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Double D's


Our online chat during the day had centered around one thing and one thing only … control. You were ready to be used for my pleasure and your mind was well ahead of your body in its need to have your free will in my hands. Walking in the door I applied two Velcro restraints just up from your hands and made sure they were tight. Pulling your arms behind you I made sure that the clips on the restraints clasped together at the wrists so that you were in effect cuffed. I quickly removed your top and bra leaving them open and hanging to expose your breasts as much as I could with your arms pulled so tightly behind you. Backing you toward the front door and with little pressure on your shoulders you were on your knees in front of me within the first 4 minutes of my arriving. With one last movement I took a leash from my pocket and clipped it to the cuffs on your wrists. This allowed me the luxury of looping the other end to the doorknob where I tightly tied the leash. Bound and on your knees in front of me with no way to get your hands free you were a beautiful sight. Your lips slightly damp from being licked at the anticipation of what you knew was to come.

I quickly lowered my pants and with a quick motion forward I had half my cock deep in your open waiting mouth. I just let your lips rest around me for a few seconds while I took in the beautiful sight of you submitting yourself on your knees before me. Your tongue began to snake its way slowly around my throbbing rod as you sought to harden my cock. Your head began to bob slowly at first till I was banging the head of my cock against the back of your throat over and over again. I was easily able to see out your front window and see the traffic passing by as you proceeded to bring me to the edge of bursting time and time again until finally I told you to stop. Pulling my dick from your mouth I helped you to your feet and quickly led you to your bed where I was able to reverse your bonds so that your hands were now tied in front of you. I wanted you to feel the plateau of pleasure you had me dancing on just moments before as I laid you back and quickly removed the last of your clothing.

With the intent of suffocating myself, I buried my face in your dripping wet pussy till I started to see spots. My tongue dancing from your clit to your ass and back again as your legs tensed around me. Reaching up I joined my hands with yours pinching your already hard nipples while I lapped your vulva like it was my only sustenance. You were bucking into my face trying to get as much of my tongue buried in your fuck hole as possible while you started to cum. It was all I could do to keep from cumming from the friction of the covers on your bed. Hot, sweaty, and glowing we slowly drifted back to a place where we could talk. We needed water and that's what you provided. Returning to the bedroom with an ice-cold bottle you had the most wicked grin on your face and it was then that I knew you had a wonderful idea.

Quietly and in a cock sore raspy voice you told asked me "should I call Dena". Jokingly at first I commented, " Hmm with Debbie and Dena I would certainly have a set of Double Ds". I started to realize you weren't kidding as you left the room and quickly returned with the phone in your hand. All of a sudden I knew that your plans for pleasing me were just getting started. Your intention quickly took on the single-minded purpose of you, your girlfriend and me fucking in a mass of flesh in your bed.

Knowing Dena was at work when you called you were coy with your invitation. Telling her to take a half hour break and that you had a surprise for her was one way to get her out of her responsibilities for only a short period of time. You quickly spoke with her work partner to insure that you would get her back to work in a timely fashion and it was a NECESSITY she come visit. With only a small clue of what was to transpire Dena agreed and was quickly on her way.

The anticipation had my cock raging hard. Resting totally nude in your bed while you played with my cock we waited 5 minutes for the knock at the door. You quickly left the bedroom to answer in nothing more than a smile. Your conversation was easily overheard as you led Dena back to the bedroom and to the surprise of me nude with a raging hard on in your bed. A quick kiss and quick comment to Dena that I had just spent the last half hour eating you out "like there was no tomorrow" was quieted by you falling back to the bed and swallowing my cock. Dena quickly seated herself on the edge of the bed where she could see your mouth encircle me. Our introduction to each other consisted of me telling her hello as I put my hand on her ass and used the other to cup one of her firm breasts. In less than 1 minute of her watching this hot scene she stood and quickly disrobed to join you in your feast. All of a sudden I had a wonderful ass in my face and my fingers in a wet pussy as two lovely ladies … my double D's preceded to kiss each other around my stiff cock. The combination of hot mouths licking up and down the sides of me had my head spinning in a hurry. It wasn't long at all before I lost track of whose mouth or hands were stroking me. It was a miracle that I didn't explode on the spot.

Shifting positions Dena laid on her back lengthwise across the bed so she could finally get Debbie's face between her thighs. You dove in to her pussy with much gusto as you watched me position myself on my knees by Dena's head and shove my dick into her mouth. Dena's hands on my ass pulled me faster and deeper into her waiting throat as you managed to make her whole body flush with pleasure. She wrapped her legs around your head and milked my cock over and over again to the rhythm of your licking. Watching your juice covered face I couldn't wait for a taste anymore. Joining you on my knees I quickly added my face and my hands to Dena's wet open pussy. As I lapped at her clit you began to push my face harder and harder into her dripping snatch. Finally seeking more leverage you moved to the top of my body laying on me and holding her dripping crotch as tightly to my face as possible till she began to moan more and more loudly. In a matter of seconds I was face down without air, in a churning orgasming pussy intent on milking every bit of pleasure from my face as possible, as Dena came over and over grinding her clit on my nose. With spots in my eyes from the lack of air I positioned myself back on the bead as we all collapsed in a heap.

True to your word you sent Dena back to work all aglow in just over half an hour.

With only one thing on our minds as Dena left we reentered your bed so you could climb on top of me and ride me till I FINALLY came. The miracle of the evening that I survived so long to get to at last bury myself in your hot well licked hole and cum from the root of my toes. As always you more than pleased me with your perverse desire to please and be pleased. Where will your kinky side take us next?

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