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Double Feature

byThe Source©

This story and all of the character belong to me. That’s my copyright statement, not that I think anyone would want to take them. I don’t advocate any of the acts in this story. Unprotected sex, especially this variety, is extremely irresponsible and unconscionable. But, this is fiction, where’s there is no HIV and no STIs unless you write them in, so keep that in mind. I hope you enjoy it.


It’s dark and slightly humid when she enters, the air thick with the musk of countless loads of semen. She stands along the back wall for nearly half an hour, thinking of the smirk on the cashier’s face as she bought the ticket. A single woman, no man by her side as she ducks into the dingy swinging metal doors, wearing a short skirt and top cropped just high enough to bare an inch of her belly. She imagines she’s a bit of an anomaly here, a fact reinforced as she watches three drag queens slide through the shadows, enticing the men scattered through the darkness. Their movements are almost more interesting than the sight on the screen.

Almost, but not entirely. There, splashed large against the front wall, is a woman on all fours. A man is behind her, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy with insane ease as she cries out in pleasure and claws at the carpet. Her noises are interrupted only occasionally by the man’s grunts, by his muttered, curt demands, and by the slap of their skin together.

For reasons she can’t quite define, the sight of the wigged heads bobbing up and down over anonymous laps is, however, in another way more enticing. More real, more dirty, and she wonders what that feels like. To solicit anonymous sexual contact, not for money but for the sheer pleasure of it. For the sheer pleasure of sucking cock, of maybe getting fucked.

She intends to find out soon enough. It’s why she came, after all. Why she drove nearly an hour away from her home to a city where she’s not known, why she researched until she found this theatre. Six months… that’s how long it took her to work up her nerve. She drove up numerous times, circling by the front of the building but, at the last moment, unable to bring herself to go in. This time, though, she parked her car, got out, and bought a ticket. And now here she stands, the lone female lost in the darkness behind a crowd of horny, aroused men. She’s not sure her presence has been noted yet. She slid in like a phantom, hid herself like a chameleon.

The movements of the drag queens continue to mesmerize her. She watches them, maps their routine. Circle the room and spot a target first, then ease into the empty seat beside the man chosen. Eyes forward, one hand will make the initial foray, usually aiming straight for the man’s cock. There is then either acceptance or rejection. For those batted away, it is simply on to new prey. No hard feelings and no drama, just another circle around the theatre until someone else is identified. If the advance is accepted, then one of three things happens. Option one… the drag queen’s head disappears, only to reappear at regular intervals for a minute or perhaps two. Most don’t take much longer than that. These men aren’t concerned with longevity or stamina. The mission is to cum and cum quickly, which all do. Option two… the couple gets up and walks over to the wall. Here the man will lean against the wall and the drag queen will drop to the ground in front of him. She likes this option, because it gives her more to watch.

Option three is a bit of a mystery to her. Here, the men will disappear into the bathroom. She doesn’t know what they do there, doesn’t know whether it’s simply yet another blowjob, delivered this time in relative privacy, or if the bathroom is reserved for fucking.

Not that anything’s private, really. Those who choose the wall almost immediately attract attention. Thirty seconds after choosing a position, they are beset. Men flock, drawn like a herd of ravenous, mindless animals, hands immediately reaching into their pants to pull out their cocks, hoping to be next. Some attempt to push their way into the oral action, others attempt to use it as an opportunity to slide their cock into a hopefully willing ass. Most are turned away.

In her mind, she puts herself in that position. She thinks about what it would be like, to be surrounded by hard, willing cocks. She thinks about strangers pawing her in the darkness, trying desperately to position her body for their use. She thinks about feeling a faceless cock slide into her pussy or her ass as another pumps into her mouth, and she’s already so wet that her pussy lips slide against one another with such ease that she’s almost embarrassed.

She’s not sure if she’s ready for that, but isn’t yet disturbed enough to leave. Part of her wants to try something. After all, she’s made it this far. She’s entered the theatre, has paid her fee.

The door creaks open and she shrinks back into the darkness, hiding once again. The man who walks past her, unseeing, is tall. He has close-cropped hair and dark skin, face shadowed by stubble. He’s lean, with a long, lanky body, and she’s instantly drawn to him. Something about his white vee neck tee-shirt and worn jeans appeals to her. He is handsome, in a casual and disheveled way.

Not long after he sits, one of the drag queens slides into the chair next to him. The advance is rebuffed, and, at her perch against the wall, she breathes a sigh of relief. For long moments after that, she watches his broad shoulders, highlighted by the flickering light from the screen.

Something in her makes a decision, and before she realizes what she’s doing, she’s easing out of the darkness. Heads turn, then do a double take, as she walks by, and some of the men mumble invitations. She ignores them, instead making her way steadily toward the man. Brushing the seat with a kleenex she has brought, she sits next to him, aware of the way his body instantly stiffens. He glances at her briefly, and when their eyes meet she sees a bright flicker of surprise. She blushes, then looks away, her hand landing lightly on his knee. When it is not brushed away, she trails her hand upward, fingers soon tracing over the length of the bulge in his crotch. Through the thick fabric of his jeans, she maps his outline, pleased by the thickness of his cock, by its length.

She smiles when she feels him shift in his seat, and flicks open the line of buttons holding his pants together with an ease that surprises her. He is wearing boxer briefs underneath, and ever so gently she eases them over his cock, pushing them down underneath his balls, leaving them and his cock free. Almost amazed with herself, thinking of how far she’s come in such a short span of time, she hesitantly wraps her hand around his shaft, slowly sliding it up and down. He moans softly and, emboldened, she slips her hand down to his balls, fondling them. They are heavy and hot, covered with a soft, sparse layer of hair. She weighs them in her palm, rolls them between her fingers, traces patterns on the skin. He moans again, and then, without warning, slides a hand behind her head, pushing her down.

She resists for a second, but something about the force of his hand on the back of her head, purposefully pushing her down, is exciting. Very exciting, and she slides back in her chair so that she can take the head of his cock in her mouth. It’s large, and heavy on her tongue, and she takes a second to become used to the taste of him. Soon she begins to suck, her head bobbing up and down as she slides his shaft over her tongue, her mouth a warm, wet cavern around him. She loves the way she feels – slutty – with the slurps she makes as she sucks him almost deafening in her ears. His hand is still against the back of her head, guiding her, sometimes pushing her down farther than she would have gone on her own. The forcefulness arouses her even more, and she moans, the noise vibrating through his cock.

It is enough, apparently, to send him over the edge because, without warning, she feels a spurt of thick, hot cum splash against the back of her throat. She nearly gags, the sensation unexpected, and before she has time to think about it, she is swallowing the thick, viscous liquid. It slides slowly down her throat, spurt after thick spurt, and though she is not sure why, she continues to suck as he relaxes, as his cock begins to soften.

When she finally pulls free with a pop, she’s sure her cheeks are blazing red with embarrassment. She’s not sure what came over her, and the feel of the stranger’s cum in her belly is as heavy as lead. Despite that, she’s more aroused than she can remember.

“How much?”

His words startle her, his voice scratchy and low, and she turns to look at him, confused.

“I’m sorry?” she asks, almost laughing at the prim tone of her voice.

“How much do I owe you?” he asks, and she recoils, horrified.

“You don’t owe me anything,” she whispers, mortified, realizing suddenly that he thinks she’s a prostitute.

He sits back, clearly a bit shocked.

“Then why…” he starts to ask, brows beetling.

Lowering her head, voice full of shame, she says, “Because I wanted to.”

This seems to excite him after it sinks in, and he leans over, lips by her ear. “So you get off on sucking cock?”

The harsh words grate, and she feels alternately demeaned and aroused. To hear it put that bluntly is far from flattering, but she’s not delusional enough to try and convince herself that there is any pretty way to paint her actions. She was not forced to come to the theatre, not forced to approach this man nor suck his cock. She did it because she wanted to do it, because it excited her. Now that she’d done it once, she has no doubt she’d do it again.

So, clearing her throat, she nods. “Something like that.”

“Maybe you want to fuck?” he asks, and despite the crudeness of the question, she can’t help the little shiver that races down her spine.

There’s a hand sliding up her thigh suddenly, moving quickly until a finger is slipping into her unprotected wetness. The man grunts in surprise, his digit instantly coated with her thick arousal.

“Oh, I think you do,” he growls, almost to himself, and she gasps and spreads her legs further as one thick finger pushes roughly into her.

She looks over, and to her surprise, sees that he’s hard again.

His finger is pushing into her, far from gentle, but she loves it. Loves it so much that she thinks she might cum soon, if not from the actual sensation then simply from the thought of what she has done and is doing.

“Come here,” he said, tugging at her, surprisingly strong arms lifting her from her seat. Before she has time to think about it, she finds herself still facing forward, thought this time perched above his lap. She hears the slide of fabric against fabric as he scoots down in his seat, and then the thick tip of his cock is prodding against her pussy. He positions himself, his tip just inside of her, and stays that way for a second. She shivers in anticipation, then cries out loudly in surprise as his hips jerk up hard, instantly burying his long length in her pussy.

The cry draws the attention of the other men, and she hears muffled footsteps as some draw nearer. They’re not brave enough to approach completely yet, and she doesn’t know exactly what she’s going to do when they do. For now, she watches the woman on the screen, legs over the shoulders of the man on top of her, breasts bouncing wildly as he fucks her. The cock inside her own pussy is still for the moment, filling her completely. Large hands push her shirt up over her breasts, baring them, and long fingers find and pinch her nipples, drawing another cry.

“You’re so fucking wet,” the man mutters, seemingly amazed. “Such a fucking slut. Fuck yourself on my cock, slut.”

She’s shocked at the words. Shocked at what he’s called her, what he’s said to her. Shocked by how much she enjoys it. It’s like his commands give her permission to revel in her sluttiness, and she braces her hands on the back of the seats in front of her and starts to grind herself back into his cock. His hands are still on her breasts, cruelly pinching, pulling and twisting her nipples, and she loves it. The pain shoots straight down her belly to her pussy making her, impossibly, wetter. Soon she has worked up a sweat, the bounce of her body on his lap hard work. He’s lasting much longer than when she took his cock in her mouth, no doubt because of that first quick cum.

A dark shadow falls over her, and she looks up to see than a man has finally become brave enough to approach. His skin is extremely dark, the color of coffee beans in the darkness of the theatre. He’s bald, and stoutly built with wide shoulders and a small paunch. He’s got his cock out and ready, and she takes in the long thickness of it with both trepidation and excitement.

The man beneath her shifts suddenly, and without warning she finds herself standing and bent over. He’s standing as well, and she shivers as he leans over her back to whisper in her ear.

“Suck it,” he says, pushing her head forward.

She hesitates for a moment, but there’s something about the dark cock pointing at her face that beckons her. She has to stretch to fit it in her mouth, but soon she finds herself pinned between the two. The man in front of her rocks his hips, gently thrusting into her, as the man behind slams into her hard.

And then he’s gone, and she wants to turn around, to see what’s going on, but she can’t because the man in front of her is holding her head. Not that it matters, really, because less than a second later she feels his cock pressing insistently against her anus, and she stiffens, wanting to protest. She can’t, though, held steady by the man in front of her, his cock in her mouth prohibiting speech. She can only think that the man behind her must have brought his own lubricant, because the thick tip of his cock presses into her with more ease than she had expected. Not much more, though, and he still struggles to penetrate her. As soon as he does, though, he pushes in deeply, not stopping until he’s buried to the hilt. There is a moment of intense pain, and then nothing but surprisingly pleasant fullness.

She gasps, her body still remembering the pain of his penetration. He’s thick inside her, seemingly thicker than he was when he was in her pussy. She knows that can’t be true, that he can’t have grown in the second he was outside of her body, but she can’t deny that the taut stretch of her anus around his cock is less than comfortable. In fact, tears come to the corners of her eyes, but she tries to blink them away.

The man in front of her resumes his rocking motion, having successfully completed his task of keeping her still. He pushes further and further into her mouth, sometimes bumping roughly against the back of her throat, and she wants to protest but there’s no way. Not with his cock constantly in her mouth. Though, truth be told, she’s not sure she actually would protest if she had the chance. Having no choice, having her mouth be little more than a fuckhole for him, is intensely arousing.

The man behind her, having obviously decided that she has had enough time to grow accustomed to him, begins to move. She’s had her ass fucked before, of course, but there’s something about the sensation that makes it feel like new each time. The long, slow stroke, so different in feeling than when a cock is in her pussy, nearly drives her wild. Her body almost immediately grows tense, antsy. She begins to rock, pushing herself back on the man’s cock, wanting more.

A sudden, sharp slap to her left buttock startles her into stillness, and she cries out in surprise around the cock in her mouth. Another to her right buttock, and then a series of four more to each cheek have her near tears. She whimpers, hands tightening on the back of the chair upon which she’s balancing, and shivers as he leans down, lanky body covering her back.

“Be still, bitch,” he whispers in her ear, fingers trailing with incongruous tenderness along the side of her neck. “And hurry up and finish him off.”

Almost despite herself, despite the fact that some part of her thinks that she needs to be repulsed by this man, by his demands and by what she’s doing, she isn’t. Instead she starts to suck harder, her tongue wrapping around his cock as she pulls him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her efforts, however, seem to go unrewarded, as the man continues to pump his hips gently and slowly into her mouth, his rhythm unbroken.

He continues on like that for long minutes, until her jaw begins to ache from the sheer girth of him and tears again begin to gather in her eyes. Finally, when she thinks he’ll never cum, he finally does. Thick, hot spurts of cum hit the back of her throat, and she swallows furiously to take it all in.

The man steps back with a groan and a sigh, and she takes a second to run her tongue along her lips. Without warning, the man behind her winds a hand through her hair, yanking back and pulling her upper body up towards his torso, his other hand wrapping around her other upper chest.

“Such a fucking slut,” he whispers hotly in her ear, the words almost loving. “Taking my cock in your ass, swallowing two loads of cum. Such a fucking slut. You fucking love this, don’t?”

She whimpers at the words, though whether it’s from embarrassment or acquiescence, she doesn’t know. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

He takes her left nipple between his forefinger and thumb, pinching cruelly, his nail digging into her tender flesh. “I said, you fucking love this, don’t you?” he repeats, tone harsh, demanding.

Her head drops forward, cheeks flushed deep red with embarrassment. She can’t quite comprehend the situation she’s gotten herself into, can’t quite accept it as reality. It seems somehow removed from reality.

Nevertheless, she nods, a weak, “Yes,” spilling free from her throat like the squeak of a mouse. It’s obviously enough for him, because his grip on her nipple eases, and she pants with relief.

“That’s a good girl,” he says, voice filled with obvious amusement. “The first step toward self-actualization is admitting what you really are. Not that I care what you really are. All I care about is what I’m about to do to you. Do you know what I’m about to do to you?”

She takes in a deep breath, almost as if she’s bracing herself. Based on his unpredictable behavior, she figures it’s a wise move.

“Uhm, not really,” she says softly, clearing her throat.

The hand wrapped around her torso sneaks up to her chin, turning her head to the side so that his lips are pressed gently to her ear.

“I’m going to fuck your ass raw, and when I’m finished, I’m going to leave. And if you and I are ever here together again, maybe you’ll remember what I did for you and you’ll show your appreciation.”

With that, he pushed her head down again until she was once more bent over the back of the seat in front of her, hands braced on the armrests as he positioned himself behind her. He used his feet to push her legs further apart, the move seeming to make his cock feel even larger inside of her, and she closed her eyes, preparing herself for the onslaught.

She didn’t have long to wait. Seconds later he’d pulled himself free of her spinchter only to push back in, stretching her wide all over again. He did this two, three, maybe ten times, until she was whimpering and he was sliding into her with ease. And then, he wrapped his fingers around her hips to hold her steady and began to pound into her, his hips slapping loudly against the flesh of her buttocks.

Each thrust pushed her hard into the seat back she was bent over, and she wondered idly if she’d have a horizontal bruise across her abdomen the next day. It wasn’t a thought she entertained long, though, with the man behind her shoving the entire length of his thick cock up her ass.

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