconventional underwear. It was the best I could come up with on such short notice. It was either that or a lacy purple thong... hey, you don't want to switch, do you? I can go get it if you want..."

My face went beet red. I felt a stirring in my crotch once more as I fought the images trying to enter my head. "No, these are fine, really. They're actually starting to grow on me." Oh why the FUCK did I say that? The words tumbled out before I realized what I was saying.

Allegra cocked an eyebrow. "Is that right? It might interest you to know that there's a matching bra that goes with those. It would probably look pretty cute on you too." My face was on fire and she giggled in my direction. "Oh, but surely I've embarrassed you enough for right now. Maybe we'll talk about that later.... in the meantime, don't worry, you look fine. No one will even know about the cute panties you've got under those jeans. Well, except for me." The slightest wink and I was melting in her hands. "Now then, how about some breakfast?"

* * *

We ate a light meal and enjoyed some good conversation. There was no mention of what I was wearing and that was fine by me. When we finished, I insisted on cleaning up the dishes, though it took several attempts to persuade her. We finally agreed that I would wash everything and she could tidy up and put things away; no problem, since I wouldn't have a clue where anything went anyway. This worked out well and soon everything was back where it belonged.

The next few hours went by rather quickly: some TV and casual conversation, followed by a little walk. I felt a bit self-conscious being in public dressed as I was, but the feelings passed and I began to enjoy the nice weather and fresh smelling air. Somewhere near the halfway point, after we'd already turned back around, Allegra said something that literally made me stumble. "So how are your panties? Are they comfortable?"

My eyes darted around to make sure no one overheard, but there was no one in sight.

She laughed and continued, "Relax, it's no big deal. Not like we had much choice, right? And you mentioned earlier that they were growing on you... is that true?"

I nodded. "They're really soft, unlike anything I've worn before, but I can't help feeling self-conscious about the whole thing. The jeans and the hoodie probably have something to do with that too..."

She glanced my way and reassured me, "No one has a clue, I promise you that. Honestly, you have nothing to worry about." I don't know if it was her actual words or just the way she spoke, but I did feel relief at the thought. "Well in any case, I'm really glad you like them."

Her eyes focused in front of her again and a tiny smile spread across her lips. There was a moment of silence before she dropped her next bomb. "Do they turn you on? Does it make you kind of hot, knowing you're wearing my panties?"

This sudden twist caught me completely off guard. "What?! N- I don't-" I couldn't find words. The fact of the matter was that my cock became rock hard seconds after those questions came out. I had no control over it and I was having trouble hiding it.

"Really? 'Cause that seemed to get to you a little... is there something you're not telling me? I think maybe you're a little flustered because it turns out you like wearing panties. Is that it? Tell you what, I'll make you the deal of a lifetime. If you can prove me wrong right now, we'll go back to the house and you can screw me any way you want. You can have all night if you'd like, as many times as you can handle. But if it turns out I'm right, things will be very different. You win either way, so I'm not going to bother waiting for a reply. Just know that if I'm right, the first order of business will be to go back and get you into that matching bra I mentioned."

I couldn't believe my ears. There was nothing to say. I was HUGELY turned on by all this and I had no way to hide it. It was at that moment that I realized her hand had found its way to my crotch and was rubbing me through my jeans. "Oh my god, you're ROCK hard! I was just kidding about all of that! I just wanted a good fuck and thought this would be a fun way to bring it up, but you're actually getting off on this! You know, the airline losing your luggage might turn out to be the best thing that's ever happened to you. Come on, we've got a busy day ahead of us!"

She grabbed my hand and started to pull me back to the house. I followed blindly, humiliated but so incredibly excited at the same time. My mind was a whirlwind of activity as I wondered what lay before me.

We pushed through the front door and made our way to Allegra's bedroom. The smell was the first thing that hit me. Heavenly and sweet, it forced me to pause and take in the room. It wasn't overly feminine like the guest room that I was using, but it obviously belonged to someone of good taste. The bed was covered in deep red, satin sheets and dominated the far wall. A wide chest of drawers was situated along the adjacent wall, with a full length mirror to one side. On the opposite wall was a taller, more narrow chest. With her back to me, Allegra opened one of these drawers and began sifting through the contents until she pulled out what she'd been looking for. As she turned towards me, I could see the silky material dangling from her hands, the same material used on the panties I was currently wearing.

"What are you waiting for? Let's get those off!" The voice was commanding but there was a smile on her face. I decided that I wanted to do this and didn't resist; first the hoodie, then the shirt. A giggle escaped her lips as I lifted the shirt over my head. "Ohhh, cute!"

I glanced down and saw that the lacy waistband from the panties was poking out the top of the jeans, which were quite low cut. All the blushing wasn't getting any easier on me, but Allegra seemed to really enjoy my situation.

"Here, let me help you, sweetie. This can be tricky if you've never d... hey, you haven't done this before, have you? Oh, just teasing! Here, hold your arms out and we'll get you all set." I did as I was told and she slipped the bra over my arms and stepped behind me to secure the clasp. When it was in place, she adjusted it slightly and stepped back to admire her handy work. "Not much to fill it out, but I won't make you stuff for me... this time. I wouldn't want you to be too embarrassed for our little trip..."

My heart skipped a beat. Excuse me? "Uh, what was that?"

"Well since you like panties so much, I thought we'd go get you some more! You can't just wear mine forever; you'll need your own. Besides, this is going to be so fun for you, I promise. You do want to wear panties, don't you?"

I was nervous as hell but decided to trust her and nodded my approval.

"Then go ahead and put that shirt back on. I'll let you put the hoodie back on too, since the bra will probably show right through your shirt. Just so you know though, I might decide to get cold later on..." She winked as she said this and I could only imagine what she had in store. She was right about the shirt; the bra was clearly visible through the thin cotton and I hurried to pull the hoodie on over top.

Allegra giggled and gave me a little whistle. "Great, you're looking really cute! I can't wait to help you shop today. We should really get going though... grab your shoes and we'll be all set!"

* * *

We arrived at the mall a little while later. I was extremely nervous and felt as if thousands of eyes were on me. Maybe they were... I tried to focus only on what was in front of us. I didn't dare look away, fearing what I might see. Could they possibly know I was wearing soft, silky panties? A matching bra? I was sure everyone knew.

I suddenly found myself standing in Victoria's Secret, surrounded by pink walls lined with panties, bras, babydolls, and other odds and ends... the smell in the store was invigorating. I inhaled deeply but was quickly brought back to reality as Allegra tugged at my arm and led me to an available salesgirl; her name tag read Amy.

"Hi Amy, could you help us out?" She gave me a small nudge forward. "Erica here recently found out she just loves wearing panties. I figured that might not be all she's into. Could you help us find some nice things for her to wear?"

I was shocked to hear her speak about me in this way and my heart started pounding. Amy apparently hadn't anticipated this either... her eyes opened a bit wider and her jaw dropped almost imperceptibly. She remained professional though and agreed that she could show us a few things we might like. We started at a table filled with all different colored panties. Amy explained that these were on sale and were some of their best sellers. "He would probably like these boyshorts. And I really like these thongs. I actually have the same one in a few colors."

Allegra turned to me. "What do you think, Erica? Do you want to try a cute little thong? I think that would be SO sexy."

My face turned red and I nodded. "I could try it out, I guess..."

It didn't occur to me that I'd reached out and was fondling one of the thongs; pink, satin, incredibly soft against my fingers. They both giggled at my choice and looked at one another. Amy spoke first, glancing first at my hoodie and then at my socks, which were only slightly visible. "I guess you must have a thing for pink? Cute hoodie by the way. And it goes really great with those jeans. Did you pick them out yourself?"

Allegra stepped around to the side of the table. "No, those were my idea, but I really do think she likes them. I might just let her keep them!" She picked up two more pairs and held them out at my waist. "This lacy purple one and these plain white boyshorts as well. You can never have too many, you know. And besides, they're on sale!"

Amy giggled and agreed. She seemed to be loosening up a bit. "Sure... Erica, was it? Oh, and you HAVE to get these over here. We just got them in and they're SOOO cute." She walked to another table and lifted a pair of black satin briefs covered in pink hearts with a small pink bow attached at the waistband.

Allegra nodded her agreement. "Yes, she does need those. So feminine and pretty, don't you think, Erica?"

I swallowed hard and nodded again. I seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "They look incredible."

Allegra surprised us both by reaching out and grabbing my crotch, her fingers tight around my erection. "Yeah, I think she likes them all right," winking at Amy. "Do these come with a matching bra?"

We followed Amy to the wall and she pulled off the matching piece. She was finally getting into Allegra's little gender bending game, much to my embarrassment. "I think this will suit her... should be the right size. She doesn't have much of a chest, does she?"

"No, she doesn't... maybe we can work on that another time. Could we see some pretty things for her to wear at night?

"Of course! I know just the thing..." Again we followed Amy's lead. I noticed that a few more people had entered the store. It had been mostly empty when we showed up, but now there were several women sifting through the rows of panties and bras. We stopped near one of these customers at a rack which had a collection of satin chemises. "These are so sexy... I think they'll look perfect on her, don't you?"

Allegra nodded her agreement. "I think she'll look darling. Do you like these, sweetie?"

The other customer clearly heard this. I could feel her watching us out of the corner of her eye. I nodded that I did like them.

"Good, we'll get you all wrapped up in silky soft lingerie for bed and then you can dream allll night long about being a pretty girl. Would you like that?" I nearly fainted upon hearing this. "Oh, she's looking a little flush. Maybe we should wrap things up?" She grabbed a few items off the rack and handed them to me. I took them in my arms without really being aware of what I was getting.

"Sure, I can ring you out at the registers," Amy said.

We began to follow her once more when Allegra stopped suddenly at a small plexiglass display. "I almost forgot! She'll definitely need a pair of stockings to show off those sexy legs of hers... these black thigh highs will be PERFECT! Here you go honey, bring these over to the counter so you can pay for all your pretty new underwear."

I clutched at my new things as I walked to the registers. I could feel the eyes of several customers glued to me, following my every step. I was so humiliated, but my cock was harder than ever. I paid for all of the lingerie and was even persuaded to sign up for an Angel Card. Amy smiled and told me she hoped to see me again sometime. I smiled back sheepishly. "Thank you so much for helping us... and for being so understanding."

We were nearly out of the store when I heard Amy shout, "Erica, wait!" I froze, once again aware of the eyes staring right at me. "You forgot to take your Angel Card, honey!"

I felt my legs moving me back to the registers without any conscious effort. Amy handed me the card and spoke again. "I've got a little confession..." She leaned over and whispered in my ear: "I did that on purpose." She gave a wicked little smile and winked at me.

I couldn't believe what just happened. I left as quickly as I could to find Allegra waiting for me outside the store laughing. "Oh my, how embarrassing... I think I like that girl! How are you doing?"

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