Double-Teamed Mom


I pumped gently, never even approaching the rough pussy pounding that Mom had come to love. While Mom had an unusually tight pussy, as is normal her asshole was even tighter, and it wasn't long before I was ready to blow. When I did I felt Mom had a minor climax herself. After depositing my complete load, I stayed stationary in Mom while gently massaging her tits and kissing the back of her neck, until I became flaccid enough to easily withdraw.

Once I did withdraw, Mom grabbed me by the neck and said "Thank you Jason. I feel your love so intensely and I trust you completely. I loved your gentle approach and want to do it again some time."

We got up, showered, and after cleaning each other off completely, I lifted her up by her thighs, pushed her back against the shower stall wall, and fucked her pussy hard. We had a virtually simultaneous climax that was dangerous because it almost collapsed my legs. After drying each other off, we returned to bed and fell asleep in each other's loving arms.

The next night was Justin's. I told him everything I had done and suggested a repeat of the anal part, which he was happy to do since he had been even more apprehensive then I had.

After the two introductory nights of anal, I decided to give Mom a preview of a DP and went to a sex store and bought a string of small diameter ass beads. That night I told Mom we would have a kind of dress rehearsal of a DP, and with her ass in the air I stimulated both of her rear orifices with my tongue, fingers, and lips. I then gently inserted the lubricated ass beads to a combination of pleasure and pain moans and groans, and then inserted my stiffy in her waiting slick cunt and started pounding her doggy style really hard, which she loved. As she started her climax I gently but continuously withdrew the ass beads. She squirmed, bucked, screamed, and shuddered for a good sixty seconds - until at least ten seconds after the last ass bead had popped out. Her reaction turned me on like a lighthouse, and after I discarded the ass beads I grabbed her firm boobs and pounded her like my life depended on it. When I blew in her, she screamed again, and then collapsed.

I lay with my dick still in her for about two or three minutes, but there was no movement from her, only a few muffled sounds. Concerned, I withdrew and rolled her over to attend to her. Her eyes opened in a few seconds, and then she took a few deep breaths and said "Wow. I passed out. What a feeling. Every nerve in my body has been overloaded. Thank you a thousand times." With that she pressed her lips hard against mine for a few seconds, and then literally collapsed again.

It was clear that we would have no second fuck tonight, as we normally did, but I was almost as drained as she was, and could care less. As I drew her into my arms I let out a sigh of ultimate contentment, and fell asleep.

The next day was Thursday, her day off from Justin and I harassing her. We talked with her before she left for the spa, and we all agreed we would do a DP on Saturday when we were all off work, and that Justin would do anal with her again Friday. We agreed that Justin would enter her pussy and I her anus when we performed our DP.

With great excitement and anticipation by the three of us, Saturday arrived. Justin and I took Mom to a great breakfast buffet. Then we went and sat by the community pool for a few hours, had a nice swim, and then agreed it was time for FUN.

Mom looked radiant as she exited the shower. She had shaved her legs and armpits, used her favorite shower gels and shampoo, and smelled and felt fabulous. She insisted on wearing a fake pearl necklace Justin and I gave her when we were teenagers.

Per our agreement, we laid her on new silk sheets that we had put on her bed, and I stimulated her pussy while Justin licked then lubed her anus. As I continued to work her pussy she insisted on taking Jason into her mouth. Once she sucked him steel hard, he lay down on the bed and she pussy mounted him. After pumping him a few minutes she bent over and stuck her butt in the air as high as she could. I was rock hard myself when I straddled her ass, and slowly inserted my lubed dick into her anus. Justin lay still as she shook her ass to help the insertion, and once I was fully inside her I said "Mom, don't move, and if either of us is pumping too hard, tell us to slow down". I took her "Oh my God!" as understanding.

Justin started bucking upwardly while I was pumping forwardly. We started out slowly, but after a few minutes increased our pace. Mom continuously let out a low guttural sound. After a few minutes we were all sweating profusely but in emotional heaven. About ten strokes more and I was ready to cum. Justin told me to slow down, and in another dozen strokes he was ready and let me know. We came in Mom almost simultaneously and she let out a banshee scream the likes of which we had never heard before, and completely collapsed on top of Justin. He stayed in her while I gently withdrew and wrapped my arms around her.

When Justin went flaccid we rolled Mom over. She was smiling, but virtually comatose. We tenderly gave her a sponge bath with warm water, turned on by her coos and sighs. Then we gently covered her, and let her sleep.

It was the best family bonding experience in our history. Justin and I went out to shoot some hoops, and when we returned there was Mom in an outfit highlighting all of her sexy features preparing what she knew was our favorite dinner. We thought she was happy and fulfilled before, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. She was the most bubbly, effervescent, truly satisfied person we knew.

After dinner, as she was serving us home-made key lime pie she put a hand on each of our crotches and said "I'll be visiting you boys at school this year. I hope you'll be ready for me."

Knowing that there was no girl either of us had met at school that could hold a candle to our sexy Kim-Kardashian-ass mother, I don't know what grew faster. Our smiles or boners!

My screen saver is now my mom's pussy.

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by MaxDecatt01/29/18

Good style

I like your style, great descriptive powers. More please!

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