tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDottie's Back Ch. 02

Dottie's Back Ch. 02


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After tossing my purse onto the kitchen counter, I nearly ran across the backyard toward Kim's house. Stopping a few feet short of the fence, I kicked my heels over it, pausing to be sure they landed in Kim's yard. On a previous occasion, one of my heels flew into the yard next to Kim's. This forced me to scramble over fences three times instead of only one. They both landed safely just beyond the fence this time. Having destroyed countless stockings on the sharp points of the chain link, I could hardly wait until tomorrow when the contractor would arrive to install a gate. I hooked my toes in the fence and, very unladylike, swung my other leg up and over the stupid fence. While momentarily straddling it, my skirt slid up my thighs leaving everything below my waist completely exposed. The warm air on my bare skin feels so inviting, and I briefly considered stripping down to lay out under the sun, but my need to tell Kim all the good news of the day took over and I flipped my other leg into Kim's yard and landed in the grass. Grabbing my shoes, I dashed to her back door and knocked on the glass.

Kim stepped out from the wall separating the kitchen and living room; she wore a white sleeveless blouse with buttons down the front. She must choose her blouses to augment her cleavage; her mammoth boobs always look so perfect. A pair of loose fitting denim shorts and white tennis shoes gave her a casual yet classy appearance. She smiled cheerily and waved me in. Sliding open the door I immediately started rambling on about my doctor's appointment. We sat on her couch and faced one another. As I neared the end of the tale, my legs and arms got jumpy with excitement as I explained that I would have the B-cups implanted the next week. Kim seemed very excited for me but preoccupied at the same time.

Still jittery with excitement, I went on to explain how I was pulled over by a police officer. She became concerned and spit out a question regarding a ticket. Without answering her directly, I explained how I used one of my 'talents' to get out of the citation. Her mysterious preoccupation with something unknown to me returned before I finished the description of my encounter with the policeman.

"Kim... Is something bothering you?" I asked, becoming concerned.

"No Dottie, why do you ask?"

"It's like you are listening to me... and you're not. Is something on your mind?"

She turns her head down the hallway leading to the back of the house and said, "I was working on a project on my computer and got stuck. I have no idea what to do."

"Well I will be no help there! I can get on the Internet and peruse websites, but that is the extent of my computer expertise. But I know a few people who may be able to help you!"

She cheered up immediately and chirped, "Do you really? Who is it?"

I revealed to her my relationship with Brian and Jerry from down the street. A knowing smirk materialize on her face when I told her about the hand jobs and blowjobs. She interrupted me in mid-sentence to tell me I was a slut, as if I didn't already know that! The smirk was replaced with an optimistic smile when I mentioned they have often arrived on my doorstep toting laptop computers and bragging about their latest programming conquest.

"Can you call them to come over and help me out?"

Glancing at the clock on the wall, "They should be on their way to my house right now! I should get over there to meet them! When I have 'satisfied' them, I'll ask if they could come over to help you out. I'm sure they will; they are both so sweet!"

Kim exhaled deeply and answered, "Dottie, I really appreciate this! Thank you so much!"

After our goodbyes, I struggled over the fence and dashed into my home. I had just applied a liberal amount of lip-gloss to my lips when I heard a timid knock on the front door. Approaching it with the arousal I feel each time they stop by, I felt my little 'clitty' already stiffening. Without hesitation, I opened the door. Brian and Jerry stood there in their usual button down shirts, generic jeans and loafers. The eager look 18-year-old virgins get when they are about to receive a hand job or blowjob was plastered across both of their faces.

"Hi Dottie, may we please come in?"

They are so polite!

"Sure guys." I held the door open as they stepped into the living room and closed it behind them. They both stopped just inside the door and I led the way to the couch. After I had taken my seat, they placed their bags on the coffee table. As they bent to sit down, I asked them to remain standing. I took hold of Jerry's belt; quickly unbuckled it followed by the snap on his jeans and the zipper.

Jerry stated with excitement, "Gee Dottie, we're not wasting any time today are we."

"Actually guys, I am going to ask you a favor... but it can wait until we have finished with this." I dipped my hand into Jerry's boxer shorts, carefully wrapped it around his rock hard cock. Foreplay has never been required with these two!

Brian had his pants around his knees, his hard cock pointing right at me. Jerry reached down and pulled his boxers out of the way, as I took hold of Brian's cock in my free hand.

I looked up at them, smiling cheerily with my eyes wide open, "What shall it be today? Blowjob or hand job?"

They both stuttered as I began to slowly jack them off. Brian answered, "Either one Dottie, we'll let you decide."

Leaning in to Brian's cock, looking up at him the whole time, I engulf his cock between my lips and slowly slide all the way down his cock until my chin makes contact with his balls. I watch his head fall backward and hear a loud, deep moan erupt from somewhere inside him.

My other hand was busy with Jerry's cock, sliding up and down its length. Precum had begun leaking from its head and I felt it on my thumb. After bobbing up and down on Brian's cock a few times, I leaned back and watched his face as I jacked him off at a furious pace. He approached his usual quick orgasm; I slowed down and smiled as he calmed down a little. Turning my attention to Jerry, the process was repeated while still jerking off Brian slowly. I took his cock in my throat and paused until he groaned with approval. This was followed by bobbing up and down on his cock truly enjoying the taste of their mixed precum. When I leaned back away from his cock, I began jerking them both off as fast as I could. When a drop of precum was ready to fall from either of the cocks, I took the head of that particular cock in my mouth and licked it clean.

Brian's precum was saltier tasting than Jerry's. However, Jerry's cum was much thicker and creamier than Brain's. I had the best of both worlds with these two!

Brian began throbbing in my hand and I knew he was close. I pulled him nearer to me, leaned my head back and just laid his cock's head on my chin when he erupted. The first and largest shot of his cream went halfway up my nose! I couldn't help but giggle with the strange sensation. The next four or five spurts spread out over both of my cheeks and chin. Just as I completed squeezing the last drops of cream out of his cock, Jerry stepped close and his cock spewed forth a string of cum the likes of which I had never seen before. It shot up and over my face, finally coming to land on the drapes behind me. My eyes opened even wider and my giggling returned.

When I released Brian from my grasp, he collapsed on the couch beside me. I now had both hands wrapped around Jerry's cock. I quickly leaned forward and took the head between my lips. The last bursts of cum coated the roof of my mouth, teeth and tongue. I held his cock up above my mouth and opened wide as I squeezed out the last drop. Lowering my head, I gathered the load onto my tongue then opened my mouth wide and presented the sight to Jerry. I felt my 'clitty' throbbing in my thong and was surprised I hadn't cum yet. He gazed down at me with a dreamy look in his eyes and then collapsed on the couch opposite Brian.

I swallowed my delicious prize and used my index finger to scoop up the splashes of cum on my face, looking directly at Brian while I did so. Stretching back to the drapes, I scooped up the line of cream with two fingers and eagerly licked them clean.

I then excused myself to blow my nose and clean up. Glancing over my shoulder, I caught both of them staring at my scantily covered butt as I disappeared down the hall.

15 minutes later I appeared, with fresh make-up and touched up hair. My 'clitty' had softened while I made myself presentable. They had both dressed and were chatting amongst themselves. I took a seat between them and their conversation ended.

Jerry asked politely, "What was that favor you were going to ask of us Dottie?"

"How are you guys with computers?" I inquired.

They looked at each other and smiled. Then looked to me and stated confidently, "We are the best."

"Great! I have a friend, Kim, with a computer problem." Putting on my very best little girl eyes, "And I was wondering if you two could possibly help her out?"

Jerry responded, "Anything for you Dottie."

They started to ask me a barrage of questions about languages, software and hardware, all of which went completely over my head. I cut them off as nicely as I could and informed them she lived right across my backyard. They willingly offered to go right now if Kim was ready. They grabbed their bags and I led them across my yard to the fence. That damn fence! They both hopped over it easily! I stepped out of my heels, passed them to Jerry and asked them to turn their backs. I struggled as usual and nearly got my skirt hung up on the post!

After slipping back into my heels, I led the way to the deck. Kim stood at the open door waiting for us.

I introduced everyone and we entered Kim's house. She graciously offered us all cold sodas; I took a diet.

No time was wasted as she herded us back to her office. Her computer was on and the screen was filled with lines of what looked like nonsense, I knew it must have been programming. The guys huddled around the machine as Kim explained her problem.

She was putting together a website and couldn't figure how to make the information on the screen remain without being cut off no matter what size of monitor it may be viewed on. Brian started typing and the monitor switched to what I knew was a website. I nearly passed out! A short sentence was written across the top of the page in curly pink letters... "Welcome to SissyHubby.com!" I felt faint. Recalling the numerous images and videos which had been taken of me since that fateful night when I had been caught playing by Stacy, a cold sweat covered my body. Jerry and Brian had no idea I was anything other than a young woman. What would they think?

I quietly excused myself from the room and staggered to the bathroom. Locking the door, I sat on the toilet seat and was shocked to feel my hard 'clitty' pulled in tight between my cheeks. Closing my eyes and holding my head in my hands, I searched my mind for the reason why being exposed to the planet for what I really was had become arousing to me.

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