tagAnalDouble Time

Double Time


Walking into the hotel room, I'm a little excited. I've only seen you once but this has always been a fantasy of mine. Pushing the door open I find my submissive kneeling on the floor. Always such a good boy.

Walking past him I say "Today is different, get off the floor". Dropping a letter on the floor for him to retrieve he reads it and quickly scrambles into action.

Standing in the bathroom I stare blindly into the mirror. Am I ready?..... I can still turn back, I've tried this twice before each time was lame and awkward. Working hard to convince myself today will be different, I run through the entire scenario in my head. I have given them both very specific instructions. This is my fantasy, written by me, cast by me and most importantly directed by me. Removing my clothes I am completely naked when I walk out of the bathroom.

"You forget your place Aspen, eyes on the floor!"

The command startles me and......did my submissive -- the boy toy who serves me -- seriously just use my name? I resist my urge to grab and beat the shit out of my submissive. Complying with his command I put my head down and shift my eyes to his cock which is hard and extended. Realizing this little fucker is enjoying the role reversal, I make a mental note to cane him at our next play date.

"On your knees Aspen!"

Again with the Aspen....hearing my name on those lips is odd and in direct violation with everything that is true about our relationship. Dropping to my knees I place my hands behind my back because I know what's coming. Will he use rope? zip ties? Or cuffs?

Feeling the soft materials against my wrist I realized he has chosen a silk tie. Not a bad choice. The room is quiet, we are both silent. Closing my eyes, I listen to the unfamiliar sounds of the fabric rubbing against my wrists as he ties my hands behind my back. My heart is pounding. Keeping my eyes closed, I feel a gentle push under my chin directing me to raise my head. I do as instructed and the nervousness finally kicks in as my blindfold is shifted into place.

Kneeling there alone for a moment I resist the urge to shift my head and try to locate his position in the room. I have chastised him for much less.

I know my submissive is enjoying this and I will not give him the added bonus of inflicting punishment on me. Feeling his hand stroking up the inside of my thighs, I take a deep breath realizing I had forgotten all about this part!

Placing his hands between my legs he pinches my clit a little before sticking his fingers inside.

"Open your mouth!" The command is a whisper and I comply instantly. Placing the Benwa balls in my mouth the stainless steel balls are cold and my pussy begins to tingle with anticipation. Feeling a slight tug, I release the balls from my mouth. I smile as I feel him trail them down my body. Making a stop at my breasts he uses the cold metal to make my nipples hard. Finally reaching my pussy he quickly pushes them inside.

Moan a little as I take in the sensation. I love the feeling of being filled. My imagination begins to wander and I begin to play everything out in my mind.

Hearing a knock at the door, I know you are here. You see me blindfolded and tied up on the floor. You are surprised, you weren't expecting this. I listen as you approach, my heart is pounding and my nervousness is kicking in. Licking my lips I am eager to get started.

I feel your hand on my cheek, as you gently stroke and caress me. "Hello Aspen, I was prepared to serve you -- I would have done anything you wanted me to." Holding back a smile, I say, "you are serving me, this is exactly what I want you to do."

Your reaction to that comes quick as you bury your hand into my hair. Pulling and tilting my head back. You are rough with me and your actions add excitement to the experience. I hear you say "I'm going to eat your pussy, I've been waiting a long time to know what you taste like!"

Dropping to your knees you see the cord dangling from my opening. You stop, looking over your shoulder to meet my submissive stare, you frown and ask. "Is she on her period?"

Losing myself, I laugh out loud. This is your first experience you have never seen most of the toys in my collection. Feeling a hard slap on my ass, my mouth drops open from shock as I gasp in pain as the sensation hits my body.

"You don't laugh at our guest! Explain to him what they are and why you are using them Aspen!"

I spit out a "sorry sir" through gritted teeth. Providing the explanation, as instructed, I am careful to select word that will create a reactions from you.

"They are Benwa Balls also known as orgasm balls. I insert them in my pussy and rotate my hips while you are fucking my mouth so I can cum with you."

You respond with a simple "Wow!" I feel myself wanting to laugh but I hold it in, determined not to make that mistake again.

I feel the sensation of you positioning yourself between my legs. I love the way you place your hands on my hips as you guide me down to your mouth. Your tongue is amazing as you roll it against my clit. With you licking and sucking, I begin to roll my hips and the sensation of being filled while being eaten is more than I can take. Moaning I open my mouth and it is instantly filled. Sitting on your face while having my sub's cock in my mouth, I grind hard against your tongue thinking of you stroking your cock in your hand while my pussy is in your mouth. Moaning against the cock in my mouth I cum hard!

Removing yourself, you stand taking position at my face, you slide your cock in my mouth. Grabbing my head for leverage you stroke slow taking it from tip to base then back again. The slow strokes are a tease, I am craving to be used. As if you have read my mind you increase your speed fucking my mouth hard. I hear you moaning and I suck harder-I want to please you and show you exactly what I'm capable of. Pulling myself back, I release you and struggling against my lack of vision, I find my way to your balls. Licking I fill my mouth with your sack and begin to gently suck. Placing your cock back in my mouth, I suck hard. I want you to cum in my mouth, but you pull out leaving me wanting more.

"Stand up Aspen" I hear your voice as I'm guided to my feet. A little disoriented I love the fact that I don't know where I'm going or what is coming up next!

"Bend over!" Doing as I'm told I bend at the waist and I am met by a hard cock. Smiling I take you back in my mouth...I think it's you...maybe it's you. Between the blind fold and all the shuffling I'm no long sure who is who.

I feel a cock rubbing against my ass and I realize I am about to be fucked. You ask, "How do I take these out?" I begin to respond but my head is pushing back down forcing a cock back in my mouth.

"I didn't tell you to stop. To answer your question, grab the cord and yank them. Pulling them out slow will tease her, pulling them out fast might make her cum.

Anticipating the removal I am sure it will be slow. I feel a slight tug and know you are twisting the cord around your finger. Smiling a little I gasp and you yank them out fast and hard, instantly replacing them with your cock. "Fuck!" I cry out cumming hard as you fill me. You begin pounding me. I love the feel of you inside of me. I hear you moaning and I know you love it too.

"I love the sight of him fucking you from behind. You want two cocks in you at the same time, don't you Aspen?" Pumping up into my mouth he continues "This has always been your fantasy. We are going to work your sexy ass all night." My submissive knows me -- his words send me over the edge and I cum as my pussy spasms around your cock.

Feeling you pull out I am directed on the bed. Climbing on top of my submissive, I slide down onto him and begin to ride his cock. I think of you watching me as I bounce up and down on his cock putting on a show for you. Feeling your hand on my back you push me down. I know what's coming, I'm not sure I can take it.

Stopping my movement, I take a deep breath as I feel your tip pressing against the tight opening of my ass. Gritting my teeth, I cry out as you stretch me working your way in. The sensation is painful and I wish my hands were free so I could work my clit. I feel my subs hand rubbing my tits and the sensation is a welcomed distraction to you trying to fill my tight hole. You are good, you are patient as you work your way in taking my ass all the way to the base of your cock before pausing, allowing my body the time to stretch and adjust to the sensation.

I feel your gentle caress as you trace finger tips down my spine before asking "are you ready?"

My "Yes sir" is offered as a whisper as I think to myself if I hate this I will make them stop! You start slow stroking in and out just as the sensation of the cock filling my pussy begins to move. It is amazing. I can feel you both inside, each applying pressure against the other creating a ribbed feeling. "Faster! I command and your both respond in kind speeding up filling me. I'm ready to cum. The sensation is building.....

I hear my phone beep! Realizing my imagination has gone wild imagining everything that is about to happen. I am brought back to the present and think about your arrival, sure we are only moments from fulfilling my long desired DP fantasy.

Instructing my submissive to check the message. "I am Here!" Now it is time to begin.


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