There isn't much reason to watch "Good Day, LA" in Los Angeles except for one co-hostess, the mature beauty Dorothy Lucey. She is blond with a beautiful body, great legs and very nice, substantial breasts. I sit through the first hour of the show before I go to work just to watch Dorothy and see what she is wearing that day. Usually she has very appropriate dresses, skirts and blouses, but occasionally she would have an outfit that showed lots of cleavage and watching her I would jack off thinking of fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples. Her chest featured lots of freckles, and I would get off thinking about kissing her freckles starting at her neck and then working down and down until I came to a soft, white breast, which I would kiss, stroke, rub, squeeze and fondle.

Little did I realize that in less than a month I would have that opportunity.

On a Monday morning, the big announcement on the show was that the station was running a contest called "Lunch with Dorothy." You had to write a 500-word (or less) essay on why you should have the opportunity to have lunch with the talk show star. That was great for me, since I was a writer/reporter who was used to putting words to paper. My first draft came quickly, since I already knew quite a bit about Dorothy and her background. But then I spent the next two days reworking the words meticulously. I really wanted to be the contest winner. When I e-mailed my entry to the station I felt I had a very good chance, since I know that most people have a hard time expressing their thoughts through the written word.

The telephone call came the day after the contest ended, announcing that I had been selected. I responded appropriately. I was told that the luncheon was set for the next Wednesday if I was available (I certainly was) at a Hollywood landmark restaurant, the Musso & Frank Grill (which I felt was perfect since it had soft lighting, softer booths and lots of privacy at certain tables).

On Wednesday, I was at the restaurant 45 minutes early. I talked to the maitre d' and learned they were aware who was coming, since Dorothy frequented the place often after work. He showed me the booth reserved for us and I asked if it could be changed to one a lot more private. He not only understood why I was asking, but also understood the $50 bill I slipped him.

Soon after I was seated in the almost secluded booth I was surprised when I saw Dorothy Lucey walking toward me alone. I had expected that a station PR staffer would be with her. I also had assumed she would be wearing a somewhat conservative dress, but she was wearing a leopard-skin dress that I had seen her wear on the show. It was short, fairly tight fitting and had a low, square-necked top that showed a lot of cleavage. I noted that she not only had a great body, but her legs also were spectacular. Up close, as we shook hands, I could see a few lines that on-camera makeup covered up, but Dorothy Lucey was still a beautiful woman.

After we introduced ourselves I motioned her into the booth and was pleased that she moved just far enough in that we would be sitting close together. As I sat, our bodies touched and I could feel the warmth coming from her thigh. We both ordered glasses of white wine and then began talking. She turned toward me and her leg came into even more contact with mine. She was skilled both as a listener and a questioner, and as we ordered lunch and then ate, she soon had almost my entire life story out of me, until I turned the conversation back to her and how she got into the media business after graduation from George Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in political science. I told her that I thought she was the best thing on the "Good Day, LA" show and that her intelligence showed with the questions she asked of guests.

I asked her if she had a "fantasy" guest she would like to interview--someone, living or dead, who she would most like to interview if she had the chance. She actually named three or four persons--none of them celebrities--and that turned the conversation to fantasies. She asked me, "Was it one of your fantasies to have lunch with me?"

"Actually, no," I said, taking a chance. "The opportunity to meet you and have lunch with you is fantastic and I'm enjoying it immensely, but my actual fantasy is to kiss every one of the freckles on your body."

She was startled, and let out a sort of a squeal. "Wow, that remark put a lot of images in my head and actually made my nipples get hard."

I was overjoyed that our subject matter had turned sexual, but I just said "You're kidding me, right?"

"No," she said. "Feel for youself." And she turned toward me even more, pushing her legs tight up against me.

I thought she was inviting me to cup her breast on top of her dress, but I was looking for more, so I moved closer to her and put my right hand on the bare flesh above her dress. Then I quickly moved it down under the dress top until I was moving into the left cup of her bra and continuing on until I was holding her bare, warm breast in my hand. She inhaled sharply, but didn't move to stop me. I then moved my hand back up until I could take her nipple into my fingers. She was right, her nipple was hard and erect. I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. I looked at Dorothy and she had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. While still fondling her, I bent down and kissed her lips. She was still for a moment and then began returning my kiss. While I pondered when to make my tongue part of the kiss, she surprised me by thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I could feel her nipple grow even larger as we deep kissed.

While our tongues were still dancing together I felt her hand move onto my crotch, where my penis had swollen into a hard, excited state. She began massaging me and moving her hand up and down my penis through my pants. At the same time, with her other hand she took my free hand and placed it on her leg, just below where her skirt ended. Her flesh was warm and very smooth. I began stroking the inside of her thigh and slowly moved my hand up until I felt her panties. I moved my fingers over and was cupping her cunt mound. She continued kissing and stroking me. I began moving my fingers up and down her silken panties, where a slight damp spot was beginning to form.

I sensed a movement near us and I saw a waiter appear then discreetly remove himself. Dorothy must have seen him, too, for she pulled away from me and I feared our moment had ended. But then she said quitely "I think we have to go someplace more private." I didn't hesitate, but said "My condo is just about 15 minutes away from here." I reached down, took her hand and helped her up. I dropped a $100 bill on the table and we left.

Mid-day traffic was light, so in less than 20 minutes we were inside my condo, where we stood just inside the front door and began kissing again. When I started to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress, Dorothy said, "Let's go in the bedroom." I led her in to the room, we sank down on the bed and I pulled her down beside me and fit my body tightly against her. She again began fondling my penis and I again began fondling her breasts. This time when I reached for her zipper she let me continue. When it was all the way down, she stood up and the dress fell to the floor. She had on a light blue bra and light blue thong. I let my eyes wander up and down her beautiful body. I stood up next to her and she began unbuttoning my shirt. After it was off, she undid my belt and my pants joined her dress on the floor. My shorts did little to hid the fact that my penis was hard and erect. Dorothy dropped to her knees on the carpet and pulled my shorts off and quickly took my penis in her mouth. The sensation was so electric that I was afraid I was going to cum immediately, so reluctantly I reached down and lifted her up. I wanted this experience to last as long as possible.

I kissed her again and as I held her I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, then moved slightly away from her and pulled her bra straps down her arms. The cups of her bra clung to her breasts briefly, then dropped away. For the first time I was seeing her naked breasts. They were full and white (in contrast to the tan of her arms, face and neck) and hung just slightly down. Her nipples were brown and long and erect and the areolas were brown and crinkling. But then I saw the freckles on her chest and I knew I had to fulfill my fantasy immediately or I might never get to it. So I started kissing her freckles, starting at her neck and then working my way down. Her skin was smooth and warm and completely turned me on. The freckles continued down between her breasts. As I kissed each one, Dorothy's knees buckled slightly and I heard her moan, or maybe it was me moaning. It didn't matter, but I couldn't wait, but turned my face, kissed my way up her breast and took her left nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it, bit it lightly and licked it. Dorothy's breath became shorter. I fondled both breasts and moved my mouth from nipple to nipple. That continued for some time.

Then it was my turn to drop to my knees as I slowly pulled her thong down her shapely legs and then moved my face into her light brown, neatly trimmed pubic hair. I moved her gently to the bed and laid her down. As I nuzzled my face against her I could smell a sweet scent coming from between her legs. Her pussy lips were just slightly open as I began kissing and licking them. I used my thumbs to spread her lips open until I could see all inside her pussy, from her clitoral sheath to her vagina itself. I licked and kissed and then began sucking on her clitoris, which began swelling and poking out. I knew that when women masturbate, they often concentrate on the clitoris, so I did, too. Sucking, licking and even lightly biting the fleshy nub. Soon I felt Dorothy's legs jerking slightly and I saw her stomach muscles contract, so I knew she was nearing an orgasm. In just a few more seconds, Dorothy's body jolted and she began yelling "fuck, fuck, fuck" and she experienced a massive orgasm.

Even before her body stopped jerking, I moved up, put my penis, as hard as I had ever felt it, against her open cunt lips, stroked it up and down a few times, making sure I was stimulating her clitoris agains, and them slid as deep as I could into her vagina. I lay still at first, feeling her hot, vaginal walls tightening around my penis, then I began stroking into her. Holding myself up on my arms, I looked down at Dorothy and marveled at her lush body. Her breasts were full and beautiful, her nipples long and erect. Glancing down further, I could see our pubic hair matting together on my inward strokes and I could see her cunt lips pulling out as my penis moved almost out of her. Then I felt her arm reach behind me and pull my face down toward her waiting lips and tongue. We French kissed as I fucked into her. Then I felt the first electric jolts in my penis and I knew I couldn't hold off much longer. Dorothy must have felt it, too, for she started her body pushing up against me, urging me to fuck faster and deeper. I obliged her.

In just seconds, both of us erupted, Dorothy into another hard orgasm, me shooting cum several times deep into her vagina.

Completely spent, I lowered myself gently on her naked body, feeling her breasts against my bare chest. Dorothy looked up at me and said "Don't pull out of me. Stay inside." I could feel my erection subsiding, but I lay still, savoring our bodies being attached. I began kissing her again and she responded. Within a few minutes, my penis had hardened again and once again I began stroking inside her. Our mouths stayed together as the gentle movements of intercourse continued. It took longer, but then we both began feeling the swelling of excitement. Now Dorothy was pushing up against me on each of my strokes. Our pace picked up and our pubic areas crashed together. We both climaxed again, even if her orgasm was not quite as violent as before and if my cum was smaller. We were both exhausted. I finally pulled my penis out of her vagina and rolled next to her. Our arms went around each other and we lay quietly, savoring the sexual exhaustion we felt.

A few minutes later, she lifted up on one arm and smiled at me. "That was tremendous. I'm still tingling all over my body. I think I'll have to experience that again soon, since I have a few other positions I'd like to try with you. But now you have to drive me back to my car at the restaurant." She dressed, but left both her bra and her thong for me. "When you see me on TV, you can jack off into my bra cup or my thong. And if I give you a sign (she illustrated what she would do to alert me) it means I'll come over to your condo after the show." She smiled. " You won't even have to buy me lunch." She held my hand as we walked to my car.

As we drove, she reached over and gently stroked my penis through my pants. At the restaurant, she leaned over and gave me an open-mouth kiss while I reached up and felt her breast, swinging free under her dress. Her nipple was hard again.

"This should give you incentive to watch my show every day," Dorothy said. Then she turned, slid out of the car, shut the door and walked off.

# # #

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