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Double Sessions


Sandy lay stretched on the bed, her wrists and ankles bound by scarves to the bedposts. A cushion inserted under her buttocks pushed her mons above all parts of her; she could just make out the top of her slit beyond the curve of her belly. It was hard knowing how long she'd been in this position, where Arthur had put her after fucking her over the armchair downstairs. He was down there now, having made some phone calls. Every now and then he climbed the wooden staircase to sit beside her. Sometimes he'd stroke her body with the backs of his fingers, avoiding the places where she yearned for a touch until her pussy began leaking on the cushion. Then he'd lean over and lick her shaven mons until she quaked with frustration while he looked down at her with taunting eyes. Another time he dotted her body with drips from an ice cube, alternating with hot, sucking kisses, culminating with extended teasing of her heaving breasts, the skin and flesh of her nipples contracting and expanding almost simultaneously.

As a result Sandy was still sweating and obsessed with the desire in her groin when there was a knock on the door downstairs. She heard Arthur greet two people with deep voices. He and the visitors climbed the stairs.

"Alright, princess, relief is here. Meet Tanya and Mitchell, friends of mine on the crew team." Sandy looked in awe. Tanya was a stunning strawberry blonde with high Slavic cheekbones and pale blue eyes. She stood well over six feet tall. She pulled off her tank top to reveal her well-muscled belly, broad shoulders, and firm breasts the size of cantaloupes. Her light blue lycra shorts showed the slit below her mons. Mitchell was even taller and as dark as unsweetened chocolate. His broad and chiseled chest was as hairless as his polished skull; she stared at the sizable bulge under his lycra shorts.

"Where to start? Guests first." Tanya peeled off her shorts and strode to the bed. "You're very pretty, Sandy," she smiled as she climbed over the bound woman's head. Sandy looked up at the shaven pussy above her. At the top of Tanya's slit peeped the head of her clitoris; Sandy had never seen one so big.

"I think the pleasure will be mutual." Tanya bent down to kiss Sandy's clit lightly, firing the prisoner before continuing with kisses and nips along her inner thighs. It was just enough to tease Sandy without distracting her too much from lapping the amazon's pussy with long strokes. Tanya's clit began swelling between her labia and Sandy soon had her mouth full with the miniature, slick, pink penis.

"Ah, Ah, Ah," panted Tanya, who sat up and rocked back and forth, grinding her crotch into Sandy's face. Her hands replaced her mouth on Sandy's groin, her fingers pulling labia back, her thumbs pressing Sandy's clit down toward the wriggling digits.

"She looks ready for you, Mitch," said Arthur as he undid the binds on Sandy's ankles. "I just hope we don't break the bed."

"Thanks, man," replied Mitch, pulling his shorts down over his erection which snapped free of its restraint, its head already leaking semen. His cock had swelled to a thick and lengthy purple-black rod that gleamed in the afternoon light.

He got on the bed between Sandy's trembling legs and knelt, his knees under her elevated thighs. He held his cock at the streaming crack and rubbed the bulbous head up and down its length. Instinctively Sandy pressed her hips forward as far as they would go. Mitchell pressed his knob between her flushing lips and then stretched out over her as Tanya got off the bed. One of his hands stroked her cum-soaked face, the other slid under the cheeks of her ass, and he suddenly plunged deep into Sandy's cunt.

"OOaaah!" she cried out. The sensation of being filled to the bursting point suffused her sweating body. She spastically threw up her legs around his waist. Then Mitch withdrew, slowly, steadily, the folds of her vagina collapsing until only the tip of his knob held a place at her notch. He bent down to kiss her face, softly caressing her face until he fastened his lips on hers, and swirled his tongue until hers touched his.

"Mmm," she purred until he ran his tongue and cock simultaneously far into her openings. "Urrgh!" cried Sandy, and she came, suddenly, full of cock, quaking under Mitch's muscled weight. He helped her along with churning rotary strokes until her juices foamed around his prick. As she relaxed, he sat up enough to gather her legs in front of him, and leaned forward, pressing her almost in half.

She yelled again as Mitch began a rhythmic set of long, powerful thrusts, his dark and soaking member running back and forth the full length of her cunt. His knob butted firmly against her cervix, her clit rubbed against inch after inch as he slid in and out. Sandy pulled on her binds, her wrists red with the strain of trying to reach out for this man pounding her relentlessly to series of connected orgasms. She rippled and shook and sweat and flowed under him, her fluids soaking the sheets.

"I can't keep this up, you have to stop," she panted.

Mitch looked down at her ragged face, smiled, and continued to kiss her gently even as he reverted to the hip wiggling that regularly rubbed his cock against her clit. But now his middle fingers stroked her labia around his cock, scooping up her juices. He brought them to her puckered anus and began probing it. Sandy swooned with the new sensation. As he ran one cigar-sized digit up her ass, filled her mouth with his tongue, and began pounding her cunt with greater ferocity, she came again with unexpected energy. This time, so did Mitch. His neck corded as her cunt clamped on his ejecting cock, face contorted next to hers, his thrusts shortening uncontrollably. Sperm flooded her vagina, jet after jet streaming forward and then back with the piston motion, foam burgeoning at the lips grasping the massive invader.

Arthur and Tanya had been watching his rapt attention from the foot of the bed, he massaging her breasts and belly from behind. Both were entranced by the sight of Mitch's black body obliterating the white one, his cock as thick as a baseball bat disappearing between Sandy's upturned legs, the shrill sound of her cries as she came again and again. Tanya leaned forward on the bedframe while Arthur moved his attentions to her powerful, athletic ass and hips. He slid his hands and then his erection between her legs and when she tilted her hips up Arthur slipped into her bald-faced cunt.

She was deliciously strong, her pelvic muscles grabbed his cock with each thrust until he couldn't restrain himself. Arthur gripped her rotating hips and spurted into her, all the while wishing he sustain the moment.

"Now who's going to satisfy me when the men have had their fun?" Tanya stood up with mock outrage. "You, Mitch, off the bed until you're good and ready."

Mitch reluctantly pulled himself from Sandy's side while Tanya began untying her wrists. "Poor thing, douchkha, only you seem to keep Tanya happy," she crooned, stroking and kissing Sandy's brow. Her hand brushed over the smaller woman's body, sweat, tears, and now sex juices now drying on her skin. Slowly Tanya worked her way down, between Sandy's legs until the two women leaned in to one another. Their legs entangled, hands caressing and pulling fluids from pussies to mouths between extended, deep, kisses. While the two men watched, Tanya rolled on top of Sandy, her thighs spreading Sandy's, her swelling, firm, nipples pressing on Sandy's smaller peaks, her arms wrapping around Sandy's torso. Sandy folded her legs to arch her hips and offer her pussy to Tanya's, just as the athlete cocked hers forward until they joined.

The contact was electric. Both women shivered and sighed when Tanya's swollen and extended clit pushed between Sandy's lips just below her own nubbin. Each woman began rotating her hips in opposite directions as they continued to stroke and kiss each other.

As their passion mounted, so did the men's. Arthur and Mitchell were both hard again, pricks standing out as they watched. Mitch held Arthur back when he made a move to join the women.

"No, man, let them get off. We'll get ours in a minute."

It took longer than that, for Sandy and Tanya ground their clits and tits together for what seemed an eternity. Sandy clasped her ankles around Tanya's body and hung her lower body from the Russian, who began pounding her pussy against Sandy's. The smack of mons and lips striking one another filled the room as the women's sighs became cries of increasing shrillness.

They came together but Sandy quickly collapsed beneath Tanya, whose beading sweat dropped on the prostrate body beneath her.

"Need one for the road, baby?" Mitch asked Tanya, indicating his hardened cock. She looked, smiled and rolled over on her back, head over the edge of the mattress as he came around the bedpost. She took his shining tool between her lips, caressing the knob, kissing and sucking at the hole as he stroked her face and matted hair. Slowly Tanya rubbed her lips in a tight O around the rim, her tongue pulling along his drawstring. Mitch's head fell back, and he inhaled slowly, deeply, loudly. A stream of semen flowed from his cock, adding to the saliva with which Tanya was lubricating his passage ever deeper in her mouth. She squeezed his thickness with one hand and pressed behind his tightened sac with the other, milking more of his fluid into her mouth. She inhaled and swallowed, taking his length down her throat.

Arthur and Sandy watched from a vantage atop Tanya's tanned, prostrate body. Sandy lay over her, breasts to breasts, thighs astride while her lover slid his cock in her gap from behind. He leaned over Sandy's back, his hands massaging the conjunctions of breasts and pussies as they both admired the movements visible in the crew woman's upturned throat.

For Mitch had taken her head in his powerful hands and was fucking her face, deliberately, slowly enough to let Tanya exhale between each stroke. Still, her face was red and flushed as her teammate drove his rod repeatedly down her gullet. He came in her mouth, relaxing his grip to let her gasp for air even as she licked and swallowed. Sandy wiggled and sighed as she rubbed her mound over Tanya's now spasming crotch and Arthur humped his own ejaculate into her. They all collapsed on the bed which creaked but stayed upright.

"Who's up for tennis?" Arthur asked no one in particular, and Sandy hit him with a pillow.

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