Dot Makes Tim a Cuckold Ch. 08


Tim lowered his eyes and resigned to his fate. He bent in and planting kisses on her upper most inner thigh as his lips came into contact with a little of Lee's drying cum. His lips touched the sticky wetness there. Dot knew her husband had now tasted her lover's cum and her cum mixture directly from her wet pussy. A little closer and it got even wetter. It was still half full of Lee's cum. She took both hands and held his head gently and eagerly began to glide it to where she wanted. Tim hesitated. But as she applied a little more pressure trying to convince him to move his head he began to fight it. He pulled back and she relaxed her grip. "Oh come on baby don't tease me like that! Lick my hole Timmy! You know what I love. Hurry Timmy1 Lick it out before he knocks me up baby", she whispered.

He came in again and kissed just above her slit this time. She said, "Oh yes Timmy that's right. A little lower baby! Just little further down, an inch lower baby! Just an inch Timmy, lick lower, lick my slit, it's so sore baby! Lick me and make it feel better."

Tim kissed around her thighs and then up over her pussy mound, where the hair would have been if she hadn't shaved her pussy bald. As her hands touched the top of his again, Dot gently pushed as she said, "Oh Timmy come on baby! Lick my aching pussy for me. It's so hot and so sore from Lee's big cock. Lick it and make it better. Please baby please!"

Tim felt his wife's hands pushed on his head trying to get it lower and he kissed and gently licked his way slowly down and around the center point of her body. Lower and lower his lips moved towards his wife's sloppy cum coated cunt. Tim was now licking and kissing over her mound and an inch from the center of her slit. That's where the most cum was on her pussy. It was coating his face as he moved it down further and further. He felt the wet cum touch his lips as he got closer and closer to her pussy opening. Again the strong odor of Lee's and Dot's sex was filling in his lungs with each breath he took. It got stronger as his face was buried just above the hole of his wife's cunt.

She was actually enjoying Tim's hesitation and wondered as much as Lee did if Tim would actually put his tongue in her hole and lick her lover's cum out of her pussy. It actually made her pussy tingle with anticipation. Would Tim actually put his face in that mess between her legs? She held his head gently directing it to the center of her cunt. "Lick it sweetie. You know you love to eat my wet pussy", she told him in a lusty voice.

Tim stuck out his tongue and used just the tip to come into contact with it. He taste the mixture of the cum now as his tongue and lips touched her clit. Dot immediately arched and moaned as she felt his lips squeeze the hard red bud of her clit. She pushed up and held his head against it! Lee made her do things she never felt she could do to Tim. Tim's face was exactly where it should be, in her cum filled cunt. She held it there and felt his tongue. He was doing it! He licked.

She whispered, "Oh yes darling! Yes! Oh God Lee. Oh God he's doing it Lee. He's doing it! Oh yes! Oh God!! Lee, he's licking your cum from my pussy! You're doing it baby! Yes sweetie! Yes baby! That's it, you're eating me Timmy! Now Timmy, lick all of my slit baby! Lick me good baby! Get rid of his cum. There's so much of it! Hurry don't let him knock me up with a black baby. We don't want a mixed baby here. Eat me Timmy! Hurry! Oh hurry baby before his cum takes my egg."

Lee just sat there watching Tim move closer and closer and then do it. He watched as this white husband ate his black sperm out of Dot's pussy. They didn't have to wonder any longer if he could really do. They didn't have to wonder if Tim could really stick his tongue into her cum filled pussy and eat Lee's cum out of the hole? Again Tim licked and sucked her clit and the top of her pussy. Again she arched up and moaned, "Oh yes Timmy! Lick it! Lick my wet pussy lick all of it sweetie. Make it feel better baby! Lick my cunt Tim. Lick it and make sure Lee's cum isn't making a baby inside me! Hurry before it's too late. Eat my pussy and get it all out of me baby! Eat me and suck his cum from my pussy so I don't have his baby."

Tim moved his mouth lower and covered her hole again. "Oh, oh Timmy your mouth feels so wonderful! Yes baby, yes, yes lick me baby! Lick lower! Get your tongue right in the hole. Lick it clean sweetie. Oh God Timmy yes! My God!! He's doing it! He's cleaning my pussy so your cum doesn't knock me up! Yes Timmy! Yes! Oh yes! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yes Timmy yes baby! OH JESUS TIMMY YESSSSSSSSSSSS! OHHHHHH MY GODDDDDD!!! YESSSSSSS!!! "

And Dot went off like a cannon as her orgasm swept over her. She held her husband's head and drove her cunt into his mouth. Tim buried his tongue as deep inside her cunt hole as he could. He licked and sucked the cum out of her and the idea and the feeling of Tim's mouth on her cum filled cunt was driving her wild with an evil lust. It was the idea that her husband was now licking her lover's seed out of her made it even hotter and more erotic. As she began to recover from one hell of an orgasm she said, "Oh Tim! I love you so much baby! Lick it sweetie. Suck it more make sure it's clean baby! You're doing such a great job baby"; she was moaning the words as Tim continued to clean her cunt out.

They all knew that this was the ultimate cuckold position and humiliation for Tim yet. Her husband was licking her lover's cum from her well-fucked pussy. Dot couldn't believe it but the feeling was tremendous. She arched her hips and ass up off the bed higher and higher and higher as orgasm after orgasm, took hold of her body. Lee watched in amazement as he saw Tim's tongue and mouth go as deep as he could get it in her pussy hole. Dot held the lips of her pussy open as wide as she could get them and she felt it. Tim's tongue drove her completely over the edge. She shuttered and shook and screamed as the final great orgasm almost made her pass out. Her body shook and shook and shook and shook as she held her husband's head tightly against her cunt and squeezed her things tightly around his head. His face was trapped between them. He held her hips and his mouth devoured her cunt one final time. She felt his tongue fucking her as she pumped her pussy on it.

She was thinking, "Oh my God! My husband is now the complete cuckold. He has seen me with my lover being fucked a number of times. He has seen me deep throat my lover's black cock taking all of it down my throat. He has seen me drink my lover's cum. He wears a cock cage. And now, he has eaten Lee's cum out of my pussy hole." She said it like she positively loved her husband like this now.

Dot had three huge orgasms from her husband's mouth and she finally released her husband's head. But he didn't come out from between her legs he kept licking and sucking her pussy. She turned to her lover and saw him stoking his big black cock right there in front of her face. She kissed and licked the big black head and smiled saying, "He likes it down there!"

She held up her hands to show Lee she wasn't holding Tim's head any more. Lee smiled at her and said, "Well in a minute he'll have to move because I'm going to fuck you again Dot."

She almost laughed out loud as Lee had a smile on his face and he said very low, "I told you he would do it!"

She smiled up at him and said, Oh Lee! Oh Timmy! I love you both! Oh Timmy, don't stop baby! Don't ever stop eating my pussy! Your mouth feels like heaven baby!"

Lee moved down next to Tim and whispered, "Move over Tim I want to put my cock back into Dot's clean pussy hole. She's ready for me now. Thanks old buddy!"

Tim moved and Lee took his place as he sunk his cock fully into Dot's hole again. She was slippery and wet and ready. With two easy pushes he was again fully inside her with his cock. Lee's cock was all the way inside Dot's body and she lifted her legs up high to get his cock even deeper into her body. Lee held them as he pumped into her. She looked at Tim and said, "Thank you baby! That was the best. Thank you from saving me from becoming knocked up with Lee's baby Timmy! I love your mouth, you know that don't you? I was wondering sweetie, how did it taste?"

Tim didn't answer her he just lowered his head and walked out of the room as slapping sounds from Lee ramming into Dot's pussy were heard all the way down the hallway. Tim had been completely humiliated and totally embarrassed. He resolved he would never do that again. He went into the bathroom and washed his face three times. Then he took a shower and brushed his teeth. He then went into the spare bedroom, which was all the way down the hall. He closed the door so he hoped he wouldn't hear them fucking. Tim knew it was going to be an all nighter and then in the morning he wondered what would happen. He was upset and very afraid his marriage as he knew it was over. He had to talk with her soon. It could already be too late. He lay there and couldn't believe his wife would do that to him. He didn't think she would be this cruel. Is this what he wanted when he told her to take a lover? Was this his new life? Would he be subjected to eating cum from another man out of her pussy now? He began to cry. Tim cried himself to sleep as Dot and Lee pounded away at each other both crying out as their orgasms peaked together. She had forgotten all about her husband now.

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