tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 01

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 01

byMaguppy Puppy©

01. Somewhere in Kansas

"Gentlemen, let's give a warm welcome to a club favorite here at Uncle Henry's," the voice blasted across the strip club. "Everybody give it up for... Dorothy!!"

The leggy brunette in the short gingham skirt took the burst of hoots and cheers as her cue and she energetically stepped out from behind the curtain. She broke into her well rehearsed routine right away as she moved up the catwalk. There was a large crowd tonight and she knew that she was the main reason that there were so many men in the club.

Dorothy had been stripping at ‘Uncle Henry's' for over a year now, ever since she had run away from home at the age of eighteen to escape her controlling parents. She had hitchhiked across the Kansas countryside until she had come across the club and immediately was hired on by the owner. Her innocent face and her gorgeous body made her a quick club favorite. The body that her mother had made her cover up with bulky clothes was made for stripping.

Dorothy was a tall girl, almost six feet tall, and had very sexy long legs. Her best asset and biggest crowd pleasers were her breasts. She was very well endowed with a pair of e-cup breasts (much to the dismay of her flat chested mother). HEr breasts were large but there was almost no sag to them. She had been a late bloomer and hadn't really filled out until she was almost seventeen.

She was easily the best looking girl in the club and now she was beginning to think that it was time for her to move on to something bigger. She was pulling down huge amounts of cash every night stripping, but she knew that she could be making way more doing photo shoots for porno mags or even getting into the film industry. Even as she was dancing on the stage right now, her mind was thinking of the plane tickets in her dressing room. She hadn't told anyone yet, but tonight was going to be her last night at ‘Uncle Henry's'. Tomorrow she was going to be soaking up the sun in Los Angeles and moving onto bigger things.

Dorothy knelt down and pushed her huge breasts into the face of one the club regulars. She felt his fingers slip into her pantie's waistband as he stuck a twenty into them. She pulled away, leaving the man with a wide grin on his face.

She finished her set and slipped back behind the curtain. She was surprised to see that Henry, the club owner was waiting for for her in her dressing room. He was itching Toto, her little black terrier pup, behind the ears.

"I told you that you can't keep bringing this little guy in here," Henry said as the little dog leaned into his hand. "Having naked women in the place is one thing, but the health department wouldn't be too happy if they found him running around the bar."

"You know that I don't let him out of my room. Any ways, it won't happen again. I promise."

"All right. By the way, that was another great show tonight, Dorothy," the large man said as he rose up from her chair. "It seems like we're gettin' more guys in here every weekend and they're all trying to get an eyeful of you. If this keeps up, we just might have to build a bigger club!"

Dorothy bent over her vanity to checkout her makeup. "Yeah, Henry. That sounds great. Glad to hear that you're doing so well thanks to me."

"Heh heh... You don't have to sound so sore, Honey. I know that you're not exactly having to watch your pennies with all the tips you get every night." He could see Dorothy's smile in the mirror. "Speaking of which, I've got a guy out there who was interested in getting a little one-on-one time with you in the privacy room."

"I don't know, Henry... I'm feelin' kind of beat tonight. I think that I might just slip out of here and head home since I'm done for the evening."

Henry moved towards the door. "All right, I'll have to tell him you left for the night. Shame, though... This guy must have really wanted to meet you. He told me to give you this up front." Henry pulled a five hundred dollar bill out of his pants pocket and showed it to Dorothy before he tucked it back into his pocket. "Too bad..."

Dorothy quickly moved across the room and got to Henry before he left the room. "You know, Henry," she said as she slid her hand into Henry's front pants pocket, "Suddenly, I'm not feeling quite so tired." Her fingers brushed against Henry's erection in his pants as she grabbed the bill. "I think that I just might have enough time to meet your generous friend."

"That's my girl," the man said with a grin as he lead her out of the dressing room.


Dorothy was pleasantly surprised to find that Henry's generous was actually a pretty attractive looking guy, unlike most of the club's clientele. She couldn't count the number of lap dances she had given in the last year to overweight rednecks who apparently hadn't learned what a bathtub was yet.

To the contrary, this guy was looking pretty good in his business suit and definitely knew what a bath was. Dorothy didn't recognize the scent of his cologne but the scent was definitely one of the better scents she had come across. His hair was cut short, very business like, and he had a five o'clock shadow. He was probably unwinding after a hard day at the bank or the law firm or where ever he was making big bucks, Dorothy thought to herself. Not many of the club's client el could afford five hundred dollar lap dances.

Dorothy led the man to the couch in the privacy room as she pulled the curtain closed behind her. As he sat down, she ran her hands along the tops of his legs and skimmed close to the bulge of his cock. "So, what's your name, handsome?"

"Richard," the man said in a cool, calm voice.

Dorothy could tell that this wasn't his first lap dance, though she'd never seen him at the club before. "Richard, hmmm," Dorothy said as she sat down on his lap, feeling his bulge against the crack of her ass. "Anybody every call you Dick, Richard?"

"Sure. You can call me Dick if you want, beautiful."

Dorothy pushed her ass against his lap. "I think I will then. I just like Dick, you know, Dick?"

"Yeah, I know." As he said this, the man spread his legs a little wider, giving Dorothy a little more room to work.

"I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new in town?"

"I'm just blowing through town, actually. I thought that I'd stop in for a drink, but when I saw your performance out there, I knew that I couldn't leave without a little bit more."

"Mmmm hmmm. You're definitely going to get a little more, Dick." The gorgeous brunette wiggled her ass on his lap a few more times before she stood up and unbuttoned her top, letting her large breasts free. She leaned forwards, putting her breasts in front of his face. She gave them a shake and felt his lips give her erect nipples a quick kiss. It sent a tingle through her and she pulled away. She dropped down to her knees between his legs and began to run her hands over his thighs again. "Now, Dick, would you like me to be nice and gentle, or do you like it a little rougher?" Her thumb slid along the bulge in his pants as she said this.

"Actually," the man said as he looked down at Dorothy, "I was hoping you could give me something else..."

Dorothy ran her hands up his broad chest. "And what would that something else be?"

"The moment I saw those breasts of yours..."

"These?" Dorothy pushed her mounds of flesh up against his legs.

Dick grinned. "Yes. Those. They are so... perfect, I knew that I had to ask you."

"Mmmmmm," Dorothy made a soft moan as she dragged her breasts up his torso, her nipples hard against the fabric of his suit, until they were resting under his chin. "Well, what do you want me to do with these, Dick?"

"I want to fuck them."

Dorothy moved her breasts up to his face again and then pulled away. "Uh-uh... We can do a lot of things back here, but I'm not allowed to... release the beast." To emphasize her point her finger traced along his pants zipper before resting her hand on his crotch.

"I'm willing to pay you more," Dick said as he reached into his jacket. He pulled out his wallet and produced a thousand dollar bill. "That's fifteen hundred dollars just for your breasts. You don't have to use your mouth, just wrap them around my cock and get me off."

Dorothy pushed her breasts together as she thought about the handsome man's offer. Fifteen hundred was huge tip for one client and she could use the money to start her new life in L.A.... She glanced back at the curtain. She had never had anyone peek in at her in the privacy room, so she decided that she could get away with it just this once.

"You know what, Dick, tonight is your lucky night." She took the bill from Dick and slipped it into her panties. "Tonight, these babies are all yours."

She pulled his zipper down and pulled his pants down far enough to get his cock out of his boxers. She pulled it out of his silk boxers and let it point itself towards the ceiling. It was a good size, definitely over the average length. She gave it a couple strokes and thought to herself that she could really use some lube for this. She looked up at the man to see that his eyes were stilled glued to her tits. "I'm gonna need a little lubrication for this job, Dick." She spat on his dick and coated his rod in slick saliva. He was already at full hardness so she moved up closer to his cock and pushed her tits around his length.

"Ahhhh," Dick moaned as the warm flesh encircled his cock. The feeling of her spectacular tits sliding up his cock was exquisite. He watched Dorothy as she pumped him with her cleavage and then leaned his head back. He was in paradise.

Dorothy was really getting into it and the feel of a hot cock between her breasts was really turning her on. If she hadn't needed both her hands to keep her breasts in place, she would have been paying attention to her pussy, which was now sopping wet. The act of the tit fucking itself, along with the danger of getting caught was making her pussy gush. She would definitely be taking care of herself after she was done with this guy.

"Oh yeah," Dick groaned softly as he looked down at her. "Go faster..."

Dorothy did as he said and picked up the rhythm of her titty fuck. The sounds of her tit flesh slapping against his thighs filled the room as Dick began to raise his crotch to meets her breasts. "You like that, Baby?" She looked up to see him nod his head as he shut his eyes

"Here it comes...." He whispered just before he grunted as he came.

Dorothy kept pumping his rod with her breasts even as he began spewing white cum all over her chest. She was surprised at how much jizm he produced, the slimy mess covering both of her large breasts. When he was done, she pulled away from his crotch, trying to not let too much cum dribble down her torso. She gripped his cock and stoked it a couple times as it began to soften in her hand. "How was that, Dick?"

"It was definitely worth it. You are just too much, Dorothy"

"Thanks," Dorothy said as she stood up and began to close up her dress. "It was good for me too. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean myself up." She turned her back on the man and headed towards her dressing room, eager to get her chest cleaned off before it stained her dress.

When she got there, Toto was barking loudly. She quickly went inside and tried to quiet the dog. "Toto! Quit that! You want to get me in trouble?" Toto quit barking and gave her an urgent look, but she was more concerned with getting the cum off of her chest. She went over to her sink and opened up her dress. She began splashing water onto her chest, letting the spunk wash off into the sink. The cold water made her nipples rock hard again and she was about to turn her attention to her pussy when the door flew open. It was Henry.

"Jesus, Henry! Ever heard of knocking?"

"No time! I gotta get everybody to the cooler! There's a cyclone headed this way! Get to the cooler. I'm going to go tell the other girls." He disappeared from the doorway and left Dorothy alone.

She quickly buttoned her dress again and went to grab Toto. Before she could grab him, the small dog darted under the old sofa in her room. "Toto, get out of there! We've got to get to the cooler!" She leaned over to see Toto and noticed the sound of strong winds howling outside. "C'mon, Toto! This is no time to play games." The dog whimpered as the sound of the wind picked up.

Suddenly, the building shook. Dorothy looked out the doorway to see the hallway outside torn away. The pull of the wind slammed the dressing room door shut with a bang. Toto began barking again. Dorothy reached under the couch and pulled Toto out. Just as she rose to her feet with the dog in her arms, the room lurched as it was torn from the ground. The shaking caused the stripper to loose her balance. As she fell over, her head hit the arm of the sofa. As she fell onto the sofa, the last thing she heard was Toto's barking.

Then everything went black...

To be continued...

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