tagGroup SexDouble Trouble

Double Trouble


Sometimes you surprise even yourself.

On the couch, you lean over and kiss him full on the lips, parting yours as you do, your tongue darting, enticing his to give chase.You break off the kiss with an impish grin before turning to the other side and kissing his best friend even deeper. As your tongues dance lustfully, you rub your hand slowly down his bare chest, along his firm abs, and rest it on his bulging jeans. You squeeze feeling the hardness within.

You turn back to the first and kiss his lips, jaw, and neck, tasting his skin. You reach between his thighs, slowly running your fingers to his equally hard buldge and you wonder who is bigger. Only one way to find out.

You unzip his jeans and greedily pull his firm cock out of his shorts.You slide down to get a good look. Oh, very nice. His cock is circumcised, maybe 6 inches long, somewhat thin. You watch closely as you wrap your fingers around the stiff shaft and slowly stroke first up, then down. You feel the wetness from the tip making a squishing sound as your finger slide over the head back and forth rapidly.

While you were exploring one, the other has aptly removed your top and has both breasts in his hands, gently caressing them, and squeezing your hard nipples. You turn your attention to him, quickly unzipping, and then reaching into his shorts, grasping his hard shaft with your fingers, you lift it out of its confines.

Oh, another nice one. Circumcised as well, maybe an inch shorter, but much thicker. Yum! With fingers wrapped around his shaft, you lean down, watching a drip of precum emerge from the hole as you squeeze the shaft. Tongue extended, you catch the drip, and lick along the underside of his shaft, before surrounding the head with your lips. Mmmm.

You feel the first man squeeze your inner thigh before running his fingers along your jeans, ever higher, until he presses firmly against your pussy. It drives you wild to feel his touch, his desire. He unbutton, and unzips, tugging both your jeans and panties over your hips and down your long legs.

You cup his balls as you slide his cock along your lips and tongue, wetting the entire length. Then wrapping the other hand around the shaft, you take the head into your mouth again. With your tongue pressed flat against, you push downward until the tip hits the back of your throat. And then upward until the head rests between your lips allowing the tip of your tongue to flick rapidly over it. From his groans, he appears to be in heaven.

Meanwhile, the first man has you kneeling across his lap with your bare ass in the air. He is exploring your body with his fingers. First squeezing the cheeks of your bum, before parting them wide for a closeup look at your dripping pussy. You can feel him scoop juices from you, to slowly finger paint your outer lips and skin. You love how he teases your clit, before pulling back the skin, and rubbing it in circles.

Then you feel him slide his wet finger between your lips and slowly into you. The sensation feels so wonderful as he touches every part of you, twisting his finger slowly in and out. You arch your back and close your eyes feeling the coming storm. The cock pops from your lips as your body starts to quiver.

Now with two fingers hammering in and out of your pussy, you become helpless, unable to stop the building waves. You gasp as your body bucks wildly. The pleasure continues to radiate throughout even after he withdraws his fingers. As it slowly subsides you realize you must have more.

Looking down you see the other's rigid cock now rubbing between your breasts. You greedily climb up his body until his face is resting between and he starts licking your nipples. You position your hips just so, reach down to guide his cock, as you descend, slowly impaling yourself. Fuck me hard!

The pleasure is almost unbearable as his thick cock forces your lips wide and stretches your pussy filling it completely. You grunt like the animal you are as you ride up and down his shaft. On each down stroke, you rub your clit side to side against his pelvic bone, corkcrewing like a ship riding out a storm. You feel the waves build as his cock rubs your g spot over and over. Your body shudders.

The first guy is now standing behind you, watching you fuck his friend. You feel him reach around your body and cup both your breasts, as you continue your best imitation of a horny cowgirl. You love the attention as he pinches your nipples. you reach behind your back and grasp his cock and stroke it as you kiss the man your riding. You're in heaven.

You feel his hands move to your shoulder and hold you firmly down on his friends cock. He pushes you forward, and parts your cheeks, getting a good look at his friends cock stuffed in your pussy. Then you feel something slippery and hot press right against your ass. It feels nice and wet. Omg, it's the head of his cock. Yesssss!

You feel it push slowly forward, parting the sensitive skin of your anus, as it slides around the head of his lubricated cock. The head inside, he pauses. You resist the temptation to squeeze it out. Then he slowly continues pushing, watching his cock disappear into your bum, until you feel his balls pressed against your cheeks. The feeling is beyond description: so full with one cock deep in your pussy and the other deep in your ass. Your body trembles, on the edge of losing control.

The the man under you lifts his hips into you, lifting your body, causing the cock in your ass to slide outward. Omg, the sensation! Then as he lowers his hips, and yours, the man behind thrusts deep, lifting you off the cock in your pussy, until it almost slides out. This continues as the men work in unison fucking you.

The sensation is too much to handle, as your muscles contract hard and spasm in orgasm. They continue their alternating plunges. Your pussy contracts around one cock, and your ass around the other. Eyes closed, you cry out, but the only noise that escapes your lips is an animal grunt. The orgasms does not subside, but continues as they thrust. You loose all track of time.

But your contractions are having a delightful affect on both men. You feel them harden and plunge deeper, irradically, until both are deep inside with you in the air, impaled by their cocks. First one and then the other grunt, and you feel their spasms, as their cock spew cum deep into you ass and pussy. Still contracting, your body milks the cum from their cocks, until you all collapse into a heap of sweaty flesh.

You fall asleep like that, so soundly that you don't even feel the men withdraw or kiss you. When you wake, you wonder if it was a dream, until you feel the dried cum on your thighs and ass.

You smile, content.

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