tagLoving WivesDot Lands a Modeling Job Ch. 02

Dot Lands a Modeling Job Ch. 02


When Dot got home that night after her modeling shoot, she told me all about the session with the photographer, and how much it turned her on. She said that she would love to do another shoot.

I asked her if she had made arrangements with the photographer for another session, and she replied “No, but I told him that I wanted to do another shoot!” She also said that she wanted me to go with her for the next session. I asked why, and she said that she wanted me to see her at her sexiest. I couldn’t imagine her being any sexier with someone else than she had been with me over the years, but, I agreed to go.

The next morning, she called the studio and set up another shoot for the following week. She told the photographer that I would be attending with her, and she said that he sounded disappointed. She told him not to worry because she was free to do as she pleased, and by me being there, would not affect their photo session.

Dot spent the rest of the week shopping for some sexy lingerie. Sunday night, she decided to show me her purchases. She went to the bathroom and put on the first outfit, which was sheer and had a lace thong bottom. Her body looked incredible in that outfit! Her luscious tits were visible and her nipples were hard. I could tell that she was getting very turned on posing in the skimpy nightie.

The next outfit was white with sheer cups, slits down the side, and a thong bottom. She told me that this was her favorite, because it accentuated her tan, and made her feel very sexy.

The last outfit was red and very sexy. This teddy had straps that barely covered her tits, left her stomach bare, and just a string for a thong bottom.

I was totally turned on by now and pulled her to me. She asked if I wanted her to do to me what she planned on doing to the photographer. I said, “Yes, show me what you will do to the photographer while I watch!”

With that, she knelt down, unzipped my pants, pulled my hard cock from its restraints, and proceeded to give me a very hot blow-job. She was moaning and started sucking harder and harder. I knew I couldn’t take it much longer, and when she circled the end of my dick with her tongue, I blew my load deep in her throat. She continued sucking until I couldn’t take it any more, then licked me clean.

When I regained my composure, I told her that if she did that to the photographer, he should do the photo’s for free! We laughed, then she said, “I can do more to him if you want!” I said, “That will be your decision!”

The day of her shoot came, and I could tell that Dot was very turned on all day. She called me several times at the office wanting to be sure that I would be home on time. She told me that she couldn’t wait!

I arrived home and Dot was dressed in a very low cut blouse that revealed most of her cleavage, almost showing her nipples. She put her arms around me, and said, “ I just want to thank you for letting me do this and not getting mad. I will repay you many times over after we have the pictures!”

We arrived at the studio, and Dot introduced me to the photographer, whose name was Rich. We shook hands and Rich asked if I was ok with this. I replied, “Dot is a very sexual woman and if this is what she wants to do, more power to her, I don’t have a problem with it!” This seemed to please Rich and he asked me if I wanted to watch the photo shoot. I said that I would like that.

Rich brought a chair into the studio and placed it in a dark corner of the studio. He also offered Dot and I a drink. We both accepted, and Rich left the room to mix the drinks.

Dot walked over to me and said, “How far do you want me to go?” I said, “You do what makes you feel good!”

Rich brought the drinks and Dot drank hers like it was water. To me this was an act of nervous energy. I knew she was nervous, but very turned on.

Rich told Dot to get dressed in her lingerie as he set up the lights. I sipped my drink and waited for Dot to come out of the dressing room. When she appeared, she was dressed in her red teddy, that only had small strips covering her nipples and one small strip for the thong bottom. She looked like a million dollars.

Rich turned around and said, “Wow, you look delicious!” Dot just smiled and sat on the couch, adjusting the straps over her nipples.

Rich told her that he would pose her, and walked over to the couch, placed his hands on her shoulders, and slowly pushed her into a reclining position. Then he adjusted the straps and walked back to the camera.

He told Dot to just move naturally and let him get a few shots of her before they got to the sexy ones. I thought to myself that this was already pretty sexy, seeing as how Dot didn’t have much covering her body.

After a few shots, Rich moved over and rolled her over to where her beautiful rounded ass was visible to the camera. Then he got her to turn her upper body toward the camera, causing the straps to fall off her breasts. Rich told her to cup her breasts in her hands and look directly into the lens. This was a very sexy shot, and I could tell that Dot was turned on tremendously. I could see the strap on the thong was wet and knew that she was ready for some hot play.

After taking a couple like that, Rich told Dot to stand up, take the straps off her shoulders and let the teddy fall naturally to the floor. He placed her hands on her hips and told her to look straight into the camera.

The teddy fell to the floor, revealing her shaved pussy, and Rich told Dot to place one hand over her mound, while fluffing her hair with the other. This was a very sexy shot. Dot was really getting into posing, and Rich was snapping away.

I felt a tinge of jealousy, but the sexy woman in front of me had me turned on beyond belief! I could also tell that Rich was getting turned on by the bulge in his jeans.

Dot noticed the bulge and asked Rich if he was having a problem concentrating on her. He replied, “Hell no, I could concentrate on you for hours!”

With that, Dot walked over to him and unzipped his jeans, releasing his hard cock, and gasping when she had it in her hand. She immediately dropped to her knees and began to fondle his cock, looking at me the whole time. When she saw that I was ok with this, she bent over and licked the pre-cum off the head of his dick, then sucked the whole thing into her throat. Rich gasped then said, “God that feels good!”

Dot continued sucking his cock until he was almost ready to cum, then released her grip on him, stood up, and said, “ I want more pictures before you cum!”

It took Rich a minute to regain his composure, then he got back to shooting pictures of her in all positions. He even had her pose with her legs wide open, showing her beautiful shaved pussy. Then he had her stick one finger in her pussy, and put one hand on her breast. As he was shooting the pictures, Dot really got turned on, and told him that was enough.

Rich said that he had to take one more. Dot asked how he wanted her to pose, and he replied that he wanted to get one of her cumming, and to continue playing with herself until she was there. She told him that she needed help and would he help her while I took the pics. Rich looked at me and asked me if I knew how to operate the camera. I replied that I did!

He moved over to the couch where Dot was, and immediately stuck his finger in her pussy, massaging her clit and feeling the hot wetness of her love hole. She responded by reaching for his dick and pulling it toward her to where she could suck him to climax.

As she was sucking his cock, I had pulled mine out and was slowly jerking off while taking shot after shot.

I knew that Rich couldn’t last long and it was only a minute that I heard him groan, releasing his load into Dot’s mouth. She swallowed every drop of his cum, slowly licking the length of his cock, making sure that there was no mess.

Then Dot looked at me, and said, “Come here, I need some relief!” I moved over to the couch and she took my cock in her mouth, sucking for all she was worth. In a minute, she said, “ I need you in me!”

As I undressed, I noticed that Rich was back at the camera snapping shots. Dot pulled me down on top of her and guided my dick into her hot, wet pussy. She moaned as I slid into her, then she started thrusting upward, faster and faster. I was trying to hold it back, but knew that I couldn’t hold it much longer.

Dot was like a wild woman! She fucked me like she never had before, knowing that Rich was watching and taking pictures of us fucking. This evidently turned her on tremendously, and it wasn’t but a minute before she started shuttering and moaning, then letting it all go, cumming with the intensity of a sex starved maniac.

This was all I could stand and I felt the explosion coming. I pumped her as hard as I could, knowing that she was getting totally satisfied. When she finally stopped bucking, she said, “Wow!”

When we recovered, Rich told us both how much he had enjoyed the shoot, even the part of us fucking. Dot replied, “ Next time, it will have to be you in the pictures!”

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