tagGroup SexDouble Dipped

Double Dipped

byThe Winter Kiss©

The heat of the blazing sun glazed across the crystal lake on a blue-skied afternoon.

"I didn't know it was going to be this hot out this weekend," Bryce choked, brushing the sweat off of his forehead. He stood next to the door, staring out at the beautiful lake before them.

"It gets that way here," Amanda smiled, digging through her suitcase. "I remember coming here years ago with my family and we'd go swimming out in the lake for hours."

"Did you ever go skinny dipping?" Mason teased, sitting on the bed.

Amanda shot him a fake look of lust. "You would love to know." She continued digging through her suitcase, her clothes all over the floor. "I forgot my fucking swimsuit."

"Did I speak too soon?" Mason teased again. His girlfriend shot him another look, this time of anger.

"See what I put up with?" she complained to Bryce, who laughed at the couple's bickering.

"Thanks for letting me come with you guys," he said thoughtfully.

"Anything for a friend," Mason said. "Plus, if we were here alone, we'd end up bickering the whole time. You can mediate."

"Wow, thanks."

"It's the least we can do after Beth tore your heart open," Amanda smiled, ignoring her boyfriend's quip.

"Don't forget stomping on it, throwing it against a wall, and then devouring it," Bryce added. "It'll be good for me to get some fresh air. Plus, I'm only going to stay this weekend. That way you guys can have some alone time up here."

"Stay as long as you need," Amanda told him. She shuffled through the last of the contents of her suitcase. Her swimsuit wasn't there. She grumbled.

"We'll figure out something," Mason assured her. "I'm sure you sister left one here last time she was here or maybe you have a spare."

"You know, I think I do," Amanda remembered. She kissed her boyfriend as she stood and exited the room.

Mason stared at his girlfriend's ass as she left the room, not noticing that Bryce was staring as well.


"Did you find one?" Mason asked his girlfriend as she sat down next to him on the porch. She kissed his cheek and looked at Bryce, who was sitting next to him.

"Why in the world are you guys outside? It's blistering out here," she complained.

"It's blistering everywhere," Bryce told her.

"Well I left a spare one piece here," she stated.

"Excellent!" Bryce shot up. "Let's go!"

Amanda bit her lip. "It's from when I was 12. A little too small for me." Bryce's eyes scanned Amanda's tender body, her skin glazed with sweat from the sun and her light brown hair shimmering under the blaze. She caught his look and raised her eyebrows, impressed that he had the balls to check her out as much as he did in front of her boyfriend.

"It's hot out," Bryce said under his breath. "I think the sun is killing my brain cells."

Mason caught the look but played it cool. He was used to people checking out his girlfriend, but not in this proximity. Nevertheless, Amanda's acceptance of the situation turned him on a little. Although he wasn't crazy about sharing time with his girlfriend and her friend for the weekend, he was the one who suggested it to her when he learned of Bryce and Beth's break-up after two years of romance. Bryce had caught her cheating on him, leaving him broken and upset. Mason and Amanda had been planning on retreating to her parents' lake house for two weeks as soon as finals were over and they both knew that some time in a fresh environment for a weekend would give Bryce some time to calm down. Plus, it was only a weekend.

"Well I am going inside to get a nice cold drink," Mason stated, rising to his feet. He entered the house, leaving the pair alone.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." Bryce stumbled, trying to find excuses for checking her out.

"You're human!" Amanda giggled. "You're just a guy. Don't worry about it. I've checked you out plenty of times since we've been here. Just because Mason is my boyfriend doesn't mean we all have blood running through our veins. Mason used to check me out when I was with Jack. It's no big deal. It's flattering, actually."

"Good, thanks..." Bryce smiled at her understanding. "He isn't upset is he?"

"He's fine," Amanda assured. She brushed the sweat from her forehead and grumbled. "It's almost like the sun is begging for us to strip down today."

"I'd like that," Bryce said.

Amanda's eyebrows rose again. "I mean to swim! You're 0 for 2 today." She giggled.

Bryce brushed and stepped away from her. "Sorry, the brain cells and the sun...it's just not a good mix."

Mason stepped out of the doorway, hearing most of their conversation. "Please tell me the lake is colder than this," he said, holding up a warm bottled water.

"You boys can go," Amanda told them. "I unfortunately forgot the one thing I needed this week."

"You didn't actually need it," Mason teased. She rolled her eyes at his innuendo. "Hey, just use your underwear! Bryce and I both have boxers on, we'll just use ours and you can use yours. It probably covers more than a swimsuit anyway."

"Okay, I can do that," Amanda giggled, excited to be able to cool off. They walked down the stairs to a small clearing where they began stripping down. Mason was the first to remove his shirt and pants, followed by Bryce, who was doing his best to keep his eyes off of Amanda. The young brunette peeled her jeans from her waist and pulled them to the ground, wearing only her white cotton panties and a tank top. Mason's blood began pumping as he watched his girlfriend strip in front of both of them revealing her beautiful body to them both. As much as he tried to fight it, the thought of her nearly naked with another person present turned him. He couldn't help but let his mind wander to her revealing more than just her bra and panties. Then she said it.

"Umm...I don't have a bra on," she blushed. She picked up her jeans. "I'll just go in up to my waist."

"You can get the tank top wet, can't you?" Mason asked her, ready to get into the water in his green boxer shorts.

"Yeah, I guess I can," Amanda said. "It's not fair for me to go topless and you two to be covered up."

"Hey, we're topless too!" Mason cried.

"We can go skinny dipping," Bryce suggested. His words drew an awkward silence.

"I don't know," Mason said, his blood rushing faster.

"I'll do it if you guys do it," Amanda told them. Her words almost surprised him, but he knew her "open" lifestyle. To her, a naked body was just a naked body. No big deal. Bryce looked to Mason, almost in anticipation. Mason shrugged and nodded, the excitement of the situation combining with the sun's influence.

"No big deal," he said. "Just naked bodies."

"My thoughts exactly," Amanda told him with a smile. "Purely innocent. It's hot outside and we're not all going to be able to really cool down otherwise. And I'm feeling frisky." She began to pull up her shirt and suddenly, she stopped. "But there's no way I'm going first. Bryce goes first."

"Why me!?" Bryce cried.

"It was your idea!" Amanda told him. "It's no big deal!"

Bryce rolled his eyes, placed his fingers on the edges of his orange boxers and looked at them both. With a deep breath, he pulled them to the ground, revealing his semi-erect cock as it dangled freely between his legs. Amanda stared at it dead on, as did Mason, who exchanged glances between Bryce's penis and his girlfriend, whose look was pure lust. Bryce nodded and backed into the water nervously, covering himself.

"Your turn," Amanda told Mason, who had the least problem stripping in front of them, for obvious reasons. He pulled his shorts to the ground, revealing his semi-erect cock, which was only a little thicker than Bryce's, but they were about the same size. He stepped into the water and covered himself as well. All eyes shot to Amanda, who stood alone on the shore in her tank top and panties. With a deep breath and a smile to each of he audience members, she pulled her tank top over her head, revealing her luscious B-sized tits as they fell freely, bouncing just a little. Her soft dark nipples made both of the men shift underwater as they watched her pull the panties to the ground. "There!" she told them as her dark-haired, neatly trimmed pussy came in view. "Can I get in now!?" Neither of them answered. She rolled her eyes and stepped into the water, covering herself with the others. She kissed her boyfriend, who was still in a state of awe toward the situation.

"So..." Mason said awkwardly. "This is nice."

"You two are so turned on right now," Amanda teased, brushing her boyfriend's hard cock with her foot.

"Shut up!" Mason cried, blushing. "It wasn't my idea! It was Bryce's!"

"I didn't...hey, it's hot out!" Bryce cried, trying to make excuses.

"Bryce just wanted to see your hot girlfriend in the buff," Amanda told Mason flirtatiously. "As did you. You both just wanted to see my sexy naked wet body." Both young men squirmed with delight under the water. Amanda could practically see their hard-ons by the way their faces looked.

"Oh don't get all proud," Mason scolded finally. "It's not like you aren't getting off on two attractive men naked in the water with you."

"Well it's not the first time I've gotten off in the water," Amanda confessed. Both boys looked at her in awe as she spoke, suddenly becoming even more aroused by the situation. "I actually wasn't naked. I was over there, behind those bushes in the water." She pointed behind Mason. "My older sister and her boyfriend were out her and it was night. I was always swimming and I guess they didn't see me, but I hid behind the bush and watched them. They were making out and feeling each other up like they had never done it before. Then they got naked. His cock was huge. She pulled him into the water and they fucked for an hour straight. The whole time, I was masturbating to them. I came twice and once I could have almost swore they heard me moaning."

"Wow," Mason gulped.

"You're playing with your clit right now, aren't you," Bryce said boldly.

"Maybe," Amanda moaned, her body twitching under the water as her fingers rubbed her swollen clit. Mason grabbed her and pulled her toward him aggressively. At first she thought he was angry, but when he began kissing her, his jetting cock pressed against the soft flesh of her stomach, she knew that this was more than she had expected in a vacation. As Mason kissed her neck, she pushed off of him for a moment, swimming to Bryce, who was nearby. She pulled his body to her with his legs. Mason watched in both excitement and amazement as his girlfriend kissed Bryce lustfully, her tongue entering his mouth as her pussy grinded against his hard cock. She shivered at the thought of another boy's cock against her pussy other than her boyfriend's. She looked back at Mason and pulled him too her, letting his cock rest against her ass-crack as she squirmed with seduction. She continued to kiss Bryce as he let his fingers glide across her hard nipples. She let out a deep moan and bucked her pussy against Bryce hard. He looked at Mason, who gave him a look of approval. He was too involved in the situation to say know. His blood rushed with excitement as to where it was leading. He humped his girlfriend's ass-crack and she pulled him close to her. Their bodies became entwined and hands began to wander; her hands all over the two cocks as well as her own pussy and nipples and the boys' hands all over their object of lust's body, brushing against their own and each others' from time to time as well. The forbidden urges that ran through them intensified the situation to the brim, until finally Mason was the one who cracked.

"Do you guys want to go inside," he gasped.

"That seems like a good idea," Amanda said between breaths. They each tore out of the lake and onto shore, where they left their clothes and went immediately into the house.


On the bed, Amanda was on her hands and knees, waiting for the boys to take her. She wiggled her ass in approval.

"How do you want us," Mason asked her.

"At the same time," she moaned, staring at their cocks. Her pussy was dripping with approval as she waited for them. "I want Mason in my ass and Bryce in my pussy. And you better hurry; I don't want to have to make myself cum." They followed her orders, Bryce climbing beneath her and Mason behind her. She lowered herself onto Bryce's cock with great anticipation. The foreign feel of another man's cock in her pussy drove her wild as she began bucking her hips right away, fucking him. From behind, she could feel Mason rubbing some kind of lubricant against her asshole. She squealed with delight and fucked Bryce, whose lips sucked her hard nipple furiously. "I want it in me Mason! Take my ass! Take it!" Mason pressed his cock against her puckered asshole slowly, letting it stretch to his size. Her pussy tugged and pulled at Bryce's cock greedily, as if it wanted to swallow him. He cried out in pleasure as he could feel Mason's cock burrow into Amanda's ass. She let out a scream of both pain and pleasure as he entered into her fully. For a moment, they all just stayed put, trying to breathe in the situation. Then Amanda began using her hips to fuck them both. Her groaning made both of them moan as well as they fucked the young woman with all of their strength. His tight ass made Mason shiver with each thrust into her. Bryce bucked his hips harder up into the gorgeous girl each time. Sweat poured from off of their bodies drowning them all in heat and sex until Amanda screamed.

"I'm cumming! Oh yes! Fuck me boys! Fuck me! I'm cumming!" Her pussy stretched and oozed as Bryce let her orgasm around his cock. Mason's own cock felt the pulsation of her orgasm as well, making him spurt a bout of pre cum into her. "Again," she gasped. "Hard! Fuck! Again! Hard!" Her one-word sentences made them both fuck her harder, shoving their throbbing members into her as if she were a rag doll. She squirmed and thrust back against each of them, holding her own until she felt them each dive deeper than she had ever been touched. She gasped with lust and her eyes went wide as she came again, more forcefully this time. Her body went into a spasm and suddenly, Mason began shooting thick globs of cum into her greedy asshole. When he did this, her bucking against him became more forceful. She screamed with pleasure as she accepted his seed into her anus. Bryce was the last to cum, releasing what seemed like buckets into her pussy as she fucked him. Her hot, wet pussy stole every drop from him until he nearly passed out. As each of their bodies settled down, they fell into position: Bryce with his cock against her pussy, Mason's cock against her ass, and Amanda between her two lovers. Their fucked bodies became exhausted and they laid in place for a moment, the smell of sex rampant in the air. Then they fell asleep.


Bryce awoke a few hours later, his cock small and swelled from the threesome he had just been involved in. Amanda lay with him, awake and on her back. Mason was still on her other side, kissing her cheek. He had been the last to wake up.

"Hey sleepy," Amanda greeted with a kiss.

"It's still hot out," was all Bryce could say as his body overheated once again.

"Do you guys want to go skinny dipping?" Mason asked with a grin.

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