tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDottie's Back Ch. 03

Dottie's Back Ch. 03


I was relived to finally step into my home after lingering at Kim's house for more than an hour. Brian, Jerry and Kim had kept themselves quite busy touching up different areas of the webpage. Kim left the two guys at the computer and walked me out to her deck as I was leaving for home. She told me that the two guys hadn't seen a single picture of me and she didn't plan to need any more of their assistance after today.

This relieved some of my anxiety, but a knot remained in my stomach as I thought of the entire world being able to see me throughout my 'change'. Along with the knot, my 'clitty' still throbbed and trying to understand my reaction was impossible. Did I honestly want to show the world?

As I browsed through the cupboards for something to make for dinner, my cell phone rang. I pulled it from my purse, which was in the same spot on the table where I had left it upon arriving home from my doctor's appointment. The display on my little pink phone showed it was Stacy calling. Quickly pressing the green button and raising it to my ear, "Hello, Stacy!"

"Hi Dottie, I wanted to let you know I will be bringing a client home for dinner. Make that Eggplant Parmesan I like so much. We should be there in about an hour. Oh, by the way, I'll want you to serve us dinner in that little red gingham outfit."

"An hour?" I asked, scrambling to the refrigerator. Thank goodness we have the cheese and eggplant.

"Yes, an hour. We will also need some privacy afterward. You will sleep in the guest room tonight. I wouldn't want you to miss any sleep on my account. Bye." The line then went dead.

Replacing the phone in my purse, I got right to work slicing the eggplant and preparing the sauce. It seems like time goes by much quicker when I am under pressure. Grabbing a loaf of frozen garlic bread from the freezer and slipping it into the oven beside the tray of eggplant, I threw a bag of salad into a bowl and added freshly chopped tomatoes; just the way Stacy likes it.

After scanning the kitchen, I pulled a quaint red and white checkered tablecloth from a drawer and draped our cheap table with it. Knowing there wasn't much I could do with the cracked padding on the chairs, I turned my attention to the tabletop. I set the table for two with our nice dishes and positioned a single candleholder between the two settings. Making a quick sandwich for myself, I munched it down while standing at the counter.

I scampered to the bedroom and began digging through my now overflowing closet for the outfit Stacy had requested. I pulled the hangars free of the other clothes; I remembered this outfit well. The skirt doesn't even cover my cheeks, the last time this red gingham skirt with white lace trim hugged my waist I wore it so my lower cheeks were covered but the upper inch of the crack between my cheeks was left exposed. The white top with red gingham ruffles around the sleeves and neck was smaller than your average sports bra and fit just as tight. Strategically, it covered the seams between my skin and imitation boobs.

I stripped quickly while glancing at the clock on the nightstand: 15 minutes! As I wiggled my way into the skirt and top, I noticed that it didn't fit as tightly as the last time I wore it; the aerobics class was paying off! My midriff was bare from below my jutting hipbones to just beneath my boobs. I pulled open a drawer and finding my white ankle socks with a lacey ruffle almost immediately, I went back to the closet for my 5-inch white pumps from the rack on the door.

While touching up my make-up in the bathroom mirror, a profound thought popped into my head. I had absolutely no lingering feelings of remorse over leaving my old, male self behind. I had ached to be what I was becoming for so long that the thoughts of my old self were coming less often as each day passed.

Pulling myself together, I went especially heavy with the eyeliner and lip-gloss. Just as I finished fixing my bleach blonde hair back with a white bow, I heard two cars pull into the driveway.

Dashing to the front door, I smoothed down my skirt as waited for them to approach. When the footsteps were just outside, I opened the door and greeted my wife. She introduced me to her guest. His name was Fredrick and he was very good looking. A tailor-fit gray suit adorned his rock solid body, the likes of which are achieved only from long, regular workouts. Fredrick's hair was prematurely turning gray which gave him a very distinguished appearance.

"It is very nice to meet you, Dottie."

He spoke with confidence. His deep, sexy voice sent a shiver shooting up my spine.

"Uh... nice to meet you too, Fredrick."

Stacy set a plastic shopping bag down near our couch and followed while I ushered them to the table and lit the candle. They chatted while I served them their meal. Stacy complimented its appearance and Fredrick said it smelled wonderful. They began to eat their meal and talk business between bites. I discretely excused myself to the living room and kept myself busy while trying not to eavesdrop on their conversation.

When they finished eating, I entered the room and without saying a word began to clear the table. As I reached for the plate in front of Fredrick, I felt his open palm come to rest against my left butt cheek. Taking my time to gather the silverware, he shifted to my right cheek and squeezed it as I stood up and walked toward the sink.

My 'clitty' had responded to the unexpected contact. The ring in its head was pulling against my 'pussy' plug's hook. Needless to say, I was finding it hard to keep my concentration on loading the dishes into the dishwasher.

With the table cleared, Stacy and Fredrick moved to the living room and sat next to each other on the couch. Briefcases were opened and documents began to accumulate on the coffee table as they discussed business.

The conversation ceased as I passed in front of them on the way to my bedroom. Stacy excused herself from Fredrick for a moment, picked up the plastic bag she had brought home, and followed me down the hallway to the back of our home. She guided me into the bathroom and closed the door behind us.

She excitedly announced, "I think I'm going to get this client!"

"That's wonderful! Is it going to make your company a bunch of money?"

"It most definitely will. We may be up for hours trying to find a way to close this deal, so sleep in the spare room and try not to make too much noise. Now let's get you ready for bed."

She placed her hand between my shoulders and gently pushed forward. I braced myself against the sink and spread my legs slightly. She hiked up my skirt a little and tugged down my panties. Dragging her fingernail along the length of my erect little 'clitty', "It appears that you like to play waitress."

"Well, yes I guess I do. But what got me going was Fredrick playing with my bottom when I cleared the table."

She replied calmly while unhooking my 'clitty' from the hook in my plug. "Yes, I saw that."

When she released her grasp on my 'clitty', it flew forward and struck my belly. I stood up straight and rambled on about what a surprise it was for him to do that and how excited it had gotten me.

Without really paying attention to what I was saying, Stacy reached into the bag she picked up on the way in here and withdrew three prescription bottles, a dozen bottles of medicine to be injected, a box of syringes and those little alcohol pads. She organized them all onto the counter: pills on one side, the shot stuff on the other. After opening all of the boxes and choosing a bottle of medicine, she opened an alcohol pad and a syringe. She wiped the top of the bottle, pulled the cap off the syringe and loaded it.

"Bend over again, it's time for your medicine!"

Grabbing my butt cheeks, I nervously asked, "Where are you going to poke me?"

Her reply came in a hushed, calm voice. "In your bottom. Dr. Mindy told me how to do it, she promised it wouldn't hurt too bad."

Bending over I stuttered, "But, but..."

"That's right," she said, quickly wiping an area on the side of my left cheek, "...Butt!" As the final word was whispered, she thrust the syringe into my flesh.

I jerked out of reflex, it didn't really hurt that bad at all.

She injected the medicine quickly and extracted the syringe. The cool feeling of the alcohol pad followed immediately. "Okay, now take one of each of those pills."

"What was the shot for? Are the pills for my nipples?"

"You are full of questions, aren't you." It was a statement, definitely not a question. "It's nothing to worry your pretty little head about."

After all my medicines were moved to my side of the mirrored cabinet, she withdrew a pair of earplugs from the bag. Taking them in my hand and asking what they were for, my wife explained the conversation may get heated and there was no need to disturb my sleep.

She returned to her guest in the living room while I pulled the plug from my 'pussy'. Lately it had begun to slide out so easily, completely free of any discomfort or pain. After thoroughly cleaning it and placing it in my drawer, I tiptoed into our bedroom and collected my pale-blue, baby-doll nightie. Sneaking out of that room and further down the hall to our spare bedroom, I stripped out of my little skirt, top and panties and into my babydoll with matching, pale-blue panties.

The digital clock on the night table displayed 10:30 pm. Wow, that evening flew by so quickly! Stacy was correct; as I lay back onto the bed, I could hear them talking clear in the living room. Opening the package of earplugs, I squeezed them to form a small cone, and then positioned them into my ears. As the earplugs swelled to size, the conversation Stacy and Fredrick held, became fainter and fainter until my heartbeat was the only sound I could hear. The silence relaxed me as I lay alone on the rarely used bed. My mind wandered through the events of the day and I found myself drawing lazy circles around my 'pussy'. Pulling my hand away, Stacy and Kim didn't like it when I touched myself. Taking a few deep breaths and relaxing every muscle in my body, I reluctantly fell asleep.

I dreamt of having sex with a man. We weren't fucking or making love, we were having sex. We were outdoors on a sunny day. A big four-poster bed with white silk sheets was in the middle of a large grassy meadow. I was on the bed lying on my back holding my knees as close to my ears as I could get them. He lovingly, at a steady pace slid his warm, throbbing cock in and out of my tight 'pussy' over and over and over again. My body tensed up, I was filled with pure ecstasy, my vision blurred and I came. My lover never slowed, I had just come down from my orgasm when another shook my very soul. After I had cum countless times, he withdrew his cock and began to jack it off while pointing it at my pubic mound. My vision slowly cleared and I focused at the sight between my toned thighs. What I saw sent me into another mind-blowing orgasm. My 'clitty' was gone, replaced by a thin strip of blonde hair! I was truly a girl!

My dream shattered as I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I lazily opened my eyes to find Fredrick standing above me. He looked just as hot as he did when he arrived. My 'clitty' throbbed and my heart pounded in my chest, I was at a total loss for words.

He whispered, "Dottie, Stacy needs you in her bedroom."

I closed my eyes and stretched my arms while yawning, "Okay." I lowered my fists to my eyes and rubbed them. When I opened them again, Fredrick was gone. Wondering if his appearance was part of a dream, as I slithered out of bed to check on Stacy and use the bathroom. I had just become fully awake, and sat up on the bed when I heard the front door close. It wasn't a dream.

Pulling myself together, I left the spare room and saw light from under our bedroom door. Not sure why, but I softly knocked before entering. The light on Stacy's night table was lit; the comforter was strewn across the bed. Stacy lay on her back in the middle of the bed with her knees bent, causing the sheets to tent up over her legs. Her make-up was smeared, and her hair was a mess.

Feeling anger rise within me, "Did you fuck him?"

"Of course, I had to close the account somehow. Does that bother you?" She asked coyly.

Almost screaming my response, "Well, yes it does! You are my wife!"

Stacy pulled the sheet up to cover her mouth as she giggled. When the sheet was lowered, a smile was on her face. "I really don't think we can be considered husband and wife anymore, just look at you."

My hands moved to my hairless thighs and I looked down at myself encased in my baby-doll nightie. Flashes of the past few weeks poured into my mind and the realization of what she meant struck me like a brick wall. I felt dizzy and stumbled to the bed, almost falling into a sitting position. Tears filled my eyes and I sobbed uncontrollably.

Stacy sat up and wrapped her arms around me from behind. "It's okay Dottie. We have a special relationship. No longer are we husband and wife, roommates perhaps? Or girlfriends?"

Between sobs I replied, "Roommates? Is that all we are?"

"No, we are much more than that. We are soul mates. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else."

These words touched me deeply and sobbing faded. I turned to face her and we sat like that on the bed holding each other and for the first time expressing our true feelings. I felt the same way she did, not in my wildest dreams could I even fathom sharing my life with any other person. The seriousness of the discussion calmed and we were soon giggling about the silly encounter we just had.

Out of nowhere, she announced. "I have a surprise for you Dottie."

My eyes got wide, what surprise could she have possibly kept hidden all night?

Tossing the sheet off herself, Stacy lay back against the pillows and spread her legs. I crawled between her legs and saw the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. The lips of her pussy were swollen and spread apart like a flower. Her clit was erect and poking out of its little hood. Her pussy was open wide and a train of Fredrick's cum leaked down between her butt cheeks. His cum was also smeared on her left thigh.

Stacy sounded like a cheerleader, "Go ahead, dive in and clean me up!"

Lowering my face to her thigh, I stuck my tongue out from between my shiny white teeth and licked the smudge of Fredrick's still warm cum from her skin. Oh gawd! It tastes so good!

Kissing my way down her thigh, I looked up into her eyes and wasn't surprised to find her holding our camera. I raised my chin just high enough to expose my smile to her as a flash temporarily blinded me. Closing my eyes I lowered my face between her legs and began to lap up the cum dripping from her pussy. The taste of their mixed juices was intoxicating; the smell of their sex and sweat was driving me crazy with desire. I tickled her little brown hole with my tongue to be sure I didn't miss any cream which may be hiding down there.

Stacy moaned, "Dottie?"

I opened my eyes and raised my head, feeling a string of cum connecting my lower lip to her pussy. "Yes?" Another flash blinded me and I giggled while dropping my head to continue my feast. Taking her lips between mine, I licked and sucked on them until the taste of sex was gone, quickly shifting to repeat the process on her throbbing clit. She was moaning loudly and grinding her well-fucked pussy into my face.

I dipped my tongue inside her pussy to be rewarded with a slippery stream of cum on my tongue. When the flow subsided, I flicked my tongue around inside her. Her back arched high and her sopping wet pussy was nearly smothering me as she erupted into a massive orgasm.

My entire face was dripping wet with their juices and I couldn't get enough! I lapped at her pussy like a puppy dog, not wanting to miss a single drop. Stacy came at least four times before she decided she was clean.

Panting for air, Stacy stated, "That was incredible, Dottie."

Cuddling against her, "Yes it was. Thank you for the surprise." My hand had slipped between my thighs and was fondling my very hard 'clitty'. It took a moment, but soon her hand touched mine and she informed me she was too tired. I told her I could do it myself; it had been several days since my last orgasm. She instructed me to save it for later. Reluctantly, I pulled my hand away from my throbbing 'clitty' and tried to think of something gross.

Stacy yawned and said, "I am exhausted and still have to go to work tomorrow. It's time we got some sleep."

I moved to my side of the bed and reached for the comforter and sheet.

In a tired voice, Stacy said "Since we aren't husband and wife, I think it might be best if you started to sleep in the spare room. We hardly ever have company; it's wasted space. Maybe this weekend we will fix it up real pretty for you."

For the second time in the same night, my heart broke. I stood up and walked out of what was no longer OUR bedroom.


My thanks go out to Earl Grey for his assistance with this story. Your votes and comments (public and private) are appreciated.

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