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Double Feature


Nicole and Andrew had only been dating a few weeks when Valentines Day arrived. After throwing what must have been a dozen hints to Andrew that she'd like to go ice-skating or some other romantic thing Andrew finally invited her to dinner and a movie. With a roll of her eyes Nicole agreed then grabbed a news paper with one hand while holding the cordless to her other ear.

"Oh honey they have a double feature at the Woodland Mall cinema." She said trying to sound thrilled but inside she was sighing. Andrew never wanted to do anything that involved actual skill or fun. Any activity they ever did had to at least give him a chance to TRY to get into her pants. And a movie theater would be no different he'd fumble around in her jeans until he got through her panties then press his fingers in her awkwardly for a few lame minutes then expect her to suck him to satisfaction.

"Yeah what's playing babe?" he asked.

"They are playing Sleepless in Seattle and You've got Mail back to back wouldn't that be so cute to see them all young and stuff then older?" This was actually starting to sound better.

"Ain't they got any good movies playing?" He said bluntly.

"Um…" she checked the paper and read below that this would be showing on every screen for Valentines Day. "No it's special for the day you know?"

"Yeah Valentines Day." He said in a mocking tone. "Some holiday from along time ago that the stupid card and candy companies hype up to make us guys shell out twice as much cash to go on a date."

"Yeah um.. well what time do you want to go?" she asked him feeling uncomfortable at his put downs of what she always believed was the most romantic holiday.

"I'll pick you up at 5 and we can see the 530 show ok?" he asked her not really waiting for an answer he hung up the phone.

Nicole just let the phone down onto the cradle with a sigh. She knew full well that if he took her to a 530 show they wouldn't get out till 930, which would be to late to go to a real dinner. She also knew that if he was expecting to see the 530 movie that he would assume that she had eaten not to long before the movies and he'd offer to skip popcorn. Oh well at least she had a date this year.

Nicole had never really felt like she was pretty enough for anyone. She was very short her whole life and now at 20 years old she just barely reaches five feet tall. Her frame was always the shape of an hour glass big full breasts and a thin waist. She always felt awkward when boys would stare at her chest. They always seemed very eager for her to flash them or let them touch them but as far as a real date or admitting that she was pretty that never happened. She spent most of her junior high and high school days avoiding the criticism and teasing of the other kids. Somedays she went home crying even.

Now Nicole was 20 years old and she got a lot of attention from men. Suddenly having big breasts and round hips and a larger ass was a good thing. She discovered that older men usually treated women nicer and started to them more and more often. Andrew was just a guy that she had met through a friend she worked with. He was her friend's boyfriend's older brother. At first he was kind of sweet a bit of a flirt and kinda groapy but she thought that was just cause he was a kid just barely 22.

That night she had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just in case he skipped popcorn and was ready with just 2 minutes to spare. Andrew knocked on her door 2 minutes before 5 and she stepped out.

Her Breasts were wrapped in a tight red v-neck cotton satin blend sweater that plunged just to the top of her bra then gently flowed around her stomach. It was nice and loose around the waist of her blue jeans that fit her nicely. Holding her round ass up and making it seem to stick out just a bit more. She wore chunky healed shoes to add 3 inches to her height but still felt short.

Andrew as usual was in casual attire. He wore red T-shirt with a heavy metal band's picture on the front that was wearing off from it being worn so regularly and some baggy as well as a tad dirty dark blue jeans. Nicole sighed outwardly.

"What's wrong?" he asked

"Nothing." She glanced at his hands no flowers no card no candy not even a nice outfit.

"Come on then lets go were gonna be late sexy." He said running a hand down her breast then to her hand he walked her out to the car then walked around his side and got in. He leaned over and unlocked her door then sat upright. She rolled her eyes and opened the door then slid into her seat. His car smelled like stale cigarettes and pot.

After about 10 minutes of heavy metal and out of control driving they arrived at the movies. Andrew got out of the car then walked around to the trunk and waited for her to squeeze her way out of the door without hitting the car next to them. They walked into the movies and he bought the tickets. Nicole just rolled her eyes as he told her that he wasn't hungry but if she felt like grabbing some popcorn he could wait in the lounge for her. They walked into the theater and sat down in the very back row. The previews hadn't even started before Andrew's hands were down her shirt.

"Andrew!" she pushed his hands back. "It's not even dark yet."

"Hmm what." He mumbled fumbling his fingers against the hooks of her bra. She grabbed his hands.

"STOP!" she said.

"Ok." He said to her but not two minutes later was back at it again.

She leaned back and let him fumble at her breasts sighing inwardly she didn't want to say no and have him hate her forever but this was doing nothing for her.

"Baby I gotta go to the potty I'll be right back." She said excusing herself before he could say anything. Her mind swirled as she went into the bathroom and sat in a stall not using it just thinking. No Nicole you're not going to be his toy. Your not a toy you're a good girl a nice girl. NO! You're a woman a sexual sensual beautiful woman. Yeah right even I don't believe that. She thought to herself. Fact was that Andrew was very handsome with 5'8" nice lean muscular build tan blond hair big brown eyes. The fact that someone that looked like him even wanted to be seen with her made her feel pretty.

She nodded inwardly and went to the sink washing her hands and looking at her face in the mirror. Her almond shaped eyes were fading back to the greenish color they usually appeared to be. Sometimes when she would get angry the brown flex would come out more then usual. She touched her face pushing at her cheeks a bit then turning her face to the side.

Nicole didn't give herself the credit she deserved her dark reddish brown hair fell just below her chin and framed her diamond shape face. Her eyes were large and expressive with a full set of dark black lashes. Her cheekbones stood out nicely not anorexic model looking but defined even without blush and her lips were a pretty pink color full but not overly full and were a very defined shape. Over all most people would not think her to be ugly in fact many times since becoming an adult and spending time with adult men and not those high school boys she had grown accustom to she had hear that she had pretty eyes or a nice smile. That always made her blush.

She wiped her hands on a paper towel and headed back into the movies it was almost pitch dark in the theater because there was a night scene on the screen. She sat down next to him and touched his hand with hers then sighed placing it back in her lap. He didn't even move his hand he didn't take hers or touch her or even great her he must be pissed off she thought. After a few moments he felt shy timid touches on her hand stroking it softly with just fingertips. It made her shiver and sent a little tingle over her body. Her eyes stayed fixed on the screen she couldn't look at him she already felt a blush running down her face and neck.

He took her hand in his and squeezed it gently moments fled by her ears were getting warmer and warmer. She felt him leaning over it was going to happen she thought. She closed her eyes and waited finally after what seamed like eternity she felt lips on hers. They were soft and warm caressing her own kissing them pressing hers apart slightly she felt his tongue sliding over her lips not rough like usual but soft caring taking his time. She moved her hands up his back and to his neck her face flushed again and she kissed him back. Her mind wandered away from the wonderful kiss but she continued to kiss him back feeling his hands running up and down her shoulders and arms.

~Wasn't Andrew wearing a T-shirt?~ she thought to herself. She inhaled deeply pulling away from the kiss she stared up at the face in front of her. A strong chiseled face to be exact. Even in the low light she could tell his eyes were a piercing baby blue big and expressive. A look of confusion but happy confusion was in them. He had black short spiky hair and broad shoulders. She leaned closer inhaling his scent. The smell of his cologne was mixed with that of his leather jacket that was lying over the back of his chair. He took her hand in his and ran his fingers up her arm slowly then leaned in for another slow long passionate kiss. She found herself letting herself get wrapped in his arms. She slid her tongue in his mouth thinking to herself.

~Oh my god I'm kissing a total stranger. As soon as the lights come on he's going to totally bail on me. He is so handsome. So… strong and powerfull.~

The man took her hand in his and ran it up his abdomen to his chest. She pressed her fingertips into his soft fleshy tummy then ran her fingers up his neck and over his chin running her fingertips down his jaw she continued to kiss him. She could feel his hand moving up her back and then to her hair pressing her face to his more then before but not in a harsh way. In a sweet gentle romantic way. He slid his hands down her back again then up her stomach. She instinctively sucked it in hopping he wouldn't feel her tummy. She fidgeted when he tickled her sides.

"What'd you do that for Beautiful?" he asked her.

"D do what?" she fidgeted and pulled his hands away from her tummy placing them on her breasts.

"And that as well." He said. "Why are you pulling away when I touch you here." He said rubbing his fingers down her belly. "But not here" running them over her breasts.

She moaned out at his touch and pressed herself toward him. He shook his head but did not continue further. He squeezed her full breasts then ran his hands back around her back paying attention to each inch of her body. He kissed her neck and earlobe pulling her on top of him. She moaned out and his hand covered her mouth. He pressed the bulge in his pants against her jeans and she moaned again this time muffled by his hand. Nicole kissed the man again. She felt hungry like she needed to feel his body against hers. He was touching her and kissing her, she ran her hands down his chest and over his belly then down his thighs dropping to her knees on the sticky theater floor she pulled his lump from his jeans and slide her hand down it. Up and down she ran her hand tightly over his six inches of manhood. When he moaned out it sent her over the edge. What was he's doing this was a public place and she didn't even know his name.

All logic went out the window when Nicole saw a gleam of light glisten off a drop of precum on the man's cock. Her tongue slid out of her mouth and she licked it. It tasted good. Not gross like Andrews cum always seemed to taste this was sweet and salty. She swallowed hard then pressed her wet lips to the head of his cock taking just the tip in and sucking it. She twirled her tongue around the underside of the rim of his cock head then back up over the slit of his cock. Pulling off of the head she swirled her tongue around it again then licked down the base and back up to the tip. She moved her hands and cupped his balls licking the head a few more times slowly soaking it with her tongue. Her lips tightened and she pressed them down over the head. First an inch sucking and running her tongue over it then more slowly taking more and more in until her mouth and some of her throat were filled with his cock. She ran her tongue over it and over it then began moving her head up and down faster and faster her tongue licking and moving not stopping. She was hungry hungry for more of his cum. Her mouth flew up and down the shaft cupping and squeezing his balls pressing her tits against his inner thighs moaning and pressing faster harder. OH GOD she really needed it. OH GOD PLEASE she wanted to cry out but knew she couldn't with all the people around. Her tongue tickled his cock just under the head and he jerked his hands touching her head now running through her hair then down and touching her shoulders gently. The man began pushing his cock up into her mouth helping her move. She was moaning and sucking and licking his cock moving faster and faster then he pushed her head all the way down and held his cock full in her mouth exploding with cum.

Nicole's eyes glistened and at first she gagged from the pressure but then she let herself relax and it felt good to have cum being shot in her throat. She pulled up and began pumping the last few drops out. Pressing her lips tight around the base and slowly pulling it up to get every drop of his sweet cum out of his prick. She swallowed it down then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and sat back in the seat next to the man. He took her hand in his and he stroked it softly as they watched the rest of the first picture together.

**To be continued, What will happen during intermission or picture two or even after that. Well ya just gotta wait. Don't forget to vote if you liked it. And story ideas are always welcome.**

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