tagGroup SexDouble the Pleasure

Double the Pleasure


I always fantasized about fucking two girls at the same time. I never thought it would happen, but sometimes dreams come true when you least expect it.

I met Lorraine through the internet. She had read some of my stories and we exchanged E-mails. We discovered that we were both in unhappy and sexually frustrating marriages. When I had a business trip near where she lived, I asked if we could meet. She said yes, but under one condition. No sex.

It wasn't the answer I wanted, but I understood. You see, Lorraine had been cheating on her husband when we first met. Although that was over, she said she needed to sort out her life and just couldn't handle another relationship. We could meet as friends if I promised to be good. That's when we made the deal.

I told Lorraine to bring a friend… one that wasn't quite so inhibited. She would ensure her virtue and I would get fucked. Lorraine thought it was a crazy idea but I kept pushing. I told her that she must know someone not happy in her marriage that was just looking for some great sex. That's all I wanted. No strings. No regrets.

Lorraine finally agreed to talk to a friend, but said she wanted to meet me first without her. We exchanged pictures, and she sent me a picture of Jenny. Her friend had never done anything like this but was sexually frustrated and knew her husband was cheating on her. Jenny wasn't sure she would go through with it and told Lorraine to call after meeting me.

I liked Lorraine from the moment she said hello… the big brown eyes, the friendly smile, the nervous tremble of her voice, the way her eyes would tear up when she talked about things of the heart. After several hours it was clear that Lorraine was not going to change her mind about having sex with me. I had kept my promise and was a perfect gentleman. It was time for her to keep her end of the bargain.

"Lorraine, I've had a great time. I'd love to take you back to my room but I know that's not going to happen. You did say something about calling your friend Jenny. So the question is… are you still willing to be my pimp?"

She laughed. I stood there with my hands open and head cocked waiting for an answer. She finally rolled her eyes and gave me an 'I guess I promised' look, then reached into her purse and took out her cell phone.

"Hi Jen. It's me. Look, I told you I would call and… well, he's a really nice guy and I think you would like him. We're here in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut. You could come by and meet him. We'll be here for another half hour or so."

They exchanged a few last words and Lorraine hung up. Thirty minutes later Jenny still hadn't shown. I figured it would be another lonely night with me and Rosy Palm. Lorraine and I were the only two left in the parking lot and about to leave when a car arrived. Jenny stepped out. She was just like her picture.

"Hi Lorraine. I'm sorry I'm late but… I shouldn't even be here. This is crazy. I don't know why I came."

She was nervous. I wasn't quite sure what my next step should be. I didn't want to drive her away, but then I thought to myself that she showed up for one reason. Somewhere inside her confused brain she wanted to get fucked. I had nothing to lose. I put my hand on her cheek and moved my face closer. Her eyes looked frightened.

"You came because you're lonely. You came because you want desperately to feel like a woman again. I can help you do that, Jen. We can help each other."

I pressed my mouth against hers. Slowly her lips parted. Our tongues met. It was the kiss of two desperate souls looking for something that had been missing from their lives for a long time. Passions flared. Her hands slid behind my shoulders. Mine curled around her waist. A moan escaped from her throat.

The heat of her body radiated through her clothes. I could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples press against my chest. I rubbed my growing hardness against the swollen mound between her legs. Our tongues lashed out in a wet dance as our heads swirled in a sea of sexuality. We were two strangers about to step off the edge of reason into a freefall of lust and passion.

"Jen, can I speak with you for a moment."

We untangled so the two girls could have a pow-wow. They were in a very heated discussion over something. They finally came back apparently having come to an agreement. Lorraine did the talking.

"Listen, we're all going to go back to the hotel together. Having dragged her all the way out here I don't feel right leaving her alone. I know nothing bad is going to happen, it's just my stupid sense of responsibility. I'll just wait down in the lobby until you two are finished with whatever."

I slipped my arm around Jenny and pulled her to me. She put her arm around my back and her hand on my chest as she snuggled up close.

"Au contraire, Lorraine. I think bad is a perfect word for what is going to happen. And who says we'll finish doing whatever before the sun comes up? I have a better idea. Why don't both of you come to the room. I'll order champagne and we'll have a little party. When you feel it's time to leave just slip away. Is that okay with you Jen?"

Jenny was gnawing and tonguing my ear. Her hand rubbed my stomach on its way to the bulge in my pants. Her pussy was slowly grinding against my thigh. My hand slipped down over her rounded ass cheek and squeezed. Her answer sounded more like a sleepy moan.

"Mmm-huh. Lorraine can join us…"

"I'm not going to stay," she replied as if it were important to establish that fact.

I was at the Mallard. I slipped the key into room 766, picked up the phone and ordered room service. Jenny went to the bathroom while Lorraine and I talked. Actually, Lorraine chatted nervously and I listened. The champagne arrived. I poured us each a glass. Jenny and I sat on the edge of the bed and Lorraine in the chair facing us.

I remembered Lorraine telling me she couldn't handle alcohol very well. Jenny didn't need anything. Her hormones were already raging. She was all over me kissing and tonguing my neck and ear. Her hand went under my shirt and played with my nipples. Lorraine continued to drink and talk to overcome her nervousness. Trying my best to maintain some composure, I poured Lorraine a second glass.

Jenny pushed up my T-shirt and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth. Jenny's hand dropped to the bulge in my jeans and rubbed firmly along its length. She unfastened my belt and tugged my zipper open. Her fingers slipped inside and wrapped around the hard flesh, pulling it free. Lorraine drained the second glass. I picked up the champagne bottle and poured a third.

Lorraine lowered her eyes and watched her friend stroke my cock. She drank her third glass when Jenny kissed down my stomach and slipped the swollen tip between her lips. I poured a fourth glass. Jenny's lips moved down my shaft. Her tongue swirled across the sensitive knob. I put my hands on her head and slowly fucked my cock up into her mouth.

It had been almost a week since I had last drained my balls. Jenny was attacking my cock with her lips, mouth and tongue like a depraved woman. I wasn't going to last a very long time. Lorraine looked up me with confusion in her eyes. I had a feeling the alcohol was already buzzing in her head. She drained her glass and started to get up from the chair.

"Don't go, Lorraine. I want you to stay. It turns me on to know that you're watching. Please don't go."

"I have to pee."

I was so close, but I didn't want to cum just yet. I pulled Jenny's mouth from my cock and kissed her hard on the lips. I lifted her top and pushed up her bra. We fell back on the bed. My hands crushed her tits. I pulled on her nipples. A moan of pleasure escaped from her throat. Our tongues twisted together in a swirl of passion.

I dropped my mouth down to her hard nipple and sucked it between my lips. Her fingers curled around my cock and stroked it firmly. It was already sticky with pre-cum dripping from the tip. I pushed a hand into her jeans until my fingertips touched the searing folds of her pussy. I curled two fingers up into her hot cunt.

Jenny squirmed and moaned on the bed as my two fingers dug around inside her wet pussy. Neither of us noticed Lorraine come out of the bathroom. I saw her standing at the end of the bed when I stood to undress Jenny. Jenny peeled off her top and bra while I removed her jeans and panties. She was completely naked.

I was standing with my jeans around my ankles and my hard cock sticking out from between my legs. I pulled off my shirt revealing a well toned torso. I looked down at Jenny. Her shapely tits were capped with swollen brown nipples and big hard tips. Her shaved pussy mound puffed out from between her legs. The glistening petals of her flower peeked out from the gash down the middle.

"She's beautiful, isn't she? Maybe you'd like to get on the bed with her. Don't worry about me. I won't do anything but I think your friend needs you. Don't you, Jen?"

I rubbed Jenny's clit with my thumb as I spoke. She was drunk with lust and would have said anything.

"Um… okay… sure."

Lorraine walked around to the other side of the bed and sat down near Jenny's head. She appeared to be in a daze. It had to be the champagne. She looked back at me, then down at where my thumb was rubbing Jenny's pussy and then to her breasts. Lorraine seemed to be intrigued with her friend's body. I decided to encourage her further.

"You can touch her breast if you want. Jenny won't mind. Why don't you help her, Jenny, while I lick your pussy?"

I watched Jenny take Lorraine's hand and guide it to her naked breast and hold it there. I dropped down between Jenny's legs and spread them wide. My tongue flicked across her juicy gash and teased her clit. I clamped my mouth around her swollen peach and shoved my tongue into her boiling chamber. I heard a loud moan followed by an 'oh fuck.'

I continued to lick, suck, slurp and munch on her pussy and clit. I pushed two fingers up inside her and curled them up hard against her pelvic bone. My tongue flicked over her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and racked my teeth across the hard nub. Jenny arched her back came up off the bed screaming.

"Oh fuck… oh god… ah… ah… ah… I'm cumming… UUUUUUHHHHH… MMMMMPPPPHHHH… OOOOHHHH…"

Juices gushed all over my face and dripped from my chin. I licked and swallowed what I could. Jenny continued to buck up into my mouth. I pushed a third finger up her cunt and swirled my tongue over her clit. A second orgasm ripped through her body. I pushed her legs back and licked up the juices still drooling from her gash.

Lorraine was sitting on the bed with her legs curled under her ass. Her hands were busy pinching Jenny's nipples and squeezing her tits. Lorraine was looking down at her friend's face still contorted in the aftermath of her powerful orgasms. I moved around to the other side of the bed, leaned over and kissed Jenny on the lips. She shoved her tongue in my mouth to taste her own juices. I broke the kiss and looked at Lorraine.

"Can I kiss you? You never said I couldn't kiss you."

I could see that she was feeling no pain. I put my hand behind her head and pressed my lips to hers. Slowly she began to respond. I knew the taste of Jenny's pussy was still on my lips and tongue but Lorraine didn't seem to mind. I think she enjoyed it even more. Below us Jenny shifted until her head fell back over the edge of the bed. She licked my balls and then guided my cock back into her mouth.

It was hard to concentrate on the kiss with the things Jenny was doing to me with her mouth. My balls were swirling with cum. It would have been so easy to let go, but I wanted to fuck her first. I wasn't as young as I used to be and wasn't sure how many times I'd be able to get it up. Like a soldier, I needed to make each shot count.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and went back to the other side of the bed, dragging her ass over the edge. She shot her legs straight up into the air and spread them apart. I grabbed hold of each calf and guided the head of my cock to her juicy slit. Jenny wrapped her fingers around my shaft and rubbed it up and down her gash until it slotted in the opening to her fuck hole.

I pushed. For the first time in longer than I cared to remember a hot pussy was wrapped around my swollen cock. I went deeper and deeper until my hard meat had disappeared completely inside her searing cunt. I held it there enjoying the quivering heat pressed against my bulging flesh. Then I fucked her.

I looked down and watched my cock move in and out of her body. Cunt juice glistened from my shaft. She was on fire, squirming and moaning on the bed below me. Lorraine's eyes were glued to where my cock slid in and out of her friend's pussy. Her hand was rubbing one of Jenny's breasts almost as an involuntary reflex.

"Go ahead and suck it. Go on Lorraine."

I put my hand on the back of her neck and pushed. Lorraine didn't resist. Her lips brushed against Jenny's nipple. I watched as she sucked it into her mouth. Her hand slid over Jenny's other breast. Jenny was squirming and moaning as my cock continued to pound her pussy. She put her hand on the back of Lorraine's head. I reached down and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

I drove my cock deep into her pussy and held it there. My thumb moved faster and rubbed harder against her sensitive bud. Jenny bucked up hard onto my cock driving me even deeper. Her body stiffened. She screamed. Pussy juice squirted out of her cunt. I pulled out and slammed my cock back into her quivering chamber. More screams. I continued fucking her until she collapsed in a whimper.

I was close. Really close. My cock was slowly moving in and out of Jenny when I realized that Lorraine's head was resting on Jenny's stomach and watching. I pulled my cock from her dripping cunt. Lorraine's eyes were glued to my swollen meat wavering just above Jenny's pussy. I pushed it closer to her face.

Slowly her lips enveloped my throbbing shaft. I pushed it deeper into her mouth. Her tongue explored the contours of my swollen meat. Her lips tightened around my shaft and sucked it even deeper. I pulled it out until only the bulb at the tip was still in her mouth. I pushed it back until it pressed against the opening to her throat. I did it again and again, putting my hands on her head to hold it as I went faster and faster.

"Oh fuck… oh god… I'm going to cum… oh… oh…"

Lorraine's mouth, lips and tongue became even more aggressive, sucking and slurping my cock in loud smacks as I fucked her mouth. Cum was churning like a storm in my swollen balls. Swirls of endorphins filled my head. All of the energy in my body rushed to my groin. My cock swelled. I grunted. My body jerked forward. A powerful stream of hot cream exploded into Lorraine's mouth, then another and another.

I felt weak and wobbly. My body jerked in one last spasm as the final drops of spilled into Lorraine's cum filled mouth. As I pulled out a trickle of white cream spilled from her lips, but she managed to keep most of it inside her mouth. I collapsed into the chair exhausted. I watched in amazement when the next sequence of events unfolded.

Jenny pulled Lorraine back until their faces were only inches apart. She put her hands on Lorraine's shoulders and lifter her head to kiss her. Their lips parted. Cum poured into Jenny's mouth and dribbled down her chin and neck. The wet and creamy kiss continued becoming more aggressive and passionate as they shared my sweet nectar.

Jenny pulled up Lorraine's top and unsnapped her bra. They rolled over on the bed until Jenny was on top. She kissed Lorraine's neck and continued down until her lips brushed across Lorraine's nipple. She flicked the hard nub with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. Her hand unsnapped Lorraine's jeans and pushed down inside her panties.

Lorraine moaned as she squirmed against the fingers in her pussy. My cock quickly stirred back to life from the erotic show unfolding in front of me. Lorraine arched her back and closed her eyes, grinding her pussy hard against Jenny's hand trying to relieve the pent up sexual energy she had been repressing.

Jenny kissed Lorraine's stomach pulling down her jeans and panties. Lorraine kicked one leg free. Jenny pushed her legs apart and clamped her mouth over Lorraine's swollen peach. Lorraine put her hands on Jenny's head and bucked up into her mouth. Loud gasps and moans filled the room from the tongue fucking Jenny was giving her.

My cock was ready for more action. Jenny was on her knees with her ass in the air. I moved behind her. The view was spectacular. Her two creamy ass cheeks stared up at me with the rounded spheres separated by a dark crevice that opened into a valley. Hanging majestically between her legs was the swollen fruit of her passion. Peeking out of the gash down the middle were the glistening folds of her pussy.

I climbed up behind her. Jenny was making loud sucking and slurping sounds as she munched on Lorraine's juicy peach. Lorraine was biting her lip and squealing from the pleasure surging through her body. I rubbed the head of my cock along Jenny's gash until the folds of her pussy parted. In one hard thrust I drove deep into her belly.

Jenny gasped and pulled her mouth from Lorraine's pussy. Lorraine opened her eyes and looked up at me. I held her gaze and gritted my teeth. My cock slammed into Jenny's cunt hard, jerking her head forward on each thrust. Jenny shoved two fingers into Lorraine's cunt. Lorraine moaned and squirmed against them, but held her lust filled eyes to mine.

It was almost like Lorraine and I were fucking each other. Lorraine bucked against Jenny's fingers each time I drove my cock into Jenny's quivering cunt. Our rhythm became faster and faster. Looking at Lorraine I began to shout obscenities.

"God I love fucking your pussy… oh fuck… it's so hot and wet… I want you to feel it. I want you to feel my cock going deep in your cunt… oh yeah…"

I was pumping hard and jerking Jenny's head each time I bucked against her ass. Lorraine was delirious with lust. She was shaking her head in acknowledgement of what I was saying and mouthing the words 'fuck me' over and over. I leaned over Jenny's back so I could rub Lorraine's clit with my thumb while Jenny fingered her pussy. Jenny moved a hand between her legs to rub her own clit.

Lorraine's fingers grabbed the bedspread and pulled on it. She threw her head back. Her body jerked up driving Jenny's fingers even deeper. A loud piercing shriek filled the air. Moments later Jenny stiffened. Her legs began to shake. I reached under her and pulled on her nipples. Jenny exploded. My cock fell from her pussy. Jenny continued to rub herself squirting pussy juice everywhere.

Jenny rolled over onto her back next to Lorraine. Her legs were still shaking. Her gasps turned to whimpers. Lorraine was still lying on her back trying to catch her breath. Her legs were spread and her knees bent. Her pussy lips were folded open and dripping with cum. It was too tempting to resist.

I crawled between her legs and clamped my lips around her swollen plum. My tongue licked the cream from her petals and pushed into her hot chamber. I slowly licked and kissed her, making love to her pussy with my lips and tongue. Lorraine ran her hands through my hair. A soft moan escaped from her lips.

I slid up Lorraine's body and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth opened. Our tongues slowly mingled. My hard cock brushed against her pussy. I continued to move it up and down her slit. I slotted the knob of my cock in the opening to her pussy and looked into her eyes.

"I won't fuck you unless you tell me I can. Do you want me to, Lorraine? Do you want me to fuck you?"

Instead of answering she dug her heels into my ass and pulled me into her pussy. At the same time she pushed up onto my cock. I thrust my hips forward driving deep into her boiling cunt. She gasped and dug her fingers into my back. I pulled out and slammed my hard meat back up her cunt. Her heels pulled me even deeper. We continued to fuck in a pounding and reckless manner.

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