Double Dip


It was a Sunday morning, jack and I were lying in bed after fucking each others brains out. We as usual got to talking fantasies, jacks was always the same, he wanted to watch another man ball me. It would have to be a stranger as we wanted no complications that fucking a friend might bring. This time his fantasy was working right with mine, I'd just returned from a business trip to Atlanta, I'm a buyer for a large department store, and make frequent trips. It had been a really trying day and when I returned to the hotel I decided I could do with a stiff drink and stopped by the bar. As I entered the bar I noticed a very nice looking man at the other end of the bar. I sat down and ordered my usual drink, blackjack rocks.

I took two rather large sips (it had been a really bad day) and noticed it was almost gone already. As I thought about this the bartender appeared with a fresh drink. It was from the gentleman at the end of the bar he said. I nodded and smiled at the nice looking guy and he got up and started over. I had secretly hoped he would, a nice flirt would make my day tolerable. We talked and flirted and had another drink or so. He asked me to dinner and I accepted. We had a nice lingering dinner at a nice place and talked and flirted. After dinner he asked to come up to my room for a nightcap I told him I was tempted, but not this time. He gave me his card and said if I came back to town he'd like to meet again. He said he stopped by the hotel bar most nights after work.

I told jack about the guy and we started to plan our fantasy. Jack went by spy/private detective store that he had heard about. He brought home a fish eye lens that could be placed in a door with an almost invisible hole. This lens would make the whole room visible to jack if he was in the closet. I remembered the rooms at the Atlanta hotel had large closets and the were arranged just right. I was looking thru the catalog from the spy store and found an attachment to hook a video camera to the lens and we went nuts thinking about what we could do and have a tape of it too.

The next day I made reservations at the Atlanta hotel. Jack bought the equipment, and to practice we made a tape of our selves from our closet. It was a real turn on knowing we were taping our selves. We could just imagine what the real thing would be like.

We got to Atlanta on Monday, I thought that if my fantasy guy had a business, then a week day would be the best time to catch him. I'd been tempted on a couple of business trips, but was always afraid to be with a total stranger by my self. After all there are some weird people out there, but now I'd be safe cause jack would be there watching. About 8:00 I got really dressed to the nines and went to the bar. I asked the bartender if he had seen my friend and he said not tonight yet. I was getting disappointed after about an hour, when a guy asked me to dance. We danced a couple of dances and he was really good. After the second dance he said he'd thought I was waiting for some one, and hadn't asked me earlier. I said that it looked like I was alone for tonight and we danced some more. This guy wasn't half bad himself and after a few more drinks we were really having a good time. We danced until about 11:00 and I began thinking about jack waiting up stairs.

I thought well to hell with it, no sense letting all this planning go to waste, and suggested a night cap in my room. The fella was more than willing and we headed for the elevator. As soon as the door closed it started. He grabbed me and kissed me and I almost raped him before we got to the room. We got to the room and made a lot noise to wake jack up. When we got inside there was no evidence of jack. I did a slow strip for him and he quickly got out of his clothes. He pulled me down to the bed and was between my legs in a second. He really had an educated tongue. I got so excited I almost forgot to keep the camera in mind. Then it was my turn and I made the most of it. I sucked his dick to its best size and he fucked me in every position. It was a very good session, and we both came a couple of times. About 2 am I pleaded work in the morning and he left. Turned out he was from out of town and flying out in the morning. This was great because I didn't want to deal with him the next day.

Jack came out of the closet looking like he had gotten fucked, he said he felt like it and that it was great. We put the tape in the machine and watched. It was fantastic, wonderful shots and very clear. Much better than a porno flic cause it was real. Jack said the guy didn't look like I had described him. I roared with laughter and explained that he was a stray. Jack called the desk and extended our stay. He couldn't wait for the main attraction, if this had been the preliminary

The next night, I got ready to go back to the bar, jack was even more excited than me if that was possible. I really got my self together and took a deep breath and walked in. He was there! I walked right up to the bar and sat beside him. He smiled and ordered me a drink, as soon as it came he suggested we move to a booth. We sat and talked we both knew that it was going to happen and we were very calm about it. We small talked and after a short while I said lets have the next one in my room. He immediately got up and we left. This trip on the elevator was much calmer than the previous evening he kissed me softly and stood behind me pulling me against him and cupping my breasts.

We got to the room, and every thing was o. K. No sign of jack. He was tucked away in his hide. I mixed us both a drink and we sat on the sofa. We started necking and things moved along a slow pace. Lots of tongue swapping and hard breathing. After my blouse came off I suggested we move to the bed. If I'm gonna be a movie star I have to be near the camera, I giggled to my self. It got hot and heavy on the bed and I was soon completely undressed. Todd (his name was Todd) was soon between my legs eating my pussy. He was very accomplished at it and I came the first time. He was really working me over tonguing every part of my body. I suddenly noticed that thru all this activity Todd still had his pants on. I, said hey fella time to join up here and grabbed his belt, I managed to get his pants off and when his shorts came away I was blown away. I gasped OH MY GOD. He was huge, I mean he made guys in porno flicks look small. It looked like he had another arm. I couldn't believe it, no way I could handle that thing. I must have looked frightened because he pulled me close and said I've had this dick a long time and know how to use it.. I won't hurt you, promise and you will be able to handle it all when we're done.

I had my doubts but was totally turned on by its size. He rubbed it over my tits and brought it up to my mouth. Tried to get the head in but it was too big, so I just licked it. He said get it real wet, and I licked it all over, in front of my eyes it looked like a cannon. He rubbed me between my legs and laid the head against my pussy. Slowly he started putting pressure on. He kept talking to me telling me to relax. Slowly the head started in. At first I felt I would split, but it slowly opened my pussy. When I had stretched enough to get the head in he started entering a little at time. It seemed like it took five minutes to get it all in. Finally I could feel his body against mine and it was in. God I was so full, then he began slow strokes. Before long we were rocking and I was getting the fuck of my life. I could hardly believe that huge thing was doing me. It was fantastic. I came a couple of times and in about ten minutes he started building to his climax. He was really pounding it home when he came and I came again with him. When he was done he rolled me over and put it against my anus. That scared me to death. But he just chuckled and took it away. He wanted me to clean him up with my mouth and I got the last look at it. I couldn't believe I did it.

He pleaded work the next day right after we were done, and I could smell a wife some where. She probably. Welcomed the relief. I might have been offended, he was leaving so early, but I wanted to see the pictures quickly. He said til next time and I think he meant it. We kissed a couple of times and he was gone

Jack came out of the closet in utter disbelief. Did you see the size of that thing he said. That's got to be a world record cock. I said yeah I saw it.... I fucked it. Jack said I can't believe you got the head in let alone the whole thing. When we watched the movie I couldn't believe it either. I'm glad we have the movie, because nobody would believe it. What a trip, I told jack I was glad I did it but never again. Of course that was a lie. I'd be getting that monster next time to Atlanta, and I was going to learn how to suck it too.

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