tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 03

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 03

byMaguppy Puppy©

03. Glinda, a Very Good Witch

Dorothy walked up to the village with Toto at her heels. She could feel a little bit of the Munchkin's cum dripping down her thigh as she walked up to the crowd in the middle of the street.

The Munchkin mayor walked up to her and took her hand and pointed towards the horizon. "Miss Dorothy! Look over there! Glinda is almost here."

A glowing sphere resembling a giant soap bubble was rapidly approaching the village. It floated soundlessly of the fields of flowers and then moved in the center of the village. Slowly, it descended. When it touched the ground, it disappeared with a soft "pop" and revealed the woman who had been riding inside. The crowd was silent as the woman approached Dorothy and stepped aside to make a path for her.

Glinda was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair. She wore a sparkling pink low cut gown, which was filled out nicely by her curvy figure. On her head, she wore a crown with bejeweled stars along the rim and in her hand she held a wand tipped with a similar star.

"I am Glinda, the good witch. You must be the great Dorothy that I have been told about," the blonde said as she smiled sweetly. "You have done a great deed for their people today. I trust that they have been very hospitable to you."

Dorothy's mind thought of the dribble of cum on her leg. "Oh yes, they've been very friendly."

"The Munchkins are my friends and a friend of them is my friend also. If there is anything that I can do to help you, all you have to do is tell me."

"Thanks, Glinda. The only thing that I want right now is to go home, back to Kansas. Is that something you can do for me?"

Glinda's smile faded and she placed her hand on Dorothy's shoulder. "I'm afraid that is one thing that I cannot do for you. I do not know where this Kansas land is, but it does not lie with in the borders of Oz. No one here ever leaves Oz because of the great desert that surrounds our great land on all sides."

"You mean I can't go back? I got here. There must be some way for me to get back. Can't you just zap me back with your wand or twitch your nose or something?"

"I'm afraid not. My magic cannot pass the borders of this land." Glinda looked in to Dorothy's saddened eyes. "But... there may be someone who can help you. He lives far from here, but I have heard that he is very powerful and wise. He may be the only person in Oz who would be able to help you..."

Dorothy's eye lit up with hope. "Who is it? I'll go where ever I have to if it means I can go home again!"

"He is the Wizard and he lives in the Emerald City. It is a long journey to reach his home and the path will be paved with many perils. Although, for someone who crushed the Witch of the East, I'm sure that you would be able to handle yourself."

Dorothy picked up Toto and hugged him. "Did you hear that Toto? We're going to go see someone who can send us home!" Toto licked her nose and Dorothy turned back to Glinda. "How do I get there, Glinda?"

"Why, all you have to do is follow this yellow brick road. It will lead you to the Emerald City and the Wizard. Unfortunately, neither I nor the Munchkins will be able to accompany you. You must travel alone." The witch could tell that Dorothy was very eager to be on her way. She turned the Mayor. "Mayor, could you and the other Munchkins prepare some supplies for Dorothy? She has a very long trip ahead of her and she and Toto will need food for their trip. Also I like to have a word alone with her."

"Yes, Glinda. Of course," the Mayor said as he bowed slightly. "All right, Munchkins! You heard Glinda. Let's get what we can for Dorothy's trip."

As the little people disappeared into their homes, Glinda took Dorothy's hand into hers. "Come over here, Dorothy," she said as she led the brunette over to a grove of small flowering trees. "The Munchkins are very helpful, but they can also be very curious and I need to talk to you alone." As they walked behind the trees, Glinda stopped Dorothy. "I see that you have taken the Witch's shoes for your own," she said glancing down at the sparkling red heels that Dorothy wore. "That is good. The shoes are enchanted and should help you on your travels. There will be many dangers ahead of you and you will need all the help that you can get."

"Really," Dorothy asked, beginning to worry. "What kind of dangers?"

"Not even I could tell you of everything that you will encounter. I would say that your biggest worry would be the witch of the East's sister, the witch of the West. She won't be happy once she hears that her sister is dead, and I'm sure that she will come looking for you soon enough."

"What can I do to stop her," she said as she hugged Toto a little tighter.

"I'm afraid that there is little you can do, but I think that I can help you... Any one bearing my mark is protected. If you would allow me to give you my mark, no one you encounter would harm you. Would you allow me to do this, Dorothy?"

"Of course I would! Any help I can get, I'll take."

"That's good to hear. If you will set little Toto down, I will give you my mark."

Dorothy set the little dog down and stood facing the blonde witch. She stood still as Glinda moved closer and planted a soft kiss on Dorothy's forehead.

Glinda looked into the beautiful brunette's eye and then kiss her on the lips softly. Then again, slightly deeper. Her hands moved from her sides and cupped Dorothy's large breasts through her dress. As she pulled away from their kiss, Dorothy spoke.

"Wha--" Before she could continue, Glinda placed her finger on the stripper's full lips.

"Quiet now. Let me finish what I have begun." She saw the questioning look in Dorothy's eyes and then leaned in for another kiss. This time her tongue darted out, licking the brunette's lips. While her one hand continued to feel up Dorothy's breasts, her other hand slid down her back and stopped on her tight ass.

Dorothy was confused. She had seen other strippers at Uncle Henry's making out with one another, but she had never felt any urges of her own towards another woman. Now, however, as she was being fondled by this sexy witch, she felt that inner tingle she got when she was aroused. Deciding that she may as well enjoy it as long as it was going to happen anyway, Dorothy parted her lips allowing Glinda's tongue to dart into her mouth.

Glinda smiled as Dorothy opened her mouth, her tongue slipping around the other woman's, tasting each other. She moved her hands to the front of the gingham dress and began unbuttoning it as she continued kissing her. She pulled the dress open exposing the twin mounds of creamy flesh. The witch kissed Dorothy's chin, then her neck several times slowly, and moved down her chest. She took one of her large pink nipples into her mouth and sucked, flicking the nipple with her tongue. Her hands squeezed the two mountains of tit flesh and she switched nipples, eliciting a moan from the busty stripper.

"Oh my," Dorothy said as she placed her hands on the sides of Glinda's head. Her nipples had always been quite sensitive and the attention that they were receiving was getting her pussy quite wet. She hugged Glinda's head to her chest, saying, "That feels sooo good..."

The witch spent a little longer suckling Dorothy's giant tits, while she pulled her gingham dress down around her legs. Her roaming hands found that she wasn't wearing any panties and then slid between Dorothy's legs. It was a pleasant surprise to find that she was dripping wet down there, meaning that she was enjoying it as much as Glinda. She gave her breasts a final kiss, letting them escape from her mouth with a ‘pop'. Lowering her head to the level of the shaven pussy in front of her, Glinda spotting the white glob on Dorothy's inner thigh. She thrust her tongue out and licked it up, inches from her pink pussy lips, sending a shiver through Dorothy's tight body.

"Mmmmmm," Glinda said as she savored the taste in her mouth, "Munchkin cum... It seems that they have been very friendly with you, naughty girl." She took Dorothy by the hips and gently pulled down on them, saying, "Why don't you lay back and relax?"

Dorothy stepped out of her dress and laid back in a soft bed of flowers. She continued to play with her breasts and tweak her nipples as she felt Glinda's hot breath on her pussy. Parting her legs, she let Glinda move in closer. She let out a whimper as the witch's stiff tongue parted the lips of her pussy. "Mmmm-ahh..."

Glinda poked her tongue into the fold's of the brunette's pussy, tasting the mixture of pussy juices and munchkin cum inside of her. Her tongue began licking the lips and flitting around into her as Glinda's free hand moved under her own dress. She slid off her own panties and began to finger herself as she ate Dorothy's pussy. Her own wet pussy eagerly accepted her fingers, making a juicy ‘squish' as they dove into her.

"Oh gawd," Dorothy moaned loudly. Several men had gone down on her before, but this was an entirely different experience. Glinda knew just how to treat her pussy to bring out the most pleasure possible. The feeling of another woman's tongue inside of her was incredible and she could feel her orgasm coming on. She felt her pussy begin to spasm as she came, her legs clamping around Glinda's head, holding her face against her pussy. "I'm cumming," Dorothy yelled out as she groped her large breasts.

Glinda continued to lap feverishly at the wet cunt in front of her as her head was held tight. Being held tight while fingering her her own pussy was enough to trigger her own orgasm. As her own pussy began to gush, Dorothy's pussy soaked her face. When the pussy in front of her stopped pulsing, the thighs on either side of her head moved away. Glinda raised herself up and crawled over Dorothy's body. When they were face to face, they kissed deeply again, letting Dorothy taste her own juices.

"That was... wonderful, Glinda," Dorothy said as her hands roamed over Glinda's body. "Does this mean that I have your mark of protection now?"

Glinda laughed and kissed the woman beneath her again. "Yes, you do. In fact, you did as soon as I kissed your forehead. The rest was just for fun."

Dorothy smiled widely. "Oh, it certainly was..." She felt Glinda's leg press against her sopping pussy again.

"Well, since you enjoyed it so much I don't suppose that you'd mind... returning the favor?"

Suddenly there was a sneeze from behind them. The two women looked back to see the entire Munchkin village watching them intently. A bright red blushing mayor stepped forward.

"Glinda. Dorothy. We've prepared a basket for Dorothy's trip."

Glinda sighed as she got up off of Dorothy's nude body and stood up. "Thank you, Mayor. I was just giving Dorothy, ahem, my mark of protection to keep her safe on the road." She helped Dorothy to her feet and handed her her dress. "I suppose that is time that we said goodbye to our new friend and let her be on her way."

Dorothy finished buttoning up her dress and picked up Toto again. "Thank you, Glinda. and thank you all, Munchkins." Dorothy took the basket of food from the Mayor. She turned to face Glinda and gave the witch one last deep kiss, savoring the taste of her lips. "Good bye, all of you."

The crowd waved good bye as Dorothy and Toto set out on the yellow brick road, and watched them until they were out of sight.

To be continued...

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