tagLoving WivesDot's Pierced Dick Experience

Dot's Pierced Dick Experience


Dot came home the other day after meeting a girlfriend at a local restaurant bar and relayed the following to me.

She arrived at the restaurant at noon to eat lunch with her friend. They were to have a few drinks in the bar, and then eat lunch. Her friend was a few minutes late getting there and meantime, Dot took a seat at the bar, next to a couple of guys.

She ordered her drink, and one of the guys threw a five dollar bill on the bar and told the bartender to take her drink from that. Dot thanked him and took a sip of her drink. "Damn," she said, "That tastes good, I've been needing this!"

The guys just laughed, and that gave them an intro to talk to her. They struck up a conversation, and Dot was having a good time talking to both the guys.

She had on a low cut blouse, and when she turned to talk to them, the blouse opened just enough for them to catch a glimpse of her ample breasts. Both guys couldn't take their eyes off her cleavage.

Her friend finally got there and Dot told the guys that they were going to sit at a table. The guys looked disappointed when Dot got up from the bar, but both sets of eyes went to her chest when she turned to get off the stool. Dot just smiled at them and said, "If you want to join us you are welcome to do so!"

She didn't have to ask twice! Both of them got up and followed her to the table where she introduced her friend, Wendy. The men introduced themselves as Dan and Mike. Dan was about six feet tall and according to Dot, in very good shape. Mike was a little shorter than Dan, but was also built nicely. Dan sat by Dot and Mike sat by Wendy.

They had a couple of drinks and things loosened up. They acted like they had known each other for years. They were laughing and touching each other. Mike and Wendy had moved around the table where they were engrossed in a deep conversation.

Soon the conversation turned to sex and Dan told Dot that his penis was pierced. Dot said, "No way! Where?" Dan laughed and said on the end! Dot said, "I don't believe you, I want to see!"

Dan said, "It will cost you!" Dot wanted to know what it would cost, but Dan said he would tell her after she saw the piercing.

She said, "Ok, lets go to the restroom, I want to see no matter what the cost!"

With that, Dan got up from the table as Dot leaned over to Wendy and told her they would be right back. Wendy and Mike were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn't even notice when Dot and Dan left.

When they entered the restroom, Dan opened a stall door and told Dot to go in. When they were both in the stall, Dan unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the floor, then pushing his shorts down, held his cock out where Dot could see the ring. She gasped at the size of his cock and at the piercing. His cock was not too long, but it was big around as a teacup. The piercing was through his glans, and Dot looked closely at the ring for a minute.

She had never seen one like that, and she asked him if he would mind if she touched it. He said, "No, that's part of the price of seeing it!"

Dot said, "What's the rest of the price?" Dan told her that he thought a blow job should pay her in full!

With that, she dropped down and got a close up view of his piercing, fondling his balls, and grabbing his cock with her other hand. She stroked him a couple of times and then licked the end of his dick.

She felt him start to get hard and she sucked the whole thing in her mouth, still fondling his balls. He leaned back against the wall and Dot really went to work on him then.

She was also pumping him with her hand as she sucked, and it wasn't long before Dan started to tremble. Dot knew he was getting ready to shoot his load, and she pulled her mouth off his cock and started pumping faster and faster. All of a sudden, Dan shot his load and it all landed on Dots cleavage.

After he finished, Dot stood up and told him, "Now you have to clean me up since its running down between my tits!" He said, "Gladly!"

He stepped out of the booth and got a wet towel to wipe his cum off her breasts. When he went back in, Dot had unbuttoned her blouse and her tits were clearly visible, though still encased in her sexy bra. Dan told her that she would have to remove the bra too so he could get her completely clean.

With that, Dot reached around and undid the clasp, letting the bra fall off her shoulders, and into her hands. Dan remarked that those were the nicest tits he had seen in a long time. Dot thanked him, then said, "Ok, clean them up and I might let you taste one!"

About that time, Mike walked in and saw Dot standing there in the booth without a bra. He didn't know what had taken place before, but he was very interested in what was going on now!

He said, "I want to help with whatever you are doing!" Dot and Dan laughed, and told him to come in the booth. He squeezed in and immediately started playing with one of Dot's tits.

Dot was getting very turned on now and guided Dan's hand to her pussy. He was pressing against the material of her jeans when she reached down and unzipped them, letting him have access to her shaven pussy.

Then she reached over and started rubbing Mike's cock through his jeans, feeling him get hard instantly. She unzipped the jeans and reached in, pulling Mike's cock out. He wasn't as big around as Dan, but was longer. She bent over and kissed his cock as he continued playing with her tits.

Dan took advantage of this and undid her jeans, pushing them over her hips and down to the floor. Dot felt him playing with her pussy from behind and asked him if he was ready to go again? He said that he was getting there, and Dot reached around behind her while sucking Mike's long cock, and started rubbing Dan's fat dick.

She felt him get hard and guided him to her wet pussy from behind. Mike was getting the blow job of his life and Dan was sliding his dick in the hottest pussy he had ever experienced. Dot was in seventh heaven as she sucked and fucked these two guys.

Within a few minutes, Dot could feel a climax coming on. She started moaning, sucking Mike's long cock, and feeling Dan's teacup cock slide in and out with the ring. Both guys sensed that she was about ready to cum, so Dan started pumping harder and harder while Mike was ramming his cock in her mouth faster and faster.

All of a sudden, Mike shoots his load into Dots throat, and this really turned her on. Dan felt her pussy tighten, and started fucking her as hard and fast as he could.

It didn't take but another few seconds and Dot started trembling, moaning and saying, "Yes, Yes, Yessssss! God, that feels so good! That ring! Oh, Yes!"

She told me that she hasn't had a climax like that in years.

Dan followed within a couple of seconds, shooting his load deep in her hot, wet pussy.

After they cleaned up, they went back to the table where Wendy was sipping her drink. She asked them where they had been, and they all giggled! She wanted to know what was so funny and Dot told her that she would tell her later.

I don't think she ever told her!

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