tagIncest/TabooDouble Pleasure

Double Pleasure


Writer's Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. All names are fictional.

I just walked into the house from work one Friday afternoon and Marlene was already busy in the kitchen planning dinner. I did what I always did when I arrived home from work; I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately then began to grope her sweet ass. Usually that was enough to get her attention and interest in a little playful foreplay which usually led to a kitchen quickie before dinner. Today was different; the kiss was short but sweet as she pushed me back.

"I'm sorry but I need your help with dinner. Debbie called to tell me she is coming down for the night and wants us to take her to the air port tomorrow. She is going to fly up to New Orleans to see Jimmy when he gets back from the oil rig."

Debbie was Marlene's sister-in-law who lived about an hour north of Tampa. Jimmy, Marlene's younger brother had married Debbie two years earlier when it was discovered that she had gotten knocked up just before her high school graduation. Both families agreed on a shotgun wedding right after graduation and concocted a story to cover the fact that a seven pound, ten ounce boy was born only seven months after the wedding.

Several months after the wedding, Jimmy quit the family business and went work on an oil rig in the Gulf, mostly to get him away from a marriage he did not want and responsibilities he could not handle. Debbie remained at home close to both families for support and help with the baby. Both families made sure Jimmy sent support money home to take care of the mother and baby.

We had dinner ready by the time Debbie arrived and it only took a few minutes to get her settled into our guest room before we sat down to eat. At dinner I kept the wine glasses filled and Marlene got Debbie talking about her trip to New Orleans.

"I have decided to tell Jimmy that he can either start acting like a husband and a father or I will file for a divorce." She stated with watery eyes.

Marlene replied, "Good for you but I hope you are prepared for the worst. I love my brother but he really does not have the maturity to be a dependable husband or father. You need to start looking out for yourself and your baby."

The girls continued to talk while I cleared the table and put dishes in the dish washer. By the time I refilled the wine glasses again and sat back down the conversation had turned to more adult content; Marlene started asking about their sex life.

Debbie answered with, "We don't have one. When we started dating all he could think of was screwing me but after I got pregnant he didn't want anything to do with me. I gave him my virginity on my eighteenth birthday. I just don't understand it."

Marlene, trying to lighten up the conversation, "Well that was certainly a nice birthday present for him. Things will work out for the better I'm sure."

I decided to interject my wisdom, "That's easy, when you were a hot young girl he wanted to screw but when you became the mother of his son it didn't seem right. He lacks the maturity to understand that a hot young girl can be a hot mother too. He probably thinks his mother doesn't screw either."

Marlene chuckled and blamed me for reading the Penthouse Forum to much.

Debbie laughed and asked, "You really think I'm hot?"

Marlene: "Debbie you haven't paid attention to all the looks you get when we go to the lake. You will be a real catch for someone, hopefully someone more mature than my brother. Of course it wouldn't hurt to test the waters some before you find Mr. Right."

"I've been on the pill for a while but I have not told Jimmy. I have thought lately that I might try "it" again-if I get any offers."

I had to throw in my two cents, "Of course I think you are hot Debbie and you will get offers mark my word on that. As a matter of fact you have a standing offer from me."

She glanced at Marlene who gave her a smile and said, "I would be happy to share with my sister-in-law."

Debbie was hot! She was the physical opposite of Marlene; she was almost a head shorter with a nice cup size larger chest than her taller sister-in-law. She was a very pretty, almost a blond, girl with a great body. She had been a cheerleader and a good student in school but being an only child of older, doting parents she lacked the life skills necessary to give her confidence and independence but she had held onto her virginity until her eighteenth birthday. Jimmy had been her first lover and she got knocked up in the seat of his pickup truck the second time she had sex.

We often attended the high school basketball games to see Jimmy play, or rather sit on the bench, and watch Debbie cheer. She was very energetic, sensuous, and athletic in her moves; her body was firm and shapely. Marlene and I agreed that it was rather erotic to watch her cheering routine.

After more prying and wine Marlene got her to admit that she had almost no sexual experience except for the night one of the players felt her up at a party. She was clearly embarrassed to admit that she had "gotten off" from the experience. She also added that she used to "cut up" with the cheerleaders at their slumber parties. Marlene was really enjoying the conversation and I was certain she really wanted to get it more sexual.

When she asked Debbie if she masturbated Marlene had to first assure her that we even masturbated at times; she finally admitted that she did masturbate several times a week.

Debbie asked, "Why do you masturbate if you can have sex any time you want?"

I spoke up, "Because it's fun. I love to watch Marlene pleasure herself, especially when we are riding in the car. Also, we masturbate when are apart during my two weeks annual training for the Army Reserves."

Marlene added, "I like to see Will with his hand wrapped around his cock and see his semen shoot out all over my breasts."

Marlene spoke up, "Tell us about your experiences 'cutting up' with your cheerleading friends at their slumber parties."

Debbie, her face and chest completely flushed, chuckled, "Oh we just acted silly and pretended to be dating our boyfriends trying to feel us up. You know petting or trying to get in our pants."

Marlene asked, "So the girls playing the boyfriend actually got into your panties?"

"Well sometimes, some of the girls really got into it but I usually didn't go that far. I didn't mind the petting through my clothes but I didn't want them to know I was a virgin-I didn't want them to make fun of me. Some of the girls would even get on top of other girls and go through the motions like they were screwing." Debbie giggled again; there was no doubt that she was a bit tipsy.

"I really should have been a cheerleader. I would probably have been one of the girls that really got into it." Marlene patted my hand and giggled.

We split the remainder of the wine three ways then decided we should get to bed so we could get up early to get to the airport. Marlene showed Debbie to the guest bedroom and showed her where everything was located while I took my shower and got ready for bed. I could hear distant rumblings of thunder as I dropped my boxers to the floor and crawled under the sheet of our large four poster, king sized bed.

Marlene finally completed her evening rituals and entered our room wearing a short knit gown and smelling of some very sexy lotion then crawled in beside me. As always her gown was pushed up as she slid between the sheets leaving her ass completely bare. The storm was getting closer by the sound of the thunder and lighting.

Marlene cautioned me as she moved close, "I left the bedroom door open so we will have to be quiet. I wouldn't want to disturb our guest."

As I took her into my arms and kissed her I had to smile at her humor; I knew she would love for Debbie to hear us going at it hot and heavy. My cock was already hard and pressed against Marlene's soft, warm abdomen; her thick, damp, patch of pubic hair was against my thigh.

It wasn't long before rain began to pour down and wind whipped around the outside of the house; a loud crack of lighting sounded causing the lights to flicker.

We heard a soft knock on our open bedroom door then saw Debbie's head peek around the corner, "Sorry guys but I'm afraid of storms. Can I come in for a little while?"

Marlene scooted away from me and patted the bed between us saying, "Sure, I'm the same way when Will isn't home."

Actually Marlene wasn't scared of anything but just wanted to make Debbie feel comfortable. Debbie crawled onto the foot of the bed and headed up to the top of the sheet-in Florida that is usually all you need. What she didn't know was that her gown was short enough to give us a perfect shot of her sweet ass in the large mirror over the dresser. Marlene immediately gave me one of those, "you better not say a word" looks.

When Debbie crawled under the top sheet she tried to keep her gown from riding up but I had no doubt that she was only partially successful and like Marlene she was also lying next to me bare assed. I had seen her many times in her bikini at the lake and had a good idea what was laying just inches from me.

Another crack of lighting sounded close and lit up the night sky. Debbie shivered and pulled our arms to get us closer. Marlene and I rolled on our sides toward her to give her reassurance that she was safe.

Immediately Debbie's eyes grew wider and she asked, "Will, do you not have any pants on?"

"Of course not, I'm in bed why would I have pants on?"

Both girls giggled then Marlene asked, "Do you want him to move over on my side?"

She replied, "No that's okay I was just surprised."

No sooner had she gotten it out of her mouth than my cock began to swell and gently move across her thigh. She took a deep breath and glanced at me. Her nipples had immediately hardened and were pushing against the thin fabric of her gown. She glanced at Marlene to see if she knew what was happening.

Marlene just gave her a smile, "He is always like that Debbie just ignore him if you want too. He is harmless unless you encourage him." Then she asked teasingly, "Do you want to encourage him?"

Debbie was blushing but breathing heavily, "You brother's is the only one I have ever seen."

I lowered the top sheet exposing the hard cock lying on her thigh, "You can look or touch all you want too."

Marlene gave her a smile and a nod of approval and Debbie moved her hand down to touch it with her fingers like she was unsure of what to make of it or if she should be touching it at all. She moved her fingers up the shaft to the engorged purple head.

"It looks like a big mushroom. There's not roll of skin under here (pointing under the glans), and it's bigger around than Jimmy's."

Marlene moved her hand close to Debbie's, "Debbie you can call it a cock if you want too and yes, it is bigger than Jimmy's cock. I like it; it fits me perfectly regardless where I put it."

She looked up at me and chuckled to remind me that she had put it all the right places. Debbie looked puzzled by our private joke.

Debbie asked, "I always call it a dick; so you have seen Jimmy's dick when it was hard?"

Marlene replied, "Of course, I caught him masturbating many times. I even held it in my hand once which caused him to shoot-off all over the skirt I was wearing."

Marlene moved lower on the bed so her head would be about level with Debbie's pubic mound then she rested her cheek against the downy soft patch of hair and began to kiss the head of my cock so Debbie could clearly see her actions.

She looked up at Debbie and ran her tongue around the rim of my glans then asked, "Have you ever enjoyed a cock like this?"

Debbie shook her head no but added, "But I would like to try it."

Marlene gave Debbie's tuft of light brown, almost blonde, pubic hair a quick kiss at the very top of her vulva then pulled her arms down to get her closer to the hard cock that had earlier been lying on her thigh. Over the next half hour or so Marlene took her younger, less experienced, sister-in-law into her confidence and shared the secrets of giving a good blow job. During the demonstrations and practices both girls talked and giggled like school girls doing a lab experiment.

Marlene crawled over me then sat up and patted me on the lower torso just above my cock saying, "Climb up here Debbie and enjoy a ride."

Debbie's brown eyes widened and her jaw dropped, "Really? You want me to do that with Will?"

Marlene helped Debbie straddle me and set just above the tip of my cock. She took my cock in her hand then told Debbie, "Bend forward and I'll guide it in."

Debbie did as she was told and I nuzzled my face into the full tits still encased in her gown. I glanced into the large mirror over our dresser to see Marlene's face close to Debbie's sweet ass and her hand opening the lips of Debbie's cunt. I felt the head of my cock enter the warm wet hole for several seconds before Debbie moved backward to slide down its full length.

As Debbie sat straight up impaled on my engorged cock Marlene took the bottom of her gown, "Let's take this off." and lifted it up and over her head tossing it on the bottom of the bed.

Debbie began slowly moving her ass to get the feel of her first fuck in over a year. Marlene gave her ass a smack-firm but loving. "Ride it, you won't break it off."

Marlene lifted off her gown and tossed it somewhere on the bed then moved up to straddle my face facing Debbie. Marlene knew just how to lower herself on my face to give me room to breathe yet also work my tongue to give her pleasure. My nose pressed gently against her puckered ass and my tongue began to lap the source of her sweet nectar.

I could no longer see anything but the tip of my nose pressing against the pedals of my favorite flower and wisps of dark hair which grew around it. Marlene moved her clit lightly against my chin as Debbie began moving up and down on my cock. Both women were breathing hard moaning and sighing almost in unison my hands were able to find their tits by feel alone but because of the difference in height I could only enjoy their nipples one at time.

After enjoying several orgasms each they slowed their movements for a moment. I heard Debbie ask, "Can we swap places for a while, I've never tried that either?"

Marlene made her deep throat chuckle saying, "Of course."

I felt cool air bathe my cock as Debbie lifted up and moved off of me. Marlene didn't move off or turn around, she just slid down my body; her wet cunt leaving a trail of glistening cream down my torso. When she moved over my cock she backed up and guided me into her very familiar warmth with no hands. Facing my feet she gave Debbie and me a beautiful display of her cunt impaled on my cock and her puckered ass encircled by her dark wet pubic hair.

Debbie watched in amazement for several minutes as Marlene fucked me backwards my cock disappearing into the pink, wet membranes then reappearing glistening with a shinny liquid. I couldn't blame her I always loved seeing the sight she was seeing up close.

When Debbie turned to me unsure of exactly what to do I guided her over my face the opposite direction of Marlene. I wanted to be able to look up and see her beautiful tits and face as I ate her cunt. I placed her hands on the wall above my head then moved my hands around her hips to cup the firm cheeks of her ass. I controlled the height of her hips so that I had plenty of room to work from her virgin ass to her clit. Unlike Marlene's very trim pink inner labia, completely hidden in her vulva, Debbie's were completely exposed, brownish in color, and hung downward. I could easily suck them into my mouth without even opening her vulva; they giggled when I flicked them with the tip of my tongue.

As I was exploring Debbie's cunt Marlene decided to turn around on my cock. She could actually make a three-hundred and sixty degree turn without moving off my cock but this was the first time she had turned around while I had someone else on my face. I saw hands cup Debbie's tits and pull her backwards slightly. Debbie melted against Marlene her head on Marlene's shoulder as I continued to lick and suck her cunt. I slipped one of my fingers into her tight ass; she let out a whimper.

Marlene began to talk softly to her, "I know Will is enjoying the taste of your cunt; your juices are covering his face. When I kiss him I'll be able to taste your cunt too." She paused between statements to nip at Debbie's neck or ear or even to pinch her nipples lightly.

She continued, "This will be our secret forever. I like sharing Will's cock with you. I want to share my cunt with you too."

Debbie went over the edge with a deep guttural sound, a very primitive sound then gasped, "I thought I would die."

Marlene and I took Debbie between us and held her close kissing her arms and shoulders.

As we recovered Marlene kissed me passionately then licked her lips saying, "I just wanted to get a good taste of Debbie's cunt."

The storm had moved off and was only a distant rumbling of thunder again. We sipped wine and took turns using the bathroom. I got lots of laughs and giggles as I tried to aim my still erect cock downward to relieve myself in the toilet. Debbie was completely comfortable being naked with us and talking about what she had just experienced. We discussed the fact that I got to taste both of them. I advised them that they would be missing a treat if they did not do the same. It was easy to see that Debbie was giving it some thought. There was no question that Marlene would go down on Debbie in a heartbeat; Marlene was very bi-sexual; it was just a matter of time.

We made another attempt at getting some sleep so we would be ready to go to the airport for Debbie's flight early in the morning. I switched off the light by the bed and fluffed my pillow. Our mistake was thinking we could accomplish it with the three of us in the same bed when we were all still sexually charged.

Debbie and Marlene began to giggle at something then Debbie asked, "What does 'doing doggie' mean?"

Marlene asked, "You mean sexually?" Debbie nodded then Marlene continued, "I think you mean doggie style which is a sexual position. The woman gets on her hands and knees and the man enters her from behind like dogs fucking."

"Do you guys do that?" was the next question.

I opened one eye waiting for a response from Marlene; immediately an image popped into my mind of her beautiful ass quivering as I slammed into her.

"Sure we do it doggie style. It's fun and feels great but we usually just use it when we are being playful or as a warm-up."

Debbie was restless and moving about, "I would love to watch you guys fuck like that."

Both of my eyes were wide open and my mind was racing at the thought of Debbie watching us fuck doggie style.

Then I heard Marlene whisper to Debbie, "Reach over and see if Will can get hard again."

I almost blurted out, "hell yes" but I closed my eyes and quietly waited for the touch of Debbie's hand; I knew what the result would be. I was already swelling when her fingers touched my cock. When her hand was wrapped around it my surging blood caused it to jump.

Debbie whispered, "Yes it is big and hard already. Should I wake him up?"

Marlene laughed, "Debbie he is playing possum with you. If he has an erection he is wide awake."

Debbie gave my cock a firm squeeze as I chuckled quietly.

Marlene turned on the recessed ceiling lights above the top of the bed and raised her ass in the air with her knees then smacked her ass with her hand, "Are there any animals in my bed?"

Debbie watched as I crawled on my hands and knees to my wife's sweet ass. I did like all dogs do and sniffed at her ass before sticking my nose deeper then licking her juicy cunt. When I rose upon my knees I motioned for Debbie to move closer. With Marlene's head on the bed it was easy for Debbie to straddle her back and face me to get a good view. I took Debbie's hands and put them on Marlene cheeks to open them wide. She could clearly see all the secrets hidden in the thick, dark pubic hair.

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