Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 03


The girls nodded, then ran down the hall, buzzing to each other.

"Can we trust them?" I made it inclusive, since we both had something to lose if this got out.

"We'll have to." Joy sat on the edge of the bed, next to me. "I'm sorry I got carried away. I hope you don't mind, but it's been a long time since I've been intimate with anyone."

"It's not a problem," I said. "But, I have to admit, your reaction to finding me in your daughter's bed was quite a surprise. And, telling Randi to fuck -"

"Make love," Joy corrected.

"Right, with me, well, that was a complete shock." I sat silent, waiting for an explanation.

Joy put her palms together and raised her hands to her lips. Her voice was low, filled with terror. "I'm afraid Harry is planning to deflower the ladies with that monster prick of his." She sniffled and rubbed one finger against the pussy juice stain on my shirt. "That damn thing screwed me up good."

Interesting use of the term. "I'm so sorry." If his cock was as big as the twins claimed, it might be difficult for a woman to deal with. As it was, before the Cocksworths, I thought I was too much for some ladies, old or young.

She hung her head. "I haven't made love to him, or anyone else, since he got me pregnant with the ladies."

Joy hadn't done it in over eighteen years? No wonder she was horny! "How sad." Hell, I can't go forty-eight hours, it seems, without fucking some young woman. Maybe one day, Joy would let me 'make love' with her, so she could experience a more reasonably sized organ.

"You'd best be going. I'll let you know when you and Randi can get together for some quality time." She gave my wilted penis a pat. It bobbled and engorged, just enough to be noticeable. "My, my!"

I was torn about telling Joy about the girls' trick. There was no way to explain she'd caught me with Randi without exposing the twins' subterfuge. I decided to keep their little secret, for leverage. Besides, it was clear Brandi had no interest in making love, or fucking, whatever you call it. At least with Randi, I'd have an enthusiastic partner. I stood and pulled up my clothing. My dick was semi-erect, but I stuffed it into my pants anyway. No reason to push my luck with Joy only to get caught by Harry.

I let myself out. The girls shouted "Bye, Mr. M." from their window as I strolled away from their front door. I waved back with a broad smile.

As I crossed the street, I wondered about the American Girls club where they used to live. Maybe there were lecherous old men like me in every neighborhood. I shuttered at the prospect of competition, especially guys with bigger dicks!

(To be continued)


An Original H M Tale

I'm always interested in reader feedback. Tell me what you think.

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