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Double Christmas Present


“Great! I’ll pick you up Friday, then, seven o’clock. And dress sexy…remember, the whole point of this is to blow his socks off. I want this to be the best Christmas present ever!” Tracy grinned as she said goodbye to her best friend and hung up the phone. Only a few more arrangements to make, and all the elements of her plan for the perfect Christmas present would be in place.

Tracy and her boyfriend, Chris, had been dating for three years. This was to be the first Christmas they spent together, as Tracy’s family was European and very traditional. She had warned Chris that coming home for Christmas with her would be the same as announcing his intentions to marry her, but this year he wanted to spend Christmas with her anyways. He knew how much it meant to her, and Tracy considered it the best present he could give her. So she had decided to do the same.

Chris had never met her friend Alice, mainly because the two had lived opposite sides of the country for years. But this Christmas both Tracy and Alice were spending Christmas with their families, so they would have the opportunity to see each other, and Alice would get to meet the man she had heard so much about.

Chris didn’t know he was meeting Alice yet, though he had hoped to meet her from the second he had seen pictures of her and Tracy from high school and college. Alice looked like a walking wet dream; long, slim legs, a thin, toned waist flaring into subtly curved hips, a tight, high ass and gorgeous breasts. Above the neck, she was even more stunning: full, pouty lips, big blue eyes, and a thick mass of long blond hair. Chris had not seen a single picture of Alice that was not arousing…and then there were Tracy’s stories. According to Tracy, she and Alice had been notorious ‘bad girls’ throughout school, though it had mainly been an act; they had just liked to tease guys. Usually, Tracy had said, their weekends had involved dressing as sexily as possible, then going out dancing together. Most of the time, they had indulged in a bit of exhibitionism as they had experimented with their sexuality. Throughout their adult friendship, Tracy said she and Alice had been especially close on several occasions, though she would never divulge more; teasing Chris.

Chris, like most guys, loved the idea of two women together; especially the idea of two incredibly hot women together, right in front of him. He had always thought that joining in would be like the icing on a cake; an extra pleasure but not strictly essential to fulfilling the fantasy. He had, though, fantasized on several occasions about the idea of Alice joining him and Tracy. Picturing Alice lying on his bed, her blond hair spread out beneath her on the pillow, being pleasured by Tracy, her black wavy hair sliding across Alice’s toned stomach as she kissed her way from Alice’s breast to navel. Picturing himself slowly inserting his cock into Alice’s tight pussy, grasping her slim hips firmly as he fucked her, watching as she simultaneously licked and nibbled Alice’s wet slit. He liked that idea almost as much as he enjoyed the mental image of himself, getting a blowjob from his beautiful girlfriend and her gorgeous friend, watching as two tongues ran up and down his throbbing cock. He’d even allowed himself to fantasize about fucking Alice, pumping into his girlfriend’s best friend while she watched, fingering herself, keeping her cunt wet and ready for him.

Chris and Tracy had discussed threesomes a couple of times; as far as experimenting went, Tracy was any guys dream. The sky was the limit with her, there was nothing that she wouldn’t try once, and she liked most things, so encores usually weren’t a problem. The had, unfortunately, never met the right girl, so it was an idea that was on hold. Chris had mentioned Alice as an option, once, knowing Tracy’s own history with Alice, but Tracy had just laughed, and said that Alice was dating someone really possessive. It had never been mentioned again.

But Tracy hadn’t forgotten. She’d decided that it would be the perfect present for Chris. Since his birthday was also Christmas day, a “double-whammy” present was appropriate. And he would be completely surprised. She had already booked a hotel room, and bought sexy underwear and an outfit for Alice, as a thank-you for participating in her plan. Not that she wasn’t planning to repay her with pleasure, as well.

Chris sat in a secluded booth at a hotel restaurant in Tracy’s hometown. He tapped his fingers impatiently, and looked again at the red envelope sitting on the table. It was addressed to him in Tracy’s writing, but it also said not to open it until eight pm. Another five minutes. Deciding to play by Tracy’s rules, whatever her reasons may be, Chris took another sip of his beer and looked over the hotel restaurant once again, wondering where Tracy was. She had dropped off Chris at the hotel entrance, telling him she had forgotten something and would be back in a few minutes, asking him to go wait for her in the booth she had reserved, so that the hotel would not give up their reservation. Finally, the minute hand on Chris’ watch swung to the 12, and he reached for the envelope.

The card inside had a picture of two retro-elegant ladies, staring seductively into each other’s eyes. He opened it up. “Happy Birthday, my love. I know you hate Birthday-Christmas combo presents, but this year I had to go for a two-in-one thing. You’ll see, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. You’re presents will soon be cumming; in case you are wondering your birthday present is ‘wrapped’ in blue and tied with silver ribbons, and your Christmas present is ‘wrapped’ in black and tied with red ribbons. I love you.” The message inside the card was written in Tracy’s distinctive scrawl, and signed with her usual flourish.

Chris was confused until he looked up to see Tracy and what could only be her friend Alice approaching. Both looked incredibly hot; pictures of Alice definitely did not do her justice. Tracy was wearing a short, black dress that appeared to close with red ribbons that were then tied prettily about her waist, and high-heeled strappy sandals. Her black hair was left to fall in its usual sexy disarray, and her voluptuous lips were painted a shiny shade of crimson. She smiled, putting an arm around Alice’s waist. Alice was wearing a dress similar to Tracy’s; blue fabric that appeared to be held onto her thin frame only by the silver ribbons wrapped about her torso. She smiled, tossing her hair over her shoulder, and extending her hand to Chris.

“It’s so good to finally meet you. Should we have a drink, or do you want to go upstairs and unwrap your presents?” Her moist, ruby lips curved into a smile as she took her hand back from Chris, using it instead to play with Tracy’s hair.

Tracy laughed. “Alice. You’ve gone and shocked him already. D’you really think he’d take having a drink over the other offer? Besides, there’s plenty to drink upstairs” she said, as she reached for Chris’ hand. “C’mon babe. I’ve waited long enough to give you this present. Let’s go upstairs.”

As the elevator doors slid closed, Chris turned to Tracy, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. After a moment, Alice giggled and tapped his shoulder. “Hey. The whole idea of this is that it’s a group thing. Chris turned to kiss Alice but the elevator stopped its ascent and the doors slid open. Slipping out from between Chris and Alice, Tracy led the way into the room. Once inside, she quickly lit numerous candles around the room, and walked to the bed, where Chris was sitting. Alice stood in front of him, and he toyed with the silver ribbons on her dress as he waited for Tracy to join them. As she moved to stand beside Alice, Chris reached out and grabbed the ends of the red ribbons off Tracy’s dress.

“I think I want to unwrap both of you at once” he said, as he slowly pulled on the ribbons. Soon, both dresses slid down the bodies they had clung to, pooling on the floor around the girls’ feet. Alice and Tracy, now wearing only their stilettos, both got onto the bed, crawling to the middle of the huge king-size mattress. Kneeling in the center of the bed, facing each other, Alice reached up and started to play with Tracy’s nipples, then looked expectantly at Chris.

Chris moved behind Tracy, sweeping the hair off her neck with his fingers as he bent to kiss her neck. Running the tip of his tongue lightly from the spot just below her earlobe, down her neck to where it met her shoulders, then nipping lightly at the soft, sensitive skin he found. As Tracy gasped at the sensation, Alice reached around her and took Chris’ hard cock in her hand. They all shifted positions, and soon Chris was lying on his back, his neck supported by the fluffy pillows Tracy had grabbed. Alice’s blond hair tickled his thighs, but he couldn’t see her. He didn’t complain, because his tongue was too busy flicking at Tracy’s clit as she knelt over his head. He thrust his tongue inside Tracy’s wetness, trying not to groan as he felt Alice’s warm mouth envelop him. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock a few times before she plunged her mouth down on him, giving his cock full access to her throat.

Tracy moved off him and knelt down beside Alice. Chris watched, both as Alice’s mouth worked his cock, and as Tracy reached between Alice’s legs, her small fingers grazing Alice’s clit. Chris used that opportunity to move behind Tracy, and start reenacting all of his fantasies.

The next morning, Chris lay in the middle of the bed, Tracy curled up on his left side, Alice sleeping on his right. The sheets were tangled around their legs, and the floor beside the bed was littered with several condom wrappers. The candles had burned out, and sunlight was seeping in through a crack in the curtains. As Chris thought of the dozens of positions they had tried, the number of times he had seen both Tracy and Alice cum, and the orgasms he himself had had, he couldn’t help but grin. Tracy had managed to give him the best damn present…and for the first time, a Birthday/Christmas Combo didn’t feel like a rip-off.

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