tagGroup SexDouble Stuffed Ch. 1

Double Stuffed Ch. 1


This is the first of a series of three experiences that Beth and I had with some co-workers and their wives shortly after we were married.

This account begins on a typical Friday at work when my friend Sam and I were talking about what we were going to do that night. We made plans to go to our neighborhood bar and party with our wives like we did on most weekend nights. Sam was my best friend on the base. We had worked together for the past six months and were always together, both before we married our wives and after. The four of us were almost inseparable. Sam and Tonya were married about a month after Beth and I were, and they ended up renting a house a block away from our house.

I can remember many a night before we got married when Sam and I would talk about how much we missed our fiancés -- especially sexually -- and we would talk about what turned our partners on and the like. Little did I know until that night how much these talks would contribute to this night.

Sam was a black man, a year older than me, and grew up in a town about 5 miles from where I did so we had a lot in common from the first day we met. He was about 6 feet tall, 210 lbs., and an ex-high school football player. His wife Tonya was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was about 5'3" tall, 115 lbs., with long black hair that covered her ass. Her tits seemed to be smaller than Beth's (probably large B-cups), but very firm. She never wore a bra and you could often see the points of her nipples poking against the tops she wore -- which never failed to turn me on. Tonya was half-black and half-Malaysian, a product of a serviceman marrying a local while stationed in Malaysia. What stood out about her was both her sweet personality and her beautiful face. I often said that she should be a model, and I was later to find out that, many years later, she landed a job as a clothing model for a national department store.

As Beth and I walked over to Sam and Tonya's house to meet them, I looked over at Beth and thought to myself how lucky I was to be married to such a beautiful and sexy woman. She had on her usual "party" outfit, a loose fitting top, with small straps, that reached just above her navel, and a pair of gym shorts that went down to the middle of her thighs. She of course was not wearing a bra, and as I found out later, had no panties on either.

Sam and Tonya met us on the corner of their street and we walked the remaining two blocks to our favorite hangout. Even though it was early still, the place was pretty crowded and we were fortunate to get our favorite booth right by the dance floor. Our favorite blues band was playing that night and we were all excited about being able to enjoy ourselves after a long week. We no sooner sat down and ordered our drinks when Sam asked Beth to dance. They went onto the dance floor while Tonya and I waited to get our drinks. This was a little unusual as we normally danced with our wives for a while first, but I kind of passed it off. Tonya and I made small talk and probably three songs went by before we got our drinks. In the meantime we had lost sight of our spouses as the dance floor was very crowded. Tonya and I got up to dance and I finally spotted Sam and Beth about five feet away dancing so close that you couldn't have fit a sheet of paper between them. As they turned I saw that Sam's hands were busy rubbing Beth's ass and that his face was buried into the side of her neck. He saw me looking and gave me a wink and I smiled back at him. I think I knew at that point what he had in mind for the evening.

I had told him that Beth could cum just by blowing in and licking her ear and basically would do anything a person wanted her to do at that point. He had confided in me that he always wanted to fuck a white woman so I figured that was what he had in mind that night. I knew that Beth would not object as she also had expressed a desire to fuck a black man. My mind started racing with the idea that I could have Tonya at the same time.

At that point I decided to make my move on Tonya. As we danced I steered her toward the hallway that led to the bathrooms. We rounded the corner and I pulled her to me and basically shoved my tongue down her throat in a torrid French-kiss. She responded right away and dueled my tongue with hers. I pushed her gently back against the wall and inched my hands up under her top discovering that, as usual, she wasn't wearing a bra. Excited as I was at this point I went for broke and started to pinch and pull on her nipples very forcefully (Sam had told me that she really got turned on by this rough treatment), and the harder I pinched them the more she became excited; breathing heavily into my ear and rubbing my stiff cock outside of my pants. After a few minutes of this I felt her shudder to an orgasm muffled by our kiss.

She whispered to me, "Let's go someplace more private to finish this."

I couldn't believe my good fortune. We returned to our booth where Sam and Beth were already seated. Beth looked a little flushed and, when Tonya and I sat down, Beth leaned over to me and whispered that Sam had made her cum right on the dance floor and that he was finger-fucking her cunt right there in the booth. She said that he was grinding against her and that he was huge.

I felt a hand rubbing my crotch and knew it wasn't Beth's as she had a cigarette in one hand and her drink in the other. I reached down and ran my hands up both Beth's and Tonya's legs until I reached their cunts. Tonya's panties were soaking wet and I easily guided a finger up her cunt, pushing her panties to the side. It was then that I found out that Beth was not wearing any panties and I could feel Sam's fingers reaming her cunt fast.

We probably were all close to cumming right there in the booth and I didn't feel like wasting a load in my pants, so I motioned to the waitress for our check. We all tried to put ourselves back together as it probably would have been obvious what we were doing as we walked out the door. Just as we were paying the check a guy we worked with and his wife, Eric and Mary, walked over and asked if they could join us as there were no more open tables. Before I could say no and that we were just leaving Sam piped up with, "We're just about to leave, but you're welcome to join us at Jack's and Beth's for a drink."

Beth, Tonya, and I all gave Sam a look like he was nuts and that he was spoiling our evening.

The three of us were definitely pissed when Eric said, "Sure, it's too crowded in here tonight anyway."

As the six of us walked the few blocks to our house, I began to get less and less pissed that Sam had asked Eric and Mary to join us. Eric had been transferred to our base about a month prior and worked in the office right next to Sam and I. We had talked a few times and he seemed to be a nice guy. I had only talked to his wife a few times when I had seen her in the bar with Eric and she also seemed to have a friendly manner about her.

Eric and Mary were a study in contrasts. Eric was black, about 6'6", and of stocky build. Mary was a white woman, about 5' tall, had a tight body with shoulder length blonde hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. I thought to myself that even though I probably wouldn't have the chance to fuck Tonya that night, that sooner or later it would happen after what went on in the bar. I was intent on having a good time just being with the others -- just drinking and talking.

When we got inside our house, we told the four of them to make themselves comfortable on the couch while Beth and I went into the kitchen to make drinks and put out snacks for our guests. Once inside the kitchen Beth pulled me over to the sink and put my hand down the front of her shorts to feel how soaking wet her pussy was from Sam finger-fucking her in the bar earlier. She said that she didn't care what happened, but that she was going to have Sam fuck her that night. She said something about "starting the ball rolling soon" as she was hot as a firecracker.

I didn't think she was serious enough to do something right in front of Eric and Mary. I finished putting the snacks into bowls and put them out for our guests. I went over and sat down between Mary and Tonya on the couch while Beth finished making the drinks. Mary came out with the drink tray, bending over to put it down on the coffee table and, as she did, she gave me a wink. You could see right down the front of her top with both of her tits exposed to all of us sitting on the couch. Sam definitely noticed and had his eyes locked on Beth's beautiful tits.

At that point Beth faked like she was angry with Sam and said, "If you really want to look, how about this!"

With that she pulled her top off right in front of everybody, walked over to Sam, sat on his lap, and put her right nipple in his mouth. As I looked over at everyone, they all seemed to be in shock at what Beth had done. I know I was. Beth was aggressive at what she wanted sexually, but I couldn't believe she would do something like that in front of other people. Sam seemed to recover quickly as I could see him suck on her nipple and, with his other hand, reach up and start to roll and pinch her other nipple at the same time. Almost as if it was in slow motion Tonya reached down and pulled her top over her head exposing her firm tits to us all.

She said, "Beth isn't going to be the only one having fun."

I saw Eric start to smile as Tonya moved over onto his lap with her back to him. He looked over at Mary as if to say, "Is it okay?" and not getting any reaction reached around Tonya and started to play with her tits. At this point my cock was hard as a rock watching what was going on, and I looked over at Mary who seemed to be still in shock when all of a sudden she pulled her top over her head saying, "What the hell, everyone else is doing it."

She had on a sheer bra that you could clearly see her nipples sticking against. She then reached around and unhooked it and slipped the straps off exposing her milk white firm tits just slightly smaller than Tonya's. Mary moved over onto my lap, also with her back facing me and, as Eric did, I reached around and started to roll and pinch her nipples which quickly hardened and extended about an inch from her chest. She started to grind into my lap with her ass and I felt like my cock was about to tear through my shorts.

I looked over and saw that Sam and Beth were now engaged in a torrid French-kiss and he had moved one of his hands from her tits and had it buried under the top of her shorts. Beth was moving up and down on his lap and I knew that she was close to getting off on his fingers.

I guess not wanting to cum that way she pulled away from him and said, "Let's all go into the bedroom and get more comfortable."

She grabbed his hand and went into our bedroom. The four of us were right on their heels. I was glad that we had invested in a king-size bed as it was easy to fit all six of us on it. Beth and Sam had taken the side closest to the door, Eric and Tonya got in the middle, and Mary and I got the spot that was left. Within seconds we all stripped off our remaining clothes. Mary had a great little firm body and, I noticed when she rolled off her panties, that her pussy was shaved bare. Except for her well-developed chest she looked like a 15 year old. Tonya looked even better nude than I had imagined, if that was possible. She was absolutely stunning laying on her back as Eric straddled her head and pushed his fully erect cock toward her open mouth. Eric was huge. His cock had to be close to a foot long and, while not as thick as mine, it wasn't very far behind.

I looked past Eric and Tonya and saw that my wife and Sam had gotten into a 69 position with her on top of him. I watched as she did her magic on his cock. She had only about half of him in her mouth and would pull back off of it and then take more of it each time she went back down on it. Sam also was huge. He was almost as thick as me and had to be about 10 inches long. I knew that Beth was going to have the time of her life fucking that big cock. In the meantime, I was enjoying an incredible blow-job from Mary. It was a big turn-on watching her cheeks expand as she sucked my whole length down her throat. She was staring into my eyes as she vacuumed my cock up and down. It was safe to say that none of us needed anymore foreplay, and I know I didn't want to waste my load in Mary's mouth, but wanted to fuck her hard.

I saw that Beth had turned around and was sitting on top of Sam, guiding his cock toward her fuckhole. Eric had taken his cock out of Tonya's mouth, shoved a pillow under her ass, and was pushing his huge member into her cunt. I pulled Mary's head off of my cock and motioned for her to get on top of me. As she lowered herself down on me I grabbed my cock and teased her cunt, running my dick up and down her slit, getting it nice and wet for my entry.

As she got the head of my cock inside her I saw her mouth form an "O" and she cried out, "You're splitting me open and I love it and I want more."

With that she rammed down on me, burying my cock all the way inside her, and let out a bloodcurdling scream as if she was being ripped apart. It's a good thing that her cunt was dripping wet as both of us would have been in a lot of pain. As soon as she accommodated my thickness she started fucking me, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. I started thrusting up at her in time with her down thrusts.

We got into a good rhythm and, after a minute or two, I could feel her cunt clench my dick as she screamed, "I'm cumming... I'm cumming... Split me open with that thick cock." I could feel her cunt spasming and she threw her head back and her whole body stiffened and started to convulse as she came. Mary laid down on my chest and looked as if she was wiped out. I still hadn't cum yet so I started to pump her very slowly. She responded by clamping her cunt around me and started to milk my cock with her cunt muscles. I couldn't believe how strong they were and I knew I wouldn't last much longer, but I was content with the slow pace for now.

I looked over and saw that Eric was furiously ramming his huge cock into Tonya. She was lying back shaking her head from side to side and softly moaning as she obviously enjoyed the reaming she was getting. My attention quickly shifted to Beth and Sam as Beth was screaming for Sam to fuck her harder and harder. She usually was pretty vocal when we fucked, but she was obviously on another plane tonight as Sam pounded her cunt. She was kneeling on top of him and I could actually see his knees lift up off the bed as he thrust up into her. I watched as he lifted up his head and started to suck and bite on her tits, which I knew would fire her up even more. He reached his left hand around her and I saw him insert one of his long fingers up her asshole.

She started screaming, "More... more," and with that he put a second finger up her. She continued saying, "More... more... I need something bigger up my ass."

I heard Eric say to Tonya, "Do you mind?" and I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen.

Eric pulled out of Tonya's cunt and moved over behind Beth aiming his huge pecker towards her asshole. At this Sam removed his fingers and I don't think that Beth realized that Eric was about to ram his cock into her ass.

She said, "Don't take them out. I need more!!"

At that point Eric rammed the head of his cock into her and she screamed, "It hurts. Put more in me."

She was out of control as he slowly inserted more and more of it into her. Sam started to pick up the pace again ramming into her. After a few minutes Eric had gotten all of his 12 inches up her ass, and he and Sam got into a rhythm pounding her holes. I couldn't believe that she actually had both of these huge cocks inside of her at the same time. I could see her spasming as they pounded into her as fast as they could.

When we fucked, Beth had many mini as well as many big-time orgasms and I knew that she was probably cumming almost continuously. Eric yelled out that he was cumming and pulled his cock out of her ass and stroked it a few times, then shot a huge load of cum onto Beth's back and ass. Sam was right behind him and I could see him convulse as he shot his load deep into her cunt.

I was so engrossed in watching them I hadn't noticed that Tonya had crawled over behind Mary, also kneeling across my legs. She reached around her with one arm and pulled on Mary's left nipple. With her other hand, she reached around and played with her clit and they had turned their heads so that they were dueling with each other's tongues.

I still hadn't cum. I don't know if it was the drinks or what, but watching I could feel myself getting closer and closer. Suddenly I felt Mary convulse and shake as she came again hard. As she finished her orgasm Tonya said, "Now it's my turn," and she helped Mary climb off of my cock.

Tonya jumped on top of me and positioned herself to impale her cunt on me. She slowly eased the head of my cock into her and started to slide herself down my pole. Once she took all of it inside her she started stroking up and down at an increasingly faster pace. I felt like I was in heaven finally with the woman of my dreams fucking me. I started to pound back at her trying to match my going up at the same time as she was going down. I reached up and started to pinch her beautiful long nipples. I could feel her body shake with each thrust, and I knew I wouldn't last very long now.

About two minutes later I cried out that I was cumming and came with such a rush that I felt I was going to pass out. Tonya came at the same time flooding my cock with her juices. Tonya laid down beside me, both of us wiped out. I looked over and saw that Mary had moved over and was licking Sam's cum out of Beth's cunt. She must have been licking the right spot as Beth had revived and was shoving Mary's head into her cunt and bucking her hips up on her mouth. Beth came again hard and I could see her go limp as she appeared to pass out. Everyone now was fully fucked, and I thought the evening was pretty much over. Little did I know that the night was just beginning.

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