Double Booked


Tonya opened her mouth to say something, but her mind went blank when she noticed something in her peripheral vision. The impressive cocks she'd daydreamed about since seeing them had always hung flaccid between the men's legs — until now. Neither was truly hard, but both had swelled and straightened.

How long she stared before she tore her gaze away, she had no idea. Her face burned when she saw the knowing smiles on Matt and Vick's faces.

"We don't mind you looking," the blond said.

"Not at all," Vick agreed. "Hope it doesn't bother you that we're getting a little hard."

"A little?" she muttered, unable to keep her gaze from dropping down to the still-swelling organs.

"We'll leave you alone if it makes you uncomfortable," Matt said.

The only discomfort Tonya felt was resisting the temptation to reach out and grab both of the magnificent phalluses, and then using the convenient handles to pull the men into her room. Between the wine and her arousal, she was a heartbeat away from doing exactly that.

Vick twitched his eyebrows upward and his voice had a low, sensual quality that nearly made her swoon when he suggested, "But, if you want some company..."

Tonya backed into the door, bumping it the rest of the way open with her bare bottom as she drank in the sight of two cocks completing their rise to full erection. She knew without a doubt that they were the biggest she'd ever seen in person — and they were hard for her. Past the point of no-return, she said in a breathless voice, "Why don't you come in?"

Tonya backed into the room, unable to take her eyes off the ripped bodies and dancing organs of the pair who followed her. Matt closed the door behind him as soon as he was through it.

The dance was over. Tonya knew that they couldn't miss the desire in her expression and her rapidly rising and falling breasts. Their desire was even more obvious. She dropped her things on a chair and gasped as the two young studs approached.

Matt pulled her into a hungry kiss with one hand caressing her cheek and the other slipping down to fondle her breasts. Vick slipped in behind her, his rock-hard cock pressing against her skin as he kissed the back of her neck.

"Probably figured out that we have a thing for Milfs, huh?" Vick said, his breath hot on her skin.

Matt pulled back from the kiss, and his hand slid down her tummy to her loins. "And hairy pussy."

A powerful shiver shot through Tonya as the blond man's fingers combed through the trimmed red curls surrounding her sex.

Vick chuckled behind her, his hand replacing his friend's on her breasts. Taking a cue from her earlier story, he said, "Looks like you're double booked. Think you can find a place for both of us?"

"Oh, god yes," Tonya said in a breathless rush, her deepest, naughtiest fantasies coming true. A moment later, she cried out in amused surprise.

There was little doubt that the two had practiced the move. Matt squatted down, cupping his hands under her butt and lifting. At the same time, Vick caught one of her hands to keep her from latching on to the blond's neck for balance, and between the two of them, they lay her back and slid her onto the bed.

Matt parted her legs and used the leverage to roll her onto her side. Vick scooted a little closer on the bed and pushed down on his erection until the head was pointed directly at her lips. Tonya swallowed, more than a little intimidated by the organ, which looked even larger now that it was mere inches from her face. Then she squealed as Matt's tongue dug a furrow through the hair to her nether lips.

The mushroom tip of Vick's cock tapped against her lips as she tried to catch her breath. The blond was young, but he was no stranger to tonguing a woman. The sound of his delighted moans as he devoured her sent her passions soaring. Though it felt a little awkward, she curled the fingers of her right hand around Vick's manhood, finding that the digits could barely touch around his girth.

"That pussy good?" Vick asked as he watched Tonya squeeze his cock and lick her lips.

Matt paused long enough to say, "Fuck yeah. Nothing like hairy Milf pussy."

During the momentary reprieve from the blond's enthusiastic lapping, Tonya parted her lips and slipped them over the head of Vick's cock. She had to open wide to accommodate him, and whimpered around the throbbing shaft when Matt's tongue returned to her wet heat.

Vick groaned and reached down to squeeze her breast as her lips slid over about a quarter of his length — as much as she could handle. A tug with the hand wrapped around his shaft prompted him to shift to the side, allowing her to take him a little deeper, and a lot faster.

"Damn," Vick exclaimed. "Oh hell yeah. You know how to suck a dick."

Tonya looked up at him and moaned around his organ without missing a beat.

Matt's flashing tongue stilled again, and two fingers plunged into her depths. "Yeah, that pussy's tight," he said before attacking her clit with his tongue.

The added sensation was enough to make Tonya whimper and lose suction on Vick's cock for a moment. Though her jaw ached, she was lost in the feeling of the young man's shivers from her ministrations transferring through the hard organ. Her own trembling was no less pronounced as Matt built her toward a crescendo with his tongue.

A disappointed-sounding whimper escaped Tonya's lips when Vick's cock pulled free of them.

The brown-haired stud said, "Let me have a taste of that pussy before you decide to stick your dick in it."

Tonya was so wet that she could hear the slurp of the blond's finger slipping from her clinging embrace. She lay panting as the two men switched places, and then moaned, "Oh god, yes," when Vick put his equally talented tongue to work.

A drop of pre-cum glittered in the light when Matt slipped back into the bed. Tonya reached out and wrapped her hand around him before he had even settled into a comfortable position. He gasped, and then chuckled when her tongue darted out to scoop up his offering.

Tonya moaned from the bittersweet taste, and then took him in. He was just as long as his friend, and a fraction thicker. As it stretched her lips, she imagined it stretching her in other places, and a shiver rippled through her.

"Fuck yeah," Matt groaned as he gathered up her red locks in one hand. "You must like sucking cock."

"Mmm hmm," she moaned in answer without releasing him. The sound jumped dramatically in pitch as Vick doubled down on the speed of his tongue.

It was all Tonya could do to concentrate on sucking the blond's cock with his friend tonguing her so well. Her whimpers and moans grew louder, though muffled by the thick organ. Her fires licked higher, and she gasped despite her best efforts to keep her lips closed around the gorgeous cock in her mouth.

Matt let out a long, low growl and tugged on her hair while pulling away at the same time. "It's my turn, and I want in that pussy."

Vick gave her a few more flicks of his tongue, centering over her clit, and then sat up. Once again, the two traded positions and Tonya gathered up a second tangy drop of pre-cum from Vick's cock.

Though she pumped her hand over the dark-haired stud's cock, she had to watch in almost fearful fascination as Matt lifted her leg, bracing it against his shoulder, and scooted into position. She drew in a broken gasp when the bulbous head pressed against her nether lips, and released the breath as a yelp when his cock slid inside her.

"Ah, fucking yeah," Matt growled as he fed her his cock.

"Oh my god. So big," Tonya squeaked. Only half of him was inside her, and it already felt as if it was in her belly.

The blond stroked her, not giving her his full length, though it was more than enough for Tonya. A hand on her chin turned her head toward Vick's bobbing organ, and she took him in.

Stuffed with big, hard cock from both ends, she was in heaven. The way Matt was rocking her body, all she had to do was keep sucking, and her lips slid over Vick's rigid shaft without further effort. His hand fisted into her hair and bucks of his hips forced Vick's cock deeper than she was comfortable with on occasion. She endured the moments of panic when the head would press against the back of her tongue, and found that it only increased her excitement to be taken that way.

"Damn, this pussy's good, bro. Tight as hell and soaking wet," Matt said as he pounded away.

"Don't wear her out before I get my turn."

The blond let out a sharp, high-pitched grunt as he buried his cock a little deeper, eliciting a cry of surprised bliss from Tonya, and then said, "Shit. Like a vise. Damn, that's good."

The speed of Matt's thrusts increased along with the additional penetration, finally overwhelming her. Tonya cried out around Vick's manhood, unable to hold the cry back.

His cock having slipped from her lips amidst a series of yelps, Vick left it hovering before her tightly closed eyes and busied himself with fondling her bouncing breasts instead.

Matt suddenly jerked free of her canal with a loud growl and sat down hard on the bed.

Having been on the brink of soaring toward climax despite the limited clitoral stimulation, Tonya let out a plaintive, "No," as the cool air kissed her hot sex.

"About to bust a nut?" Vick asked.

"Fuck yeah."

"Get out of the way and let me at it then," Vick said while climbing in at the foot of the bed.

"Oh please," Tonya moaned while reaching down to tease her clit and rolling onto her back.

Rather than moving into the V of her legs, Vick lay down instead. "Ride me," he said while standing his saliva-slick cock straight up. "Facing me so I can watch those tits jiggle."

With strength triggered by need, Tonya quickly sat up and swung a leg over Vick's hips. She grasped the head between two fingers, pressing it against the entrance of her canal, and sank down with a long groan.

"Oh hell yeah. Look at that pussy stretch. You like that?"

"So good. So big," she replied in a breathless falsetto while rising back up. When she dropped back down again, she'd taken him a little deeper.

"Yeah. Get it in there. Know you want it."

"I want it," she agreed, and then grunted as she dropped down onto the turgid organ once more.

The next time she sank down, his hands dug into her hips, and he bounced his upward. Tonya squealed as her bottom slapped against his thighs and his cock plunged into her depths — nearly to the entrance of her womb. She fell forward onto her hands, gasping for breath with her breasts pressed tight against Vick's chest.

Vick chuckled. "Yeah. Balls deep now."

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god," Tonya whimpered, filled like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Her body twitched and writhed as he rocked his hips, stirring the massive invader inside her.

The smell of her own musk alerted her just before the slippery tip of Matt's cock bumped against her lips and she opened her eyes. When her lips parted to release a whimper caused by Vick's cock, the blond's slipped between her lips.

"Taste good?" he asked as she watched her suckle his tip.

Amazed by how exciting it was to taste her own juices on him, she let the head pop from her lips and answered, "Yes," before lapping his shaft to gather up her cream.

"Ah yeah. That's fucking hot," Vick growled, and after a few seconds of watching her clean his friend's cock, gave her a true thrust of his hips.

Tonya screamed as the thick organ slammed up into her. The position caused his shaft to tickle her clit, and as he found his rhythm, the sensation multiplied a hundredfold. In less than a minute, she was crying out with every thrust and rushing headlong toward climax.

"Think you're about to make her pop," Matt observed.

"Yeah. Come for me," Vick grunted.

The pressure in Tonya's loins swelled, accompanied by a chilly tickle, and then she was there. A loud wail escaped her; transforming into a squeal as her throat tightened along with the rest of her muscles.

Vick's hips froze in place with his cock buried in her depths, and he cried out, "Ah, shit."

Finger clenched in the bedclothes and her body trembling, Tonya whimpered and panted through the pulses of orgasmic energy coursing through her. Her cries of release echoed hollowly in her ears, nearly drowned out by the pounding of her heart. The climax held onto her, dragging her through sweet troughs and spikes that set her to thrashing, and eventually caused the brown-haired man's cock to slip free.

As her senses returned to her, she heard Vick chuckle. "Damn. About went off when you did. That was close."

"So hard," Tonya forced out between quick, shallow breaths. "Came s-so hard." She rolled over onto her back because her arms were too unstable to support her.

"More where that came from," Matt suggested as he moved in front of her.

"Oh... Oh my..." she breathed as he cupped his hands behind her knees.

The blond edged forward even as he pushed her knees up and out. She barely felt the head press against her before his cock sank into her to the hilt. Her back arched up from the mattress and she sucked in a noisy gasp, once again full of hard, young cock.

Matt took her hard and fast, causing her to grasp her breasts, which were bouncing just short of painfully. Barely half a dozen strokes in, Vick slid over next to her and centered two fingers over her clit.

Tonya's head lashed on the pillow, strands of red hair sticking to her face as sweat dampened her skin. Vick's fingers moved back and forth at a brisk pace while loud claps sounded from Matt's body colliding with hers. Never in her life had she been so thoroughly — wonderfully — ravaged. Matt thrust with all the energy and enthusiasm of his youth, taking her to heights undreamed of. Not even recovered from the aftershocks of her first climax, she was well on her way to another earth-shattering orgasm.

"Ready to come again?" the blond asked.

Her answer burst from her lips. "Yes! Oh yes!"

He growled as his cock drove into her depths.

She was completely unprepared when the tickle in her loins erupted into an orgasm within the space of a few heartbeats. Tonya screamed loud and long from the beautiful agony — the sound broken by his continuing thrusts.

"Feels like she's about to pinch it off, huh?" Vick remarked in an amused tone.

"Fuck yeah," Matt agreed, his voice tight.

Tonya writhed in his powerful grip as she continued to come. Her eyes shot wide open when Matt's retreating cock left her unexpectedly empty. As he sat down hard to the side, Vick replaced him and stuffed her climaxing pussy full once more.

On and on it went for what felt like an eternity. She had brief — very brief — moments of clarity between almost constant orgasms. It wasn't the first time she'd gone into multiples, but it was certainly longer and more intense than she ever would have dreamed of. As soon as one of the men would get too close to erupting inside her, he'd pull free and the other would take over.

Slowly, but surely, the time between switches condensed, until Vick slid in next to her. She parted her lips to accept his pussy-slick cock, and he let out a roar.

Thick spurts of cum filled her mouth and she swallowed, soothing her hoarse throat. Twice more she gulped down his creamy offering before he jerked his sensitive organ free of her suckling lips. It gave her just enough time to finally settle down from the back-to-back climaxes.

"Ready for another mouthful?" Matt asked as he slid over between her legs.

An aftershock ripped through her, making her writhe on the bed. Not sure whether she could handle any more, she nevertheless said, "Inside me."

"Seriously?" he asked, his cock poised at the gaped entrance of her canal.

"Yes. Hurry. Fill me up."

"Ah, fuck yeah. It ain't gonna take long."

Tonya's body seemed to have gone into temporary shutdown, though the occasional ripple of lingering orgasm rolled through her as he drove his cock home. After a minute or two of hard fucking, she could tell from the tightness of his features and the volume of his grunts that he was close. After only a few more strokes, he drove her butt down into the mattress with a powerful thrust and a growling scream.

"Yes, give it to me," she cried as he swelled and pulsed inside her.

Matt's hips bucked erratically and he continued to emit loud growls as he flooded her with cum. She swore she could feel it spattering against her cervix, and moaned in delight.

He lurched free and lay back, leaving her panting and dribbling cum with one virile young stud at her feet, and another at her side. Basking in the afterglow, a grin spread across Tonya's face, and she let out a moaning chuckle.

"Holy shit, that was good." Matt said in a slow growl.

Her voice languid, Tonya said, "I think Nude Day is my new favorite holiday."

Both men chuckled, and then Vick suggested, "Still hours of it left to celebrate."

Tonya gasped and trembled as she thought about that. She had little doubt that the young men would be hard again before she knew it, ready to stretch out her pussy once more.

And she couldn't wait.


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5 all the way

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Really fun story

Good work my friend the flow of the story was great as for the action, it was well written. Keep up the great work.

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