tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDormitory Fire Drill

Dormitory Fire Drill

byLia Monde©

The bed in Beverly's dorm room was narrow. It forced their naked bodies close. That was fine with Les, it increased the intimacy. As they spooned together, Les's arm draped across her waist and fondled the bottom of her left breast. His face pressed into the hair at her neck and inhaled the wonderful aroma. His erect penis rested in the crack of her ass.

Beverly's hand reached back and gently massaged his hip and bare ass. She made a slight rolling motion with her butt that applied pleasurable pressure to his cock. Les smiled and responded by adding his own motion to match hers.

As they grew more aroused, the pace of their lovemaking increased. Les moved his palm to her nipple and barely touched it with small circular movements. She inhaled sharply and it forced her breast more firmly against his palm. The nipple was engorged and hard. Beverly slid her hand from his hip to his balls. Les kissed her neck in appreciation and nibbled her earlobe.

The heat continued to rise and their touching became more frenzied. Les moved his hand from her breast to the sensitive area at the top of her pubic hair. Beverly shifted position and separated her legs. He took advantage of the opening and moved his penis from her ass to between her legs. The tip of his cock nestled in the bottom of her pubic hair. Their rocking motion made it slide along the surface of her vagina.

His fingers slowly entered her thick and damp pubic hair as if on a safari. Beverly's body tensed and her breathing deepened. She bit her lower lip and concentrated on the building pleasure. She loved how Les gently worked her body and didn't just come in a groping rush. In that regard, he was sensitive and caring lover. Very different from her previous boyfriends. Even more tender than some of the girls she'd been with.

As Les's fingers started to probe her swollen pussy lips, she was building to a quick climax. The combination of his body pressed tight against her, his cock thrusting between her legs, his tongue in her ear and his talented fingers were overwhelming her senses.

She grabbed a handful of sheets, gyrated her entire body and said through clenched teeth, "Now Les, now."

He knew what she wanted and slid his fingers through the wet folds of her vagina and found her hard clitoris. It was like stepping on the accelerator. Within seconds, her climax burst forth in waves. Beverly's body bucked against his hand. Her insides melted like warm butter and a blissful glow spread through her body.

While she was still in orgasmic reverie, Les rolled her willing body over and spread her legs. He got between them and aligned his penis. As his cock touched her pussy, he leaned forward and gave her a kiss. Lost in passion and delight, Beverly gave the slightest feathery response.

As she lay docilely beneath him, Les pushed slowly into her. He enjoyed the tightness and the warmth and the extreme wetness. If possible, his penis got harder and larger. His was very close and he began moving his hips to pump in and out. Beverly smiled, but made only the barest of moves. Within a few strokes, Les felt his passion rising beyond control. Beverly started to squirm as she built to another orgasm. He pumped madly and then jammed as deep into her as he could, rocking her body. He breathed out in a moan, climaxed and shot strong spurts deep into Beverly. She experienced a second smaller, but nonetheless, satisfying orgasm,

He held the position on his elbows for a few seconds then lowered himself on top of her. They were both spent and satisfied.

After a few minutes, Les whispered in her ear, "You're the best, doll." He rolled off her and they both drifted into a deep and restful sleep.

Les dreamt the alarm clock was going off. He ignored it and turned over. Beverly bolted upright next to him and said, "Oh my gawd! It's a fire alarm!" She was immediately awake and out of bed.

Her naked body raced to the door and opened it a crack. The fire alarm wailed in the hall and the lights flashed. She closed the door and flicked on the lights. "Get up Les, we've got to go."

He was still lying in bed. He kept his eyes closed and tried to return to sleep. "Nah, it's probably a false alarm. They'll turn it off in a second." Les wasn't one to awake easily, especially not from a deep and short sleep. He pulled the pillow over his head to shut out the noise.

Beverly was in frenzy. She was at her bureau pulling out night clothes. She grabbed a pale blue baby doll nightie and pulled on the panties. As she moved, she repeated, "Les get up."

From under the pillow, he said, "You go, I'll stay here"

Beverly pulled the pillow off his head and shook him. He opened his eyes and saw her adorable tits hanging over his face. He had a last thought that maybe this really was just a beautiful dream.

"We can't stay here." Beverly insisted. "The Resident Assistants check each room to make sure they're clear. Besides, it might be a real fire." She tugged on his arm.

Les gave up and swung his legs onto the floor. Seeing progress, Beverly returned to dressing and slipped the silky baby doll over her head. The lace trim just reached the middle of her buttocks. Les rested his head in his hands and looked around groggily for his clothes.

As he reached for his jeans, Beverly said, "Shit!"

Les looked up and saw the panicked expression on her face.

"They can't see you in the dorm," she said in a tight voice. "You know it's against the rules to stay overnight."

Les knew, because each time he stayed over, they had to go through the ruse of pretending to sign him out by the eleven o'clock deadline and then sneaking him back in. Still, he didn't think getting caught was a big deal. Beverly obviously did.

"I'll get in all sorts of trouble." she said as her mind raced. The clanging alarm added to the urgency and didn't help her thinking. Beverly got an idea and moved to the closet. She grabbed a long nightgown and handed it to Les. "Here, put this on."

He took it and stared at it in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

"Put it on." she insisted. "We'll pretend you're one of the girls and no one will notice in the confusion."

"Are you crazy?" he said and dropped the gown on the bed. "I'm not putting that on." He reached again for his jeans.

She stopped his hand and sat beside him. Her voice was firm. "Les, put it on. I could really get in a lot of trouble. It's the only way."

He looked around trying to think of an alternative. "It'll never work. Everyone will see my face, honey."

She thought for a second, and then said, "I got it!" She bounced up and grabbed a large sweatshirt from a hook. "Wear this over it and pull the hood up. No one will see your head."

Les hesitated. He was still groggy and having trouble thinking. Regardless, Beverly left no room for debate. "Hurry."

He grimaced, but stood up and reached for the nightgown.

"Good boy, thank you." she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'll never forget this."

"Yah, neither will I." Les mumbled as he pulled the satiny, feminine nightgown over his head. 'The things I do for love.' he thought to himself.

Before he had a chance to reconsider, Beverly moved to get the rest of their clothes. She peeked out the door. "Faster, darling. Everyone is leaving and the RA's are starting to check rooms."

The gown draped easily over his body and reached to his mid-calf. He slipped on the sweatshirt and pulled the hood over his head. Fortunately, the baggy style of the over-sized sweatshirt had lots of room. When pulled tight, the hood provided good concealment.

There was no time for further review. Beverly tugged on his sleeve and said, "We gotta go. Put these on." She handed him fluffy, pink slippers. He wrinkled his nose, but did as he was told and slipped them on his feet.

Beverly put her hand in the small of his back and urged him to the door. She had put on a cute lavender bathrobe to cover the revealing baby doll pajamas. It had only been minutes since the alarm first sounded. As they were about to enter the corridor, Beverly stopped him and urgently said, "Wait. You need underwear. Your penis is showing."

Les looked down and saw the tell-tale bulge through the nightgown. Beverly stepped to her bureau.

"Where's my boxers?" he asked.

"They won't work. They're too loose. Use these." she said holding out a pair of her dainty panties.

"No way!" Les said in a squeaky voice. "I can't wear those. Those are girl's panties."

"Shhh, keep your voice down. Don't be silly. They're just underwear." Beverly insisted. She dropped to her knees and lifted his foot. "These are tight enough to keep you in place." Before he could protest further, she was snapping them around his waist.

Les was surprised by her quick and insistent action. However, he was most surprised by the sensuous reaction and spark of arousal that shot through his loins from the feel of the panties. That sensation heightened when Beverly slipped her hand inside the panties, grabbed his penis and pushed it down between his legs. When she smoothed the material and his balls into place, his penis jumped.

Before he could fathom what the hell was going on, Beverly had pulled him into the corridor.

They were among the last to leave. The Resident Assistants were encouraging the other stragglers and barely gave them a glance. Beverly's room was on the eighth floor of a ten-floor high-rise. They headed to the emergency exit stairs.

Beverly was behind him and whispered, "Keep your head down."

He didn't need the reminder. His nerves were in a high state of anxiety. He tried to make himself invisible and shrink into the clothes. For once, he felt fortunate to be neither particularly tall, nor well-built. His thin frame and smallish size blended in among the coeds.

When they entered the emergency stairway, it was packed. The lower floors were still emptying and they moved at a snail's pace. They pushed into the crowd, and Beverly positioned herself on the stair above and directly behind him. Les was immediately claustrophobic. He didn't want to touch anyone and risk being discovered. However, in the crowded confines, it was virtually impossible to avoid incidental contact. The extreme vulnerability of his situation began to dawn on him as they inched forward. It was one thing to be caught after hours in the girls dorm, it was quite another to be caught in this embarrassing attire.

With his head tucked down, he got a close look at his complete outfit for the first time. During the rush in the room, he had just followed Beverly's commands and pulled on the clothes. He was stunned to see he was covered in pink from head to toe. In addition to the fluffy and girlish slippers, the flimsy nightgown was a pale pink with a lacy champagne trim at the edges and along the side slits. The cotton sweatshirt was a deeper pink with a bunny appliqué on the front. Les couldn't see the panties. However, if the color was as feminine as the feel on his body, pink was a definite possibility.

If he'd seen Beverly in these clothes, he would have been attracted. Now, he just felt uncomfortable. Fully awake, he realized this was a very bad idea. He thought he should have taken his chances hiding in the room. He was determined to get through this and out of here as soon as possible.

In examining his feminine clothes, Les had lost focus on his surroundings. Now, Beverly tapped his shoulder and said, "Keep moving, Lisa. Don't be scared. It'll be all right."

A space had opened in front of him and he moved quickly to close the gap. The last thing he wanted to do was attract attention. When he caught up, he looked at Beverly and mouthed the question, "Lisa?"

She smiled and whispered, "I couldn't very well call you Les." He knew she was right, and marveled at her quick thinking under pressure. Her confidence and take charge attitude was one of her traits that attracted him.

Les felt as though everyone was staring at him. He furtively scanned the stairway to confirm his suspicions. All the girls seemed to be involved in their own thoughts. Some were plodding ahead half asleep. Fortunately, the coed right next to him seemed to be in that category. Others were chatting with their neighbors or bitching loudly about the slow pace.

Relaxing a little after seeing that no one was concerned with him, he looked at the girls more closely. A few had on complete outfits, as though they had just returned home at this late hour. However, as expected, most of the girls were only semi-dressed. A few had sweat pants or traditional pajamas with pants. Some of those were only partially buttoned and revealed glimpses of their breasts. Many had on sexier, lingerie-type sleep wear. The sleepyhead next to him was one. She had pulled on a short robe that barely covered her butt. Through the translucent, white lace, Les could discern the outlines of her skimpy underwear. Her bare legs seemed to stretch forever. Her toenails were painted bright pink.

He became aroused. Once his mind started down this path, he couldn't stop. Les examined every girl within view. It was like reading the Victoria's Secret catalogue. Only these models were in the flesh. And very close.

An overwhelming feminine scent permeated the air. The heady mixture of perfume, powder, soap and lotion was intoxicating. Perhaps it was his imagination, but there was also a hint of sex. The unique, but undefinable, essence of sensuous arousal. His growing penis stretched against the tight and smooth fabric of his panties.

Les felt increasingly aware of the close quarters. He was crushed within feet of dozens of half-dressed coeds. Even though some weren't particularly attractive, and most were unkempt from just waking up, it didn't matter. He felt a sexual heat emanating from the crowd. It was like he was in a harem. His body reacted accordingly. His fear of being discovered was losing ground to his appreciation of their proximity. He fought a strong urge to reach out and fondle the swirling, swishing, rainbow of material barely hiding their treasures. As they continued down, he fixated on several of the more femininely attired girls.

Apparently, Beverly noticed. "If you keep gawking, Lisa, I'm going to pull off your hood and leave you here." she hissed into his ear.

His eyes went wide and he swung to face her. He saw an annoyed expression on her face and a spark of anger in her eyes. The girl next to Beverly looked over curiously. Before she had a chance to examine him too closely, she was prodded ahead. Beverly set her lips and nodded her head for him to continue. He was in no position to argue and walked ahead meekly. Les chastised himself to behave and keep his thoughts off the other girls.

They had reached the fourth floor and the pace picked up. The crowd moved quickly the rest of the way to the lobby which was filled with departing girls and a number of administrators. Les held back. Unlike the students who were all looking ahead, these managers were looking straight at them. The crowd pushed him forward.

The head Resident Manager stood by the door. She was a tall redhead who Les knew from joking with her at the desk. His knees started to get weak with fear of recognition. He ducked his head further. She was waving her arm and said, "Come on, girls. Let's move it, let's move it."

As he passed her, she brushed her hand on his arm to move him through the door. His body tensed and he felt an urgent need to pee. Then, he was through the door, beyond the gauntlet and into freedom.

The courtyard was filled with hundreds of milling coeds. It was a sea of frills and skin to be negotiated undetected. Fortuitously, the approaching sirens of the fire trucks caused most to turn their heads toward the road. Taking advantage of the diversion, and making sure not to lose Beverly, he moved them through the crowd to an empty space near the woods. Somewhat safe for the first time since leaving the bedroom, Les felt a modicum of relief. He realized his entire body was wound taut and made a conscious effort to relax.

Beverly clinched his arm and bubbled, "That was so great! We did it!" Her earlier fear was gone. It was typical. Her mood could change in an instant. She leaned in, grabbed his face and gave him a hot kiss under the pink hood. She was apparently oblivious to the fact that with his attire, others might perceive it as a lesbian lip-lock. Beverly was on an adrenaline high. She could be an excitement junkie in normal circumstances; always wanting to try new or illicit things and push the envelope. This unexpected crisis and the chance of getting caught had clearly given her a rush.

"Maybe it was great for you. I was scared shitless." Les said.

She waved away his concerns. "You loved it. I saw how you were undressing all those girls with your eyes. I bet you even got a hard-on." She reached down quickly and grabbed his penis. He jumped. The scary exit had deflated him somewhat, but he was clearly still excited. "I knew it." She exclaimed proudly, rubbing his balls tenderly through the sheer fabric. "Or maybe, you just like the panties." She said with a salacious grin.

Les backed away. There was no talking to her when she got in this state. Now that she was beyond the fear of being caught in her room, this was turning into a big lark for her. There was no telling how far she'd go, especially when he was in such a vulnerable position and at her mercy.

He had fantasized about sex in public. But it was never in this type of crowded situation and never with him dressed in these compromising clothes. To change the subject, he said, "I've got to go take a pee. When I get back, we'll figure out what we're doing next."

She gave him a disappointed pout and said, "Party pooper." As he headed into the woods, she called after him with a devilish smile, "Don't mess your panties, Lisa."

Les just shook his head. She was having way to good of a time at his expense.

Watching him depart, Beverly smiled broadly to herself. He was so cute in that adorable outfit. Most guys would never have agreed. They would have freaked and ruined everything. She was unexpectedly intrigued by this turn of events. This was too good to keep to herself. When he disappeared into the dark, she turned and eyed the crowd. She saw a couple of girlfriends, glanced toward the woods, and then moved to join them.

Les went far enough to be out of sight, but not enough to be stumbling in the dark. The last thing he needed was to twist an ankle. He really had to pee. He reached under the sweatshirt and nightgown and tried to free his penis. Not being used to all the material, he kept fumbling in the semi-darkness and couldn't get it out of the way. Finally, he just gave up and squatted down. He pulled the panties down his thighs and jacked up the nightie so it was out of the way. His cock sprung free and almost immediately started to piss. Despite the humiliating position, the relief was wonderful.

Remembering Beverly's admonition not to soil the panties, Les waited extra long to drain the last drops and then shook his penis. He saw his panties up close for the first time. They weren't pink, but they certainly were extremely feminine. They were a sheer nylon type material in a subtle white and green floral pattern. There was a little flower at the waist and lace trim at the high cut, leg openings. Beverly had been wrong earlier. They were way more than 'just underwear'. They were sexy and erotic. He remembered the first time he had removed them from Beverly. The thought gave him a pleasant shiver.

He stood and pulled them up his thighs. He had to admit the feeling was different and exciting. The erotic touch on his skin and the memory association of Beverly filling them out in all her glory stirred him. Standing there in the sleek and girlish nightgown with her panties tight around his penis, he caught a scent of Beverly from her clothes. He looked around to confirm he was completely out of site then closed his eyes and thought about the great sex they had just consummated hours earlier. Les smoothed the panties across his butt and couldn't resist gently stroking his penis. The girlish fabric was like an aphrodisiac. His hands continued to roam and fantasies jumped unbidden into his mind. A cool breeze swept up his legs and cooled his bare thighs shaking him back to reality. With difficulty, he remembered the precarious situation and got control of his emotions. If he didn't get his semi-erect penis tucked between his legs now he wouldn't be able to. He wasn't sure what the next plan was, but a most unladylike erection bulging from his nightie certainly wouldn't help.

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