tagGroup SexDouble Down in Dixie

Double Down in Dixie


I happened to be travelling to Baton Rouge for work and heard about a new casino that was opening that same week. Hurricane Isaac was just blowing through, and I called to see if they had any rooms available. Due to the weather, the reservation agent told me, they had lots of cancellations. I booked a king suite for three nights.

I arrived and checked in, got dressed and decided to check out the casino action. The floor was quite crowded even with the inclement weather. I played a few hands of blackjack, winning back my losses but not breaking the bank.

I decided to have a drink and went to the lobby bar. The petite bartender gave me my drink, and I sat and decided to people-watch for awhile. Lots of sexy women and well dressed men were there among the locals who looked like they had just come out of the swamp.

Soon, I noticed two Asian women standing by the escalator looking at one's mobile phone. One of the girls was tall with long dark hair, wearing a short blue sequined shoulderless dress that showed off her beautiful long, toned legs. I imagined what those legs would feel like on each side of my head. Next to her was a shorter girl in a blouse and short white skirt. They both looked somewhat disappointed, so I decided to see if I could help.

I walked over and began to talk to them. The taller girl was named Lacey, the shorter girl Kim. They told me they were supposed to be meeting some friends there but due to the weather their flight had been cancelled. I told them that this seemed to be a common occurrence, as I had overheard several other people in the casino saying the same thing.

Since they were on their own, I invited them to join me for a drink and maybe some gambling. Lacey told me that they had never been to a casino, and I promised them that I would teach them how to play blackjack and maybe win some money.

Over drinks, I learned that they were both students at Louisiana State University, there in Baton Rouge. Lacey was from California and Kim was a foreign student from South Korea. They had met at LSU at a Korean Student organization and were going to be roommates later in the year when an apartment became available. I listened intently, studying Lacey's legs and Kim's lovely figure.

After a couple of drinks, we went into the casino and found three open seats at one of the blackjack tables. I sat between them, imagining what else we could all three be doing together.

We all played several hands of blackjack and the girls, with my coaching, won a few hundred dollars apiece. They were excited as they won, caressing my arm when they did. More drinks were consumed, and we played until it was very late..

Finally, the dealer said that he had to close the table. We tipped him well from our winnings and went back out to the main entrance. The rain had started up again and the girls didn't have coats or umbrellas with them. I told them that I had a room in the casino hotel and that they should come back to the room to let the weather and the drinks pass. To my delight, they both agreed.

I could barely contain myself as we walked across the breezeway into the hotel. I pressed the elevator UP button and held the door as they entered, watching them enter and hoping that I would get to see more soon.

We got to the room and I opened the door, letting them into the suite. They both seemed impress with the size of the room and soon we were sitting on the couch. Lacey told me how grateful they were to have met me and that they had both had a good time learning to play blackjack. I told them that they pleasure was all mine.

"Well, there is some more pleasure to be had," Lacey said with a smile. She then leaned over to me and began to kiss me deeply. I kissed her back, my hand around her shoulder pulling her closer. Kim began to wiggle on my other side. As we broke the kiss, she reached over and turned my face to hers and moved to kiss me as well. I was in heaven, between these two beautiful women.

"Sit right there," said Kim as she and Lacey stood up in front of me. They removed their high heels and Kim moved behind Lacey, her arms encircling the taller girl's waist. They began to dance together, moving sensuously to unheard music. I could only sit there in anticipation, my cock beginning to grow against my trousers.

Lacey lifted her hair above her shoulders and Kim began to unzip Lacey's dress. As it loosened, she wiggled out of it, letting it fall to the floor. She wasn't wearing anything else but a black thong. Kim's hands ran over Lacey's body, tracing under her wonderful breasts. I watched entranced as her dark nipples began to get hard from the other girl's touch.

Lacey then turned to Kim and began to unbutton her blouse. They switched places, Kim now facing me with Lacey behind her. Lacey undid Kim's bra and flung it toward me in a stripper move. Kim's tits were not as big as Lacey's but were still lovely and full with small nipples. Lacey undid Kim's skirt and let it fall to the floor, and Kim stepped out of it. She was wearing white lace panties. These two beautiful women were now standing in front of me, practically naked.

They walked over to me and each took one of my hands, leading me toward the bed. I laid down on the large mattress and watched.

"I saw you looking at my legs all night," said Lacey. " I know what you wanted to do to me, and I want it too."

She then pushed me flat on my back and straddled my chest. I was now within inches of those beautiful legs, and I reached out on either side of her to caress them, her skin silky smooth against my touch. As I touched her, she let out some soft moans and ground her thong covered pussy against my chest. As my hands moved around to her beautiful ass, she scooted up so that her crotch was right above my face.

"This is what you wanted isn't it baby?" she asked. "Oh yes," I said. "I wanted to eat your pussy the minute I saw you two in the casino." I began to kiss her inner thighs.

"Well, here it is." And so saying, she moved the thong to the side, revealing a trimmed dark bush. I couldn't wait any longer and began to kiss her pussy lips. At the first touch of my mouth, she moaned again and pressed her pussy right onto my face.

I began to lick and suck, inhaling her perfume and her pussy scent, my hands squeezing her smooth ass cheeks, pulling her as close to my mouth as I could. As I licked, I could feel Kim's hands remove my shoes and socks. She then began to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my slacks. I felt the cool rush of air as Kim's hand pulled my cock free of my underwear, then the warm touch of her lips as she began to kiss my cock. I couldn't see Kim with my face full of Lacey's pussy, but she was giving me an expert blowjob, kissing my shaft and squeezing my balls, then taking my cock deep in her mouth. I could feel her saliva dripping down onto my balls as she sucked me deep.

Lacey was gyrating on top of me, driving my head deep into the pillow. My hands went up her body to find her tits and I began squeezing them, finding the hard nipples, looking up at this beautiful woman who was both getting pleasure from and giving pleasure to me. I moaned deeply as Kim took my cock extra deep.

After a few minutes, I motioned for Lacey to slide off of me. As she did, I looked down and watched Kim suck my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down on my prick, spit sliding out of the sides of her mouth. As much as I hated to have her stop, I knew that I wanted to fuck this pair of beauties.

As I sat up, Kim let my cock slide out of her mouth. I leaned forward and kissed her, telling her how good it felt.She kept stroking my hard cock as our tongues met and we kissed deeply.

I got up from the bed and removed my remaining clothes. Looking at Kim I asked, "Did you ever taste another girls pussy?" She looked at Lacey for a moment then back at me. "No," she said. "But you want to, don't you?" I asked. "Yes," she said as she blushed a little.

"Well, just like I taught you to play blackjack, I am going to teach you how to eat pussy. Then, Lacey is going to learn how to do it too." Lacey lay on the bed with a smile on her face as I undressed.

When I was naked, I climbed onto the bed and knelt before Lacey, her legs spread apart, with Kim sitting beside me. "Take off her panties," I said to Kim. She moved between Lacey's legs and slipped her fingers under the thong and pulled it off. Lacey rubbed her swollen clit with one hand as she anticipated what was about to happen.

I moved beside Kim between Lacey's outspread legs. I lay on my stomach and motioned for Kim to do the same. I started kissing Lacey's right leg, just above the knee, tasting her and loving the feel of her muscular thighs. I looked over and Kim was doing the same to Lacey's left leg, obviously enjoying the feel of her girlfriend's skin as well. Lacey lay there with her eyes closed, a finger in her mouth and one hand rubbing her own tits.

I moved closer to Lacey's pussy and Kim followed me. We both were kissing Lacey on either side of her wet pussy. "Now, put your mouth here," I said to Kim and indicated Lacey's hard clit. "Take her clit in your mouth, flick it with your tongue," I instructed Kim. She obediently bent her head, finding Lacey's clit with ease. Lacey gasped as Kim's mouth closed over her clit, raising her hips so that we could both get at her moist cunt. I moved my head lower, under Kim's, and began to lick Lacey's pussy lips, searching for her tight hole. Finding it, I plunged my tongue deep inside her, sending her into spasms of pleasure. Kim continued licking and flicking Lacey's clit. I could hear Kim lapping at Lacey's pussy as if she had been waiting all her life to taste another woman.

"Keep going," I urged Kim as I moved up to lie beside Lacey. I bent over her and sucked her tits as Kim continued eating her pussy. Lacey began to moan louder and shudder, and I knew she was about to come. She suddenly arched her back and let out a loud moan as she climaxed into her friend's mouth. Kim kept working on Lacey's pussy and I kept sucking her tits until she had come several times.

Lacey then sat straight up in the bed and grabbed Kim, pulling her toward her. Lacey and Kim kissed deep and long as they enjoyed their new found relationship. I lay on my back watching these two beautiful girls, stroking my cock slowly as they reveled in their bliss together.

"Oh my God, Kim!" Lacey exclaimed. "I don't think I have ever come so hard with a guy. That was incredible!" Lacey turned Kim and laid her down on the bed, covering the smaller girl with her body, kissing her passionately on the mouth, then working her way down Kim's body, first kissing and biting her neck. I watched as Lacey sucked Kim's tits into her mouth, her long black hair spread across both their naked bodies. Kim, her hands on Lacey's head and back, had her eyes closed and was lightly moaning as her body was ravaged by Lacey's attention.

Lacey continued moving down Kim's body, kissing her way down Kim's stomach. Kim was still wearing her panties so Lacey pulled them down, sliding them over Kim's legs and tossing them onto the floor. Kim's pussy was completely bare, shaved and slick. Lacey slid into Kim's crotch, her arms curving under Kim's legs so that she could caress the other girl as she ate her bald pussy. Kim was breathing heavily as Lacey began to explore every inch of her pussy. It was evident that Lacey didn't need any instruction on how to eat pussy.

I moved toward the foot of the bed and was rewarded with the sight of Lacey's perfect ass up in the air, her head between Kim's thighs. I positioned myself behind Lacey and pointed my cock at that beautiful pussy. I pressed my dick against Lacey's still wet slit, rubbing it across her pussy lips and against her clit. Holding her hips, I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy with one stroke. Lacey lifted her head from her friend's pussy and gasped as I entered her, but she quickly put her mind back on the work in front of her and began licking and sucking Kim's pussy even harder than before.

I started fucking her with long slow strokes. Her pussy was so perfect, so warm and inviting. As I fucked her, she was giving her friend the pussy licking of a lifetime. Kim began to make short, shrill "Aye! Aye!" sounds as she pulled Lacey's face closer against her cunt. I could see Lacey's head moving as she worked her way in and around Kim's pussy, while I worked my way in and out of Lacey's pussy.

Kim made louder and longer sounds until she was emitting a continuous moan. Lacey's head moved up and down, back and forth until finally Kim exploded in her mouth. I fucked harder as Kim's spasms shook the entire bed.

Lacey turned her head and looked at me, almost shouting, "On God, I am going to cum again too!" I kept fucking this gorgeous woman, harder and faster now. Lacey's head was against Kim's stomach, Kim holding Lacey against her as I pumped her from behind. Lacey looked up at Kim and they stared into each other's eyes as Lacey climaxed from my hard fucking. I realized I was about to cum as well, so I slid my cock out of that wonderful cunt. I laid it between Lacey's perfect ass cheeks and pressed my body tight against hers. I held her hips as I pumped my hot cum out all over her back, forming white streaks against her brown skin.

Lacey collapsed forward, her head resting on Kim's stomach. Kim stroked Lacey's long hair as we all tried to catch our breath. I laid on the bed beside Kim, my cock still wet with Lacey's pussy juices. We all lay there for a long moment and then the girls got up to go to the bathroom. I lay on the bed and dozed. They soon came back and crawled in with me, one on either side. I went to sleep with these beauties beside me, my arms around them, and we all slept, satisfied.

I awoke to the feel of lips, both on my mouth and on my cock. I opened my eyes and saw Kim's face over mine, her tongue slipping inside my mouth. Lacey was kneeling over my cock, waking it up with her tongue as well.

Kim smiled broadly as she broke our kiss and said, "We were thinking, it wasn't fair that only Lacey got to get fucked last night."

"Well, I always want to play fair," I said, grinning back at her. Lacey had my cock back to its full hard length and she giggled as she stroked me slowly.

Kim put her leg across my stomach, rubbing her hairless pussy against me as she slowly slid her body down mine. Lacey held my cock firmly as Kim wiggled her pussy against it. I could feel her pussy lips against the tip, then she sat down, letting my dick slip inside her. Lacey's pussy had been a comfortable refuge for my cock, but Kim's cunt was tight, like a hot vice. I couldn't believe the feeling as she and Lacey struggled to get my cock inside her. Finally I was inside her, reveling in the tightness and heat. She positioned herself with her feet flat on the bed so that she could ride my cock. She straightened her back and begin to bounce herself up and down on my hard prick.

I matched her stroke and began to pump up against her as she dropped herself against me. Time and again my dick slid inside that tight Korean pussy, Kim bouncing faster and faster. I could feel Lacey's tongue on my balls as Kim squeezed my shaft with her cunt.

Kim moaned as she bounced faster and harder and then she came, emitting a series of short yelps as she climaxed on my cock. She collapsed against my chest, breathing hard. She looked up at me and asked, "Did you cum baby?"

Before I could answer, I heard Lacey say "No, not yet but I will take care of that." I felt my cock slide out of Kim's pussy and into Lacey's mouth. Kim rolled off of me as Lacey took my entire cock inside her mouth and down her throat. She obviously was enjoying the taste of Kim's pussy on my dick. Kim stroked my chest and kissed me as Lacey continued her expert blowjob. Kim kissed me deeply and I felt myself about to cum. I moaned my passion into Kim's mouth as I blew my hot load inside Lacey's. I felt like I would never stop cumming. Lacey continued to drain my cock of the last bits of cum.

"Mmmm, yummy!" she said as she swallowed all of my hot semen.

We lay together on the bed for awhile until they told me that they both had to go as they had classes to get to later that morning. As they dressed, I kissed them both and I told them that I had the room for two more nights if they wanted to come back for a third round that evening.

I have been to many casinos, but this was the best luck I had ever had.

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