Dot Cum


We'd met months earlier in a chat room. Usually I didn't frequent the rooms, but a messy breakup had left me with little company at night. In general my visits were normally fairly tame, consisting of joking with the room rather than just nailing the first person to respond to a personal message. I'd seen her in rooms for a few nights, and had glanced at her profile but had never taken it further.

Then one night I was doing my usual mocking of the guys who would fly in and share their measurements then act all surprised that no one wanted to talk with them. Laughter was all around the room and I was having a good time when out of nowhere she sent me a private message. While I'd had women message me before, she was quick and to the point.

"I really enjoy your comments in the room, do you want to chat alone." While I wasn't getting much action my man bits still worked, and I thought this might be a time where I might have some company in what had been a far to solo routine lately.

We talked for about forty minutes, just shooting the shit with occasional sexual overtones when out of nowhere she asked me if I wanted to call her. I had survived a stint in college in a long distance relationship but hadn't stretched my phone skills lately, so I decided why not. On the phone the conversation flowed better then online and after another twenty minutes I was coyly suggesting she remove her clothing. She told me she hadn't done this before, which sounded like a line, but I played along and the first night was a primer (while I primed her) for what was to come.

We kept talking on occasion after the first night, and after about a month it was a nightly thing. She'd call me or I'd call her and we'd go from laughing and joking to moaning and grunting in the course of our conversation. Once she got into it she was fairly outgoing and would tell me exactly what she wanted and how she wanted me to do it. She'd cum hearing my tales of licking her head to toe and then bring me off describing how she'd suck on the tip of my cock while she stroked me gently. While it was all over the phone it ended up being more than either of us could handle and on times one of us would fall asleep exhausted after a three hours session of inspired masturbation.

The more I talked to her and learned the ins and outs of making her cum the more I wanted her. Knowing she would lose it if I slid my tongue across her clit made me want to feel her thighs pressed against my face. Her tasting herself made me want to lick her lips until she came all over my face. She was the same way and even told me on occasion how she had gotten so turned on thinking about me inside her during the day that she had to finish herself off in the bathroom at work.

Through all this the only thing raising faster than my cock and desire to slide into her was our phone bills. She was over a thousand miles away so a quick drive to satisfy the need was out of the question. Then one night she called me and was so excited to talk to me. Sensing the route of our usual conversation my clothes were off and my cock at attention, however it turns out the excitement wasn't about what we'd do tonight, but instead about a work trip she had learned of that day which would require her spend 4 nights twenty minutes from my home. After all this time the opportunity has come for the real thing, unfortunately it was two months away.

That night after we discussed her visit we had one of the hottest sessions ever, with both of us coming enough for a week in the course of five hours. After what I thought was the last time I asked her about a desire of mine, if she was traveling all this way and we were finally going to do this I didn't want anything between us. From our conversations before I knew she'd always been a condom girl, but I begged her to go see the doctor and get on the pill asap. She agreed, after all our relationship was based on fantasy and we both wanted to do all the things we'd been imagining.

As the time went by between her announcement and the actual trip our sessions got more detailed and explicit. They had gone from fantasies that would never happen to highly detailed descriptions of what each of us would do when we saw each other.

I told her of my desire to bend her over my couch, pulling down her panties and slipping my fingers in her. I listened to her moan while her own fingers played the role of mine. I was going to get her soaking wet pushing them in and out and once she was dripping would kneel behind her and slip my tongue into her. I got so hard telling her about it that I almost came when she licked her fingers for me and told me about the taste I would soon have on my lips. I wanted to lick her until she came all over my face, and while she was coming down from her orgasm I would stand up and slide into her. Listening to her moan and the thought of me entering her was all I could handle and I came all over myself in anticipation of the night this would finally happen.

Each night was another tale of an event to come, while we both knew there was no way we could actually do all the things we planned in one night it didn't stop us from throwing them on the to do list for. She detailed her plans for swallowing my cock and sucking me off until she could finally taste my cum. I ran her through a fantasy where we showered together while working our way from fingers to hands, to mouths, to finally me bending her over with the water slashing on her back while I slipped into her and filled her with cum.

And while the anticipation of the time together built it became harder and harder for me to get through the day without talking to her, without hearing her cum. But all of that ended the day she arrived. I was to pick her up at the train station near my house. She was staying downtown and had ridden out to the suburbs on a Friday. She had to be back for meetings Saturday afternoon, but I had her until then. When I saw her standing by the curb I was instantly hard. While we had exchanged photos over the months (some decent, some not) what was now in front of me was better than any fantasy. She was average height, and had the best hips/ass breast combination ever. Both were on the big side, but in the best way possible.

As we drove back to my place we talked. The tension was so thick you could cut it, and part of me debated just slipping my hand up her skirt while we drove but as silly as it sounds I didn't want to be too forward, at least not yet. I was likely doing eight on the way home and we pulled into my garage in minutes. I opened her door as the garage door closed and for the first time in the months since we met were both in the same place and alone.

She was standing by the wall and I stepped in and pushed her body against the wall, pressing myself against her and finding her lips with mine. The kiss quickly progressed from sweet and slow to deep and passionate, with my hands finding her ass and hers pulling my hardening cock against her. We stopped for air and I seized the opportunity to open the door and lead her inside. We made it as far as the living room before the kiss resumed against the wall, this time with her hand slipping down my front and stroking my cock. My hands went to the buttons on the front of her shirt and while I'd like to say I smoothly undid them one by one it was more like a wrestling match with her shirt and my hand. In the end I won and the shirt and a few unfortunate buttons that didn't survive ended up on the floor. I took a step back and took her in, now standing in front of me in a black skirt, black stockings, and a matching bra (I had asked for this outfit after a particularly hot night). My mouth sought out her nipples through her bra, sucking on one then the other until they were sticking straight out. My hands went to her ass, pulling her skirt up and slipping my hands under them onto her bare ass. Her hands had found the buttons on my pants and were now slipping through the fly on my boxers while my pants traveled south. I was already standing at attention and she knelt down in front of my and slipped my cock free of the boxers, licking her lips and then directing the head of my cock between them. After months of imagining this the real thing was a thousand times better and I had to hold back to not cum immediately. Looking down at her face I could tell she was enjoying herself, her hand had slid under her skirt and she was rubbing her panties furiously while she sucked me. Her mouth traveling the length of my cock, up and down. Taking all of me, just like she had promised. Her actions were making my cock drip and while I knew me finishing in her mouth was one the to do list, there was something I wanted more at the moment.

I reached down and grabbed her arms, pulling her up in protest as she begged for me to finish in her mouth. I told her there would be time for that later and went to my knees in front of her. I reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down. As they came down I could see they were soaked which just excited me more. She stepped out of the panties and I tossed her skirt over my head, my face now inches away from her sweet wet pussy. She was trimmed fairly short leaving me staring at her wet lips. As I took it all in she moaned, my breath against her tickling her. I took my hands and ran them up the back of her thighs, grabbing onto her ass and pulled her towards me. As my tongue hit her lips she gasped and I felt her hands grabbing the back of my head to brace herself. I parted her lips with my tongue and pushed it into her. She was soaking wet and her pussy had a sweet taste that I was never going to get enough of. I licked her up and down, tracing around her clit and down her thighs. Her moans were escalating as I went and I decided it was time to slide my tongue across her clit and see how she reacted. Her gasp was so loud it surprised me, and likely my neighbors, as I ran my tongue around her clit I slid two fingers inside of her and pulled her to me from the inside.

She was moaning hard now and the way she was moving her hips against my face I could tell she was getting close. While I had made her stop before I finished the same wouldn't happen here, after all if she came she could always cum again, where as I would need a rest. My fingers slid in and out of her, timing my movements with her breaths. My face was being covered by her juices and I moved my lips around her clit, giving it a gentle suck. That was the final step as I felt her legs go limp and heard her tell me mid moan that she was cuming. I kept my mouth against her until she started to come down, tasting her sweet cum.

I pulled back the skirt from over my head and stood up, she went to kiss me but I spun her around and pushed her over. Knowing what was coming next she begged me to slip into her. Her ass looked so good, bent over my couch in her skirt and stockings. I ran my hands over them and pulled up against her. My cock was rubbing her, tracing a trail back and forth from her wet lips to her ass. As much as I wanted to savior the view I was so hard my brain lost out to my cock and I grabbed her hips and slammed into her. The entire length of my cock vanishing into her. Her pussy was wet and still convulsing from her earlier orgasm. Enjoying the feeling I stood there and help myself all the way in her. Sliding my hands up her torso and gently rubbing her nipples. Her pussy was a million times better than I had dreamed, and as she complimented me on the feel of my dick in her I began slowly sliding and out. At first they were short strokes, just enough to feel it, then they got deeper and deeper until I was barely staying inside before going back deep into her. Her moans accelerated and I felt her hand brush against mine as she slipped it between her legs, rubbing her clit furiously as I filled her.

My own pleasure was building and I could feel my cock throbbing as I fucked her. When she started moaning louder and louder I knew it was time, and when she told me she was coming I knew there was no holding back. As I felt her pussy contract around me I pushed deep into her and screamed her name as I filled her with my cum. As I came we both collapsed onto the couch. She undid her bra and tossed it aside while I slid off her skirt.

Finally after months of buildup we were both there, totally naked, lying in the afterglow. Our hands continued to explore each other, and as she stroked my cock I looked at the clock and reminded myself we had plenty of time left....but that's another story.

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