Double Trouble


My mum split from my dad when I was sixteen and after a succession of boyfriends she recently started dating a guy called Vern. Big Vern as I called him worked in the British Army, stationed in the North of England. They met through the internet. The first time they saw each other mum and I travelled up by train and stayed at his house in the barrack grounds. They liked each other a lot, unfortunately he clearly didn't like me. Not unsurprisingly, he was very much an action man and he didn't appreciate my slightly effeminate ways. In his eyes at the age of eighteen boys where mini men and should behave accordingly. I think he thought I was too dependant on my mum and not tough enough. Consequently I felt like emotional baggage and was relieved when next time mum was to visit he suggested I stay with a of his friend Carmilla. I was obviously apprehensive but mum insisted I'd have a great time. Carmilla, was a retired army officer with two teenage daughters. Since it was only for three nights I could hardly object. Mum arranged to drop me off with Carmilla at a train station on route.

I packed a change of clothes, my toothbrush and a book. and as planned, Carmilla picked me up from the train station. She was a tall, forty year old. Dressed in a crisp white blouse, a tailored navy blue suit which set off her wonderful bone structure - and with immaculately coifed blonde hair. Now a successful fund manager, years of army training and competitive business had taken its mark. She looked up from her newspaper as I got off the train and arched an eyebrow. 'You're late,' she said. I mumbled an apology She stood and watched as I kissed and waved mum off on the rest of her journey struggling to conceal a tear. She drove a huge black Range Rover. Despite her fierce outward appearance she seemed touched with my show of emotion. Her children where still at school. She was quick to lay some ground rules.

'I run a strict house and if you behave we will get along just fine. I have two daughters a few years older than you so I don't want any funny business.'

I was very innocent and wasn't sure what she defined as funny business but I assured her I'd be good. Besides I had my book.

I'm not sure what she expected in me but I think she too was surprised to see such a slight, effeminate boy with girlish good looks. But unlike big Vern she seemed very accommodating. She kept calling me pretty and made constant references to my clear skin, willowy arms and shinny hair. She seemed fascinated by my body especially my bum. Personally I considered it too round and slightly full for a boy yet she seemed delighted.

'You've also got a tiny waist,' she said. 'an hourglass figure. I bet you've got shapely legs.'

I blushed. She knew I found it humiliating.

'I bet you look lovely in shorts.'

It was mid winter. 'I hadn't brought any,' I say.

She had a stern teacher style manner and a domineering approach. I could tell she liked to wear the trousers and imagined her challenging to live with. It came as no surprise to learn that she was a single mother. Her demeanour was terrifying. She made me feel timid and insecure. I began to assume that her daughters were similar and start to worry. I didn't like bullies and avoided conflict. They didn't have a spare guests room and grew increasingly concerned about the sleeping arrangements. Carmilla calmly said I had to sleep with her two daughters. This seemed unorthodox and to allay any fears she showed me it. There room was as you'd expect typical of teenage girls. Coloured in Pastels and flowers. The walls adorned with posters of pop stars, cats and horses. I'd never slept in a girls room before and their fragrance excited me. The thought of sleeping with two strangers was unnerving enough but two girls! Their large room had a wooden bunk and a single bed.

When the girls came home I fell in love. They were beautiful identical twins. Carmilla introduced me to them formally. 'This is Amy,' Carmilla said pointing to the girl with hair slightly longer than the other. 'and this is Tina.'

They both grinned proudly and fluttered their eyelids sexily. That night for the first time in my life I feel in love and my stomach soared and my pulse pounded like an athlete.

They where both gorgeous. I shouldn't have been a surprise as they where spitting images of their mother. Every time they came into the room I switched on like a light. The girls where incredibly flirtatious., touching me, standing real close playing with their hair and using a sexy sultry voice that made me melt. Tina normally slept in the single bed but while I stayed she let me have it and would sleep in the top bunk. Carmilla gave me another lecture which mounted to no funny business. I felt rather awkward. The atmosphere was tense but after a few hours we all began to play together. Like their mum they where fascinated with my physic. They too where keen to see more of my legs and arms. Just like their mum they thought my bum was round and peachy and my legs long and willowy. They just couldn't understand why I had such a perfect shape for a boy.

'It's so unfair,' Tina told me studying my waist.

Play was different too. Despite her age Amy loved her barbie dolls and insisted I helped her dress and undress them. I didn't appreciate listening to their slushy music either, or being shown their huge collection of clothes but I tolerated them for the sake of my mum and big Vern. and over he afternoon I grew to like them and feel more comfortable in my strange surroundings.

That evening something strange stirred within me. A secret longing. A passionate desire that even I didn't realise. The hot bath was the turning point. Carmilla made me share the girls water. After they washed they topped it up with fragrant oils and bubble bath so that I relaxed and felt more at home. Their plan worked. My skin felt soft and supple and I smelt like a little girl. As I stood in the bath about to get out I heard a commotion outside. Seconds later Carmilla burst holding a fresh towel. I tried to cover my modesty but she ignored my blushes and held the large towel aloft for me to step into. Unfazed and in a impatient tone she told me not to be bashful and let her dry me. I could hardly say no and if the truth was to be known I secretly enjoyed her rubbing me down like mum used too. I loved the attention, the soft towel and felt warm and pampered. As she patted me dry she again admired my body.

'You've got lovely willowy arms,' she said. 'Your body is almost hairless and your skins has a beautiful complexion. Your legs are so slender.' I was flattered. Once dry she insisted in moisturising my skin with some sweet lotion and dusting me with talc. Soon smelling as fresh as daisy I daintily stepped into my clean boxers.

'Don't put on your dirty jeans wear Tina's old dressing gown and join us downstairs for a film. I hired a DVD earlier today that I know you'll enjoy.' She handed me a pink semi transparent baby-doll. It was sheer and paper-thin with soft fur trim and a silk tie ribbon. It didn't leave much to the imagination. Short and skimpy, it fell about midway between my knee and groin. I imagined Tina wearing it, her shapely form clearly visible, her perfect firm breasts and proud nipples protruding through the filmy material. I shook my head but Carmilla wouldn't take no for an answer and I soon found my hands being guided into the silky three-quarter length sleeves. I blushed and felt my cock stiffen. So soon after my glorious feminine bath made me feel heavenly and slightly light headed.

Back down stairs Amy and Tina where delighted to see me dressed in the revealing baby-doll.

'Oh darling I love it,' Tina grinned, 'it suits you so well.'

I shuffle awkwardly and cross my legs hoping to avoid any obvious sign of pleasure.

Amy grins. 'I bet you love the soft silky material against your smooth hairless skin?'

Caught up in their enthusiasm I did a stupid thing. 'Yes,' I say.

Amy and Tina look thrilled. Carmilla grins proudly, pleased with my acceptance.

'I knew mum would make you enjoy yourself. She said you'd make a beautiful girl and she's never wrong.'

'I'm not a girl,' I say but I didn't have time to elaborate as the two girls crowded around me giggling. They pawed hungrily at my baby-doll, flicking it open so they could clearly see my long willowy legs.

'Wow,' Amy said, 'you're truly beautiful.'

'I don't believe it,' Tina gasped. 'Your legs are incredible.'

They both admired their long slender length and lack of body hair so I succumb and panda to their attention by wafting my hands in the air, swinging my hips and criss-crossing my legs as I'd seen fashion models do on the television. They giggled, whispered and laughed amongst themselves. I felt very awkward but despite the humiliation I couldn't stop my cock throbbing alarmingly. Fortunately they didn't notice.

After a while the girls tired of the novelty and we all sat down on the sofa. I tucked my legs under me like the other girls as we sat shoulder to shoulder to watch the film. As a weekly treat Carmilla had bought chocolate and popcorn. The DVD was about a girl who pretended to be a boy at school so she could play football. The girls thought it hilarious and very appropriate. I felt the whole evening had been orchestrated for my benefit and cringed throughout the film as sitting between the girls wearing a girlie night gown I felt uncomfortably feminine. The evening felt orchestrated and now watching a film with a prominent cross-dressing theme added to my embarrassment.

'I don't suppose you play football,' Tina asked with a giggle halfway through the film.

'Why do you say that?' I ask cautiously.

They both grin at each other and make silly faces. 'Well for one, you're not built like a footballer,' Amy says.

'I'm not sure how a footballer is built,' I say trying to avoid the obvious reference to my masculinity.

More nervous giggles and Amy lightly cups the breast of my baby-doll. She gently touches a nipple and rubs it through the silk material. 'Well gorgeous, I bet footballers don't look this good.'

Tina laughs. 'If he doesn't like football I expect he prefers to dance.'

I blush.

'Ballet.' Amy adds, 'and I bet he's watched the film, Billy Elliot too.'

I hadn't.

'Yes, ballet', Tina chirps, 'I bet you look absolutely beautiful in snowy white tights, a tight matching leotard and frothy tutu.'

I blush as my top lip sweats and my cock threatens to burst out of my boxers.

They both laugh and spend the rest of the film making constant references to my lack of masculinity.

At eight o'clock the film ends and Carmilla announces she had friends coming over for the evening. I heaved a sigh of relief as we had to go to bed. Perhaps now they would stop being so mean to me I mused.

Carmilla noticed my discomfort and despite my relaxing bath earlier the yummy chocolates and my baby-doll she insisted I took a teaspoon of her tonic to make me drowsy. Again refusal wasn't an option as she insisted it would help me get a good night sleep. She spooned it into my mouth like an infant. It tasted of strong cough mixture.

I never go to bed so early but tonight I was glad of the sanctuary of a bed and I didn't want any of her friends seeing me dressed as I was. I suggested I change but she was adamant I go to bed in the baby-doll.

That night watching the film like sisters my own masculinity had drained from me and by the time Carmilla tucked me up in Tina's bed I felt like one of the girls.

The bed was glorious. It hadn't been changed and I could smell Tina's sweet perfume on the crisp sheets and saw her long hairs on the pillow. I wanted to crash as Carmilla's tonic was having an effect. but the two girls had other ideas. As the light went out the two girls jumped on my bed and wanted to talk. Now they both wore similar baby-dolls. It was a young mans dream but I was far too tired so I let them chatter away as I drifted in and out of a deep sleep. They talked animatedly about the girl who dressed as a boy in the film so she could play football. They asked each other if they would dress as a boy to do something they really desired. I wasn't interested. I was tired after my day travelling and all of a sudden I my head was as heavy as lead and my eyelids just wouldn't stay open. It was predictable that they eventually wanted to know if I had ever dressed as a girl. I shook my head wearily but they found it hard to believe. They wanted to know more.

'Every boy secretly wants to be a pretty girl.' Amy says shuffling closer to me on the bed. 'even big strong boys can't resist wrapping themselves in silk and lace.'

They asked question after question. It was so unfair as half asleep I wasn't in control of my senses.

'Had I ever wanted to dress as a girl? Did I feel jealous of their pretty clothes? Had I ever worn panties?'

They seemed determined to get me to confess to some secret longing and trying to resist became increasingly difficult. On and on they went. I felt as if guilty of a crime, interrogated by police prising out a confession. On and on they went relentless with their questioning. Do I like make-up, have I ever worn tights, do I shave my legs? I was so dazed and tired after my long journey I began to question what I said and like an actual suspect would soon make some regrettable confession. Sleep began to wash over me and my eyes began to close as if weighed down. I was so dopey I didn't notice the girls get out their make-up and start applying it on me as if painting a youngsters face at a village fete. But instead of a tiger or monkey these girls had other ideas. They lengthened my eye lashes, dusted my eyelids and glossed my lips, they even painted my fingernails. I drifted in and out consciousness and can hardly recall their giggles, the sweet taste of strawberry lipstick or the fragrance of floral perfume. They were so gentle and kind, brushing my hair, stroking my skin I soon fell into a coma like sleep. I'm not sure when they stopped making me up but that night I had the strangest of dreams. I dreamt I went to school as a pretty girl so I could dance just as the Tina and Amy had said. I didn't play football but danced as a ballerina in leotard, tights and tutu. It was just like the film. I was amazing, I looked incredibly pretty, the envy of all the girls and every boy fancied me. I wore a school uniform and pretty dresses. My hair was long and shiny and I had a terrific shapely figure.

In normal circumstances this would horrify me but nestling in Tina's bed, Carmilla's sleep tonic inside me, wrapped in Amy's gorgeous baby-doll, smelling the girls fragrance I slept incredibly deeply -too deeply.

I woke with Carmilla switching on the light. My boxers where damp and sticky, the cotton gusset clung to my crutch like cling film. I peered over the quilt to see Amy and Tina beaming down at me as if a museum exhibit. Oblivious to what the girls had done Carmilla opened the curtains with a flourish and I peeked over the covers unaware that my face painted in sumptuous pastels, reds and pinks resembled a pretty young girls.

Carmilla's initial reaction was of complete surprise. I didn't understand why.

'What have you been doing?' she asked pointing an accusing finger at me.

'Not our fault. He, insisted we made him up.' Tina cried defensively. 'He wanted to look pretty like us. It was the film it made him become very insistent'

'Yes,' Amy added. 'Lipstick, eye-shadow, mascara. He wanted the lot.'

Confused I licked my plump lips and tasted the strawberry lipstick and with a quivering finger felt the powdery foundation on my cheek. The true horror of my situation dawned on me but I had no time to reflect as Carmilla flicked off my duvet with a flourish like a magician revealing a trick. They all gasped then silence fell like a stone as the two girls starred at my cum stained boxers. The damp, dark stain spreading like a virus. I froze in terror unsure what to say or do.

'He's wet himself,' Amy shrieked

'And in my bed,' Tina added unhappily.

But then the girls laughed unsympathetically and I wanted to cry.

'Look at our little girl she's wet her knickers.' They both sang merrily.

'I, I, I don't know what happened, Carmilla,' I mutter. 'I slept like a log, um, I've never done ... how can ... I mean ...'

Carmilla let me trail off without interrupting.

'Have you quite finished?' she said looking at me down her nose like a bad smell.

'Yes.' I mumble.

'Then shut up.'

'Ugh!' both girls cry. 'He's a baby, he's wet himself.'

'Now, now,' Carmilla says surprisingly soothingly, 'don't be so harsh.' She held out a hand to help me stand.

'He's not wet himself, he's not a baby. Far from it. He's just got a little over excited. I'm not sure if that was the make-up, the baby-doll or being in your room. Can't you smell the difference?' Carmilla bends at the knee and lowers her head, her nose mere centimetres from my groin. Her long hair brushes my chest. She inhales loudly.

The girls looked at each other stupidly.

'What do you mean mum,' Tina asked inquisitively. 'Why are his boxers sobbing wet if he hasn't wet himself?'

Carmilla looked at me, rolled her eyes then to my amazement began to explain.

'Well my dears when a boy gets sexually excited ...'

I couldn't believe it.

The girls giggled.

'His penis stiffens and ejects eggs what we call sperm. Come now girls surely you know that?You've all had sex education lessons.'

They both looked at each other and smirked.

Carmilla held open my boxers so they could all peer inside.

Tina jumped off the bunk and they both gathered round as if examining an exhibit at a school nature lesson.

The two girls continue to mock me. 'What was our pretty girl dreaming of to get her so excited? Did you dance Swan Lake or did you attend a summers ball. Your face looks so pretty?'

I didn't answer I just stood there beside the bed unsure what to do. Eventually Carmilla leads me by the hand to the bathroom. Once inside she stood at the door and stared at me crossly. She was in total control and the kind, understanding smile seemingly vanished from her face. I was ashamed and disgraced. 'You're a naughty, naughty boy', she said in a cold voice looking down at me with disgust. 'Your mother never said you behaved like this. And I specifically said no funny business.'

'I'm sorry,' I mutter as my eyes began to water and my lip began to tremble. 'I'm ever so sorry.'

Carmilla stepped towards me and straightened her back so that she towered over me. She held out an index finger and used it as a hook to trap the waistband of my boxers. Slowly she pulled back the elastic so that she could pear into my shorts again. Great globs of sticky cum glistened on my groin and I too could now smell its strong aroma. There was no mistaking what it was.

'You slept well last night, then,' she said sternly still inspecting the inside of my shorts like a mechanic looking under the hood of a car.

I nod sheepishly.

'You enjoyed my daughters bed rather too much I see.'

I wipe away a tear and see Tina and Amy peering from behind her back giggling. I was so humiliated. I'd never made such a mess before and in a strangers house. I then caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror and could hardly believe what I saw. There was the reflection of a pretty young girl with bright glossy lips, sparkling eye lids and long fluttering lashes.

Despite the humiliation my spent flaccid cock spasamed back to life.

Camilla couldn't miss my tiny erection and she snapped the elastic back of my boxers with disgust.

'You look beautiful.' she said, 'Far too beautiful for a boy and I don't think I can have a testosterone charged young lad sleeping with my little angels. I'll have to ring your mum.'

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