tagLoving WivesDot Lands a Modeling Job

Dot Lands a Modeling Job


We went to the local bike and car show to see the new models and look at all the custom bikes. Dot was dressed in a very low-cut, see through blouse, and low rider jeans. She looked like a million dollars.

As we walked through the show looking at all the beautiful bikes and cars, Dot saw a leather vendor and wanted to stop and look at the leather goods. She found a pair of chaps that fit and also wanted a leather halter top. After looking for a few minutes, she found what she was looking for, and asked the guy if he had a place to try it on. He said that she was welcome to go behind the curtain of his booth and try it on.

She stepped behind the curtain, leaving it partially open, and stripped off her blouse and bra and started to put the leather halter top on. I could see her behind the curtain and was sure that the guy that owned the booth could see her too.

After she went back there, he didn’t move an inch, just staring at the opening in the curtain. When she came out, he was a little flustered, having seen her beautiful tanned breasts.

About that time, a guy who was walking around taking pictures approached Dot and asked her if she would be interested in doing some lingerie modeling. She told him that she would think about it and let him know the following week.

I had walked over to look at a custom bike and Dot caught up with me, telling me what the guy had said. I asked her what she thought about it and she replied, “I want to do it. I won’t look like this the rest of my life and I want the pictures made!” I told her that if that’s what she wanted, to go for it!

The following week, Dot placed a call to the guy and he invited her to his studio to discuss the details. When she arrived at the studio, he invited her to look around, and also showed her some albums of pictures he had taken. She thumbed through the album, noticing that there were some very sexy shots in them along with some very revealing outfits that the women were wearing.

He then told her that if she was willing, he could also do some nude shots of her and he would pay her more. Dot thought for a minute and said, “ Ok, lets do it!”

He told her that he would have to get the set ready for shooting and gave her several revealing teddies to try on. She went in the dressing room and put on a white, see through, very sexy thong bottom and lace top that didn’t hide much. Dot was a little nervous, but he assured her that it would get a lot easier after he had taken a few shots. Dot told him that she needed a drink and he said, “Ok ,,, what would you like?”. She told him and he left the room to mix her drink.

She was having second thoughts about doing this until he came back in with her drink. He assured her that these would be confidential, and the shots would be sold to a Canadian Magazine.

Dot almost slugged the whole drink down, then asked him for another. He brought her another, and she sipped it slowly, asking him a few questions as they talked.

When he got the set ready, he told her to sit on a small couch that was in the center of the set. When she was seated, he said, “Ok, now let me pose you!” He walked over to where she was seated, placed his hands on her shoulders, and leaned her back against the backrest, reached down and lifted one of her legs on the couch, straightened the lace top, then walked back to his camera. He told her to look right in the lens and smile.

She did so and he snapped a couple of pictures, telling her how beautiful she looked. Then he walked back to her, turned her around and posed her from the other side. This time letting one of the straps on the lace top fall off her shoulder, revealing the mound of one breast almost to the nipple.

He took a few more shots and Dot was beginning to loosen up. He then told her to stand up, face the other way, then turn her upper body toward the camera.

She did so and as she turned, the same strap came off her shoulder, almost revealing her entire breast, the material catching on her nipple and covering it up.

After a couple of shots, he walked over to her, gently grabbing the strap and pulling the material down and over her nipple. As he was posing her for the next shot, his hand continuously brushed against her breasts, and Dot was having a hard time containing her excitement.

After a couple more shots with her right breast completely exposed, he said, “Now, pull the other strap from your shoulder and turn toward the camera, pulling the material slowly down and over your other breast.”

As she pulled the material down, he was shooting shot after shot, noticing that her nipple had gotten very hard when she pulled the material over it and down to her waist.

He said, “You have a beautiful body, are you ready to do some semi nudes?” Dot said, “I thought I was already semi nude!!” He replied that she needed to take the top off, leaving her in her white thong panties. With that, Dot pulled the top over her head and threw it on the floor, leaving her standing there in nothing but the white thong panties and looking so very sexy.

He walked over to her and told her to get on the couch and he would pose her. She sat down and he placed both his hands on her shoulders, laying her back, then taking her hands and placing them under each breast, telling her to hold that.

The next shot was of her with her thumbs under the straps of the thong panties as if she was removing them. He told her to pull one side down. She did so, revealing a wisp of her pubic hair over the top of the panties. He took several shots, encouraging Dot the whole time and telling her how beautiful she was.

Dot noticed that he had a bulge in his pants, and told him that she could take care of that if he would get her another drink. He almost ran out of the room and was back in just a few seconds with another drink. As she sipped the drink, she asked him how he wanted her to pose now.

He said, “Why don’t you stand, put both your thumbs in the straps of your panties, and pretend you are taking them off, each time going lower and lower. “

She put her drink down, stood and placed her thumbs in the side straps, slowly pulling each side down as he clicked off the shots. She continued pulling them down until her entire bush was visible, and the top of the panties was below her pussy, which by now was hot and wet. She looked at the bulge in his pants and it was growing.

He said, “Now lay on the couch and pull the panties to your knees with your legs up.” She lay down on the couch, but was unsure what to do, so she asked for his assistance.

He walked over to her and was placing her when she reached up and touched his dick through his pants. He stopped, reached down and fondled one of her breasts, then sliding his hand down to her pussy as she unzipped his pants, reaching in and pulling his hard cock out and immediately kissing and licking it.

He slid one finger in her pussy and was playing with her clit. She was about to cum so she reached his arm and pulled it away from her pussy. Then she sat up and pulled him to her, letting her lips encircle the head of his hard cock, slowly licking and sucking.

She reached around him and grabbed his butt and pulled him closer taking the entire length of his hard dick into her mouth, sucking like she had never sucked before. She reached under and fondled his balls, occasionally moving to one of them and sucking the whole thing in her mouth then releasing it. Then moving back to his cock, sucking and licking until he was ready to cum.

When she sensed that he was ready to shoot his load, she sucked harder and harder, feeling it welling up in him until he finally moaned and she started pumping him with her hand until he shot his load all over her and the couch.

When he regained his composure, he told her that was the best blow job he had ever had. She thanked him and asked him if he wanted more pictures. He replied that he did, but he would have to wait until another time.

He arranged another shooting for the following week. Dot stood and started to get dressed, then turned to him and kissed him deep and long. She also fondled his soft cock telling him that she enjoyed pleasing him and that she looked forward to their next session.

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