tagInterracial LoveDouble Stuffed

Double Stuffed

bySean Renaud©

"Why am I here?" Krissy whispered aloud as she tried to hurry down the mostly empty streets, pieces of newspaper fluttered by to remind her that there were people in this place. The people who lived here were the sort that had to mark their territory with garish tags on anything that could bear it. It wasn't the sort of place that an intelligent woman walked alone at night, certainly not a white woman. A white woman would have been ill advised to walk those streets during the day with a gun and Krissy didn't have a gun. She did have a can of pepper spray which was tightly clutched in her hand hidden away in her purse.

Her question had been rhetorical. She knew why she was in the middle of the ghetto wearing a pair of knee high brown heeled boots that accetuated her long slender legs. Her black skirt came down almost to her knees but it clung to her thighs and displayed her cute butt. Her top was a backless silver triangle that draped down over her breasts and ended just above her naval seeming to point a straight line towards her womanhood. She was dressed like she'd just come from a party because she had just come from a party.

It was her brother's twenty first birthday and it the events of that night was something that Krissy was already trying to wipe from her memory. It was hard to wipe those memories though when her holes were still sore from the abuse her brother and his drunken friends had visited on her. The cum oozing down her inner thigh and crusting on her thighs made it impossible to forget so soon. If she'd somehow been able to ignore those details the taste of urine would have reminded her. Either that or the way her wet hair was plastered to her skull.

Now that she was walking through the bad part of town she was second guessing if the best decision was walking home to get away from her brother. She would have survived the night and he would have eventually taken her home. It was better than where she was now where the sound of a cat digging through the trash made her nearly leap out of her skin.

Krissy almost took off running when she heard a car with its radio way too loud turn the corner and shine it's headlights on her. It wasn't a car, it was Jeep several more men were shouting as they approached. When the headlights shone on Krissy she froze in place like a deer. "Oh shit check out this white bitch right here!" One of the men leapt out of the jeep and over to her.

The man standing over her was a little over six feet tall. It was like he was muscle piled on other muscle. The shirt looked certain to rip if he so much as took a deep breath. He had a full beard and mustache covering his face and a black bandana wrapped around his bald head. "You gotta name white girl?" He asked and walked over to her. Krissy stood perfectly still as he circled her with his predatory gaze. Subconsciously she tensed her muscles and clenched her jaw. "I asked you a fucking question bitch." Krissy quivered but she couldn't will her lips to move far enough to speak her name. Only a squeak managed to pass her lips. "Hey this bitch can't speak, maybe we should call her Mouse."

"More like Rat." A second man said as the jeep pulled up onto the curb blocking any hope of escape. The second man was slender with a bald head the faintest hint of a mustache. A pair of oversized jeans hung half way down his ass putting his blue boxers on display when he strutted over to her. "I think caught us a street rat. You think she wants some cheese?" He grabbed his crotch and continued towards her hanging his tongue obscenely out of his mouth. As soon as he was within reach he palmed Krissy's ass and she leapt away with a panicked squeal. "Hey Big T, can we keep her?"

The big man who'd approached her first must have been Big T. He was the one who responded first by wrapping his arms around her and lifting her up off the ground. "Sure as long as she wants to come home with us, is that what you want little Mouse?"

It took almost a minute but Krissy managed to force four words out of her mouth. "Please let me go." It was so quiet that she barely heard it herself but she couldn't make her voice repeat the request.

"I think she wants to come with us!" Big T shouted squeezing her against his barrel like chest. She squeaked out a protest but if any of the men heard her they didn't acknowledge her. Big T lifted her like she was just a doll and carried her over to the jeep tossing her in the back seat with the slender man and his girlfriend.

"Why are we takin' this white skank home? Marcus, will you talk some sense into your boy?" The girlfriend sneered as Krissy was literally sprawled across her lap. Apparently this wasn't something entirely new to her though. The black girl removed her seatbelt and quickly tangled it around Krissy's legs before refastening it. Marcus wrapped his end around her chest pinning her head in his lap.

"Fancy shut up. You know we bring these bitches back so they can learn all about that good black dick they've been missing. Now Mouse you get to make a very important decision right now. You see Big T, he likes to hurt girl like you. If we let him have his way he'll put out cigars on yo tits, he might try to shove a beer bottle in your twat. Who knows how creative he'll get if you make him mad."

The Jeep pulled away from the curb and started driving deeper into the bad part of down not that Krissy could see much from her vantage point. She could see his stomach and the bulge of his black cock peaking out over the top of his boxers. A drop of precum glistened on the tip of it and it twitched every so often. Krissy couldn't see anything but that fat male organ. She could smell it too, the faint but always attractive smell of a man, the musky aroma of his sweat.

"Thing is I prefer to treat a bitch good, as long as you do what I say he'll be nice too. This can be a great night for you, we'll even pay you a couple hundred dollars and drop you off at home if you're good. If you're bad though. . . shit your own momma might not recognize you." Marcus reached down and smoothed her hair away from her face gently. "Now I'm not gonna ask you to speak, I'm just gonna whip out my shit and if you do the right thing then shit'll be aight tonight. If not we're gonna do what it takes." He pulled his boxers down just enough for his cock to out completely and brush against her lips. Krissy stared at his cock and pinched her lips shut shaking her head. "C'mon girl make this into a good night for us all." She kept her lips shut tight. "Well hand me the knife bitch wants to act stupid." Big T reached back from the front seat and handed him a pocket knife. The knife hadn't even touched her skin when she lunged forward as far as she could manage to wrap her lips around the tip of his cock. "That's better." Marcus said and just rested the cold metal against her back as a reminder of her situation.

The moment she had the flesh in her mouth she felt a familiar hunger starting. She couldn't deny that hunger, the desire to know that she was the reason he was going to cum. Krissy took pride in how men reacted to her whether it was her seducing her father on her eighteenth birthday, an adventure that had cost him his marriage of twenty five years, or her brother's friends raping her till her entire body ached or now these thugs. They wanted her and she didn't want to disappoint. Krissy started rolling her tongue all around the tip drawing in the delicious salty pre-cum.

"Damn you should see this bitch suck!" Marcus shouted as Krissy bobbed up and down on his dark brown shaft. She could hear the other two men commenting to about what a nasty white slut she was and how she loved her Snickers bar so much. Even Fancy commented a few times though not nearly as flattering words came from her mouth about the situation.

"Well lets see that ass!" Big T shouted from the front seat. Marcus immediately pulled her Krissy's skirt up over her hips and slapped her bare ass. "Shit I think she's already been fucked tonight!" Krissy's face turned bright red, so did the rest of her body. She didn't stop sucking Marcus's cock. It was the only thing letting her keep from trying to escape in shame was knowing she was going to make him cum. She tuned out the lewd comments about her swollen red cum dripping twat and focused on the one thing that she had control over. She had complete control over the fat throbbing piece of meet between her lips and that was the only thing that mattered to her right then. It was the only thing that was hers.

Krissy wasn't even in control of her pussy where three slender fingers pumped in and out of her quickly slickening hole. She felt it, felt her thighs quivering as the distinctly feminine fingers expertly moved inside her. Gently grinding her clit against her fingers until Krissy's body responded, little spasms, slight twitches, hips churning against the fingers inside her. When the fingers started pulling away from her she tried to push her hips out to keep the feeling going. She couldn't beg, the swollen cock in her mouth prevented anything more than a muffled moan but she did everything else even move her hand down between her thighs slipping her own fingers in. A new round of jeers accompanied this new lewd action but Krissy didn't care. The cool air blowing over her crudely spread burning hot lips was far more important than what anybody thought of her.

Marcus put his hand n the back of her head and pushed Krissy down hard. She was no stranger to deep throat and Marcus slipped down into her throat after only gagging her once. Krissy relaxed her throat and let the black man thrust in and out of her throat at his own pace. She brought one hand up to grip his nuts gently kneading them. Krissy kept her tongue washing back and forth over his cock wriggling it out beneath his cock. Marcus still had her by the back of the head forcing her head all the way down smashing her nose roughly against his pelvis. He held her down as he came. She was disappointed she didn't get to taste his cum, it just slipped right down her throat and into her stomach. "Damn we got us a first rate piece of pussy here." Marcus grunted as he pulls Krissy off his cock and she continued to suck pulling the last few drops cum out onto her tongue and swallowing.

"Well let's get her in the house!" Big T called, they'd pulled in front of a tiny house. A single story house that was probably originally light blue but the current color would best be described as a dingy gray. After they untangled her from the seatbelts Big T tossed her back on his shoulders tearing her skirt away at the same time and carried her into the house.

T dumped her on a plastic lined couch and stood over her. "Sit up girl spread yo' legs." Krissy did just that spreading her legs and crudely putting her womanhood on display for her three captors. Her hand immediately slipped back between her legs parting her soaked lips and pushed a finger into her dripping hole. "That's girl get you some!" Big T shouted. Krissy let her eyes shut ignoring the crowd watching her finger her twat bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Her teeth clenched down on her lower lip squeezing tight as her orgasm crept up on her and eventually rocked through her frame.

"Who's gonna fuck me first?" Krissy asked looking to the men hungrily. "I'm so wet and I need a dick." She wasn't sure if she was faking it so they wouldn't hurt her or if she actually meant every word she was saying. "Big black dick is the best of all." She whimpered crossing her ankles and lifting her legs up. "Or maybe your girlfriend has a strap on or a dildo? I just need something to stretch my hole. It's sooooooo tight and I'm soooooo horny." Krissy knew that her nethers were so wet it was greasing her thighs and dripping down onto the plastic wrapped couch. "Please some one just fuck me!"

"This girl is straight skank ain't she? You ever eat black pussy before?" Fancy asked pulling her pants down and tossing them aside. She threw one foot on the back of the couch and forced her pussy up against Krissy's lips. Normally Krissy didn't do girls when she wasn't drunk but she knew they weren't really asking her either. Fancy gripped the back Krissy's head and pulled against her crotch. Fancy ground her hips up and down against the white girl smearing her coochie juice on the blonde's face. Krissy did what was expected of her, she pushed her tongue out and lapping at Fancy's dark pussy lips. "Get up in there I wanna feel your tongue up in my coochie." One hand came down and spread her lips open to reveal the pink within.

"Fancy get on your back I want to get a shot at this white girl pussy!" Big T shouted. Fancy did that laying so her back was against the arm rest of the couch. "Now let's get that pink on pink violence back on!" Krissy took her cue lashing her tongue into Fancy's pink treat box and wriggled it around.

At the same time Big T dropped his pants and pulled his cock out. If Krissy had been able to see the black anaconda about to burrow into her she probably would have tried to get away. She certainly would have been frightened of the solid pillar of flesh being aimed at her hole. When it pushed into her Krissy clenched her fingers into Fancy's meaty behind when she felt her cunt suddenly stretched to accommodate Big T. He only got part of the way in on the first push. The second got him most of the way into Krissy but it took a third thrust to get most of the way into her. He let her get used to him for just a moment before he continued pushing into her. It felt like something was plowing completely through her, she was certain in a moment it would emerge from her throat and jam itself into Fancy's twat. T knew how to work what he had as well, his hips churned Krissy's insides until they melted like warm butter and her juices flowed out to coat his balls. Each thrust from the muscular black man forced Krissy back against Fancy's cunt.

Fancy was howling and clenching her thighs tight around the white girl's skull making certain her pleasure couldn't escape. Both hands were wrapped around the back of Krissy's head. "That's it girl, suck my clit! Suck it!" She shrieked. Krissy followed instructions perfectly, wrapping her lips tight around the tiny pink nub of flesh tugging it with her lips and lashing it with her tongue. "Just like that, don't stop!" Fancy gasped. The beautiful black woman was starting to lose control of her hips, they bucked and twisted. She alternated between guiding the blonde's tongue to the exact spots to send jolts of pleasure firing along her spinal column and retreating from the pleasure that threatened to unzip her body with a single orgasm. "Make me cum! Do it white bitch! Eat my black berry! Drink that juice!" Krissy wrapped her arms around Fancy's waist pulling holding her in place so she couldn't wriggle away when she jammed her tongue into the tight hole. Fancy's chest pitched and heaved in response to Krissy's continued assault. "Don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop!" She shrieked as her orgasm exploded out of her literally squirting her juices onto Krissy's face.

"What the fuck was that?!" Marcus shouted. He was hard again stroking his cock in one hand as he stared. Fancy continued spraying her juice onto Krissy's face matting blonde hair to the white girl's face. "Oh man T, hurry up I need to get in that girl's ass!"

Krissy pulled her head from between Fancy's thighs licking some of the fluid up before looking at Marcus with a hungry glare. "You want my ass? I'll let you shove your cock in my ass and T can keep fucking my pussy too! You two can stretch my holes out, treat me like a real whore." She moaned. "Please fuck me, I need that extra cock, put in me, right in my tight little asshole." She clenched her muscles down around T. "Please? I want two cocks, I want to keep you in my cunt and have him in my ass." She clenched her muscles again. "Please!" She whimpered.

Big T moved to the floor and Krissy followed behind him licking his cock a few times before impaling herself back on the organ. "Open your ass pull it open slut!" Marcus shouted. Krissy reached back with both hands and pried her cheeks open revealing her puckered anus. He walked over and spat on her hole then pushed his cock into her from behind. Anal sex wasn't something Krissy normally indulged in so Marcus had to try several times to cram his cock into her tight hole. Krissy squealed digging her nails into Big T's chest. The two men worked back and forth in her like a pair of pistons pounding in her. She'd never been so full in her entire life and it felt incredible. She couldn't control the way her hips were bouncing and grinding against the two men. It didn't take long for her second orgasm to race through her body, sandwiched between the two men she could only buck against them as it claimed her body. "Damn this bitch gotta tight fucking ass!" Marcus grunted. He leaned down over her, wrapping his arms around her middle roughly squeezing her tits. "You like it in your ass don't you you dirty slut?"

Krissy's mind vacated her body sometime when she was lying between those two big black men like the crème filling of an Oreo cookie. She didn't know what she was saying when she screamed for them to load her with cum. It was like the words were coming from some one else and she was just there watching this blonde girl fuck two black men. She was screaming the nastiest things she could fathom begging them to flood her with cum. Krissy felt it when the men came. The pulsing cocks, the sudden shock of warmth inside her drove her to her third or forth orgasm. One so strong her body finally collapsed in exhaustion lying between the two men.

Marcus pulled out first stepping back and smiling and sitting down resting his head against Fancy's thigh. "Damn girl." Big T stayed in her for a few more thrusts then pushed her off him and sat up against the couch. "So lets get this trick a couple of hundred dollars and send her home.

"Please don't send me home. I don't ever want to go back there. I hate my brother. Can't I just stay here with you?" The three rapists looked to each other then to her before answering.

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