tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 08

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 08

byMaguppy Puppy©

08. The Lion and the Pussy

The three friends continued to make their way through the dark and gloomy forest for the rest of the day, never seeing the light of the sun through the thick forest canopy. Scarecrow and Tin Man were not human, so they didn't feel the need to rest. Dorothy, however, did tire eventually and the other two travelers stood guard while she and Toto slept by the side of the road. She was sleeping heavily soon after she laid down and she didn't wake for six hours.

When she awoke, they started out again on the yellow brick road. "You know, I think that we might be almost out of this old forest," Scarecrow said. "Another ten hours and we should be able to see the sun again..."

"Thank God," Dorothy said. "I don't think I can take this constant darkness for much longer..."

"Well," Tin Man spoke up, "At least we haven't seen any wild animals on the road."

"Wild animals?"

"Oh, sure," Tin Man said. "There are all kinds of animals roaming a huge forest like this. Most of them aren't any danger to us, but you would want to run into any of the big predators."

"Like what kind of predators," Scarecrow asked.

"Oh, any of them. Lions, Tigers, Bears..."

Dorothy gasped. "Lions?"

Scarecrow glanced around into the dark trees. "Tigers?"

"Yes," Tin Man said. "And Bears. I've never worried about them, because they wouldn't want to chew on my metal body, and I'm sure that Scarecrow is pretty safe, too. Dorothy and Toto might be in danger though, if the beasts were hungry."

Dorothy's body shivered as she thought that eyes might be watching them even as they spoke.

Seeing Dorothy's discomfort, Tin Man wrapped his arm around her. "Don't worry. If any of them tried anything, I'd hack them in half with my axe in no time at all."

There was a crack from the trees and Scarecrow tried to see what made the noise. "Did you hear that?"

"It's nothing I'm sure." TIn Man chuckled. "I probably shouldn't have even brought it up. We're not going to see anything on road any ways..."

Just as he finished this sentence, a loud roar echoed through the forest. All three of the friends moved closer together as they tried to decide where the roar came from. They couldn't see anything in the dark woods until a large tawny colored blur shot out of the forest. Tin Man was thrown to the ground and his axe landed in the woods. Scarecrow was hit by a huge paw that knocked his top half clear off of his pants. When the two men looked at the road to see what attacked them, all that they saw was Dorothy's picnic basket lying next to a furiously barking Toto. The beautiful stripper and her attacker had disappeared in to the forest.


Dorothy watched the forest fly by in a blur as she struggled against the large furry arm holding her tight. She hit the solid body with her fists and kicked with her heels but it didn't make any difference. He continued to run past the trees until he was sure that he had gotten far enough away from her friends.

Dorothy was carried into a cave and tossed down on a soft pile of leaves. She turned over and was finally able to get a clear view of her abductor. His back was turned to her as he looked out the cave entrance to make sure they weren't followed. Dorothy saw his huge body was covered in short sandy colored fur and his skin was stretched tightly over his massively muscular body. His head was hidden from her by a huge mane and at the bottom of his back was a long swishing tail with a tuft of dark hair at the end. While he stood on his hind feet, his hind legs were like that of a great cat, with huge paws for feet.

"Excuse me," Dorothy said, "but why did you grab me from my friends?"

The lion let out a loud rolling growl and spun around to see the girl. Dorothy was shocked to see that he had the head of a lion. His arms and hands were like a man's but furry with only three fingers and a thumb on each hand. His finger each had a claw on the end of them. Dorothy gasped again when she looked down his muscular chest to his waist and saw a thirteen inch long rock hard cock, with a pair of orange sized balls hang beneath it, pointed at her. The lion took a step towards her and she saw that the cock was lined up with the space between her legs, right at her tight snatch.

"OH MY!"

"Oh my is right, little girl," the Lion said in a low growl. "I'm the biggest cat in this forest and you're going to be my little pussy." He laughed as he leaned over toward her and she could feel his hot breath blowing against her bare thighs. She trembled a little as his wet nose grazed her skin as it moved between her legs. She felt his whiskers brush against the lips of her pussy which was now beginning to get wet from the lion's attentions. She saw him stick out his wide cat tongue and thought that when Tin Man said the animals might want to eat her, he probably had something else in mind. She used both of her hands to push him away by the nose. "Wait!"

The lion shook her hands away and glared at her. He was breathing heavily, almost panting. "What?!"

"I'm sorry, but I don't even know who you are," Dorothy said sternly. "You knock down my friends, kidnap me, and then expect to fuck me with no problems? Who do you think you are?"

"Who am I?" The lion stood straight up and puffed out his chest even more. "I'm a lion! King of the Forest!"

Dorothy couldn't help but notice the huge cock was now pointing at her full red lips as he stood. "Well, King or not, you don't have to kidnap a girl! Why didn't you just come onto the path and introduce yourself?"

The Lion paused a moment. "The King doesn't have to ask permission. I take what I want." He lowered his large head a little. "Besides..." He mumbled something Dorothy couldn't make out.

"What was that," she asked.

"Grrrrrr... I said that I'm kind of shy. I can't just ask a girl if she wants to fuck me."

Dorothy smiled. "Don't tell me that a big muscular brute like you is afraid to ask a girl out!"

"Well, yeah."

Dorothy moved forwards so she was sitting on her legs. "A big guy like you with such a big... presence... is afraid of little girl like me?"

The lion seemed confused. "What? You mean that if I asked you, you would have fucked me?"

"There's only one way to find out," Dorothy said. As she spoke she undid the pin holding the top of her dress closed and let her melon like breasts free to the cool cave air.

The lion's mouth fell a little bit open as he ogled her smooth creamy skin. "So, will you fuck me?"

"Oh definitely," she said as she let her dress fall off of her shoulders. She reached forwards and gripped the wide girth of the lion's member. "Damn... this thing is like a baseball bat," she said as she examined it. She tried pulling it down but the pink rod held firm. She raised herself up to it instead and looked at the pearly white cum that had formed at the tip of the monster cock. The musky scent of the lion filled her nose and now her pussy was practically dripping. She looked the Lion in the eyes and flicked her tongue out, licking the dollop of cum off the head. "Mmmmm..." She savored the flavor for a moment and then placed her lips over the head and started to blow the lion. There was no way that she would ever be able to take the entire cock down her throat, so she gripped the rest of the cock with both of her hands. She began jerking the cock as she moaned around it.

"Garowlllll," the Lion rumbled, "Ozma! you're good at sucking cock."

Dorothy smiled as she continued to slobber all over the cock. She had never handled a cock anywhere near this size and she was enjoying the challenge of sucking it. Not only its size, but the texture was different. After spending so much time with a straw man and a tin man, it felt good to have a flesh and blood cock in her hands again, even if it did belong to a lion. She squeezed the cock with her little fingers and felt that it was becoming slick with her spit. When she thought it was wet enough, she reached around the lion and gripped his buttox and pulled him forward against her. She positioned the huge cock between her own huge breasts and wrapped her boobs around the rod. She started pumping the warm cock with her melons, feeling his large furry balls drag along her stomach. She continued to lick the head of the cock as it neared her face with each thrust.

The lion was in ecstasy from Dorothy's titfuck and was moaning loudly. "Mmmmmm, I'm gonna cum all over those big juicy tits of yours..." He placed a furry hand on either side of her head and pushed her nearer to his cock on each thrust. His tail was waving wildly until her curled it down between his legs. The bushy tail moved in-between Dorothy legs and poked up towards her pussy.

The bushy hairs tickled Dorothy's swollen pussy lips and she giggled as she sucked on his cockhead. She felt the lion's cock twitch when she giggled, so she decided keep up the vibration. She hummed around the cockhead as his tail slid along her pussy, and soon she felt the tingle of an orgasm build in her pussy. As it hit her, she let the cockhead pop from her mouth and she gripped onto the cock for stability. "Uhhhhhhhh," she moaned, "I'm cummmmmmming!"

As her body trembled, the Lion's cock jerked in her hands. "Raaaaaawwwwr! Me toooo!" Thick white ropes of cum exploded from the tip of his cock and splashed against Dorothy's sexy face. Her mouth was wide open and it quickly pooled in her mouth. She swallowed the load and opened her mouth again to catch more. Shot after shot blasted her, coating her face, neck and chest with a slimy white film. The cum dribbled down her body as she hugged the cock and smiled wide.

"That was fantastic," Dorothy said while string of cum still trailed between her lips. She licked the cum up from around her mouth. "Fan-fucking-tastic..."

"Step away from Dorothy, you brute!"

Dorothy looked towards the door to see a repaired Scarecrow, Toto and Tin Man, his axe ready for action. "It's okay, you guys," Dorothy said before there was any violence, "the Lion here is a good guy. He was just too shy to introduce himself..."

Scarecrow looked at the grinning, cum covered brunette holding the huge cock. "Yeah, it looks like he was really shy with you," he said sarcastically.

She let the now deflating cock fall from her hand. "Say, Lion, Do you have anywhere I could clean up around here?"

The lion showed her a small spring towards the back of the cave and while she cleaned herself, he walk back to Scarecrow and Tin Man to apologize for his earlier actions. The straw man explained to the lion what they were doing in the middle of the forest and where they were headed. By the time he was done telling it all to the lion, Dorothy returned to them, back in her dress.

"Your friends tell me that you're going to see the wizard in the Emerald City, Dorothy," the Lion said.

"Yes, we are. I'm hoping that he'll be able to send me back home."

"Do you think," the lion asked, "that the Wizard might be able to give me some courage?"

"I suppose he might," Dorothy said, "but I think that may have found some of that just earlier, Lion."

The lion gave her a very wide grin. "Oh, I certainly did, but just a little courage. I think that I'm going to need a lot more of that courage though." As he said this, his eyes roamed the curves of Dorothy's body.

"Well, you're welcome to join us. The more the merrier," Dorothy said with a giggle.

"But if you're coming with us," Scarecrow added, "you're going to have to cover that thing up." He nodded towards Lion's dangling cock. "Otherwise, you're liable to scare anyone we run into."

The lion found some animal hides and used them to make a crude loincloth. "Dorothy, you won't need to worry about the animals of the forest now. None of them will dare to attack you with me at your side." He led the group back to the yellow brick road and soon the foursome were back on their way towards the Emerald City.

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