tagGroup SexDouble the Sex, Double the Fun

Double the Sex, Double the Fun


He was tired. His ex had just given him hell, telling him every last thing he did wrong from dropping a two-liter in the store once (he was worn out from a rough day at work and hadn't held it right) to failing to call her back a few times (the reason had been he'd worked until late and had been too tired, and the next morning, she'd wake him with one of her sweet calls that made him smile).

Even though he was feeling a little annoyed at her for picking on him (it always ticked him off when people attacked him for things he could not help), he honestly missed her and felt empty inside without her. All he really wanted at that moment, as he took a drive to his favorite pub, was to be around males and forget about Tara. It's not that JW's didn't allow women. It's just that mostly only men attended. As far as Blake knew, no woman ever attended on Friday nights. He wanted to sip enough beer to forget women in general.

As he parked in front of the warehouse-duplicate, he spotted a funny car that made him pause and stare. The car wasn't pink or lavender, the colors Blake felt belonged to the women half of the population alone. However, it was the prettiest shade of blue Blake ever saw. He mumbled something about gays just to reassure himself that no woman would intrude upon his place tonight. He was so sick of women, giving him intermingled feelings of fondness, claustrophobia, and irritation.

The second he stepped in the bar, however, he spotted her. She had pretty red hair that reached the bottom of her lungs, and she looked harmless enough with bouncing eyes and a body that just wouldn't sit still as she talked to some guy with the happiest look on her face. She reminded him of a girl he once knew who he wanted so badly to take into bed, only he'd respected the girl too much to say anything. He hadn't been Isabelle's type though, and from the way the redhead here was sitting next to the stocky man, he felt sure he wasn't what this girl wanted either.

She turned to him all of a sudden. He realized dully as the hard-on pressed against his pants that he was still standing in the doorway, but it didn't really feel like it mattered much when that girl stared at him, her eyes the deepest shade of blue. Not an inch of her chest was showing through her light blue shirt, but she might as well have been the way she was turning him on. The most embarrassing bit of it was that he'd just had sex a week ago. However, looking at her just made him think of Isabelle and all those years of tension, fucking other girls but really wanting her.

To his surprise, the girl stood up and strolled to him. Before he could think of anything to say, she grabbed his neck and lifted the crotch of her jeans and pressed it against his jeans as she gave him the sexiest kiss he ever experienced. Parting her lips, she moaned in his mouth and nibbled on his lip.

Then, the nerve of her, she pulled back and looked into his eyes. "Hi," she said, "I'm Amelia." He wanted to rip her top off right here and give her raw, animal sex until she was screaming and her pussy was sorer than if she rode a horse for five days straight. "And you are?"

"Blake." God, her mouth was perfect. Thick pink lips that really knew how to do their work.

"I came here tonight because I wanted to find a one-night stand." She tilted her head up at him. She was so small in comparison to him with a dancer's body. "Yeah, my friend told me about this place, how it usually only has men here on Fridays. Him," she adds nodding to the chubby man she'd been talking to. Smiling, she adds, "I just can tell you wouldn't approve of cheating and want to make sure you know you won't be. I'm single and just want a dick right now."

He didn't know what to say to her. Even Isabelle hadn't been so straightforward to him. Though he did feel relieved it wouldn't be a cheating one-night stand,

"Do you want me?" she asked seductively, running her fingers through her apple-red hair. As if she had to ask, seeing how she'd felt him throbbing against her.

"Yes," he answers hastily without thinking, staring at her lips. She laughed and slipped out of the pub, leading him after her. For a second, he wished she'd let him have a drink first, or at least a cigarette, but he wasn't about to complain.

She stopped him suddenly, pushing her dainty hand against his big chest. "Oh, um, I have a roommate. I hope you don't mind."

"My apartment is all mine. Why don't we do it at my place?" he suggested, wanting to go to a place where she could scream his name as loudly as she wanted, not stifling it because of some roommate.

"Oh, it's no bother. Besides, I don't like driving home late, and I can't sleep in any bed but my own. Just so long you don't mind."

He did mind, but he wouldn't let her see it because it might mean spending the night all alone with only himself to satisfy his dick. "It's no problem," he lied easily, causing her to break out in a wide grin, a grin that made him suspicious. Was she really as old as she looked? She looked to be twenty-two, but for all he knew, she was a fourteen-year-old skilled in make-up. Just a couple of years ago, when he was twenty, he'd crossed paths with one of those little skanks, and she wore the exact same grin. He'd been so close to slipping in bed with her when he suddenly asked her age, and she'd admitted it with pride. He then drove her home and got rid of her, but he wasn't in the mood to do that with Amelia. If she was pranking him, he had no opposition to dumping her on the nearest street.

"You take your car, and I'll take mine," she said before he could ask for her ID.

Could still be sixteen. "May I see your ID?" he asked sweetly although it did sound like she really was an adult because she said "roommate" not "parents", and he was certain her parents couldn't possibly be asleep at seven at night.

She handed it to him without protest. Calculating the years, he noted that she was actually twenty-three, two years younger than he. Handing her back the ID, he nodded. "I'll follow you."

Before long, they arrived at an apartment duplex a few miles away from his own. It was a fancier one than he lived in.

"The walls are soundproof," Amelia purred in his ear when they came together again. She was swinging her hips in such a fashion that it was hard not to notice her. "We can be as loud as we want, and none of our neighbors will hear."

Blake was more worried about her roommate than the neighbors, but since she did say the walls were soundproof, his shoulders sagged with relief. He followed Amelia across the parking lot and up to her apartment.

She slipped into her home, which was lit only by a couple of lamps. "Hilary!" she called as he subconsciously locked the door behind himself, wondering why she was calling her roommate. "I'm home!"

She appeared in the doorway with shoulder-length black hair flopping in her eyes and only a thin black thong and matching bra on. Her bra revealed much cleavage, dipping below the end of her bustline and hiding little besides the nipples otherwise. Her legs were long and tanned. Blake had yet to see her ass, but from the rest of her, he reckoned it would be delicious. Why isn't she dressed? he wondered for only a brief moment before Amelia stepped forward, put her arms around Hilary's waist, brushed her soft hair back, and kissed her full on the mouth, nibbling on her lip. Blake's raging hard-on just got bigger. Amelia reached for the middle of Hilary's bra and hefted it upwards, leaning down to suck on it with her greedy lips. She was short enough that it wasn't much of a task; Hilary was about half a foot taller than the mini-redhead. Hilary let Amelia suck for a couple of minutes. She began moaning loudly and finally grabbed one of the hands clinging to her waist and made it rub on her pussy, Amelia still sucking greedily. After petting Hilary into noisy moans, Amelia sank to her knees and pulled Hilary's tiny thong off. Her pussy was bare, freshly waxed. Not a trace of hair lingered, and from the shininess of those lips, he figured she was already wet. He wanted to touch himself so badly, but something stopped him, an inner barrier.

Hilary shoved her cunt in Amelia's face, and Amelia began licking on it, fingering Hilary's wet panties, still holding the brunette's legs together. When Amelia rose to kiss Hilary again, Hilary lifted Amelia's blue shirt and thrust it over her nipples. Soon, it was her sucking greedily and Amelia moaning with pleasure. As Blake watched, enthralled, he caught sight of wetness slipping down Amelia's jeans, a tiny little trickle. As she continued to suck, Hilary began undoing Amelia's jeans until that thigh showed, glistening with cum. Blake about lost it then as the desire to shove Amelia against the bed and fuck the shit out of her overcame him. But even as Amelia stepped out of her jeans, he stood there just watching.

Hilary began fingering Amelia's pussy through Amelia's pink satin panties. Amelia groaned and threw her pelvis at Hilary until Hilary began licking her clit through the panties in circles. Suddenly, Amelia yanked her panties to the side and squirted all over Hilary's tits.

Hilary grabbed Amelia's legs when she had finished and started licking the excess cum off Amelia's bare cunt, keeping her panties to the side. Her own pussy was still bared, panties still clinging to her thighs. Blake wondered which would be better, standing right where he was, continuing to watch the sexiest scene he'd ever seen or going to join them, putting his mouth on Hilary and tasting her wetness on his tongue. He remained where he was.

All of a sudden, Amelia beckoned him to her with two fingers of her right hand. For a fraction of a second, she lowered it to Hilary's hand and moaned, "Yeah, baby, that's the spot," then she shakily lifted her fingers again until he was right in front of her. She didn't hesitate. Grabbing the back of his head, she yanked him down until his lips were level with hers and kissed him hungrily, greedily. Lowering her hands, she started unbuttoning his jeans clumsily. He was fully aware of Hilary between their legs. Amelia finally got his jeans undone, sucking in her breath as Hilary sucked hard (god, he'd love to feel what Hilary was doing to Amelia) and yanking them down. Then she pulled his boxers off and hell broke loose. She touched the head of his dick and moved it between her pussy and Hilary's tongue. Two sources of wetness getting his dick. His dick throbbed and got a little inside of Amelia. Unable to take it any longer, he grabbed her hips and carried her until he found the bed, where he threw her with her back to him. Not waiting another moment, he thrust his hard cock into her tight, sopping wet pussy. In and out, in and out. He felt like a horse running a marathon, trying to get as much of her as possible.

Suddenly the brunette had her ass in his face. He was still ramming himself into the redhead, but that ass was distracting him. He bit it on impulse and suddenly jerked out of Amelia and shoved Hilary down until she was directly on top of Amelia. Holding Amelia's sexy lips to make sure she moved with them, he shoved his cock in Hilary's ass. His cock was still slippery with Hilary's cum. His fingers slide downward until they were drowning in Amelia's wet hole.

"Amelia!" Hilary screamed as he started going faster. "Amelia! Oh, baby!" Her voice was sexily sultry, but that's not what made Blake go even faster. Images of Amelia heaving a dildo in Hilary's ass and fucking her brains out were dancing in his head, tantalizing him.

He came in Hilary three seconds later with the images going strong in his head. Then he collapsed on the bed, lying on his back.

Two tongues began riding his cock in perfect harmony, slowly. He looked down and smiled to himself. He could feel one of them stroking his balls as they tasted him. As he watched, he pictured Amelia cramming a dildo in Hilary ass. Hilary suddenly flips Amelia over in his daydream and rides the dildo at a canter. Up and down up and down. Her pussy cum dripped down, slipping past the dildo and into Amelia's cunt.

He shoved the girls away from him and grabbed Amelia. After restacking the two of them in the same way, he dived inside of Amelia's pussy, thrusting deep. He did that with both of them, switching after only a few seconds until he was sure their cum was mixed on his cock. He discovered that Hilary clutches hard, which made it hard to pull out of her because it felt so good with the slipperiness, but he managed. When he figured he had enough mixture, he pulled back and licked up from Amelia's pussy lips to Hilary's asshole.

Lying down on the bed, he beckoned Hilary to him and pointed to his cock. She started sucking off the cum mix, and Amelia got between Hilary's legs and started lapping her wetness. After getting a bit, the redhead slithered beneath the brunette on her belly until she had her mouth on his balls, her hair splayed across his thighs. He could feel both girls sucking and running their tongues along his sexual parts as they sucked. Then, all of a sudden, Hilary started attacking Amelia's nipples. Amelia let her for a few seconds before twisting around, shoving the brunette off of her, and mounting her pussy. She started humping her, and Hilary lowered her mouth to suck on Amelia's nipples until Amelia had a hot pink dildo between her legs and was ramming it in Hilary cunt. "You little whore," she rasped. "You want it, don't you?" In response, Hilary slapped Amelia's tight ass.

Amelia fucked Hilary, and Blake placed his finger against Amelia's clit. Over and over the redhead shoved until she squirted all over Blake's finger and pulled away with the dildo still on her. Blake started to back away, but she yanked the strap-on off and grabbed him, making him enter her tight hole as she writhed against him and squirted all over him. Her pussy was wetter than any pussy he'd ever felt before as she came all over him, and he couldn't stop himself from ramming the shit out of her even after she settled down against him and just stared up at him with a beautiful, exhausted expression on her face.

Hilary hated the idea of being left out, and as Blake plunged deeper, he felt a tongue on his balls then a mouth sucking them inside. "Oh, shit!" he groaned as he fucked Amelia harder. Then he shoved her against the edge of the bed, wriggled away from Hilary, stood up against the edge of the bed, and began teasing her pussy by rubbing his cock against her wetness. Hilary sat on her heels beneath his balls and sucked on them as Amelia started screaming.

"Why are you torturing me?" she whined. "Penetrate me, for fuck's sake!"

He just kept rubbing his cock against her wetness, and suddenly, her dainty hands were on his cock. She managed to slip the head in. He pulled it out. Sitting up, she started licking his cock hungrily, her pussy throbbing, aching to be filled. Then she looked up at him with pleading blue eyes. "Please fuck me."

He didn't need any more prompting. He pushed her back against the bed and started banging her at top speed. Without the bed binding his legs, his thrusts were much quicker, and Amelia soon had her hands in his hair and was nibbling on his lip and making these noises like moans that were screams and whimpers. Blake slid a finger where her clit was, and she started humping his hand in addition to being fucked at top speed.

All of a sudden, Hilary's tongue started roving between Blake's balls and the place where Amelia's hot pussy flesh was dripping on his cock. The brunette licked the cum, cock, and balls all at the same time, up and down her tongue went, and Blake came in Amelia's pussy after only ten seconds of this torture.

That time, the load was so big, Blake felt himself start to drift off as the girls started fucking each other in the background, using his cock when convenient to them.

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