tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 07

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 07

byMaguppy Puppy©

07. The Wicked Witch of the West

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man all looked in shock at the strange beautiful green woman on the roof of the hut. They were frozen as she gripped her broomstick and slowly lowered herself to the ground. As she landed, she tossed her long black hair and her cape in back of her, exposing her emerald tinged body. Her massive bust was barely contained by her leather boostier as the jostled back and forth with each step she took toward the trio. She let go of her broom and it slowly floated behind her. She walked up to Dorothy until their chests were just inches apart, and she eyed the curvy stripper.

Dorothy was finally able to speak. "Who are you?"

The woman gave her a wide grin and then took a step back from the girl. "I'm the witch that Glinda warned you about, you little bitch. The Wicked Witch of the West. And my sister, the witch of the East, is the woman you dropped a house on. And that..." the witch said as she held out her hand and the broomstick flew to her, "means that you and I are going to have to have a talk." She swung the broom stick and slapped it into the palm of her other hand loudly.

"That was an accident," Dorothy said as she took a step away from the witch. "I wasn't controlling the room, I was just inside of it. I'm sorry that your sister was under it, but right now all I want is to go back where I came from..."

"And fucking everyone between here and your home, that's just a perk, I suppose?"

Dorothy's eye went wide in surprise. Had this bitch been spying on her all along the way?

"Yes, I saw it all, you little whore. The munchkins, the scarecrow, this metal freak, even Glinda. I've been following your little adventure in my crystal ball since you crushed my sister." The green witch neglected to mention the fact that she had fingered herself to orgasm several times during these viewings. "You're a slut, you're a murderer, and you're a thief," the witch added as she glanced down at Dorothy's ruby high heeled slippers.

"Now just a minute!" Scarecrow stepped in front of Dorothy to defend her. "You can't just--"

"Shut up, Straw Man, or I just might have to smoke your pole." The witch sneered at the straw man and snapped her fingers. As soon as she did, his pants began to smoke and then burst into flames.

In a panic, Scarecrow began yelping and ran towards the shack.

"Tin Man," Dorothy shouted, "Help him run the water pump to put out the fire!" She watched as the metal man clanked off towards the shack and then she turned towards the witch again. "You bitch!" She swung her hand out to slap the witch when her whole body froze again.

The witch grinned again and stepped towards Dorothy again, this time so close that their large breasts pushed up against each other. Their faces were close enough that Dorothy could feel the witch's breath on her face. "Maybe I'm the bitch, maybe you're the bitch, but I'm the one with the magic powers. That means that you're going to listen to what I have to say." She glanced back towards the shack and pointed at the door. Suddenly chains appeared and criss crossed the door, locking her friends inside. "That should make sure that we aren't interrupted..."

Dorothy felt powerless as the witch pressed her body against Dorothy's, unable to move a finger. The witch's hand wrapped around the strippers body and cupped her tight ass through her skirt.

"You know, you and Glinda looked very hot together," she said, her green lips inches away from from Dorothy's red lips. "I used to be close with her. We were roommates in college. Very close roommates..." As she said this she began grinding her crotch against Dorothy's. "I think that maybe if you give me my sister's shoes back and do for me what you did for Glinda, I might be able to let you off the hook for landing your house on my sister." The witch poked her tongue out and slowly ran it up the side of Dorothy's face. "Do we have a deal?"

Dorothy looked into the witch's dark brown eyes and felt that she could suddenly move again. She put her hands on the witch's shoulders and shoved the green woman away. "You must be some sort of psycho if you think that I would fuck you after you set my friend on fire!" She wiped the witch's saliva off of her cheek with her hand when she heard a loud crack from the shack. Both of the women looked to see the Tin Man's axe head poking through the shack's wall.

"Dammit!" The witch turned back towards the brunette and scowled at her. "I may not be able to harm you while you have Glinda's mark of protection, but I am going to make sure that you never make it home." The hacking of the axe grew louder in the background. The witch threw her leg over her broomstick and nestled it between her thighs. "I'll be seeing you soon, my pretty little slut!" She let out a loud laugh as she pushed off of the ground and soared off, disappearing into the darkness of the forest.

A moment later, Tin Man broke through the wall of the shack and came out waving his axe. "Where is she! I'll give a taste of my axe!" Seeing that the green woman was gone, he ran over to Dorothy. "Are you all right? Did she hurt you?"

"I'm fine," she said as she straightened out her dress. "She wasn't trying to hurt me... How's Scarecrow?"

He took Dorothy's hand and led her back to the shack. "He's pretty much okay... His pants are toasted, but I have an old pair he can use. We might have to stuff some leaves in him to replace the burnt straw..."

Dorothy entered the shack through the hole in the wall to find Scarecrow leaned up against the wall by the water pump. His upper half was all right, but from his waist to his knees, his pants were charred black. She dropped to her knees by him and hugged him. "I'm so sorry, Scarecrow..."

"It's okay," the straw man said as he hugged her back, enjoying her breasts pressed against him. "A new pair of pants and some stuffing and I'll be good as new."

"Even your... you know?"

Scarecrow let go of Dorothy and let her look down towards his destroyed pants. The charred fabric crumbled as the eight inch wooden dildo pushed out through the surface. The smooth surface was a little darker but looked unharmed. "It looks all right to me, but why don't you take a closer look."

Dorothy smiled and patted the head of his wooden cock. "Why don't we get your next pair of legs ready first." She saw his head drop forwards and could tell he was let down even though a smile was painted on his face. She leaned towards his ear and whispered, "I mean, you can't fuck me doggy style with out legs, right?"

Scarecrow instantly perked up. "Tin Man, where are those pants?"

Scarecrow stayed in the shack while Dorothy and Tin Man collected leaves to fill the new pair of pants. Once they had them sufficiently stuffed, they brought them back to him and attached them to him. They tucked the pant legs back into his boots and Dorothy slipped his wood cock into his new pants. Then they helped him to his feet.

Scarecrow shifted his legs around, feeling everything settle. "Not bad," he said. "Not quite as good as straw, but good enough..." He walked over behind Dorothy pressed his new crotch up against her butt. The length of his cock lined up with the crack of her ass. "Now how about that doggy style you were talking about..."

Dorothy pushed her ass back against him and whispered, "Since you were so brave, I suppose that I should reward you..." She stepped away from Scarecrow and walked over to the bed. Bending over, she rested her arm on the bed and flipped up her skirt, revealing her ass and pussy to the straw man. She looked back at him and gave him a sexy smile. "C'mon, Scarecrow... Fuck my pretty pink pussy."

Scarecrow didn't need another invitation and quickly moved up behind her and lined up his wooden cock with her wet pussy. He pushed forward and it slid in smoothly, causing Dorothy to let out a small gasp. "Uhh... so good," she sighed. His gloved hands gripped Dorothy's hips as he thrust forward again, pushing his whole length into her hole. As he continued to move in and out of her, he felt the sexy brunette's long legs tremble. She reached back between her legs and her fingers slid along the cock as it pumped into her. "Give me that cock," she moaned. "Faster..." Dorothy closed her eyes as she let out a loud man and when she opened them, she saw the Tin Man's shiny metal cock in front of her face. "Oh, I suppose that you deserve a reward too," she said with a hungry grin. She licked her lips and then licked the tip of the cock, tasting the honey like liquid at it's head. She took the cock into her mouth and started sucking it, causing it to rumble in her mouth.

Each of Scarecrow's thrusts pushed her forwards, pushing Tin Man's cock deeper into her mouth. All three of the friends were moaning by now, Dorothy's moans were muffled by the nine inch cock in her mouth. She tried to speak but all that came out was "Guh-guh-guh-guh-guh" as her mouth was filled with cock. The bed creaking underneath of Dorothy as she was moved back and forth between the two cocks and the wet noise of both her holes being pumped filled the shack. Dorothy squeezed her breasts under her dress and pulled on her large erect nipples. She was starting to gag on Tin Man's unbending cock when he let out a low rumble from his throat and suddenly she felt a hot thick liquid splash against the back of her throat. "Oh Ozma," he groaned as his rod erupted in her mouth several more times until he pulled his cock out and the mess spilled out of her mouth and down her face. She coughed a little between her moans as Scarecrow continued to pound at her pussy from behind. She wiped some of the "cum" off of her face with her hand and then licked her hand. "God, Tin Man..." she said as Scarecrow picked up his pace, "you come like a shotgun!"

Hearing this, Scarecrow became jealous and began pounding Dorothy even harder. If he couldn't cum hard himself, he was going to make her cum hard. Dorothy squealed as her pussy was repeated stretched by the wooden cock. "Ooooh, Fuck!" Her boobs jumped wildly inside of her dress as she bounced on his cock and she gripped the sheets on the bed tightly. Scarecrow leaned forwards and grabbed her tits as he pushed deep into her. Dorothy's body shook wildly as she came and she collapsed onto the bed, with Scarecrow on top of her. He kept pounding her on the bed even as her orgasm began to run down. Finally, she dropped her head to the bed and began breathing deeply. She felt the wooden cock pull out of her, and she slowly rolled over and looked at her two friends. "I hope that was enough of a reward for you two, because I don't think that I could go another round right now."

Scarecrow and Tin Man helped her to her feet and she went to the water pump to wash herself off. She slipped out of the dress and both of the men enjoyed watching her slowly rinse the sweat and cum off of her beautiful body. When she was all cleaned off, she redressed and picked up Toto and her basket.

"I suppose that we'd better get going, guys. At this rate, we're never going to get to the Emerald City." She turned to the Tin Man. "How far is it before we're out of this forest?"

"My house is right about in the middle of the forest," the metal man said, "so however far you've already come, that's how far we have to go."

"That's what I was afraid of," she said. Dorothy walked up to the two men and linked arms with them. "Well, at least I've got two strong men to protect me now," she said as he winked at them. "Nothing's going to stop us now..."

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