tagGroup SexDouble Trouble Ch. 06

Double Trouble Ch. 06


Robin cried as I drove. We hadn't said a word to each other as we left. I drove to my house. She didn't tell me where to drive. She didn't ask me where I was going. We left her car at the apartment complex. She didn't need to drive. She needed to be taken care of.

When I pulled into my garage and turned the engine off, she unbuckled her seatbelt and hugged me. I had a hard time reconciling the sexy sassy hot firecracker who had tested me and manipulated me with the tender-hearted sweet woman I was now seeing. Though it was the glimpses of that inner woman that I had fallen in love with and, now that she felt she could be vulnerable in front of me, I only loved her more.

She pulled back so she could look into my eyes and she said softly, "John, I'm so sorry I hurt you."

"I forgive you, baby," I said softly, calling her 'baby' for the first time. It felt good.

"Thank you," she whispered as she pulled away and got out of the car.

I let her inside and showed her around, encouraging her to make herself at home. She went to the bathroom to wash her face. When she emerged, I was making dinner. She had not had a chance to eat because I had intercepted her on her doorstep. Even if she wasn't hungry we both needed to eat something.

After we ate together we both felt better and, since it was still early in the evening, we talked. We talked well into the night. We talked about each other, our feelings, and what Angela had done. Eventually we tried to figure out how Angela had pulled it off.

We figured that Angela had changed my real number on Robin's phone to be a second phone line for someone she never answered anyway, an old boyfriend. Then she changed my real number so it would never ring from that number and it would be a bad number when she called it. As for the disconnect message I got when I called her, "It must be an answer tone," Robin told me.

"Answer tone?" I asked.

"You know how you hear music before I answer when you call me? Well, that's an answer tone. She must have changed my answer tone for your number to be that disconnect message. She does all the computer stuff for me. I guess I need to take that back from her," she frowned.

"That's pretty tricky," I said, impressed at Angela's ingenuity.

"Yea, she had me fooled into thinking she was my friend, too. Pretty tricky," she responded glumly.

I felt a little guilty. Intellectually I knew that Angela had done all of this on her own. But if I hadn't shown up on Robin's doorstep they'd still be friends. I knew that Angela would have continued to trick Robin to keep her single, but I still felt a little guilty for uncovering her deceit.

"Is it okay that I stay here a few days until I can find a place of my own?" she asked.

"Of course, baby, whatever you need. I'm glad you're here," I told her. It was true. I had felt so bad over the last few days thinking I'd never see her again. I didn't care if she ever left.

When we finally went to bed she slept in my arms. We didn't have sex but we slept naked and I held her. She cried a little but eventually drifted off to sleep.

Well, I say we didn't have sex, because it was technically the next day. I was awaked at about four in the morning to the feel of her fingers on the head of my hard cock. I didn't know what was happening for a second.

I was spooning Robin and my cock had grown hard in my sleep. The top of the shaft pressed against her pussy as the head poked out between her legs. I had no idea I had done that until she woke me up.

Robin had reached down and was pressing my cock up against her pussy with her fingers. She pushed hard and guided the head to her wet cunt. Apparently, she had gotten wet in her sleep.

We both gasped in pleasure when my cock slipped into her cunt. We slowly fucked each other like that for a long time. She shuddered in orgasm several times until I finally came inside of her. We drifted back to sleep as my cock deflated in her cunt.


The next day, Thursday, when we got back from work we each received a text message from Angela. It read, *I'm sorry. I was selfish and stupid. Please go to 240 Union tomorrow night at 7:00. Please. My treat. RSVP.*

Robin and I discussed it.

Robin was relieved that her friend was making an effort as well as admitting fault. She almost called her but decided against it. She decided that we would play it her way and see what happened.

We both texted back *We'll be there.*


240 Union is named such because it is located at that address. I've always thought that was an odd choice for a name, but it was definitely one of the nicest restaurants in Denver. If Angela was treating, it was going to cost her a good amount of money no matter what we ordered.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were a little early but we went on in. Some people who had shown up without a reservation milled about in the lobby waiting for a table. Everyone was elegantly dressed.

I had worn my best suit while Robin wore a turquoise dress. It had long sleeves and a plunging neckline that separated her full tits and exposed the creamy pale flesh between. The dress fell to mid-calf but it had a split up the right side that rose all the way to her hip, showing off one alabaster leg.

Robin gave the hostess the reservation information and she said, "Ah, here you are. It's pre-paid. Table for two, yes?"

"Two? Should be three," Robin objected.

The hostess looked again and said, "No, it says here very specifically 'a romantic table for two in The Wine Room'."

Robin looked at me. She was a little shocked but pleased. Angela really was trying to make it up to her friend.

The hostess turned us over to a pretty blond waitress who led us deep into the restaurant to an area called The Wine Room. It had no windows and many small tables with white tablecloths. We were well away from the main flows of traffic. She seated us at a small table. She gave us our menus, told us about the specials, and mentioned the wine list before leaving us to consider our choices.

"I can't believe Angela did this," Robin told me after she had perused her menu and settled on what she wanted to order.

"It's really nice," I said.

Robin looked at me curiously. She said, "We've talked for days about how mad I am at Angela, but we haven't really discussed how you feel about her."

I nodded, deciding on my order and closing the menu. I thought carefully and said, "Angela hurt me. She told me you didn't want to see me again. That sucked. But if she hadn't done what she did, I would never have gotten the truth about the tests and I wouldn't have found out how you felt about me; at least, not as early in our relationship. So, I can't be too mad at her. Basically, I'm having a hard time being mad about what she did and happy at the final results at the same time, if that makes sense."

Robin looked a little surprised by that. She said, "I had never thought of it like that. From your point of view it's not really a bad thing at all. You were upset for a few days but everything worked out great for you."

I nodded. "Sorry," I said. I felt a little guilty that the same revelations that hurt Robin so much had made me feel so much better. The truth about the tests, Robin deserved to have that one revealed. But the truth that Angela had been sabotaging all of her relationships, that was a hard one on Robin. It really didn't affect me as much because the final result of that was that the woman I loved had temporarily moved in with me.

"No," Robin said. "Don't be sorry for the truth. If I've learned anything this week it's to value the truth. This is so much Karma. I lie to you and Angela lies to me. That's either Karma or poetic justice. Whatever it is, I don't like being on the wrong side of it."

The waitress reappeared and took our orders. I only ordered one glass of wine instead of a whole bottle because it was a forty-five minute drive back home. Robin did the same. We both ordered steak.

"Angela doesn't make a lot of money," Robin told me. "So, this is really nice of her. I have to give her some credit for that."

"Is it enough?" I asked.

"For what? For me to forgive her?" she asked rhetorically. "No, but it's a good start."


Robin and I arrived at The Burnsley hotel fifteen minutes after leaving 240 Union. Angela had sent us a text message upon leaving the restaurant asking us to come to the The Burnsley. She had made a reservation for us. That additional gesture had really touched Robin.

The man at the desk took our names and told us that we indeed did have a reservation. He handed us a pair of key cards, informing us to take the elevator up to the sixteenth floor. "What's the room number?" I asked.

He looked at me as if I were an idiot and then said, "Sir, the Penthouse Suite has no room number, there's only one."

Robin and I looked at each other, shocked. Robin asked the man, "And this is pre-paid?"

The man said, "Yes, including a five hundred dollar alcohol allotment which covers everything in the suite. Should you need additional beverages you may call room service but those will be your responsibility upon checking out tomorrow morning."

"Okay, thank you," Robin said politely.

We walked to the elevator and hit the button for the sixteenth floor.

"I can't believe this," Robin said once the doors had closed. She had tears in her eyes. "This is going to eat into her savings or run up her credit card debt. She can't afford this."

"And I can't drink five hundred dollars worth of booze," I said. "But she's already done it and paid for it."

Robin nodded. "I'm calling Angela as soon as we get to the room."

When the elevator doors opened we looked around and found a door marked 'Penthouse Suite' down a short hall. There were very few doors on this floor leading to rooms. The suites in this hotel were big.

Robin passed her card in the lock, opened the door, and walked in. I followed her. The suite was amazing. A black wrought-iron spiral staircase directly in front of us led up to the seventeenth floor.

To the right of the staircase was a dining table with six chairs. Beyond, I saw huge windows with a door leading to a balcony. The beautiful night skyline of downtown Denver was clearly visible beyond the balcony. Oddly, a few coats were piled into two of the chairs and a portion of the table.

To the left of the staircase was a full kitchen with granite countertops and cherry wood cabinets. It had a bar with three barstools near the staircase. A bathroom was next to the kitchen. At the bar sat a woman I had never seen before dressed in a black and red party dress while behind the bar stood a tall man in a suit. A blender full of an icy concoction and several bottles of booze were on the bar before him. He was wiping his hands on a towel as he watched us enter.

"What are you two doing here?" Robin asked as she approached the bar.

I lagged behind slightly, closing the door behind me. I heard voices around the corner from the dining table. I was getting a suspicion that more was going to be going on here that I had first anticipated.

"Robin," the man replied with a deep rich voice as he approached her, beaming a smile down at her. He was taller than I was and I could tell by the way he wore his suit that he was muscular underneath. He was in his late thirties and had long brown hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail.

I felt a twinge of jealously as he bent down and kissed Robin on the mouth. His arms went around her and he cupped one of her ass cheeks through her dress. At the same time I saw Robin pass her hands down his chest and massage his crotch for a second.

The embrace was quickly broken and he looked at me. He said, "And this must be John. We've heard so many good things about you," he said with a big smile as he stepped to the side of Robin and stuck out his hand.

As I shook his hand Robin said to me, "John, this is Alex."

"Nice to meet you," I said politely, not quite knowing what to make of it all.

"I hear you've swept our Robin right off her sexy little feet," Alex said as he concluded his handshake.

"What are you doing here?" Robin repeated.

Alex said, "Angela invited us here. She said we were throwing a big party in honor of you and your new boyfriend. She told us all about him and how happy he makes you."

Robin nodded. "He does do that. Where is Angela?" she asked, looking around.

"She wanted me to tell you that she loves you. She wants you and John to party all night long. She said that she's going to the movies and will have her phone turned off, so don't worry about her," Alex replied.

Robin just looked at him for a second, as if his words had not registered with her. "So, she's not here?"

Alex blinked. "No, she's going to the movies."

Robin said, "She's not going to join us later?"

Alex shook his head.

"Wow," Robin whispered. Then she smiled and said, "Okay then; let's party."

Alex returned to the kitchen and started pouring what looked like strawberry daiquiris as Robin approached the lady sitting at the bar. The woman stood up and kissed Robin on the lips. She cupped Robin's ass in her hands Robin caressed the backs of her thighs.

"John, this is Maria, Alex's wife," Robin introduced.

Maria was Hispanic, with light brown skin that seemed to glow with an inner light. She was in her early thirties. The top of her party dress was black and sequined over her full, barely-contained tits. Below her tits the dress was red and clung tightly to her shapely figure. The dress stopped at mid thigh revealing her long somewhat-muscular brown legs.

Maria walked up to me as she said to Robin, "Oh, chica, he is a handsome one, isn't he?" Her Spanish accent was thick. She was about as tall as I was and she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. She smelled like lavender.

"Nice to meet you Maria. How long have you and Alex known Robin?" I asked.

"Oh, we've known this little firecracker for about a year and a half now," Maria replied, putting her arm around Robin for just a moment. Then she took a couple glasses of the daiquiris off the counter and said to us, "Come meet everyone else."

Maria led us past the dining room around the corner to a living room. The living room contained a coffee table and TV as well as a big couch. There were also two chairs, one close to the couch and one in the far corner. Four people sat in this area, one in the chair next to the couch and three on the couch. All three of them rose as we approached.

"Dana and Chris," I said as I recognized the nearest couple. I was grateful to see someone I recognized. It put me more at ease.

Chris came up and we shook hands. He was dressed in white slacks and a white shirt that was open in front with lots of chains on his hairless chest. He also wore a white sports coat. "John," he said.

As Chris moved on, he greeted Robin with a kiss on her mouth. Dana greeted me similarly. I opened my mouth to her and let her kiss me. She had her hair down this time, her cute face framed by shoulder-length blonde hair. She wore a blue leather tube dress. It was very sexy as it pressed her small tits up, making them look bigger. It clung tightly to her waist and hips, stopping way short to show off her sexy legs. As her hands fell to my crotch and massaged my hardening cock through my black slacks, I boldly slipped my hand forward under her dress. She moaned into my mouth as I stroked her pussy through her panties with my fingers.

Dana pulled back with glassy eyes and said, "Well, hello John."

I smiled at her has she moved over to greet Robin. I watched as she kissed her and they played with each other's tits for a moment. The twinges of jealousy were gone and I was looking forward to finding out what the evening would hold.

Chris and Dana accepted their daiquiris from Maria as Robin said, "John, this is Raine. Raine, this is my boyfriend, John."

Raine was 20 years old and short, about the same height as Robin and The rest of her hair fell to just above her shoulders, ending in purple tips. Her face was made up with a thick base giving her a pale complexion and she had dark eye shadow all around her beautiful blue eyes. She wore pink lipstick on her full lips that perfectly matched her hair. I couldn't see if her ears were pierced but she had an eyebrow stud, a lip stud, a nose ring, and a pierced tongue with a barbell through it. She wore several necklaces, a pink tank top under a black leather jacket, and tight black pants. She was thin but her tits were full showing a nice bit of cleavage above the tank top.

"Hi Raine," I said to her, not quite knowing how to greet her.

"Hello, 'boyfriend John'," she purred as she looked up at me. "Come down here and give me a kiss," she instructed. "I don't bite. That is, unless you're holding me down and fucking the shit out of me."

Her words turned me on and also scared me a little. I bent down and kissed her.

Raine pressed her tongue up into my mouth forcefully as she boldly tried to stroke my hardening cock through my slacks. She pulled her head back, still rubbing my crotch, and said, "So this is the big cock that's been regularly stuffing Robin's little cunt. You must be a really good fuck to get the 'boyfriend' title."

Robin, watching all this, said, "He's the best."

"Feels like a big cock," Raine commented before leaving me to embrace Robin. She kissed her and boldly slipped her hand inside the slit of Robin's dress.

Robin moaned and slipped her hand between Raine's thighs. She rubbed her fingers against Raine's crotch, pressing firmly up against her pussy through her tight pants.

I got harder just watching the exchange.

Breaking the embrace Robin introduced the last guest saying, "John, this is Raine's wife, Kikue."

Wife? Lesbians? I didn't care about their personal life, but what would lesbians want with me? Kikue was Japanese and was as short as Raine and Robin. She was nineteen and had a pretty oval face, framed by short straight dark hair. She wore a black dress that covered her small tits and swept low in the back. The dress clung tightly to her thin body but flared at her narrow hips to end in a jagged hemline at knee level.

Kikue smiled at me shyly and nodded a greeting.

"Nice to meet you, Kikue," I said to her, smiling back.

She came toward me and stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. Then she put her hand behind my head and bent me a little lower until her mouth was at me ear. She whispered, "Tonight, I would really like you and Alex to fuck me at the same time."

My eyes grew wide at that. She had a thick Japanese accent, but there was no mistaking what she had said. I had not expected a statement so bold to come from one who seemed so shy, even if it were whispered. When she released me I smiled at her and nodded. I couldn't wait. I found myself wondering if that shyness went away when she came.

Kikue greeted Robin with a kiss as they cupped each other's ass with their hands. I realized that this was definitely a different lifestyle I was living than I had been used to. I was really getting to like it.

The blender started up again in the kitchen as Maria, Chris, Dana, and Raine walked out onto one of the balcony with their daiquiris in their hands. Kikue went to the bar where Alex was fixing another batch.

I looked at Robin. Not that it really mattered, but I still found her to be hotter than any of the other women here. That's not to say I wasn't really looking forward to getting to know each of them more intimately.

"Let's look at the rest of the suite," Robin said.

I nodded.

We climbed the spiral staircase up to a small landing on the seventeenth floor. The doors were wide open and I could see that there were two rooms off this landing and both of them contained a king-sized bed. One room had an attached bathroom.

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